Thursday, October 29, 2009

The view from the doorway

Of MaggieGraceWorld. This morning - way earlier than normal for me. Fog. Almost silent. Some would say even eerie. Not me - I love it. So quiet and peaceful.

Just a few minutes later. The fog was so thick you could not even see the house on the hill behind that fence. I am not a morning person, but this beauty was a gift for getting up early.

Now thrifty goodness. Dessert plates in a totally different petit point pattern than the springy looking one I have collected for years. Aren't these fall leaves stunning. 6 of these plates was 18.00. They are in pristine condition and I didn't hesitate at all. The gold rim is in perfect condition.

I finished 100 coffee stir sticks last night. Punching more tonight. I am aiming for about 300 to take with me to the market. Headed to Michaels or Hobby Lobby at lunch to look for packaging for these.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day. It is a beautiful fall day here in the south.

I have a beautiful life.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Biggest Loser Fans????

Me - never watched it before this season. Sure I was aware of it, but did not seem like something I would be interested in. See, I was a fat girl. Why would I subject myself to a show with such a controlled situation for weight loss? I thought I would find it frustrating not motivating at all. I am in the real world with a weight problem. Leaving my family, and my job, to focus on weight loss is just not an option.

I live in reality. I get up every morning and go to work. I sit at a desk most of the day. I eat out or take my lunch. My children play sports, so after work is dedicated to being the mommy. More eating out, because either we are late and away from home - or I didn't get to the grocery store. Then there is the housework, shopping, laundry, etc. There ain't no trainer - or chef to take care of those details and push me. My mother lives alone and is slightly weak because of a stroke a few years back. To check on her takes time. Time for me --- about 38 seconds just before I go to bed at night.

Yes I craft, squeezed into a few minutes here and there. Most of my creative energy has been spent at a ball field where I can crochet between batters or at the change of an inning. Or the rotation of the serves on a volleyball court.

No, leaving home for a weightloss focus -- not in the cards and we won't even talk about the economics.

Besides - I could convince myself I just wasn't that big. Go there with me, OKAY?

Then Molly went to college and I suffered chest pains. Stress related angina - start on BP meds. Take time to do something just for myself - docs orders. So I went on an art retreat. When the photos were posted - there was no denying it any more - FAT. In my brain, that something clicked. It was time. I said it outloud to the Universe and here I am - 32 pounds lighter - seriously stronger - more stamina than I have had in years. Boot camp - other exercise - eating right - plain hard work and determination. Many tears of frustration and demons surfacing that I have dealt with as the occurred.

I started watching when this new season started. Abby was my favorite from the get go. For her - it was not just about the money - not about just losing weight. For her, it was about living again. When she and Jillian had their conversation last night about losing everything, I was right there on my sofa (eating no salt no butter popcorn) blubbering along with her. Lucky for me - the dog can't comment here about how pitiful that sight was.

Abby - you have inspired many to pick up and go on. While I cannot imagine losing everyone ( a mother's biggest fear), I can hear your message to choose to live again. I watched and saw your eyes light up as you came back to life. I saw how deep you had to dig to claw your way out of the abyss. I saw you succeed in being "in the moment" fully feeling again. I wish you all your new dreams. You are beautiful - you are magnificent - you are inspiring.

IN MY OPINION, ABBY ---- YOU WON THE BIG PRIZE even if you went home early.

Will I keep watching? Most likely, but now because I am searching for tips and tricks that I can apply to my reality and help with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle pursuits.

PS I also want to see one"two faced bitch" go home.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Slow slow slow at work.

Reading this book - interviews with cooks and chefs. Wonderful.

I love cookbooks. For many years, I didn't cook. I can cook, I just didn't. But I bought and continue to buy cookbooks, I drool over the pictures. I want to learn to cook better. So now that I am trying to eat better and exercise, I am cooking more and trying new things. It's all good. I am actually USING my cookbooks. New to me - new to my family - and unbelievably - a welcome break to our food budget. By shopping carefully and planning, I can minimize the impact on the check book. Eating out is expensive.

I am working in the studio A LOT getting ready for the Art Show. Don't get me wrong, I love that focus on being creative, but I am ready to slow down a little and nest a lot. To do some things in and around my house. Ready for painter to be finished and get the outside landscaping and porches done. To take everything out of the cabinets in my kitchen - get a pantry cabinet added and move things to locations that make more sense.

My girls can drive themselves places and I am home more than I have been in years. I can see now that the home we made has been a great place for raising these girls, it is just time for some "gussying up" in order to really enjoy spending time there.

Is this what "pre-empty nest syndrome" looks and feels like? Or is this quest for simplicty and prettifying a product of getting healthy and feeling more balanced. I am not sure what a true mid life crisis looks like, but if this is what its about - count me in.

Don't look for me in a cute sports car featuring a boob job and face lift - I'll be in the kitchen or the studio or sitting at that new (old) table on the front porch.

Just random babble for the day.

I have a beautiful life - I think I always did, but now I can really see it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend at a glance.....

I don't know if Jennifer felt it, but I was pleased with the Penumbra Show traffic. There were costumes.

This is Parker and Hannah. Just so you know - when Parker puts this costume on he "becomes" the Joker. Hannah managed with lots of help to pull off the 80's "big hair" (Jennifer - clickable and in this case I kinda like the "red eye" on Hannah.)

Tim even got into the act. At one point he was in the street swinging the lantern and drawing attention to himself.

I know Jennifer is exhausted. It was a good night though.

What you can't see in this is my new brick walkway. It was dark when it was finished last night (many, many thanks to the Man at my Address) and it was dark when I left this morning. This doorway has magical powers. It is the entry to the TIME WARP of creativity. I can get on a roll in there and completely lose track of time. Last night it was well after midnight before I came in and went to bed.
I was working on ........

These. Coffee stir sticks. The phrases from Fidays post are associated with these. No MaryAnn, I am not delusional. It is correct Jennifer, I did not whisper any of these to you (or anyone else) this weekend.

I have packaged them as a 5 pack.

Then I second guessed myself.

How about singles - and then let everyone pick an assortment. Feedback here please. I did ask several local people their thoughts just can't decide.

I was in the barn last night punching scrap paper for hours with the Sizzix and my scalloped rectangle dies to make 100 non-suggestive ones. I'll finish the assembly of these tonight. The suggestive ones will be later in the week.

I may do some sets of more phrases ....

Merry Christmas
Coffee Break
Good Morning - leaving off the I love you.
Maybe some blank ones to write a message on.

Are these a good idea? I know that it would make my day to receive my morning cup in bed with a carefully selected message. I might even consider staying in the bed a little longer (you know). Also how about a teacher or friend gift of a mug, some tea bags or hot chocolate mix and a few stir sticks?

Do you have any ideas for phrases - g rated or other?

Please give me feedback here - I am second guessing myself - (again surprise) - and I know you guys will not mislead me.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I plan on using the following phrases this weekend......







COME BACK TO BED i've got something for you

MEET ME IN THE SHOWER i'll scrub your back

Hmm....... wonder what I have up my sleeve?????

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MaggieGrace is back.

I was in the barn a LOT last night again. The result below.

Isn't that drapery fabric in the back fabulous. It is a sample fabric and has all the tags still on it. Cotton sateen -love love love.

Button jewelry. The one on the left seems to want to be a brooch, it is made from a woven leather coat button, some old shirt buttons and copper wire. Kinda funky and different. The other two are stacks of buttons glued together. Blatantly stole the idea from a gift sent by my buddy MaryAnn.

Collage spoon pendants. Just so you know - all of these come with a story or message. They kinda design themselves. I am loving the "framed" gibson girl image. I black inked tehn embossed a gold dresden letting just a bit of the gold show through. The cross says "all things new" and I think the bird is self explanatory.

I am trying so hard to get over using my stuff. I have a hard time with the not hoarding concept. Not sure why, but I do. I see all these people using and selling their finds and I think what a great idea that is, but then I just can't seem to jump in there myself.

Sorry about the glare - the 3D glass finish makes these so hard to photograph -- need to build a light box of some sort.

When I went in to eat dinner - cooked by the Man at my Address - I told him that I was making some amazing things last night. The two above are what I was refering to as amazing. I bought a grab bag of charms from Fire Mountain and the charms designed these.

Purple and gold mulberry paper on the left - signify royalty. The keyhole on the right was the center of the dresden frame from earlier. It says "home" in the heyhole.

Here are those two with the charms hanging in front. A key to the home and praying hands. I am loving these two too.

Have a fabulous day. I got more spoons to collage tonight after that bootcamp workout.

Be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tiny Dancer

The official listed name is "The Whole World is her Stage." She is approximately 7 inches tall. Yes she's a silhouette. She's not scary (oops it's a Halloween show). She's not creepy (oops again). But I am taking her to the gallery today at lunch.

Her base is a star inlaid with a portion of a world map. You have seen bits of her being put together all along.

The backside - Composers, musicians from a world almanac.

I finished assembling her last night. When I did and took a look at her - I decided not to put her in the jar I purchased just for her. Oh well. Vintage cancelled postage stamps representing many countries make her up. I still love the orange floral one at her waist. I also love the head on the one near her face. That is an Italian stamp and she just looks like a dancer.

When I finished her. I knew I had nailed what I was going for. My heart beat faster. She takes my breath away.

Is it okay to fall hopelessly head over heels in love with a piece of your own art? Hope so. If she doesn't sell, I have a glass front cabinet that was my grandmother's and that can be her home.

Have a wonderful day.

Sorry about the image quality. I left my camera at home and captured these with the webcam at work. Tim and Jennifer will take better pix of her at the gallery.

Monday, October 19, 2009

I got nothin'

Skinny scarves - the result of softball, softball, softball. The girls lost out on their run toward state on Friday.

That red (pink) is a strange novelty yarn. It is by Manetto Hill Yarnery (Aruba in color 162) It looks like strips of diaper liner with little strings attached. It's interesting and I have no idea where I got it or why. I'll try to get a better picture of the yarn because I cannot find anything on the internet about it.

It was a tough weekend in MaggieGraceWorld. I was puny most of the weekend so nothing got done for the Art Show. Rain on Saturday was not predicted by the weather people. Going to a funeral for a friend's 26 year old son was incredibly difficult. That and a trip to the grocery store were about all I could accomplish. I did nap and rest a whole bunch. I do feel better , still no energy and I have a sore lymph node in my groin area that is trying to fight off whatever infection this is.

Tonite - boot camp (i'll take it easy) then beef stew that I left in the crockpot this morning - then MaggieGrace World time.

Have a great afternoon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday - Mr Charles

Yesterday was The Man at My Address birthday. So a large group of our friends decided to meet at 6pm yesterday and throw him a party. Just so you know - they threw the exact same kind of party for our anniversary this past Monday ----

Last night I took pictures.

This one above is of Bryan - operating the hose from the sewer pump truck.

Not real sure who chose to show his arse. This hose is attached to a shop vac.

There were water games and mud wrestling activities. Several folks did participate.

Not real sure what those gloves are for - he is standing in 4 inches of mud and water at home plate. Damn - there's that arse again.

This was scene of the party --- this could go on for hours.

Yes -- for the third time -- this crew had to move LOTS of water off the softball field. There is no maintenance crew for this. Parents, coaches, players, all have a role. We are fortunate that one of the girls' dad owns a pumper truck business. There is no drought in our area any longer.

Tonight - we play two - hopefully we will win both and be done for a few days.

MaggieGrace has been sick. Early in the bed sniffling, sneezing, sore throat, cough, fever sick. I have avoided all contact with softball girlios - even my own - trying to keep all of them healthy for the Sate Tourney Finals next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Please Pray

The girls won the next leg of the softball tournament last night, well on the way to state. However, that win was marred by tragic news after the game.

Travelle Heard, older brother of one of the players, was killed in a motorcycle accident. He has been deployed with the Navy and had just arrived back on base in Virginia Beach yesterday. It is our understanding that the military is meeting with the family this morning to go over details.

Please lift up our dear friends as they deal with this tragic loss. Tim, Rochelle, Timia and TJ Skelton are loved by so many of us. Travelle was Rochelle's oldest son. He also leaves behind a young child of his own, Trey.

If you would like to leave comments, I will forward them on.

Have a blessed day. Connect with someone you love. It's important.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

College Girl

College Girl is home on her fall break. Morman Boy had a paper to work on and College Girl had a church project that she has found herself some what in a leadership role on. So she spent yesterday at home and then most of last night too.

She took over my studio and painted this bigger piece for the Penumbra Show. We are involved in this show because the Morman Boy's mom is the organizer of it. Anyway Jennifer has tried to get Molly to create a work for the show and she finally relented. I love this - it is a larger version of the one she painted for me back at Christmas. The sunrise or sunset glow at the bottom is stunning to me. Would it be wrong of me to purchase this just cause I like it??

Then she asked me to help her with her church project. She works with the younger girls and they are learning to sew. They picked out an A-Line skirt pattern for this beginning class. Already some valuable lessons are being learned.

College Girl is a size 6 really long jeans. But this pattern runs small. She bought a size 10 and we had to add to the measurements to make it fit my missy. I showed her how to do that and where and we cut out fabric.

Then a lesson in cussing the machine. Yes - she became well aquainted with that activity. This is a cheap WalMart Machine that I have had for years. It is functional but temperamental. Hence -- cussing required. (Please disregard the pile of crap in the background - it is destined for the studio but just has not made that trek. )

The pattern included two things I would have avoided if possible.

A zipper -- this machine has no zipper foot and they do not make one to fit it. Remember - I quilt and craft sew. I have no need for a zipper foot. A quick phone call to my Mama gave me the trick of hand sewing the zipper into place and then you can zip and unzip to get the tab out of the way. She did a pretty good job of putting this in for her very first zipper.

The other thing is darts - four of them bad boys. We measured and pinned. Her OCD tendencies were not a good match for my "winging it" style of doing some things, so a lot of compromise was required. I could not find my white chalk pencil, so she quickly learned that a bar of Ivory soap will work in a pinch on that dark fabric.

The finished view a la model pose.

It actually fits really well. We will be working on the hand stuff tonight. Hook/eye and hemming. Then she wants to put a skinny black velvet ribbon around the bottom. Not too bad for a very first garment.

I'll try to get a picture of her when they complete all the skirts and have the fashion show.

I had a wonderful time with her last night. She is fun to hang out with.

I have a beautiful life.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sparkle the wonder dog!!!!!

My studio mate. Poca. Oh, she looks nice and subdued in this picture. But in reality, she is a terror. She has discovered an open box of ribbons within her stretching reach and she helps herself and out the door she goes - I find myself running out and rescuing ribbon from the front yard. Wonder girl here thinks it to be quite the fun game.

Oh well - she is only three months old and is learning how to behave a little more each day. She sure is pretty. If you look closely right now, she sparkles. So do I. So does the floor in the studio, the counter too, the path to the house and the floor there as well. Why sparkles???

I bought theses kits who knows when. This is why there are sparkles everywhere. I don't care how careful you are with glitter, it gets everywhere. These kits are wonderful - of course they are - Martha endorsed them.

A closeup of a finished bird. The kits come with some glitter colors, but being the crafter and stash builder that I am, I had even more to pull from and use. The way these work is amazing. To minimize cross contaminating colors, I label individual sheets of paper and work each color off it's own sheet.

Here I am getting ready to add red to these birds. These are peel off die cuts. You peel the release paper and sprinkle the glitter on the super sticky adhesive revealed. You repeat each color as needed. Once glittered, the backing peels off the same way.

The card edging has the same kind of adhesive. Glitter gets everywhere. I worked for hours and completed 16 of the cards for the art show. (Remember I have to add ribbon rescue missions to my time factor) I'll have 15 to sell - one has the butterfly upside down. I was tired and not paying attention. I'll be using that one for myself, because I have friends who will find that particular mistake very funny.

This tray of goodness will be this weeks project. I had all the spoons already cut, so early Saturday morning I deburred them and bent the spoon bowls. A word of caution if you are deburring - DO NOT CHECK THEM THE WAY I DID.

I would take each handle or spoon - work on it with my dremel drill and a sanding stone bit - then drag it across my lower lip to check for burrs. The result of an entire morning of this activity - a fever blister looking open sore on my bottom lip. Did not even realize how bad I was scratching my lip with these until hours after it was over. Actually, I was at the grocery store with my mom when she said "what is wrong with your lip?" Took me several minutes to figure out what happened.

After deburring - I polished and polished. Starting by hand and then working with the dremel polishing kit. Ending by hand washing them and letting them air dry.

Some of these were almost black with tarnish when I started. You can see how filthy my hands are after working with the polish in this picture.

Anyway - I had a highly productive weekend.

Oh yeah almost forgot -- Softball Princess team is 8AAAA Region Champ -- the first region championship in school history. Win record right now 26-2. State playoffs start tomorrow at 3pm. More softball mean more crochet time for mom. ------

Have a wonderful day all --

Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday --- thank the good Lord

Softball Princess team won yesterday. 5-0 over Loganville High School. They play at 2pm today for the region championship against Appalachee High School.

I have a migraine this morning - another headache - since mine are triggered by changes in barometric pressure all of the rain we are getting in the southeast of late is killing me. I am irritable and just plain bitchy, because I am tired of having said headaches.

To answer Carrie's softball question -- yes Abby can be an easy out. She hits the ball and puts in play effortlessly, but more than likely the ball will be an infield playable ball. AKA --- easy out.

And no -- this collage is not a dragon fly.

I came home last night and trimmed it. I sat in the red recliner with my small cutting board and an Xacto knife and carefully trimmed. All of this is collaged on a piece of lightweight cardboard. Heavier than cardstock, but still easily trimmed.

Here is what emerged.

"All the world's her stage."

I love it when the idea in my mind actually ends up looking exactly as pictured. She is laying on a book and the little bit of gold at her waist is on the book cover, not part of her. The back will be covered with a page of awarding winning performers from all over the world. I found that list in a thrifted world almanac.

I'll get her assembled this weekend and then try to find an affordable clear glass container to put her in.

Have a wonderful weekend - after ball today maybe we will be home some this weekend.

So what cha think about a silhouette of a dancer representing a word meaning "almost shadow"?

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Man - I slept great

Not one step into the studio last night. Softball - we won - then I stayed and helped with the cleanup at the end of the night. When I got in the car, College Girl had called wondering where I was. She was home and wanted to talk. I have missed the kind of conversation we had last night. Real, involved, wonderful. I know she is growing up, and my function as her Mom is changing, but it felt so good to have that time together last night. She kept saying "I know you want to get to the studio, but just a few more minutes." So guess what - I took all those minutes I could.

I had both my chickies home in the nest and it was wonderful. I snuggled into my bed, knowing that all was right in my world.

The photo above is the first step in my Penumbra project. The name of this one should give you an idea of where I am headed. This one will be called "the world was her stage". Penumbra is derived from two Latin words meaning almost shadow and I have had this sihouette idea for a long time. The shape is covered with cancelled postage stamps from many countries and I have an idea to cover the back. I'll trim this tonight and show you tomorrow what the silhouette shape is. My favorite stamp is almost dead center - the orange floral one and I have a few more to put into some soldered charms.

Something happened to Softball Princess last night that has never before. She has been playing defense only for several games - struggling with her bat right now. But last night Coach pulled the girl batting in her position and subbed Abby in. Not knowing what was going on, the opposing coach deliberately walked my child. Catcher standing to the side and taking 4 pitches. Every one around us cracked up. This is one of the most unlikely batters to be walked. After the game, I called LBF and caught him up on the outcome. I asked Abby if she wanted to tell him about being walked like that since it was so unusual. Using her dry and twisted sense of humour, she responded "nah, let's just pretend like it happens all the time." TOOO FUNNY.

Here's a candid of The Man at my Address watching his baby girl play ball. He runs the sound system for the announcer and the music at the games. This man loves softball and even more important, this man loves his girls.

Taking 1/2 day off to watch more softball today and hopefully tomorrow.

Ya'll have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Warning - time wasters ahead ---- for the duct tape / recycling / baling wire lovers out there ----- Hours of funny/ingenious/stooooopid fixits. Notice despite the wonderful engineering feat on this laundry faucet - the damn thing still leaks. Personally, I'm thinking the Man at my Address might just be able to pull this one off.

I left the camera at home. I have managed to piss in my delivery driver's cheerios this morning. My favorite sweater developed a hole right at my left nipple (glad I discovered that before I left home). AND a plumber at our parts counter told me I need a haircut.

Can I call this day off due to lack of enthusiasm for this project?

Have a better one than I am.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Is it Sellable?

I think so.

I wore the cross collaged spoon to the funeral home last night. So many people stopped me to ask about it. I have 5 or 6 more of the laser cut crosses so there will be more of those.

Because the process of making these bracelets and pendants is just not very photogenic, I have odd photos today. Here is the stash of silverware. Highly organized - not even. I just dump them out and match them up. Some I buy as pairs - some as singles - it is amazing how often singles find mates in this bucket. I also have used similar pairs as mates.

Last night late, I matched up these and cut them. Tonight drilling and deburring, then polishing.
The ones on the lower left are larger - from serving pieces. I have a request for a slightly larger bracelet.
One last - absolutely random picture. Am I the only one who's family does not find it odd that my dining room centerpiece consists of afghan yarn in my mama's dough bowl?

Hello my name is Teresa - I am oh so slightly abnormal.
Have a great day.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Good Monday Morning

Well - despite my best of intentions, there was no housework on Saturday. I found out about a Mountain Festival from Tipper. We have an October wedding anniversary and this was the last weekend available for a trip before Thanksgiving, so off we went. Me super excited and the Man at my Address going because he felt like he had to. I hoped to meet up with Tipper, but alas there were thousands of folks there and that was not to be.

We had a fabulous time. I love talking to all the vendors and seeing the true handcrafted items of a juried show. It was a beautiful day for a mountain drive too. A little early for the fall color, but still a great day.

Out of respect for the vendors, I have no pictures. But I will say the day was well worth the time and effort it took to get there. Funny the last mile took more time than the 25 mile drive over the mountain from Helen, Ga to Hiawassee, Ga. It would seem that the turnout for the Festival was beyond expectations.

I did get in some studio time on Sunday.

With spoons polished and bent, I started digging in the stash for "bits". My favorite of this group is the laser cut Cross. The paper in the background is mulberry paper that I tear to take advantage of the soft frayed fiber edges. As everything in my collages generally has meaning to me, the little bit of red is on top of the black paper - a symbol of the blood shed for my sins. The phrase says Amazing Grace and was snipped from the index of an old hymnal.

If this one doesn't sell, I will gift it to someone. I have had that little snippet saying "Brave Love" for a long long time. When I spotted the ragged and holey mulberry paper and the broken button in my stash, I knew. I thought of my friend's strength in loving a disabled family member. A person who is "broken but still so beautiful" to all of us. This message speaks so to my soul.

Not as happy with this one. the text lost it's impact when it darkened. I may redo this. The flower is a snippet of lace trim and it says "the spirit of love".

More tags - some beaded earrings - round out my creations.

Tonight will find me cutting handles off vintage tableware. Just gruntwork, but still necessary. I'll also be starting a larger collage piece.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Day two - October -

Welcome to all of you who have come over from Dawn's place. Thank you Dawn for providing the linky love too.

Using the above image from here (Dawn's place again) and a few other items taken from the stash. I created a very useful item last night. I also polished some spoons. I'm posting this project because the act of spoon polishing is so photo worthy LOL.

This was an easy project. I took a massive flour sack towel that I ran across at a Fred's Discount Store in a pack of 5 and added to the stash.

My Dritz transfer pencil. I love these pencils. I get mine at JoAnns, but I need to watch the Hobby Lobby sales ads to see when they are on sale.

I printed the image off my word processor onto basic plain old paper using the import grahics function and sizing the image like I wanted it. Using my high tech light box - aka my glass studio door and masking tape - I traced the outlines using the transfer pencil.

Flip the image over on the corner of the towel and iron the lines on.

Stash floss and an hour of Grey's Anatomy.

Here is the result.

Two cute little acorns on a flour sack towel. These go with the dragonfly towels for the inventory. More of these to come.

As you repeatedly use the transfer made with the pencil, the image will get lighter. Just go over the lines again with the pencil. Did I mention that I love that pencil????

Also you really should spend some time going back through Dawn's Archives. She has a beautiful blog, full of inspirations, full of linky love, and full of downloadable images.

Have a great weekend.

PS - the ankle injury is improving quickly - I'll be back at Boot camp on Monday and will try to squeeze a couple of walks in this weekend.