Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I learned a new word yesterday......

And became reaqauinted with another one.

The new word - ASTHENIA - it means muscle fatigue. As in extreme muscle fatigue. Like can't hold a hairdryer up long enough to get my short hair dried fatigue.

The word I knew but had never really experienced - MYALGIA - it means muscle pain. As in "oh god don't touch me it hurts" pain. All over one's body.

Both words are listed as side effects for ENDOCET - the prescribed pain med for kidney stones and can last up to 10 days after the last dose. I thought I might die from the side effects.

PSA - RANT COMING - I tend to believe that the medical community often doesn't give you the entire picture and that each person needs to become their own advocate. My breast cancer story would had been much more traumatic if I had not insisted on a lumpectomy immediately, because the docs assured me that I was too young for this to be any reason for concern. I am fortunate - I have access to the information and the common sense to know to track stuff down. So when I called the office to tell them how I felt, I knew what to tell them and what to ask. I am also not afraid of demanding answers. Others may not have this ability. But what I found out actually enraged me. Fibromyalgia - an often misdiagnosed condition with symptoms of muscle pain and fatigue - is a familiar word for me. More than one of my friends suffers from the condition. Yet the medicine that I was prescribed for the excruciating pain of a kidneystone, and actually CAUSED those symptoms, is commonly prescribed for fibromyalgia patients. WAIT -- WHAT????? WTF?!?!?! Surely we have better than that. I actually (in a more than confrontational voice) said that to the practitioner. This is America folks - we are intelligent and supposed to be responsible people - yet we are feeding the monster of ill health. And that is my rant. My self earned degree in advocacy - was validated. We cannot blindly follow where the medical community leads us. Informed patients are powerful patients. Become informed and stand up for yourself. OKAY NUFF SAID -- RANT OVER.

The picture has not one thing to do with the post - but i love the idea of a small guest house/studio/ retreat on the land where I grew up. Somewhere close enough by to escape to regularly. Built simply and furnished sparsely, available to be used for an afternoon or even a week. HMMMMM.

Now about some fun stuff already for the day.

I left my cereal on the tray by the sofa - Poca Dog discovered she likes Frosted Flakes and milk.

College Girl asked me to sign her for something that I am already doing so she can go with me. (more on that later).

I get great joy from making my store manager's day a challenge sometimes. (the feeling is mutual on his part I promise)

I have on a pair of pants that I haven't worn in at least 5 years. I have lost some 50 pounds - I may have a few creep back on because I can eat food again.

I would much rather have cherry trees in my yard. Bradford pears are beautiful but they stink. Cherry Trees are just as stunning and they don't smell bad.

Yesterday, I was feeling awful and hurting and basically a teary nasty mess, but I cam home to a FedX package on my door step. It was this prize I won over at Little Bluebird's place. Rosalyn-Sue takes better pictures than me - so go ever there and look. That big sucker was packaged in a shirt box - yes it is that big. Thanks sweet boy for picking my number.

I ordered some more Glimmer Mist. I bought my first bottle not too long ago and I am in love. I cannot wait to get these new colors.

I finally am beginning to feel like me.

It's a good day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Waving the white flag of surrender.......

MaggieGrace is whipped. Beat. Defeated. I will never be addicted to pain meds - I take them as needed, but I really hate how they make me feel. And how I feel after I quit taking them. The kidney stone pain is now at a point where I can manage it with OTC meds - Advil and Aleve. But all of my muscles are weak weak weak - like jello weak.

Yesterday - MaryAnn's advice seemed so unnecessary. Rest -- not even. Besides, MaggieGrace was BORED. I have repeatedly uttered that I do not sit still well at all. But I didn't have the energy for an all out studio cleanse (and that will be required before serious use again). But I gathered up a couple of boxes - the paper cutter and a few hand punches. Add glue stick. Then I traipsed off into the house.

I dumped paper scraps out of all those boxes onto the table. I gathered up those envelopes that I made and posted about here. I initially just found pieces big enough for note flats. Then went back and started some simple punching and collaging embellishments.

Here are a few of the results. A little space for a few words.

Because - I have learned from my beautiful friend MaryAnn that it really doesn't take a long letter. I get little notes often from her. a couple of lines - sometimes several. And every one of them makes my day. I am taking these lessons from her and trying so hard to apply them. But she is mos def one of my family's favorite people. We love you sweetie.

MaggieGrace ran out of steam before said little diversion project was finished. But I'll be back there tonight finishing up. And hey ----- this was all made from scrap/stash. Because apparently, I keep everything.

Hell - right now I'm even hoarding that damn kidney stone.

Have a wonderful day.

Oh and just a little fun stuff. My sister in law Lynda and her big brother who also happens to be "the man at my address". Barefoot Boy's hair looks a lot like this right now ------

Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Remedy

Pictures of a pretty postcard I had in my stuff.

So Thursday night found me throwing up despite taking taking the anti nausea drugs they give chemo patients and in severe pain. Taking prescription pain meds - sleeping under the influence of those meds - waking up and counting the seconds until I could take another pain pill. I have taken a cocktail of prescription stuff. I WAS MISERABLE. I also hate the way they make me feel in general so no worries about any addiction problems.

A customer had given me a home remedy that inxluded fresh black watermelon seeds as an ingredient. Fresh out of watermelon and it turns out so are the grocery stores in this neck of the woods. (I'll be freezing me some seeds with the first one I cut though).

Well I got this handy dandy DROID phone. You know - the phone I hate. It has google search easily available. I typed in lots of words before I got it right -- go ahead laugh - I did - remember I was pretty stoned anyway. I finally googled "KIDNEY STONE HOME REMEDIES" and decided that the very first one I found that I had the stuff to create, I was gonna do. Well I found a concoction on several sites that was very similar, and I had the stuff in my pantry/fridge.

A tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. (Notice I found various amounts of the mixture referenced but it was always an equal amount.) Nothing poisonous or unknown in there. Shouldn't hurt me. So I crafted it up - in a tequila shot glass - cause I had one handy - imagine that - and I downed it. Not so bad. Then the battle to keep it in my tummy - that was a challenge - a true battle of wills - but I did. Then like magic that stone moved out of my kidney. And in a matter of 6 hours the nausea eased up. I was better.

I have had worse shots that involved alcohol - I'm thinking JAGER BOMBS --- LOL. So I repeated said concoction on Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and this morning. The stone is still there, but it is moving down as it should be and the pain and nausea are SO * MUCH * BETTER.

I am at work and trying to get a few things done. Still very, very weak. But a lot better.

I am alsp at my lightest weight in the last 10 years. I lost 9 pounds since last Wednesday. I'll gain some of that back - but hey its my story and I'm telling this my way.

Thanks so much for the calls and emails and prayers and good vibrations sent my way. It's all headed towards good.

Maybe MaggieGrace can accomplish something this week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out of Comission

Kidney stones.

Sweet prescription narcotics.

Zofran is a magical drug.

Being stoned at work -- makes life better for everyone.

See you guys in a few.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Originally uploaded by maggiegracecreates
so MaryAnn asked me to create crochet circle medallions for her. The message in my inbox was hysterical. She is having major issues with tooth pain right now and was maybe slightly under the influence when she wrote it.

Anyway - I am fighting a kidney stone myself. Last night I camped out on the sofa and started these for her. These are about the size of a 50 cent piece. A pattern of my own.

What cha think?

I'm off to take more drugs.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrap Savers Craft

This one is truly a scrap craft. My ever so lovely friend, MaryAnn, sends care packages quite frequently. She feeds my hoarding tendency quite well. In the last few days, I received a lovely package of outdated Norman Rockwell calendar pages. Included in this package was a note saying that "surely her creative friend (me) could come up with a clever way to use these pages."

Confession time here. Normally I would add these to the stash, but since the stash is - well - way out of control, I decided to go right ahead and do something asap with these. I was also suffering from the loss of my MOJO and it was returning. So what's a girl to do with old calendar pages.

Not old enough to be vintage, but way to good to toss. That's the kind of thing these were. the great thing about my decided approach is that it will work with - all kinds of papers. Magazine pages, paper sacks, childrens coloring book pages, recycled work papers and on and on.

Here's what I did. Grab a small envelope and an Xacto knife. Open the envelope carefully. (Reality here - google envelope pattern and print one - they are readily available) But I just opened one and then traced it to a piece of transparency. I marked the fold lines. This allowed me a clear window to line up for the main part of my image.

Trace the outline and cut it out.

I scored my fold lines using my paper cutter and the back of a plastic knife - high tech --- LOL.

Fold - fold - fold.

Glue tabs - Glue tabs - glue tabs.

There you go - a FREE pile of note card envelopes. I'll match these up with flat notes that I stamp and emboss. Or maybe use them as packages for tags or other swap goodies.

Any way - they didn't cost me anything - they did not simply go into the stash - and I am quite happy to have a usable item from something most people would have tossed.

It's all good.
Hey MaryAnn ---- does this count as a creative use of these babies?????

have a wonderful day.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Originally uploaded by maggiegracecreates
We had a LONG break in the middle of the day yesterday. I went to my fav antique shop nearby. But for warmups, the softball princess had to back an hour before game time. The park has wonderful walking trails.

I enabled the gps function on my new phone and started my jogtrak app. 58 minutes later, I had covered 3.8 miles. The picture on this was taken with the phone. These trees were scattered all over the woods. With temps in the low 70's and sun and blue skies, it was a great day for a walk. As I went by the tree a light breeze caused those leaves to flutter. It sounded like paper rustling, so neat. I think these are so pretty.

So how is your weekend going?

Friday, March 19, 2010

An unsolicited review

ETA - found the direct link

Wind chimes tend to stress me. Lots of people love them, but often they are high pitched and the sound drives me crazy.

But these --- I love these. I could not find a direct link to the artists. The link above send you to the one I have. I have had this for several years. Low and harmonious. Visually serene. Oh so relaxing. You can listen to the bell sound by clicking the link.

My inlaws bought this for us and it hangs on the end of my kitchen porch. I can hear from the kitchen when the door is open. I can hear it at night because of the way my bedroom extends from the house.

The weather has improved here - so last night the door was open in the kitchen. A light breeze filtered in. Just enough to softly toll the bell chime. I was in sock feet and fixing a quick bite when I noticed that I just love where I live and even though there is much to still do to have this house where I want it, it is a home and I am quite happy here.

So go - listen to the bells - and if anyone knows the Davidson Family who creates these works of beauty - please let them know that I think they are quite lovely bells.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Good morning friends. As promised earlier in the week, today we are gonna talk about food. Specifically - we are gonna start talking about my food choices and what I have learned.

41 pounds weight loss - from a size 22 pants to the 16's I have on today. I can wear some 14s, but they do not look good. We will talk about attire another day.

The trigger for the weight loss decision was a photo taken at an art workshop last May. It has taken me 10 months to lose those 40 pounds. That works out to about a pound a week average, but folks that is not a real picture. Early on I lost a lot one week and not so much the next. There were weeks (long stretches) where I didn't lose anything at all.




Expert - NO.

Willing to share my experience - YES DEFINITELY. Take what you want from it.

This is my bag of snacks for today. For breakfast I had a strawberry smoothie type of thing. I put is together in the amount of time it would have taken to fix a bowl of cereal. Plain yogurt - a tiny bit of 2% milk - ice - and 2 spoons of polaner all fruit. Just two of the spooons that I use to eat cereal (no complicated measuring). I use flaked ice that I get from a friend who has an ice machine, and therefore no mixer needed, I just shake it in a jar, but the mixer would be almost as quick. Real food bought at a real grocery store with my real money.

THERE YOU GO - TRICK NUMBER ONE - plan for time crunches. Know what you are gonna do.


I don't eat out of a big box or bag at all for snacks. I put it in baggies. Read the nutrition information on the package - ONLY one serving in a baggie. Fruits and veggies as far as I am concerned are fair game in small portions. Look above. Nature Valley nut clusters (6 of them in that bag) - strawberries - baby carrots - a low fat cheese stick - and a prepackaged granola bar. Again - real food bought at a real grocery store with my very real money.

TRICK NUMBER TWO - eat often, but plan for snacks. And plan for sweet ones, salty ones, high protein ones, and something that might pass for "junk food" in your easily trickable brain.


Food is fuel for your body. It is the way that nutrients get into the system. The right mix keeps everything running smoothly. There are things needed for all the little systems that need to function. Water is the carrier for all those goodies. I know when I am struggling with my asthma, even when I have used my inhaler, chances are good that I am underhydrated. Leg cramps during a run - not enough potassium. Fatigue setting in early - low on B vitamins. Learn it. Study these things. The experts are out there and they make big bucks to publish informative stuff for you.

Do not fall prey to the latest FAD publication though. Been there myself - tried the high protein low carb thing - my kidneys hurt me constantly. Severe calorie restriction - not even - my body held onto weight like no other time - plus I was not nice.

I eat real food - I'm going out to eat for lunch today. I did yesterday. And the day before that. I'll eat a salad - or a grilled something. Yesterday - I had a spinach quesadilla and chips and salsa verde - and a great conversation with LBF. Real food - purchased in a real restaurant - with his real money. I go out for lunch because eating in my building is stressful - I need that break every day - sometimes I brown bag, but not often.

I also eat some prepackaged meals - healthy choice and weight watchers are my preferred ones.

Later we will talk about cooking - and challenging situations - and cravings. I'll also share more tips and tricks.


It is not magic. It is not difficult. It just takes planning. It takes discipline. It takes good decisions over and over and over again. Not a pill - not surgery - just old fashioned food pyramid based eating and exercise.

I will tell you that I thought I would be hungry. Reality - I eat so much food everyday that I can honestly say I have not been hungry.

The key is smart planning - lets take a look.

3 oreo cookies is approx 140 calories. That bag of carrots above is less than 25 calories. For me the carrots satisfy sweet and crunchy cravings and that bag is a ton more filling. Do the math - you would have to eat 46 of those baby carrots for the same calories - plus the potassium in the carrots helps with heart function and keeps my leg cramps down when I run. Those three oreos -- not much they do for my nutrient levels and limiting to 3 of them will just piss me off - I want like 10 when I get started.

You can do this -

I am open to any questions that you might have for me. Ask me anything - I try to answer it or find someone who can.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kiss me - I'm Irish

For sometimes an ecstatic
Rare glow comes over me,
And garlands aromatic
On altars fair I see,
from the poen Literature by thomas wright 1897

Isn't the image painted by those few lines amazing?

Happy St Patrick's day. A little crochet shamrock for each of you. Enjoy. I've got concessions for the soccer game tonight - so if there is green beer in your future, please drink one for me.

Have a great day!!!!

And I really am of the Irish people.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my daddys picture

That's my daddy up there. I may have shared this picture before, but I scanned this and I'll be including it in a scrapbook layout for a Stampington call for artwork. Yes a call for artwork. Makes me sound special doesn't it. Well I'm not. Somerset publications are seriously beautiful magazines and books featuring multiple venues for all types of artists to share their inspirational are with the widespread group of readers. They are some of my favorite magazines.

Wanna find out how to be published yourself.....

All the information you need is there. Pick a challenge and throw caution and fear to the wind and go for it. The people behind these magazines are wonderful to deal with.

Back to the picture --- I'll be putting together a layout for the Somerset Memories (Back to Basics) challenge. That picture above will be featured. Take a look at the tie. Yes I know it is hideously ugly as far as being a fashion statement in any era. This picture would have been the late 70's or early 1980. (Daddy was killed in an accident in 1980). I HAVE THAT TIE. Hanging in my living room right now.

The story behind an ugly denim tie and this picture. Note how dirty Daddy is. He was an instructor in the Auto Mechanic class at Athens Tech. Grungy, dirty work. A hands on instructor, who believed that showing a student was the right way to teach them. He smelled of grease, and transmission fluid and all kinds of shop stuff. I take my car to have any kind of service done and the smell of a shop is so familiar and comfortable to me. Love it.

Well the school required all instructors to wear collared shirts and ties. My daddy was not the tie type. But he had to conform to the dress code, so he asked my Mom to make him ties that were more in keeping with his personality. Denim ties - they could be washed - or tossed - they fit the code and were durable and quite unexpected. When I moved into my first home, Mom gave me a box of daddy's things and the tie was included. I have displayed it since then (some 25 years) just hanging somewhere.

When I saw this challenge, I immediately knew what I was going to do. Yup - Feature my Daddy's picture and tie.

I'll update this later with more information.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Oh and if you are on facebook - become a fan of Stampington. They will keep you updated on some of the calls and challenges.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend update......

Well - all ball related activities were cancelled. Since the MOJO returned, this was a great thing, because I had those UFO's waiting in the studio. And I finished and framed one of them. The frame is not great, but I had it so there you go.

Meet MAJESTY. A mixed media angel. I love her. She framed up into an 8.5 x 11 size frame and features various sized mother of pearl buttons.

A soldered marble charm makes her precious face.

Wings - vintage lace (thank you Carrie) overlay on a music page. Her wings are dusted with clear glass glitter. Her halo - an orphaned earring (thank you MaryAnn).

In this view you can see that her wings arch - the dimension makes me oh so happy. Her name plate says MAJESTIC, and it is from a player piano roll. I love its faded look.

She is mounted on rough textured linen. This linen has major color varients in it. It is an end from a linen used to make artist canvases. This is normally gessoed over so the variations don't matter. (see lower right corner). I love the irregularities. I have about a 24 x 18 inch peice of this left and then I'll be searching for more. I also used this linen on my tag collage.

This is a pretty accurate color pix of her. What cha think?

NOW -- my facebook status from last night referenced - lemon honey glazed pork chops and resulted in several requests for the recipe. And some questions about my diet.

I eat normal food. I eat out with my family. I cook normal food for my family. I loosely follow the guidelines for the weight watchers points program. I have adapted food choices for myself (and those at my address). The biggest difference is in how I approach food mentally and how I interpret the signals my body sends. I now take the time to enjoy my food and the company I am eating with. This week, I'll be focusing on my new approach to eating.

For right now - here is the recipe for the pork chops.

pork chops (your preference on cut etc.)
spread them out in a single layer in your baking pan.
salt and pepper to taste
add a dollop of butter to the top of each chop
(my nod to paula deen)
squeeze the juice of a large lemon over the chops
drizzle with honey

By all means adjust the seasoning to fit your family's taste.

bake at 375 until the chops test done with a meat thermometer. mine were 1/2 inch think and they cooked about 45 minutes last night. I turn mine once about halfway thru cooking, but the man at my address doesn't and it really doesn't matter in the finished result.

I served these last night with rice and fresh broiled asparagus. I spooned sauce out of the pan over my rice and porkchop. I ate no bread (my Lenten sacrifice) but the rest of the crew had crescent rolls.

the most difficult part of eating right with this kind of food. eating only one porkchop. the glaze (sauce) is so good and it would be easy to eat more than one.

Nothing I prepare routinely for my family is ever difficult. I am learning to enjoy my time in the kitchen, but I still would rather be done with it so I can head to the studio.

Have a wonderful day - Oh and MAJESTY is for sale. email me for details. my email is linked through my profile -----

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Lost!!!!!!

I whined those words last night to LBF. I can't find it. It just disappeared. What am I going to do? And it pisses me off that I can't find it. -------- that is my end of the conversation. His -- this happens, just relax, you will find it, don't be so stressed.

Sounds like something of epic value was lost. So what was I looking (no searching hard for)? My crafting mojo - my muse - my joy - my alter ego. Which for me I guess was pretty epic.

I haven't been in the studio to create in weeks. So last night I decided that the mojo must be buried in the mess that used to be my work surface. Materials piled up everywhere. Unfinished projects that had just baffled my poor brain. All that ganged up and hid the mojo. Sounds logical --- I'm sticking to the story.

So --- hoping I would find it. I made myself go to the studio. With ONE objective. FINISH ONE OF THOSE UFO's littering the table.

An altered compostion book. Covered with a wonderful scrapbooking paper weeks ago. and set aside. I gathered it up - took a deep breath and decided - put something on it - don't worry about it being some of your best work just finish it.

I added the tea stained vintage flower and the pearlized front of a screw on earring (thanks MaryAnn)

I stalled -- just do something I told myself. Then dug out an adhesive metal embellishment. Call it done - and set it aside as complete.

Now then - that wasn't so bad was it. Even better - I kinda like the outcome.

Put all the stuff away that was associated with this UFO. See countertop start to emerge. Breathe a little easier.

Well lets see what happens with this one.

Stare into space.

Read text. Check facebook. Procrastinate. Love on dog. Procrastinate some more. Poke around in boxes. MMMMMM.

Maybe these spool labels will come off easy. Check that out. Those might just work. I know, maybe there's a polyester yoyo in that box that will work. That's better. Now a button - whew. Quick - glue it all down before you change your mind.

Set it aside and call it done too. (note - the picture can easily be changed in the little frame.) Amazing - I'm rather happy with this one too.

More countertop exposed - put away the things that were piled with this one.

Gather scissors - pliers - cutters - put them in their little racks - geez at least it looks better in here.

Wait - I could do that really quick -

Earrings quickly assembled. Me a pair - college girl too. Simple - classic - deep golden vintage pearl beads. Put away jewelry findings - and the little saucer that held this project.

Dang - that counter is somewhat cleaned off. Scary - I still ain't found that mojo. But I gave a good search. Try again tomorrow night after all the other crap life demands.

Turn off the lights - close the door - drop hasp into place -- love on dog -- treat her -- bath - blood pressure med -- bed.

3AM today ------ wake up ----- blood pressure med induces a middle of the night bathroom break. Get back in bed. Guess who shows up from a long hiatus - probably sipping umbrella drinks in a sandy sunny location.

YUP -- the MOJO returns.

Toss - turn - until 5am then give into it and get up --- see the finished project in the next few days.

Glad the MOJO is back. But if I find out just where MOJO goes for the long vacations, next time I'm going on the trip.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An illustration

Good morning all.

Today is a better day.

It started with the scale stopping before I expected it to. I can now proclaim a 40 pound weight loss. That is always the beginning of a good day.

Softball Princess has a "seriously cute" black eye from last night's game. (the seriously cute phrase would be her description - not mine)

As we were eating dinner we were discussing a school project that she is working on. Get ready people - disillusionment about to occur. We had dinner at McDonald's. I was eating a salad. (just so you guys know) She grabbed the little paper with all the nutrition stuff on it. Her project is on fast food.

Did you know that a BIG MAC is a better food choice than a ZAXBY's CHICKEN STRIP CEASAR ZALAD?

Here is the comparison from their published nutrition information

540 calories
29 grams of fat
1040 mg sodium
25 grams protein

ZALAD (no dressing included in figures)
665 calories
34 grams of fat
1764 mg sodium
57 grams protein

I used these items because they happen to be my favorites at the two fast food joints. I have avoided the BIG MAC even when I craved it and went and grabbed my ZALAD (the two are just down the street from one another near my work) thinking I was making a better decision. Next time I crave a BIG MAC -- I'm having it.

My biggest change when I started to improve my health was to stop eating out as much. I carry a cooler to ball games and avoid the fast food lunch and concession stand if possible. We cook at home a lot more as well. All required for my health - and my family's health too. It takes more planning and effort - but the health benefits are huge.

Now - for those who read my post from yesterday - here is an illustration of the demands placed on me. I was in the back of the house last night after the soccer game. Abby was on the sofa in the living room reading a book for her literature class. She is in the room with the tv - I am in the other end of the house. My cell phone buzzed with a text message and this is what I found.

Oh yeah - you know I grabbed the camera this morning to blog that line........ too good to let go.

I went to the living room and confronted said child - then announced that she was to be the star of todays blog post............

You gotta laugh --- it was just that funny.

BTW - she turned the tv off.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Picture from the Ruffled Wedding Blog.

I'm tired. The stress of money is real in the construction industry.

LBF has been sick sick sick with the flu and I have been worried.

Planning for a trip to Spain for the College Girl. I am excited for her, but fear is an underlying emotion.

I look at my work schedule, my real world schedule, and my life seems to be just whizzing by from activity to activity.

I want (no - I need) a vacation, but that won't happen in any year in the near future.

Prayer needs for people I care about come far too frequently to my inbox.

My creative MOJO is somewhat absent. I keep crocheting in an effort to just be doing something. Its mindless and I can contemplate my pity party while I do it.

A back rub would go such a long way.

Someone noticing the effort I have put toward making things run smoothly at home would be nice.

Going a full week without someone saying "I need money" from me would be nice.

A real conversation that does not start with "what's for dinner?" "when you go to the grocery store I need" or "there's a ballgame this weekend." would be such a wonderful thing.

I have too many takers and not enough givers in my life right now.

What if the girls go away and I find myself right where I fear I will be? Living in silence - except for the little voices in my head - for the rest of my life.

I am running low on reserves from giving to too many people.

I want to find a picnic in the woods laid out by someone else. All I have to do is relax and enjoy myself. Eat - drink a little. REST. (see picture at top of post.)

Did I mention that I am tired?

Sorry -- pity party today. I'll be better tomorrow.

Monday, March 08, 2010


It was a good weekend. Softball Princess played soccer on Friday night and Softball all day Saturday. My weekend looked like this. A bag of crochet random width stripes. I have a bag of thrifted 2 ply yarn and I am turning it into a throw. One ballgame at a time. There is no method to the madness. Run out of yarn - tie on some new - use a different color. The kind of blanket I have come to love. Showing that everything has purpose. A keep in the car - wrap up when needed blanket. Not fancy - just used over and over.

I read Rosalyn-Sue's post this morning and tears formed. She is in that place that all of us mom's find ourselves at some point or another. Weighing ourself and our life decisions against those of our family. Which of the multiple paths do we choose? How will our decisions affect the lives of those around us? How will we know what the right decisions are? I have no real advice, so I just prayed.

Truth is - we don't know. I look at my girls and see how close they were. Now that they are older and College Girl is away most of every week, some of this closeness has evaporated. As it should. But they have a foundation of a relationship that will most likely not crumble. I like that. Somewhere, somehow, the decisions I made added to the strength of that foundation.

I have watched this little girl - become a respectful teenager (most days). She still eats sleeps and breathes her chosen sport.

Parents of girls -- let them play ball. The self esteem and discipline they gain from organized activities is so important. Both of mine are athletes and the influence of sports on them has been worth every minute and penny we have given the activity.

Here she is on Saturday.
It was a beautiful day. Temps near 60 degrees. Bright sunshine. I relaxed and crocheted. It was wonderful.

My girls from sometime in 2006.

My girls today.

My girls in the future - who knows. But one thing for sure. They are prayed for. They are loved.

I am in awe of the young women that they have become. I am looking forward to the adults they will be.

As for me - I'm thinking at least some of the decisions I made were the right ones.

Rosalyn-Sue - the decisions you make out of the love of your heart will be the ones that bring you the most peace. AND they are probably the right decisions too.

Have a bright day everyone.

Friday, March 05, 2010

my favorite image

I ran across a copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine last night at the grocery store. I've been reading the blog and waiting and waiting. I have the previous magazine (and the DVD that came with it) featuring the wonderful Junk Girl's ideas. (the chain link gate for the bathroom was my fave in the DVD. )

Sorry - I took off on a tangent there.

Yummy details were mentioned on the blog. Insider info snips leaked. The personalities behind the scenes. Those whose blogs I read daily.

I was impatient when I started to see blips on the blogs that the mags were out there. But last night I spotted it. Brought it home. Fixed my dinner. Packed my car for the weekend. Took a shower. Caught up laundry. You get the idea. See I wanted my first trip through this new publication to be leisurely and uninterrupted.

Finally late last night, I cozied up on the sofa, under a crochet granny blanket made by my mom, glass of vino on a metal tv tray, dog from hell alongside me, and open the pages to a magazine that speaks to my soul. I ADORE THE FLEA MARKET _ RECYLCLED _ REPURPOSED look. It is my look of choice.

I was not disappointed by the wait or the hype leading into that moment. It is a stunning magazine. I want to do this - and that and the other. Absolutely devine.

Below is my favorite image from the entire mag. (I found myself returning to this page over and over.) Calling this my favorite right now. That could change in the next few minutes.

This image is from Heather's featured al fresco meal/party. Why do I love it? Formal looking china and silverware used in a very casual way. Soft and hard objects together. The frayed linen - the patina of the silver ---- yummmmmmm.

Do you have your copy yet?

Do you have a favorite image?

I'll be at the soccer field tonight. At the softball field tomorrow. Got the crocheting ready.

Have a great one.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick Card Flat

The baby blanket needed a card. So off to the stash I went. Hot pink card stock Bright yellow polka dots. Stamp - pink ink and hot fushia embossing powder.

Stack - glue - stamp emboss.


White ink - white emboss -
Presto --- cute little card flat.
100% stash project finished in less than 5 minutes.
Have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Dalton Baby Blanket Finished

But first you gotta go back in time with me. Does anyone remember the pink and yellow popsicle twins from maybe the 70's of 80's? The flavor was either strawberry/banana or cherry/banana. They were my favorites - haven't seen them in years.

That question has absolutely not one thing to do with this post. Other than the fact that the second I started crocheting this yarn, I felt a craving for one of those dang popsicles. I love the colors in this granny blanket and they reminded me of those sweet frozen treats.

This has been a sofa project - by the fire - late at night. I have had to fight the monster dog continually over this, because snatching my ball of yarn is one of her favorite things to do. I haven't worried too much about having the dog near this one because theres a doggie in this new baby's house.

Tonight, I'll weave in and wash and dry - then package this one up and send it on its way.

I did a double scallop edging on this one. Love this edge. May have to do some pillow cases with that edging.

Another thing that has nothing to do with this post. College Girl is away in school in the foothills of the mountains. She got more snow that we did and got out for a photo session on her own. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture. Completely unedited and yet the colors are so gorgeous to me. She looks so pretty here. Especially the profile view of her eyes and eyelashes. Is that a strange detail to be so excited about? I'll be printing this one to frame.
Ya'll have a wonderful day - I'll be sitting in the cold tonight at a soccer game.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

MaggieGrace is working.

I have been working on stuff - I promise.

I am almost finished with the current baby blanket. I'll be showing it off in the next day or so.

I am also working on a square for the Georgia Theatre auction quilt. I have my main element completed -- now just to decide the background.

A peek of the main element is below.

And because Lannae wanted to see this --- here is my framed collage from the other weekend.

I thought it would live happily with the Alphabet piece. I was wrong. The are kinda competing with each other. I think they will be happy in the same room, but like siblings sharing a room - they are gonna need their own space.

Oh well - snowing here - again. The ground is turning white and the temp is dropping. We are at work watching this happen.

I hope all of you have a great day.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A Tea Party is Coming........

All images from here. Click on crafts and recipes box at the bottom.

Can't wait.

Friday Night.

Date With the College Girl.