Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekends are for breathing.....

And that is exactly what I did. After a very tough week, I need some mental health time.

Saturday provided just what mama needed. I got up to find my Crusty Old Friend in the driveway - not only did said friend bring lavender plants the he saved from a jobsite - he showed up with shovel and planted the dang things for me - there was coffee in the porch swing following that wonderful surprise.

The man took off to the Bakery to hang with his friend and I had a baby shower to attend. On the way I stopped at an Antiques Mall that I had heard about and OH MY - I'll be going back there.

Then I got a text that said simply "DOGS A CHEWER"

I knew then that this sweet face attached to this sweet pup had done something else.

Rusty - he don't do so well staying by himself. He has destroyed his crate twice from the inside. And he did this........

 Yup - he tried to eat the door.

Hard to believe that this sweetie (had him less than a week and as long as I'm around he is settled and subdued. He lays at my feet or close enough to be able to see me all the time) has that kind of bad behavior in him.

Big thank you to Crusty Old Plumber for beefing up the crate - hopefully it will work.

There was MaggieGrace goodness too.

I have a friend who is getting married in September and I have seen these all over the internet. (I have no idea who's image this is.

 So I grabbed my Rustoleum Painters Touch Paint. This time in semi-gloss black. God - I love this paint and NO, the great people at Rustoleum do not have a clue who I am nor do they give me product or payment to say that - I just really, really like this paint.

I painted a canvas solid black - and yes I get close to my work and I get paint all over me.

Then I grabbed my Cricut - (again they don't have a clue who I am) and a couple of cartridges. And started cutting ------ plain white cardstock letters.

I spread them out on the back of an unopened canvas just to "kinda" plan a layout.

There were strong words and re cuts made ----- "we do mistakes" got cut at least three times in different sizes - the third time sent me into giggles just because I was cutting mistake after mistake after mistake (sorry - at the time, it was funny)

Then I ACTUALLY used appropriate tools - a tape measure and some lotack painters tape. To actually lay out the lettering.

I glued it all in place with ModPodge (the people at Plaid don't know me either)

I would like to say it all went exactly as planned - but since there was no real plan - that would just be a complete lie. I had to re-cut a few. And I glued as I went - there was no measuring and accurate detailed plans for this. I did a few lines from the bottom. Then a few from the top. Then said "oh, shit" and cut that damn "we do mistakes" phrase AGAIN in a smaller font.

Ultimately - I got all of my phrases on the canvas.  All I like now is a couple of finish coats of the ModPodge and this can go live at the newlywed's house.

Note - I took this to work for proofreading . I will be making more - I'm thinking the next one will use the Espresso or Mocha paint and some patterned papers. We will see.

Even cooler - this one was completed 100% from supplies I already own.

Much love and great day wishes to all of you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good news and bad news

I realized after a comment that I had not shared the loss of Poca with this group of people. That rotten dog was at the center of my family's world. Picture below shows just how spoiled she was. She was also quite an escape artist. From many attempts to keep her restrained.

On the Friday before the Softball Princess left for college, she managed to pull off her run and as was always her habit, she took of to chase cars. We kept her on the run or leash always when outside, but she was determined to chase certain cars. In one of the most horrible things I have ever been through - she ran out into the road and was hit by a car while we watched and were trying to get her back into the yard. There have been many tears shed over this and many swears to never have a pet again.

(Please don't anyone make negative comments about irresponsible pet owners here. We have had several dogs. All of these have lived very long and spoiled lives. We still have a black lab who is twelve and very sweet and kind. He also never tries to get out. Different personality entirely.)

On Saturday, a friend relayed to me that his mom had a dog they were going to have to find a home for, or return him to the pound. (Did you know that returned dogs are often put down immediately) Miss Lynda is 70 and lives alone. She had rescued a dog from the pound and soon discovered he was way too much dog for her. He was too strong for her and she was afraid of falling and breaking a bone while walking him. Well - All that swearing I would never get another dog went right out the window. I wanted to meet Rusty.

Yesterday I did. I went to her house and this stunner met me at the door - we visited - we bonded - he came home with me.

Meet Rusty. A boxer - retriever - shepherd mix.

Things I know already

 - he wants to be everybody's buddy.

- he is already housebroken

- he is already crate trained

- he stays off the furniture (whooo hooooo)

- he loves peanut butter

- he follows me around everywhere - this will probably only be until the SoftBall Princess gets home.

- he melts my heart when he lays his head on my knee just for a few quick scratches.

- he walks wonderfully on his leash - and gives you no problem about putting it on.

One more picture - he had no anxiety with joining my family. He is already buddies with the black lab we have.

This is gonna be okay.

(Some more good news -- The Man at my Address had a skin thing removed from his face. We have been holding our breath waiting for the results - it was skin cancer, but it was a basal cell carcinoma and the dermatologist got all of it and clean margins. Only follow up will be for checkups. Maybe he will sleep tonight. )

I do hope all of you have a great day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A visitor

Saturday found me doing really fun stuffs.

First off - a radio broadcast as advertising for the store. Tim and Wendy are great fun to hang out with. Thanks to then for having me as a guest.

Then I visited with a friend.

Then headed home to fix banana bread with the way over ripe fruit on the counter.

At that point I realized that I needed to find some keys. I had put those "Just where I would remember" and apparently that was not effective. So I started looking and upon climbing on the chair in my kitchen and then discovering just how filthy all the stuff on the top of the cabinets had become. My Saturday plans took a side step into a serious kitchen cleaning adventure. I took everything off the top of the cabinet - I scrubbed and washed and reworked the display and storage ---- wow.

Then I invited a friend to stop for coffee and banana bread -

We took our drinks to the front porch - perched in the swing.

Our conversation goes like this........
He: you didn't do a very good job getting your buddy to understand.
Me: what
He: He's really close to you right now.
Me: (heavy sigh) Dammit where is he.
He: You mean you haven't spotted him?
Me: (now looking around seriously) WHERE IS HE?
He: On that big ol' tree right there.
Me: (realizing that my view is blocked by the porch post) Well damn - but he's still in his space.

Here is a picture of my buddy - previously know as Mr Black Snake - his new name is Steve (inside joke here)

I have spoken of sharing my studio space with him often - as in here.

I am not afraid of him - he just has to obey the rules and stay away from the house.

We continued our conversation and he sat and watched us for a while - then on up the tree he went.

It was a beautiful weekend - Hope you had one too.

Monday, August 15, 2011


This beautiful girl turns 21 today at 4:01 pm. She is smart, funny, pretty, disciplined, creative,  and I can go on and on. But I am biased. Oh well. 

About that creative part, she paints, she sews, she makes jewelry......

And on Saturday, I broke a major rule with her.


Because we were in a tiny little antique store on Saturday and she spotted this.....

Ok - I'm excited just because it is old and it is a container and I LOVE OLD CONTAINERS. One reason - because you never know what is in there - right ?

OOOOOO - sewing stuffs.

I'm excited and she ain't letting me poke through them.

Buttons on cards (she pased then by - lucky me) and wooden spools (check out the blue stained spool. never seen one like that)

She wanted to poke through these ----

And then she played the ACE --- "mama - its my birthday and I'll just take a few of these and you can have this one and this and this. "

So guess what mama did ---- Yup

She bought the college girl a big box of buttons.

Happy Birthday - sweet girl ---

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Well - Its called an empty nest - NOT

I think they call this Empty Nest Syndrome. We moved the Softball Princess into her dorm on Sunday. The College Girl (she's a senior) moved herself in yesterday - with the help of a friend. Leaving me and a VERY silent, sulking Man at home by ourselves.

Well the reality of the situation is that - yes - the children are gone, but this house is far from empty. There are piles of crap everywhere. Read back through this blog and you will find thousands of words related to my lack of domestic genetic abilities.

As you know - I am now on a tear to get myself together. Finish up some things. Find a cleaner, simpler, better future for this house and the occupants (specifically me).

Again I say - my "Give a Damn" circuitry has been repaired.

So yesterday went something like this. Work -- workout -- quick grocery stop -- cook dinner -- make 9000 trips to the studio returning crap that we brought to the house (QUICK SECRET - THIS ACTIVITY WAS CALLED CLEANING -- shhh don't tell my brain). ---- then I found a project that I abandoned at some time in the past.

So after about three hours of domestic activity - I sat down and rewarded me with an hour of time working on this......

It is close to finished and I have no idea why I abandoned it - but I found it while I was cleaning. Gonna finish it, repaint the frame that came with the kit and be done with it. I put it beside my chair and will spent a few quality minutes at night until its done.

What about you? Are there unifinished projects at your house? Hell - my house is an unfinished project. But now I am once again focused on getting my act together.

Join me?

Have a beautiful day -- I am.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

checking my list......

working on old stuffs is rewarding.  Finishing old projects is rewarding. Finishing old stuff and having exactly $1.21 in current money spent. Whooo Hoooo how wonderful is that?

This table will be placed in my window today. It is old, but not antique. The man built this in high school shop class. It has been living on my front porch for many years. I got excited about jumping on this project so I cannot find a before and I didn't take one.

Look at the edge of the top and you will see the original finish. It was deteriorated from the weather. It really wasn't all that pretty, and honestly, I was kinda ignoring this for a long long time.

I am also aggravated by some plants by my kitchen sink - in the way. See below.

So I broke out this espresso paint. Now just for the record - the Rustoleum people have not one clue who I am. Nor have they given me any thing to give you this opinion - BUT I LOVE THIS PAINT.

I used the black on the Princess dresser ( go here for that project). It has held up beautifully. Easy to use. Easy to clean up. Again I say ---- LOVE THIS PAINT.

Now do not tell anyone - but I actually did the steps to this project. I washed it - and shhhhh - I sanded it. Only because the finish was so uneven and I could tell it would be splotchy. Then I dusted and tack clothed the whole shebang. I taped off the top. And took out the drawer. Mind you I spray painted the hardware with some hammered wrot iron paint and it was beautiful - then I discovered that one side of the handle would not tighten. So I went to hobby lobby and gathered a new rusted iron drawer pull.

The result - a beautiful, dark brown TILE TOP table. No worries if I over water. I am so very happy with this.

A better view of the new drawer pull.

Tonight I will clean said window. I'll add a hook to raise the curtain for more light. (New curtains are a future project.) Then move table and plants into place.

Check this one off the list. Thousands more to go.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

watching airplanes

"Right now I'm sitting out here watching airplanes" Gary Allan

That's kinda what I was doing when I was distracted by a random natural heart.

I think it is so cool when you find hearts in those unexpected times or places.

See it?????

I also hope to finish this little project today so I can have a reveal tomorrow.

 And the Crusty Old Plumber - who happens to be my buddy - is working for my friend Lannae. He just sent me this little picture of her newly modified furniture piece in her master bath. A sofa table cut to accomodate two above counter lavatories. What cha think of those?

Just a note ---- Although many people use the word sink here and I have also heard them called face bowls - the technically correct terminology for these is lavatory.. Sinks are found in kitchens and laundry rooms. (completely useless educational fact for today)

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Last weekend as a full time mommy....

Ok - Softball Princess moves into the dorms next Sunday. She is 18 years old. I will be only a weekend mom from here on.

So yesterday - Sunday, July 31 - she filled out forms

Joined by these two clowns.... (Chance and Blake)

 Waited oh so patiently

 Watched the skies carefully

 Suited up...

 Horsed around just a bit for stress relief.

 Then she hugged her daddy.
She hugged mom too. That picture is not on my camera.

 Loaded up on this thing.

 Took off .......

And came down from 14000 feet .... like this

Landed safely.

 Just so their moms know - Chance landed safely too.

 And Blake had the best landing.

On the way to she said to us "if I die will you make sure my nails get painted."

After she finished she said "I felt like google earth."

Next year Mom gets to jump too.