Thursday, September 25, 2014


Good morning all. Teresa here again with some quick and cute note pins for the fridge.

I have a big group of kids in my life (not all my direct relatives) and I support them in as many events as I can. Keeping it all straight can be a bit of a challenge. I was making these little clips for an event and thought why not personalize some for each of those kids - then I will have a clear visual reminder. The many shapes offered in the Piccolos and the colors of the Embossing Powders made this a fun and simple project.

Let's Shop - ( I am linking to the specific items from the photo, however the two links above go to the main sections of the site.)

- Glastique 
- Bahama Aqua Embossing Enamel
Poodle Skirt Embossing Enamel
- Enamel Powder Adhesive
Key Accents Piccolo Set 
Flower Flourishes Piccolo Set

Misc items
- wooden clothespins
- decorative paper
- round strong magnets
Ultimate glue 

Adhere a sliver of the decorative paper to the clothespin using the Glastique. (This is a wonderful paper adhesive. Available in a Matte or Gloss finish. I love using this)

Emboss one of the larger Key Accents with the Enamel Powder Adhesive and Bahama Aqua Powder. (I like how this pulled the blue tones in the paper pattern) Also emboss one of the Flourishes with the Poodle Skirt Powder.

Adhere the Accents to the clips using the Glastique.

After this dries - add your magnet to the back of the pin.

The look fun and pretty lined up across my Refrigerator.

Try these combos.
  picnic check paper with the BBQ Accents
  gothic paper with a Vintage Black Top Hat from the Gentlemen Accents 
  bright yellow paper with the palm tree from the Beach Accents
  camo paper with a deer from the On The Hunt set

Another option would be one for each day of the week.........

Each of the kids knows which one is theirs on the fridge and they add the notes to their clip. So much fun.

Quick and easy ---

Thursday, September 18, 2014

dragonfly Dreams

Good Morning everyone. Wow time flies and it's Thursday again. Teresa here to share another easy to create tag using several of the Globecraft and Piccolo products. 

Shopping list -

Enamel Powder Adhesive
Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder
Micro Copper Embossing Powder
Mardi Gras Embossing Powder
Dragonflies Piccolo Set
Burnt Umber 3d Gel

Other items

Manilla Tag Base
Craft Mat
Walnut Inks - I used a leaf green, gold, and red maple
       Note Sweet Stamps keeps a stock of Distress Inks in many colors.
micro gold Glitter
flower stamp

**** **** **** **** **** ****
Let's get started.

I used a tried and true stamping trick for this. I used the EMBOSSING ADHESIVE to ink my stamp directly onto my manilla tag base. Sprinkle with the CLEAR EMBOSSING POWDER and emboss.

Spritz the craft mat with the inks in a random pattern. Place the tag into the inks and pick it up. I use my fingertips but you can use a sponge for this next part. Smear the ink around into the tag background blending areas and leaving some as the original full color. The clear embossing using the clear EMBOSSING ADHESIVE leaves a "resist" area for the flower stamps. Loving this.

Let the tag fully dry.

I then added a dot to the center of each flower using the BURNT UMBER 3D GEL. I sprinkled one with the MICRO COPPER POWDER and the other with the MARDI GRAS POWDER. Let this dry over night. (I did not emboss these at all) I like seeing all the little particles with the Brown peeking through.

Take two of the DRAGONFLIES and ink them with the walnut ink -- I used the leafy green and the red maple. Let these dry completely.

Using my fingertip again (my favorite tool) I smeared the dragon flies with GLASTIQUE and lightly sprinkled with the fine glitter.

After that dried, I shook of the excess glitter and then adhered the DRAGONFLIES to the tag using the GLASTIQUE.

Ready to attach to a gift.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Good morning everyone, Teresa here with a pretty gift for a housewarming or a nursery.

The new release items are so fun and vintage in their feel. So I continued the "theme" with my color choices and background. 

Here's what I used
- Rose Accent from the Fancy Labels Set
- Embossing Powders (I am linking to the main tab - there are so many wonderful colors to choose from - you can coordinate with your background image) 
     I used Gilded Rose Gold (on the frame), Cranberry Wine and Mossy Glen (on the roses), and Royal Sterling (on the word) 

Go ahead - blow that picture up and look at the fun colors in the mixture.

The frame was embossed with two layers of the Gilded Rose Gold Embossing Powder. The first layer was fully embossed until it was almost smooth and the second was partially "heat flashed" to give the texture of older brass frames.

I embossed everything and then used the Glastique as an adhesive. The background papers were cream cardstock and a Pretty textured vellum from my paper stash.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

pretty journals

I've made "stitchie bits" for months.

Cleaning, sorting, using up.

Hoarded stash stuff. 

Getting ready for Grateful Hope. 

I knew from early on that these would become part of my journals that I am gifting each person with. 

These are raw - unedited pictures right from my camera. 

I thought the counted cross stitch was fitting for a retreat about counting blessings. 

I'll give a quick description of each. 

Keep in mind - there were no patterns for these bits.

I did have to purchase the journals (composition books), but everything else for these came from my stash. 

Worst thing about that --- this didn't make a noticeable dent in that stash. 

Rustic Blue Paper and vintage postage stamps.

Floral and a comtemporary pattern - a surprise pairing - and flat backed pearls and rhinestones.

Textured Paper and vintage buttons

Another surprise pairing - polka dots and glitter paper with vintage buttons.

I still LOVE that worn blue wooden button. The polka dots are pink on brown.

 This is ALL Tim Holtz Paper stenciled with glitter embossing powder using a stencil from Sweet Stamps

This combo is just HAPPY looking - same stencil as above and Shamrock Dreams Embossing powder from Globecraft and Piccolo

There are several papers here --- but my favorite is that bicycle image. 

This is Tim Holtz paper too - and I spotted this with clear embossing powder. Looks like it rained on it. 

More Tim Holtz - this time with vintage buttons and a gold toned braid. 

I have stashed (hoarded) that butterfly paper for a LONG TIME
Vintage buttons again (I have a thing for buttons)

Glued several papers for that background - the butterfly is embossed
 with Cranberry Wine Embossing Powder - again from G&P

I loved this stitchie bit the most -- I am thrilled with this one.

Car tag paper ---- this is just plain fun

The pattern around the stitchie is stenciled in Gilded Rose Gold Embossing powder and uses a Sweet Stamps stencil as well. 

See - I have been working -------

Have a wonderful day - LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Christmas is Coming......

Happy Thursday everyone. Teresa here and,  as much as it freaks me out to remind you, there are only 111 days until Christmas. I know that sounds like PLENTY of time. But I know myself quite well and I don't want to be scurrying around at the last minute AGAIN - trying to put a personal touch on my gifts. 

So today we are making a gift tag. 

Let's gather our materials.

From Globecraft and Piccolo

Embossing Enamel Adhesive
Glastique Gloss
Aged White Embossing Powder
Micro White Embossing Powder
Pure Platinum Embossing Powder
Bahama Aqua Embossing Powder
Siam Silver Embossing Powder
Clear Ultra Thick Embossing Powder
Fancy Labels and Roses Piccolo Set
Bejeweled Snowflake Piccolo Set

And from our sister company, SweetStamps

Snowflower Art Stencil  (the art stencils are a new release item for SweetStamps and they are wonderful)

You will also need
- self adhesive glitter dots (you can also use the Glastique and fine glitter)
- a large tag base
- a light blue color spray
- Ribbon for the hanger

Now let's get started.

First - spritz the tag with the light blue color spray - giving that pale blue back ground to work with. I dry mine with the heat gun.

Now for the stencil back ground.
     Lay the tag flat and center your stencil over the tag.
     I wanted a "hint" of snowflakes in the background so I lightly sponged on the Enamel Adhesive through
     the stencil. Keeping in mind my final layout, I applied the adhesive more heavily in some areas.


Emboss the tag with the Aged White Powder --- this powder has a lot of glittery sparkle. A wonderful wintry feel is emerging. Set your tag base aside.

I then embossed the rectangular label from the Fancy Labels set. I used the Bahama Aqua on the center of the medallion and the Siam Silver as a "frame" around it. I embossed one of the large snowflakes with the Micro White Powder and the smaller on with the Pure Platinum Powder.

I dry fit the Piccolos on the tag to decide which areas would get a tiny glitter dot accent. And because the Ultra Thick Clear Powder enhances the coloration behind it, I used that to emboss those areas.

Glastique was used to attach every thing. After the tag dried, I added a bit of bright blue tulle ribbon as a hanger.

The first thing a little buddy said to me when he saw it was "It's a Frozen tag". I'm taking that as a major accomplishment - when you can impress a 5 year old - you got it going on.