Thursday, April 30, 2009

It is finished........

I really think some of you may have thought I was joking about that mural taking over my dining room. Take a look.

This room is 17 by 15. pretty large. Because I know the question will come - those are vintage chairs (they were the Man's grandmother's) and they seriously need to be rechromed and recovered. I have all four of the set. The curtains are department store crochet lace tablecloths folded over and hooked on wrot iron plate racks.

I worked in the dining room to avoid the weather and hauled the crap from the studio.

As I was cleaning up last night Softball Princess and the Bugg Boy came home from church. This really good looking and super respectful young man help carry all the "stuff" back to the studio. At least both of our girls are involved with boys who treat them well. (Thank you, Lord) This boy is "all boy" - like adventure - motorcycles, boats, skateboarding, etcetera -- seems emergency room visits are fairly routine at their house. That's a little scary.

I needed to see the entire mural to finish some details, so I spread it out on my front porch (you can see a full view of the house here). My friend Rebecca and I are both Breast Cancer Survivors so we are the Breast Friend Champions Team. Maybe that explains why the "mainstreet sporting goods" store has a decidedly PINK tone to it. The theme for our Relay this year is Mainstreet USA and since our onsite fundraiser is marshmallow guns and the softball girls are team members we chose the sporting goods theme.

I feel much better getting this finished -

Tonight I am off to Atlanta to spend the night. I'll be at the World Congress Center all day tomorrow for the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and Conference. Then Relay tomorrow night. Then maybe some rest will be in my future. Although there is the possibilty of moving a game table to a new home on Sunday.

MaggieGrace will see you guys on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Get ready - emotionally charged negative post - do not read if you are intending to add to my issue in a negative way.

I have lost something.

My spark. My shine. My joy. - I am suffering a huge case of the mullygrubs (that word is for Tipper). Not sure what happened.

When I am frustrated, or angry, or feel "Put upon", I tend to be sarcastic even bitchy. I have found myself being all of that recently. Too much to do - not enough time - my own fault in most cases.

I have a studio I am not using. The current project literally will not fit in there. I have shoveled (more like wheelbarrowed) the stuff I need from MaggieGraceWorld back into the house. This massive mural has taken over my life. Thanks so much to the Man at my Address for doing the laundry last night. An illustration of how bad -- I realized that I had not eaten at 11pm last night and nuked a can of mini ravioli for supper that I ate out of a plastic bowl. Great meal - ya think?

I was supposed to have help with the mural (not) - the concession stand fundraiser for softball has gotten off to a rocky start (ran out of food twice and had to move a freezer which was supposed to be done by someone else) - little things irritate the crap out of me. A person associated with Softball Princess travel team is presenting a challenge to all of us in the program that is so irresponsible and aggravating. So I bitch. It has even been said that I am one of the meanest people that a certain someone knows.

I am negative and irritable.

Local best friend informed me of all of this this morning - said he agreed with the person who thought I was mean. Said I need to "hold prayer meeting over myself."

Normally I recognize all of this happening and can reel it in - but this time it slipped up and I have just found myself to be "that" woman in a group. You know - the one who gripes about everything. Well prayer meeting time has begun --

I will find 5 things to focus positive energy on today -------

Question - how do you pull yourself out of being a grouch????

Note about the picture - please follow that link - I was searching for crochet inspiration and found this lady --- wow - she makes cool stuff.

Also - I know the shooting by the UGA professor is national news. Molly and Sam were in that area on Saturday when it happened. Please pray for all those families and friends affected by this and that they find the professor responsible for this horrible act. The lady killed was a former customer of mine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i got nothing

Because there is a 10 ft wide x 8 ft tall painting on cardboard on my dining room table that has to be finished today - all I got is a game

I got this in an email - if you play let me know and give your blog addy so we can all go see your answers.


Have Fun!!

1. What is your last name? ATKINSON

2. A 4 Letter Word? ACES

3. A Boy's Name? ADAM

4. A Girl's name? ALICE

5. An Occupation? AMBULANCE DRIVER

6. A Color? AQUA

7. Something you wear? AEROSOLES

8. A Beverage? AQUAFINA

9. A Food? APPLE

10. Something found in the bathroom? AIR FRESHENER

11. A place? ALASKA

12. A Reason for being late? ABBY

13. Things you shout? ASSHOLE

The hardest part is finding people that will play with you!!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

whew - glad that's over

The good is always beautiful,
The beautiful is good.
from The Garden by John Greenleaf Whittier

Sure am glad the weekend is over. Busy - hurrying from one task on the do to list to the next - just to try and get it all done. I marked all of them off the weekend list too - that feeling of accomplishment is great - but I sure am exhausted.

I packaged up all of my swaps for en LeJardin. The are going to the PO today to head off to Andrea's and be combined with all the others participating. Too fun.

A close up of the little boy picture that I attached to the outside of the bags. Talk about inexpensive (but way cool) packaging. A brown paper lunch sack - lace - and a stem of the flowers I made for my home show.

I stacked them all along my ironing board - set up in the living room for the project - I needed another surface because the dining room is full of an 8ft x 10ft mural being painted. College Freshman came in for the weekend and stopped dead in her tracks. "Those are really pretty"

God I love it when I get that kind of validation. I liked them, but to have another of my household members give me positive feedback is great.

I am getting more excited about this workshop. I have orders to take good notes, lots of pictures, and start thinking about having a local workshop. Lannae has even offered to help and participate.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Right click for your freebie image. A scan of one of my favorite button cards in my stash.

I am such a sucker for vintage graphics and this is one of my favorites. There was one lonely broken button still attached, which I tossed. Kept the card just because I loved it .

Here's how I am using it....
Crocheted flowers ---

Here is the packaging of them and the veneer cards. The flowers to the front and the veneer cards to the back. I saw a brooch the someone made and underneath the pin back there was a little embroidered message. A secret message to the wearer. I loved that idea and that is what I am attempting here - reminding people to look at all angles because beauty IS all around.

One more quickie - a round do dah pendant featuring a vintage daisy trim flower. Wish I had done some of these for Easter. I know some little girls (and some really big ones too) who would enjoy this. In the background. My rose is literally covered with buds. So pretty.

I have a busy weekend - concessions - banquet - shop for the banquet - paint. But not before we go see Reservoir Dogs playing tonite.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Beauty is all around

I love how this community shares and expands. My Google reader log on Monday had some 600 new posts for me to browse. I am fortunate that I can do that while at work. I can also craft and read during slow times. Google Reader makes the blogroll browsing so effortless.


I always check Once Wed. I am not planning a wedding, but so many of the beautiful features can be adapted in many ways. It is a gorgeous, well presented blog and one of my favorites. I followed links and wound up here. This was several days ago. Take off - go see. Then please come back here.

I promptly ordered the wood veneer cards from Lee Valley Hardware. Also ordered some other things. The service was incredible and the prices are very reasonable.

Here is my adaptation for a swap I am in.

Punched with Martha Stewart punches. Then stamped (I have no idea who's stamp this is) I bought it on clearance at Hobby Lobby in torn packaging. I keep them in cd cases and newer ones I have the mfg information but that is new to my organization system.

Just a better view - the stamp says "beauty is all around." I like all of them but I love the green colored ones most and I love how the stamp is so versatile in it's swirly goodness moving around and about the punched images.
Keep an eye out - those positives that did not break in the punch process will appear again.

This is all spread out on my desk at work. Yes, that is a Pooh makeup box in the background. When we were loading stuff for the thrift store, I grabbed this KNOWING that it would be a great box for carrying projects and supplies. It will be joining me at the art workshop in May.
One final "great idea".

I do not have one of those acrylic blocks for stamps. I have used picture frame glass and even the acrylic keychain tag at times. You know I am forever improvising. Well last night I was in the house looking for a way to do the stamping (already in the pjs so not willing to traipse to the studio) and stumbled on this idea. Softball Princess got an ipod nano for Christmas and this was in the box of boxes that we keep. The container it came in. It holds a few stamps on their mylar strip and functions as the block to adhere them to for use. Liking this a lot.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Originally uploaded by namolio
i was following links and found this flickr set. I'll be making some round throws using worsted weight yarn and doiley patterns -- what do you think?

Taking a bit of a blog break today - just this short and sweet - pondering some things. Nothing is wrong - just time to be quiet.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drive bys.....

What are drive bys? Life experiences that are not really enjoyable at the time, but add up to great stories later.....

grasping for comments here

I sell plumbing. That in and of itself presents challenges everyday, but I have two favorite stories from my grown up girl or real world job.

TUB FROM HELL - you know the one. She saw it on HGTV - she loved it - she wanted it. Made by Jacuzzi - no problem except that the one she saw was the non-working prototype made for the Industry Show. Well she wanted it and was willing to wait for it - tub ordered - 6 months later it is on its way.This was 1998 and some of you may remember the news stories from the time. The fog rolled in and there was a huge car crash on I10 - in Louisiana - cars burned - it was a horrible scene - as the Man at My Address and I watched the news that night, I spotted a truck on fire in the wreckage - not just any truck - a tractor trailer from the company that had the tub. I remarked - there sits my tub - and he laughed saying there's no way that truck has the tub. The next morning - there was a page from said trucking company on the fax at work -

it said "due to an unforseen shipping delay, you materials will not be delivered as scheduled. please contact the shipper for more details."

yes my tub burned on I10

I called the company and the customer - and she waited another six months for the tub to be built again. Soon after the installation - she and her husband divorced and she let him have the house and the tub.......

ITS RAINING - deliveries of material go on no matter what the weather. The funniest phone call yet came when we delivered bathtubs to a job. We do not put them in the houses, if there is no one there we lay them down in the yard or garage so that the wind cannot knock them over. Late one afternoon, a hysterial homeowner (yes a female) calls me and, between gasps and sobs, informs me that it is raining and her tubs are getting wet. Trying not to giggle on the phone - I gently tried to remind her that they are tubs and therefore are designed to handle being wet. (go ahead - laugh - it really is that funny)

WORST VACATION EVER -- Nashville, TN - Family vacation in the fall with some friends of ours. The location of this vacation is not the issue - we love the area. College Freshman and Softball Princess were small and they had ridden part of the way up there with our friends. We wake up on the very first morning of the week to find College Freshman scratching her head ( she may have been six or seven years old) . I investigate said itch and find them -- critters -- head critters - yes - LICE --- I am on vacation and we have lice. I spend three days treating my car - friends car - heads of children - hubby and myself - and the hotel had to fumigate the room. Let just call this vacation off and go home --- go ahead - scratch - you know you want to.

Hope I made you laugh already ---

BIRTHDAY PARTY - does every family have a birthday story to tell?

We moved into our house on the 4th of July. Molly turned 2 in August. We were ready to share the house with family and friends in spite of the fact that a ton of stuff was not done. SO we have a Birthday Party for her. 21 people coming for the afternoon.

That morning, the Man at My Address decides that we need a new kitchen sink. I go to the store, retrieve one and a great faucet while he starts taking out the old one. About ten minutes into the project, he discovers that the existing sink is holding the countertop together. There is no way to put it back in and no way to install the new one. I come home to find this out and promptly LOSE IT. This did not help - being nuts and getting stuff ready are not a good combo. Also the meal was already in the being cooked stages - so there were dishes to deal with. The Birthday Party day from hell ended that night with me cussing and sitting in front of the bathtub on my knees washing dishes for 21 people in said tub.

I have lots more of these - drive bys - share some of yours.

Life is funnier than anything people could make up -

Have a great afternoon.

Photos are soft focus peeks at the baby shower centerpiece.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you -- and bit and bobs

College Freshman - brought this in on Friday --- a lovely pendant from our favorite very wonderful friend in ohio. Me and Miss Molly both may have to fight over this one. You can find more of her goodies by going here . MaryAnn - you are just wonderful to us -- thank you so much.

I hauled an SUV full of crap to the thrift store on Saturday. Feels good to have that accomplished.

Now - true confessions - What do Halloween, Christmas, and Easter have in common? Well at the Atkinson house - all three were represented on the coffee table at one time -- yes - I had icicles off the Christmas tree (and other decorations), in a Halloween candy bowl, and thought about packing them away - while I was eating easter M&M's out of one of the girls easter baskets. To say I am a little behind - gross understatement --------

MY to do list --- button butterflies, inspiration nests, finish a baby shower centerpiece, finish a baby blanket, paint a storefront for relay, crochet flowers for swap for en Le Jardin.

I crossed the centerpiece off the list --- It is really cute and all I bought was a styrofoam circle - Pictures will follow tomorrow.

I still need to lose a lot of weight.

Local Best Friend noted that when I gave up gluten for Lent a few years ago - my migraines decreased. I had two this weekend. Weather changes trigger mine - but giving up gluten did seem to help.

I ate baked tilapia twice this weekend. It was great both times.

I have a new step in front of the studio door - making it so much easier to get in and out.

Hope this finds all of you have a great day -----

Friday, April 17, 2009

No she didn't

Well - yes she did - I did not need it (well I did need the laundry basket), but there it was.

I was at the thrift store and there was all this yarn - now it is sitting in the front seat of my car.

So much for not buying anything.

I did take out the scratchy nasty stuff and leave it for some poor unsuspecting person.

Mostly wool - and a few balls of some acrylic blend -

Thinking about a variation of this idea over at flickr.

I looked online and similar yarns are at least 5.00 a ball - mine - 35 balls plus the basket $13.41 including sales tax --

Yup - that's a great thrifting day.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 16, 2009

thrifty thursday and more

Good morning. There was a lot of laughter last night. A womanless beauty pagent fundraiser. We had the probate judge, the sherriff, and a local pharmacist as part of our contestants. A huge thank you to all of Madison County for support for Relay for Life.

The church also had a gym sale and silent auction as part of the evening. I bought some goodies.

This is pasted to the back of one of the pictures that I really purchased for the frame.

I'll be taking the picture out and copying to use though. The colors are super.

I also bought the little salt shaker set - complete with 8 shakers. These will get filled with fine glitter.

Another framed picture that I bought for the frame - the girl is pretty too. And the costume jewelry is for the workshop I am going to. That is one of the things on the supply list and also something that I never buy - just not my thing - so when i saw these and they fit my style and decor, I grabbed them. I'll be modifying the locet with some lace and fiber work to wear.

Total expenditure --- 5.00

This morning my note from the universe email had this wisdom ...
"There are lots of reasons for wanting a "do-over." Most of all, people want another chance to do things they were afraid to do the first time, and to say things they were afraid to say. Oddly enough, it's not their mistakes they want to rework, but their "unused" minutes."

I really agree with this statement - there are lots of "unused" minutes in my past. Being a cancer survivor taught me to live much more fully every day. Time also teaches that. I have some people I need to call today and just say "I was thinking about you and wanted you to know it."

I also experienced a major increase in grey hair production yesterday. Softball Princess had her first "DATE" - a young man from school/church and she took off to the driving range and hit a few golf balls. I called Dad and he wasn't ready for this either. Why can't they stay little forever????

One more not so quick thing - for a spirit lift go look at this. Please leave comments about your thoughts on this too. I have gone back again and again. Susan Boyle has no unused minutes in that performance - beautiful. I promise it is fully worth the 7 minutes of time.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I had muffins this morning

Thought to myself - screw the cereal - maybe if I have muffins nobody can ruin those. LOL Then I promptly knocked a 2 liter coke off the kitchen counter and had to clean that mess up. Oh boy -

But there are pretties to share. I made these little spring colored nests using scrap yarn and a pattern I created on the fly. I made a buch of these and the pattern slowly evolved into the one you see here. All of them are pretty, but this is my favorite. The varigated look is from a soft novelty fiber I had and it makes the inside of the nest soft and fuzzy. Pattern can be made available here on request.

Just the perfect size for a single egg left from easter - filled with goodies for a spring themed swap I am participating in.

I also am including a detail shot of an embellished paper cone from my show booth. That ruffle of pattern tissue tickles my fancy and those paper flowers (inspired by Andrea) are still making appearances in many of my projects.

Today simply must improve - right. At least the sun is shining. And I know laughter will be part of my day because we are having a womanless beauty pagent at our church tonight.

My project list continues to grow -- amazing how all of that happens.

Have a wonderful day -

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who pissed in mine

That is one of our statements at work --- "just who peed in his/her cheerios?"
Today I have accomplished that for more than one person - and several people have done that for me.
I'm tired and cranky and more than a little whiney - so I give you a scan of a cute little breakfast cereal girl from a 1911 newspaper --- you can right click her for your use.
No comments necessary - I am just the most responsible person here - if it is screwed up today, I was responsible.
nuff said ---- be back tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

just for Lannae

I hope you guys had a wonderful Easter holiday. College Freshman was home and played volley ball - Softball Princess had a tournament. We actually had quite a bit of family time - so it was a good weekend.

However, I cried at church yesterday. We have always sat as a family at the Easter Service. When we went in yesterday, I was instinctively looking for a spot for 4 people. Softball Princess found three chairs in the back and the reality that the College Freshman was not with us was painful. I watched families all together and cried more. I know - its a little over the top - but I missed her.

She and the monster boy were there for dinner though. That was nice.

Sorry that the last post left some people wondering what to say. It was more about recording the night than anything. The remains of the storm will have us painting the house - it looks like it was sandblasted from the hail and driving rains. There may also be a roof replacement needed - crap.

Now for fun stuff - I was asked for a donation to a silent raffle to benefit the church's Relay for Life team.

Here is what I came up with..........

Look carefully - you will see the photographers reflection in the stone. Look at the lichens on my tree - gorgeous.

I really wanted to keep this one for me.

I also like how the color pops against the red leaves of my Japanese Maple tree.
It was a wonderful weekend - all but the storm and the kidney stone thing. I'm still taking drugs and drinking way more water than I thought possible. Maybe beer would be a better option.
Have a great day ------

Friday, April 10, 2009

friday night lights

they started out being nice little stadium lights. senior night for the soccer program.

took the day off - things were under control.

oh shit -- lightning and we move everyone quickly from the football field to the gym.

complete the senior recognition. the man at my address goes home

oh shit -- emergency tornado sirens

move everyone AGAIN into the school hallways and bathrooms of the concession stand.

me running (quit laughing) around the parking lot getting kids into a safe location.

siren off -- all clear -- me and the softball princess start home

oh shit - high winds - large hail - pull into a driveway and enter a home unannounced (lucky its a small community and they know us - no guns involved)

finally safe to drive the rest of the way home.

chipped windshield on my new used car from the hail - paint literally beat off my house by the hail - college freshman ordered to stay put until safe.

oh shit - kidney stone pain - again ---- thunder - lightning - wind - hail - kidney stone -

good night ------

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Maundy Thursday

"so Jesus sent me along with Peter saying - go and prepare the Passover meal that we may partake. "

"It was while we were eating that Jesus took the bread"

And when he came to me - I said, Lord, do you wash my feet?"

"Peter, truly, I tell you this very night, before the cock crows you will deny me three times."

"nor did we know that as we came to the Lord's Table tonight that for us - this would indeed be - The Last Supper."

All of these are lines from tonight's Maundy Thursday Communion Presentation at our church. The photo of the painting applies as well. We will be staging a drama based on the painting.

We have costumes and a set ready. The guys will freeze into the poses in the painting and "come to life" one at a time to tell their part of the story. The Man at my Address is in charge of sound and I am doing the lighting. We had a rehearsal on Sunday afternoon and I got God bumps (cold chills) just watching it in an unfinished presentation. It doesn't matter to me how many times I see this, I always leave spiritually filled and struck by the enormous gift that Easter is in my Christian faith.

My Lenten journey this year is almost to an end. I am recharged in so many areas of my life because of the sacrifice I chose. (Those reruns of tv shows.) The spiritual journey if the last 40 days is really only the beginning. Since I haven't missed the tv, I'll be continuing other activities during that time indefinitely.

My note from the Universe email this morning had this bit of wisdom.....

Too often, teresa, the only difference between HAVE and HAVE NOT depends on whether or not the initial request was followed by a thank you, yee-haa, and action, rather than a question mark, timidity, and TV.
Don't ask. Give thanks

I have never felt more motivated to get MaggieGraceCreates into a more public venue. I cannot do that sitting in front of the tv. Nor am I inclined to simply sit there feeding my mind with "numbing cream" any longer.

I do hope this post finds you pondering the gifts that Easter and springtime are. Maybe, if you are of a Christian faith, pondering which disciple you might be. Maybe on Friday, mourning the loss on the cross. And then on Sunday, celebrating that empty tomb, such a strong witness to Jesus' victory over death. Am I Peter, would I deny Him? Am I Judas, would I betray Him? Will He find me sleeping, instead of helping watch over his people? Or am I one of those friends who bathed His body, wrapped Him in linens, loaned Him my tomb? One of those visiting His grave in the early morning that Sunday so long ago, finding it empty, then frantically looking for Him and finding that He was not gone at all, but will be a part of my life eternally?

Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Hope Peter Cottontail finds all of you as well.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I love the dies from spellbinders. I bought the scalloped circles and thread on tags before Christmas and my latest purchase was of the winged beauties and timeless heirlooms.

I knew what I was going to do with those winged shapes. More of my button butterflies. Add in a new dragonfly and what the softball princess says the one on the right really looks like - a moth because of the colors. The moth was diecut from a book page with an embossed stamp on it - a screw up experiment idea that I saved anyway - now I am glad I did. Hope you guys like these too.

Saturday I thrifted several items at the flea market and antique store -- look

A cross stitch bird plate - love these colors. It doesn't match my china pattern but the colors work. Total expense 1.75.

Then there was this. I saw it sitting on the ground at the flea market. It is missing two knives and a few spoons - do I care - I am cutting them apart for bracelets anyway. When the seller said 8.00 including the box - I jumped at it. I think I may use the box for my cash box or maybe a craft case. Well see.

A metal frame in the 1.00 bin. I'll be spraying this one a different color and more silverware 8.00.
A very thrifty day indeed all for less than 20 bucks.
Have a great week.

Monday, April 06, 2009

MaggieGrace Goodness from the weekend.

At a softball tournament (all day Saturday) I planted this flower bed.

I also escaped to a flea market and antiques store - those pictures tomorrow.

I made a celebration spoon pendant -- the words are clipped from the index of a Baptist Hymnal that I bought years ago. Those things go a long way in the craft arena, for 50 cents I can definitely say I got my money's worth on that purchase. I like how the little tearshaped bead hangs on this one. (it is saved from some dress trim). The butterfly is punched from some handpainted paper. I have this one on today and again I am amazed at how many people notice and compliment these pendants.

One day last week - I thrifted the little brass "do-dahs" on the right in the picture below. Now I had no idea what the crap I was going to do with them - but you know how it is - had to have them and a handful was 50 cents. Friday night - LATE - Like 11pm late - I had a brainstorm and ran out to the studio to gather up stuff.

I wore this one on Saturday and again got several compliments. I think the next ones I make will be slightly different - but I was happy with the result. The finished size of this one is about 1.5 inches in diameter - and is fairly lightweight.

I also mounted a piece of artwork and worked on the items for my en le jardin swap. A very very productive weekend.

Have a wonderful monday. temps were in the high 70's here all weekend. Today it is windy and cool with snow showers predicted - spring why don't you come to stay????

Friday, April 03, 2009

unlikely friends

The picture has not one thing to do with the post. I snagged it off a cabin rental website just because I liked it.

what is with blogger's formatting today? sorry

I have been test driving a used vehicle we are considering buying. Yesterday - it rained in the south again - and said vehicle decided to give me a tiny bit of trouble. Dad was a mechanic right up until the day of his accident. My instinct was that the problem was not serious. I was right. I took the car back to have it checked and spent my entire evening remembering my dad - the sights, smells, complete atmosphere of the shop was a very pleasant experience for me.
The title of this post is directed twofold. I met "granddaddy" last night - the grandfather of the man I am buying the car from. I had remarked upon entering that every shop must have a mustang body. Joey then decided I was to meet granddaddy and his collection of mustangs. What a wonderful experience that was. Thin, wise, soft spoken, with an abundantly long white beard - granddaddy was a pleasure. The cars - OMG - all prize winning restorations. Amazing. 5 mustangs and a 55 chevy. I'll be back to spend time with granny too - in the future. Imagine - she drives a classic car to work everyday. Unlikely friends - an unlikey common interest - and a fulfillment of the note from the universe that was in my inbox this morning.

These are the times, teresa, when hopes are dashed and chaos abounds, that golden opportunities, prized ideas, and new friends emerge into the view of all, but are only seen by the few who look.
I was looking. I found new friends. How cool is all that?
When I started blogging, I did not expect to form "relationships". But I did and I did that quickly. My early blogger buddies remain some of my closest friends. I know that sounds really strange, to have a friend that you would not recognize their voice if they called you on the phone. But I do have the close friends. We email, we comment, we snail mail, and in many ways these people know me and recognize who I am even more than those who live across the road from me.
There are too many of you to list. But I love each of you and you have a special place in my heart. I know that if I call on you, you will respond. The internet has made the world a much closer space. I am thrilled to have you in my life. However, if you call my house, let me know who you are, a voice and a name would be wonderful to combine. Even better, if you knock on the door, let me know whether its maragaritas or sweet tea I'm serving. I will happily prepare either for you my sweet cyber friends.
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Safe in the arms of love.

I feel a few of these coming. In various colorways. Based on an inspiration blogged about here.

Yesterday a friend blogged about a struggle. I felt the pull to focus my thoughts and prayers in her direction. So last night I did just that. I gathered supplies, which did not take very long because the list was short and having things better organized in my studio expedites that process.

The supply list - dusty blue linen 32 count - some hand dyed floss in a soft and sensual muted colorway - needle - hoop - and a stone. Oh and those reading glasses that have become a recent feature acdessory in my wardrobe.

I settled into my favorite chair, surrounded by my crew and focused on Jen. I haven't said too much here about my Lenten journey this year, but the events leading up to Ash Wednesday have made my focus much more meaningful. I gave up about 3 hours of tv per day by giving up those reruns - I haven't missed them at all and I have been a ton more productive along with some spiritual growth that is amazing.

My thoughts last night as I stitched. Healing for old wounds. Acceptance of heart promptings. Forgiveness of self and others. Giving and taking room to grow in all areas. Taking care of myself (and sending Jen the energy to take care of herself) Looking deep into the inner parts and realizing that happiness really is in each of us all the time if we just recognize it. I found some things that I need to do in my life and as we all continue on our life's journeythere will be more of those discoveries. I sent thought of that inspiration mentally to my friend.

Molly was home last night. She was on the sofa when I finished the stitching and gathering. After "wrapping" the stone and attaching it to the stitched piece, I proclaimed that it had turned out exactly like I pictured it. She responded "cool when that happens isn't it." At that point another realization came to me - we can't plan our life or the life of others very effectively - there will be no moment in life when we can say "that turned out exactly like I planned."

Nope - we gotta take it as it happens. Find the drops of happiness as they are sprinkled around us. Learn from our challenges. Grow from our experiences. Then wrap our arms around all of it. One day maybe we can say "we LOVED with all that we had and the world kept us safe in the arms of each others love."

How will I finish this - no clue yet? But I do know that I had to make it and I had to share its message.

Love you JenB.

There will be more of these ----

Have a wonderful day????

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thinking Spring

And using up bits....

As you regular readers know, I keep bits and bobs. The end of a spool of crochet cotton. A coffe cup sized ball of yarn. Even a yard or two of a yarn scrap. I even have the remaining yarns from latch hook kits - different colored piles of 3 inch long acrylics.

Once I finished the Aphabet piece, I wanted a craft project. You know - one of those with instant gratification capabilities. That has no glue drying time. So I gathered up some of those bits.

Crochet flowers - there was enough of this gorgeous salmon color left from a baby blanket edging to make 15 of these. I made about 15 more last night in white while watching stand up comedy dvds. I have some peach and yellow and then some varigated bits too.

The bowl shape in the back will become a nest. I'll weave bits of ribbon, string, and lace into the crochet stitches and line it with excelsior(sp?) before adding either a little birdie or a decopage egg.

The finished items will be added to the box for my booth in November or used in other creations along.

I also have another framed mixed media piece started.

It was nice to just sit last night and laugh and create.

The Man at my Address was on the computer, Softball Princess on the sofa, I was in my red recliner. We laughed - we talked - I crocheted. It was a good night.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day. We are getting more rain today. Local experts are proclaiming the drought temporarily over. It is all good.