Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a process.

A few old patterns missing pieces.

Cut into hundreds of little squares at your desk - slow afternoon in the toilet sales industry.

Leaving a pile like this.......

Scrounge up a box and a stapler.

Stack, fold, staple. Stack, fold, staple.

Answer questions like " what are you making?" with a snarky answer of "a pile of stacked folded papers?"

Take a picture just to have illustrations for your blog.......

A good rainy Friday morning project.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today is Thursday....

eta -I have decided to give up reruns of CSI, Law and Order, and House for Lent. The time I would normally spend vegging in front of the tv watching those will be better spent accomplishing other, more important things. --

I am amazed - this is post 701.

When I woke up this morning this post was to be something totally different. Then I got to work and had this in my inbox from facebook.

Molly wrote on your Wall:"Yeah...So...I should maybe mention the speeding ticket I got on the way to my baptism yesterday... I have to call on Monday. And I really should have an insurance card in my jeep. Cause that guy totally stole the piece of paper with my proof of insurance..."

This child who has not really ever given us one major issue - has suddenly decided that she needs to make up for lost time. I have already called her and informed her that the paycheck from her on campus job will be used to cover this cost. I have also threatened her daddy with taping his genitals to the inside of his thigh with duct tape if he covers this for her. And while have chosen my words carefully over the really big issue - I had no reserves on this one - 75 in a 55 - her day is not going well either.

Go ahead - laugh out loud at this - I did.

She was baptized last night. I wore this.

A necklace made from an old key. I received many compliments on it. Enough that even the Man at my Address agrees that I need to make more of my stuff and try to sell some. I found that a little amazing too.

Jennifer (MMB's mother) made Molly's baptism gown. That is a gesture I appreciate more that she can imagine. Simply beautiful - modest - she will add to it for later events. A proper thank you is required for that gesture of love and caring and support.

Tim (MMB's stepdad) said the nicest thing about the evening. He thanked us but also verbally recognized the difficulty and gave us his appreciation for supporting her.

A different view of the necklace. Yes it is a little unusual - I like it.

I watched Molly interact with people we do not know. She was poised, comfortable, confident. That makes me happy. I could tell that she was pushing the tension into the back of her mind, not allowing it to interfere with "her" evening. That is a skill that will serve her well into the future.

Every one in the ward was very sensitive to the tension and awkwardness of the event. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome. I appreciate this.

Mostly I am thankful for a relationship with my daughter that remains as strong as it was - maybe even stronger - since we have learned to lovingly disagree.

I also wore this.....

A Brighton bracelet. This was a gift a few years ago from a friend. The two hearts are significant as it is a reminder that I could lean on this person for anything. The day I received it, I was facing another round of tests to be sure the breast cancer was not there and I was uneasy about it like so many times before. I went through so much of the breast cancer process alone, feeling like I could not lean because of many reasons. I rarely wear this because the clasp arrangement is a little weak - I actually lost it once and had it returned to me by a random series of events. But when I need reassurance - I find myself putting it on and using it much like a Catholic would use a rosary - the symbolism is strong for me and I have leaned hard on the giver of this a lot in the past week.

So here is a thank you to my friend for weathering yet another storm with me.

God has given me so much strength, grace, comfort and wisdom through this. Blessings to be sure. Many opportunities to share my witness and His love. It has not been easy, but I have been blessed. For this I give thanks.

Now we move on to a more expected form of teenage stress for a parent - anybody want to adopt an 18 year old female with a traffic ticket to pay and at least 5 more years of college. LOL.

Have a beautiful day - We are taking the Softball Princess late Friday night to meet her youth group on the ski trip. 5 hours drive - because she has a basketball game and can't leave when the rest of the crew does. I have been promised that the return trip on Saturday will include the ability to yell STOP when I see a junk, antique, or thrift store that might interest me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Stuff

Give me a little while but there will be several more pictures over at Jones Chapel Quilts. I wanted to share some of my mama's stuff here.

We met last night. My mama is sick, but she wanted to get out anyway. I could tell that she was pretty miserable, but you never stop being the mama and she tried to reassure me that she is "just fine". This is that icky nasty rotten cold stuff.

We had a show and tell night in addition to a cutting lesson and a beginning piecing lesson. I flitted about and took pictures and just generally bothered people.

I get my packrat tendencies from an honest source. Mom keeps everything.

Labels included. Look at this little wall hanging.

A row of houses. She had (still has some) old clothing labels. She has a fabric stash to rival anybody I know. Buttons too. She tells me all the time she is adding to the junk me and my sister will someday throw away.

The entire wall hanging is pieced from these tiny 1 inch squares. The labels are top stitched on. So freaking cute.

The Shirley label is a favorite - how long ago was it that many things were labeled MADE IN USA. Considering where our economy is right now - that labeling needs to return.

While I love this wall hanging. The picture below is the quilt top that is my all-time favorite of ones she has ever pieced. A scrappy state of Georgia. This will be my next hand quilt project.

Each of those squares is 2 inches. The layout is adapted from a cross stitch pattern. What do you think?

I hope all of you are having a wonderful day ----

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So I called my Mama.....

All images have been blatantly copied from the Toast catalog. They have no connection with this post. They just are images that made me smile and I will probably inject random comments along about them.

My mama knew that we were having a challenge with the College Freshman - she just did not know what it was. One of my issues with all of this was the lack of "full disclosure" from CF to us. Yesterday - I felt the need yesterday to tell my mama everything. I have said in the past that our relationship has been stormy and I was really dreading the conversation because mama still can be very critical at times. But I bit the proverbial bullet and spilled it all.

My mama completely surprised me. Gotta love it when that happens. She was oh so supportive of the College Freshman. She was encouraging to me. She helped me more than anyone in this whole picture, just by letting me know that she would be there no matter what. She shared her struggles about my marriage, about my sisters marriage, about having to cry on shoulders other than a spouse because she was a single mother. Through the entire conversation, she wrapped these huge blankets of unconditional love and support around me.

More than that, she reassured me that I was handling all this just fine. I had just told my LBF earlier that I had second guessed my every decision through this. I do not know why, but my mama's reassurance was what I really needed to have. If my mama thought I was doing things okay - then I was okay.

I am 40+ years old. Why do I need my mama's approval? Don't know - ain't gonna analyze it. She gave me the most precious gift and I am taking it just as that.

Last night for the very first time, I slept without nightmares about it. I settled in and really rested.

Tonight MaggieGrace reappears. We have a quilt guild meeting at church. I have nothing ready, but -I'll document what goes on and keep tea glasses full and snack plates replenished. Miss Vera will be teaching a lesson in cutting and I'll be taking good notes.

Then I'll crochet some. A random and totally side note. Softball Princess had a soccer game last night and we all were there. I did not take my crochet bag and therefore I got more than a little involved in the game - including but not limited to yelling at officials about calls. I have been banned from appearances by family and friends if I do not bring that work bag. Apparently I was embarassing to everyone sitting around. At least I caused them fear that someone might be tossed. So - THE BAG GOES OR I CAN'T - ask the College Freshman or the Softball Princess or Monkeyface the Monster Boy (MMB -yes he got his own blog name) - she was sitting beside me all bundled up in blankets.

(Darla - Vallen - MaryAnn - This stack of journals makes my heart flutter)

Thank you all for letting me have my pity party - I am declaring it officially over. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - the end of Mardi Gras and the beginning of the Lenten season. In our tradition, you give up something for Lent, something symbolic to remind you of the season. Now I have to ponder what that will be. Who wants to bet this will be a significant Lenten season for me?

I do wish creative energies to return to me. It's time for that to happen in a big way. I got stuff to get done.

The first thing is to clean up that studio space of mine. The cold weather and then lack of use have allowed the dust to take over. Now - I can't have that happening you know.

Have a wonderful wonderful day.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Holding prayer meeting over myself

Phrases we use at our house.

"Cold as a witches tit in a brass bra."

"Cold as a well diggers ass."

"Come to Jesus meeting"

"I got no tolerance for anybody's crap today."

"I need to hold prayer meeting over myself. "

Well I used all of those this weekend. It was cold cold where I was. So when I was able to be in and out of the cold - I made more of these. The color shows up much better here than in the last picture.

Slightly tedious to make - not difficult - keeping hands busy but not my mind. This allowed me to have that come to Jesus meeting and then hold prayer meeting over myself.

I consider myself loving and kind and focused. I love my children and I raised them to be sure of themselves and to make decisions and stand by them. So what the crap is going on here?

Reality --- here is my answer -

It is not about the choice she made. (Molly has decided to be baptized into the local congregation of the Mormon Church on Wednesday) We - Me, the Man at my Address, and the Softball Princess - will be there. I do not understand, but I will stand by her in the decision. If I have made an error in my wording, please correct me on this.

What I don't understand. Why this is changing. If Molly could give me one "real" reason, separate from her boyfriend, for this decision, I could move on. I am not convinced that her boyfriend is not the reason. I have been told that there are people who have talked to her at great length about this and they feel like she is doing this for the right reasons. Thus I am "hurt" that I was excluded from these opportunities to talk to her. For 18 years, she relied on my input before making decisions, I know her, I know her body language, I know when she won't look at me, that she is uncomfortable. These people don't "know" her and how to draw to the center of her - just what she really is thinking. But she is growing up - and I won't always be there - more than that - I will not be her primary sounding board anymore. This really is how it should be. I did my job. I gave her the confidence to move away from me and start life on her own.

So what now - I pray - nothing different than I have been. True confession here - when I got that 9 line text message, my very first thought was what am I gonna do to change her mind. Then very next decision that I made was - I am not going to try change her mind, I am only going to try and make sure she is making an informed decision. My prayers have always been that God lead and guide and protect her in all areas of her life - that prayer will not change now.

Support - I will try to understand the differences. She has chosen to adhere to certain diet restrictions that, until last night over a rude rude comment at dinner, I was unaware of. I will attempt to learn what I need to to make this an easier transition (thank you Raesha for agreeing to help me).

What I won't deal with. Disrespect towards me - dad - or sister. There was lots of that yesterday. Deception - do not tell me you will be one place - then leave the driveway going the opposite direction. (yes I was watching - remember - I know her and the body language gave it away) If you say you will be at the house to eat lunch - a little FYI - 4:30 in the afternoon is too late when mom got up and drove 5 hours to be home in time to have lunch with you. I pay for the cell phone, use it and let me know what is going on.

What's gonna happen - not real sure. I know that whatever it is - LOVE WILL HELP US FIND THE WAY. God's love and a parents love and a sisters love. That part won't go away.

I petition again. Lift her up. For all the decisions of her life, that she find the right answers and makes smart decisions.

Please note - I no way have I asked that anyone pray that she makes the decision that I would or that will always be in agreement with me. I needed support to get over being hurt. I found it. Now we move on to the next challenge put forth by children or spouses.

I have peace about all of it finally.

After a week of challenges - A day of being angry and being physically tired - I went to the grocery store and my truck left me stranded for the third time in three weeks (brand new battery but dead all the same). The meltdown in the parking lot at BiLo was a true site to behold. Leaving me sobbing on the phone to my mother and threatening to run away (the true final straw). I seriously considered sending the following text to the Man, the Softball Princess, and the College Freshman.

"I hereby resign from being your wife and mother. If I was sure my vehicle would make it, you could look for me with my toes in the water and my butt on the sand. " Guess what - when you type it into your phone - 9 lines exactly.

Things are looking up --- have a great day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Back ------

And it feels good to be back.

I found myself itching to make something last night. A sure sign that I am finding my balance again.

This will all seem like a bad dream soon. As a parent the hardest thing in the world is to let your child go out into the big bad world and then disagree with a decision. I really think what was so very traumatic was that the College Freshman and I have been so close and I always thought I would somehow "know" where she was. Wrong.

I owe my Mama some really big apologies for things I did.

Remember this picture from yesterday. I fiddled and fluffed it at and this is the outcome ---- oh so very pretty isn't it. So much better. I like the softness and the color.

The next picture is of a piece that I wear often - I also never wear it without getting a ton of comments or compliments from men and women. Not once have I had to explain it. It was orginally going to be a Christmas Ornament when I realized how many of the spoon bowls I was going to have left from the bracelets. I saw it drying and noticed the leather lacing - brain engaged and here ya go.

The most difficult part is waiting for it to dry between the layers. Bend the little bit of handle into a ring (the leather lace is thick enough to prevent it from coming off since there is a little gap).

Collage bits of paper - this has a tiny bit of my favorite paper ever (the gold behind the word) - a word cut from a book - and a mother of pearl button.

All glazed with a clear 3d glass effect material designed by Plaid for scrapbooking. I was afraid it would peel off - but I wear this regularly and have had no issues at all.

I really need to bend a few more spoons and make these for the art booth this fall -

I have a pile of craft goodies for my weekend away - I do hope I have some time to make something - I have an idea based on a paper craft we did with the little kids last weekend at church. Hopefully I'll have pictures on Monday -

Thanks again for all of the prayers and support - you guys are fabulous.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beauty Among the Thorns

This rose is sitting on my desk. A random act of kindness bright spot in my week. I cut the bottom off the stem and kept it for a reminder of the thorns and the beauty that appears above them.

I feel a need to give everyone a little more information about the situation. It is Molly - aka College Freshman. She is not pregnant - there is not a drug or alcohol problem - she is not quitting school - she has not proclaimed herself homosexual - none of that. She is seriously considering a change to a religion with beliefs that are contrary to how we believe and how she was raised. This has been stressful - from the way she notified me and then the way it has been handled since. (I got a 9 line text message and then a 2nd text that said she was "too busy" to discuss this further) I feel like she is making (and taking) this way too lightly and possibly as a "boy influenced" decision. It is way too early in their relationship to be making this kind of choice. Needless to say - no matter what her final decision is - our relationship has been changed forever.

I will be out of town this weekend. Really a good thing - I need this time for reflection and focusing. I have rearranged my schedule to come back earlier than normal in order to have some time on Sunday with the College Freshman and Softball Princess.

I hope to add a few rows to the afghan I am working on. This is a work related trip and I will be filling the hours on Saturday with that - but maybe I can squeeze in a little creativity.

I also had a weak moment at the thrift store - a less than 5.00 weak moment ---- look a bag full of yarn ------ yeah - thrifters heaven.

Thank you all for your support and concern - my Grandmother used to say - when things look really bad - wait three days. Great advice - Nanny - I was listening.

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you

For the prayers - for the emails - for the encouragement.

I feel stronger - Dad feels stronger - Abby feels stronger - I do not really know how Molly feels.

They hand them to you at the hospital. They are clean - smell so sweet - dressed up in that precious outfit you kept hanging in the closet for 6 months. You put them in a car seat and drive off. Trust me people - that is the easiest day of this journey.

You teach then a little at the time - you figure it out as you go - this is on the job training at its basic definition.

God gave us free will - and much to a parents dismay - that gets passed on to the now young adult.

I have layed this down at the foot of the cross - and promptly picked it back up again.

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. (John 14:1)

I'm trying.

I know every parent has stories. This is just mine right now.

Last night she said "it would be easier if I was still 3 years old."
My response "Let's go with 4 - at least you were fully potty trained then."

Even in the midst of a major issue - humour smooths the way.

I love that child - I disagree with that child -

I know what I believe - my faith has been fire tested in the last few days. God is my God - Jesus Christ died for me and was ressurected for my salvation through grace - the people of Jones Chapel are my people - real friends are few and far between (but there when you need them) my family and children are precious - that love cannot be destroyed and we will find our footing again - my extended family is very important.

I will add, I have no idea how people with no faith base endure any kind of hardship.

God is good all the time - all the time God is good.

Please keep praying. Please keep in touch.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Young Love ....

It is with sadness that I deleted this post. It would seem this is not in Molly's best interest right now.
We are in the middle of a family crisis that I will not elaborate on. This crisis has shaken the family to the roots and to the core of our faith.
I simply ask that you pray for healing and decisions and guidance for our family. One of those most precious to me is following a path that is dangerous and strewn with hardship.
note - there is no physical disease - or injury - this is a life decision that has ripped us to shreds.
I apologize that MaggieGrace may be sporadic for a little while ---
please pray

Friday, February 13, 2009


I need to know where this cabin is and if it is available to rent ---
page 14 of the southern living magazine sept 2008 issue. the link is no good.
I have emailed southern living and they have not been of too much help -
I am just hoping some reader will recognize this and fill in the blank.
have a great weekend.

edging and trim

One of the comments on the post from yesterday involved unsolicited coffee appearances. I know what that is like (kinda). Local Best Friend and I worked together when that friendship was formed - he knew I preferred coke in a cup rather that from a can out of the machine. Many days when he went to lunch he would come back with "a coke with ice and a straw" and sit it on my desk. Genuine good natured nice behavior. Unsolicited - and random - thus making it special. I try to do that for others myself - bring in a cake or soup to work - coffee with those flavored creamers for my friend Melissa on a cold soccer night.

I do not do that kind of thing enough. Note to self - try more random surprises for people in my life.

Still putting away and digging in boxes and bags and buckets and jars.

I found this.......

About a yard of tiny tatted edging in yellow (my least favorite color). The work amazes me.

It was my favorite item in this pile of edging and trim.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you readers. I love what each of you adds to my life.

I have a special Valentine story that I'll share on Monday - just say it involves food and leave it right now. It's a big surprise for one of my favorite people.

Have a wonderful and love filled weekend.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I work among some of the most varied characters you will ever meet. An unlikely assortment of men, who ooze testosterone. The male ego in my building can often be sensed before you ever get in there. They are loud, rowdy, crude, rude, and obnoxious. I sell plumbing - I work with builders and plumbers - you can only imagine.

I LOVE MY JOB - no sarcasm in that statement - really.

Every now and then one of these guys surprises even me. The most surprising has just occured today. This guy would be the perfect HELL'S ANGEL. Long hair - long beard - serious tattoos - looks mean and dangerous - great guy. He has scored major points with me today and I bet he does on Saturday with his lovely girlfriend.

They were watching tv the other night and the KAY commercial came on. If you are in the good old USA you will know what I am speaking of. The man gives the woman a music box with the little ballerina in it.

To quote him.....

"I vaguely heard her say "I always wanted one of those" and then the conversation just kinda went away. "

No more has been mentioned.

This man went on the hunt for an old music box. This man found a music box. This man bought a music box. This man added a note that says "I always wanted a woman like you."

Bet this man scores big on Saturday night. And he got out cheap, too.

Every woman wants a man who occationally listens AND acts on what you just said.

Discuss please - what would be the best win - win and inexpensive thing your special other could do for you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Babble

I need your help. Each year we do our local home and garden show at my real world job. Each year I have a very limited budget for this booth design and display and I have won several awards in the past for the booth design as well. It is a massive undertaking to come up with something new and different each year. I look for inspiration everywhere. I have used book pages in the past . I have built partitions from pipe. All kinds of stuff.

While I was searching for images in those Anthro catalogs over the weekend, I found the image below.

I used it on my shelf and it became a bit of inspiration. The booth will feature a very romantic and feminine decor. A big bathtub - an antique furniture piece fitted for a lavatory. Instead of candy hand outs, I'll be using cheap silk flowers with our address attached.

I plan on using the flower design below (I kept all those book pages from before) and some red painted muslin and velvet panels as my background - then attach the recycled item flowers randomly to the wall. I am so inspired by Curious Sofa's site and all those Anthro windows.

Tell me - do you think this creates an interesting and eye catching booth that will draw you in? It is "green" and it is different, both things that I am known for. Should I make any changes to the flower design? Plus I get to keep all those flowers for my art show booth in November.

Now - about that shelf....

It is not hanging - I could not find my brackets. Above you see the little flowers I glued in the corners.

Above are the bottom three shelves. I adore the image of the man and boy peeping through the window. it is from a late 50's magazine and I have been hoarding it to use in a project that makes ME happy. All the other shelves have Anthropologie Catalog pages.

The last picture is the top three shelves. The entire thing is 10 inches wide and almost 42 inches tall.
Feels good to be creating again. Feels good to be back in the studio.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 09, 2009

seeing red

It was a beautiful weekend in MaggieGrace world. Temps in the high 60s and gorgeous sunshine all weekend, drawing us out and about to take in the nice weather. Yummy.

You guys all know these two - my dirty blonde Softball Princess and older sis - The College Freshman - who has informed me that she will need a much more permanent blog name soon.

Well, the Softball Princess meets me outside on Saturday with a request. One phone call - quickly get dressed appropriate for public appearance - and off we go.

This is the result - after 2 hours with Bonnie. We sprung it on Dad and on the College Freshman.

Softball Princess is now a redhead and it is gorgeous on her. A stunning deep cherry cola color. Yes she is 15 - yes mom indulged her - I have had my rebellious hair moments, including, but not limited to, 1/2 long punk spikes in coke can red. At least she did a "normal" color. and it brings out her green eyes beautifully.

So far everyone loves it. (even Dad - once he absorbed the fact that she was old enough to make that kind of decision.) It was also on of those moments that brings Mom and Softball Princess a little closer. You know - "the my mom thought it was a great idea" - things that make you one of the coolest moms on the planet. Score one for moms everywhere.

On to MaggieGrace goodies. I got to spend lots of studio time this weekend and I feel so freakin' much better. I cleaned up some mess and made a craft sample for the Preschool Valentines Party next weekend at the church.

Then I decided to "MaggieGrace" a thrifted shelf. I'll finish it and hang it tonight.

Here ya go........

Take one cheap thrifted shelf - 1.50 at the Project Safe thrift store.

I cleaned it with windex and a "rag" that used to be a pair of tighty whities belonging to the man - they do make great cleaning rags. Add Little Feat playing in the CD player (the girls have ipods but mom ain't got there yet) and a tequila sunrise - YES BOTH MUSIC AND TEQUILA ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS PROJECT - and an audition can of soft pink paint.

You end up here....

At this point - I grabbed a few old Anthro catalogs and proceeded to tear pages out. I will decopage the backs with those before I hang it tonight.

I also realized that I never posted the finished and hanging "GRACE" garland. This is hanging ove the sofa on my "chocolate milk" colored wall.

After I hung it - I tied those paper flowers to the tacks just to hide them. This garland makes me very happy.

Just so you can see the inspiration for it - go over to Cori Kindred's place. This is my version of her heart garland.

Hope you guys have a great day.

Friday, February 06, 2009

winners posted for my giveaway -

Go back to the giveaway post (FEB 4th) to see who and what to do -------


I need snail mail addys from MARY, DARLA, AND ABBy

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great news

At 12:49 this morning, I received a text message from the lovely Carrie. Seems Miss Olivia Jane has finally made her appearance, weighing in at 6lbs 11oz. I cannot wait to go see her.

As I lay there in the wee hours this morning, thinking about where she and Dale are in their parenting journey versus where I am, I composed this. My mind just would not shut down, I got up and made the notes just so I could go back to sleep. I thought this might just be the best thing for MaggieGrace to say today.



There will be many tears on this journey of ours. Life is full of reasons for those tears.

Why tears?

There will be tears of JOY. A new baby. A new job. A wedding. A birthday. Let them fall readily. They are an important part of keeping GRATITUDE growing in your life. Look for reasons to keep JOY AND GRATITUDE at the front center of your garden. Right by the gate. Let everyone see these and they will wonder what makes your life so beautiful. You will smile and say "I have so many things to celebrate."

There will be tears of FEAR. Worry about the next thing. Money, a job, health, what might come of........ These tears are real. They happen because we are human, we feel powerless, it is about not being in control. As the mom of teens, the tears of FEAR have been a companion a lot of my time. They are tears that are not needed in the garden. Best put out in the compost pile out back. Left in the garden they will grow into weeds. As hard as it is, pull these out, toss them away, turn them over to God, let Him carry these for you. Mind you - like kudzu - these can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Keep trying, your garden will be much more distinctive without this weed. People will wonder where that weed went. You'll just smile and say " I keep carrying those to the compost heap, FEAR really is not needed in this garden of GRATITUDE AND JOY."

There will be tears of PAIN AND LOSS. Sorry to have to include them in the garden, but like pruning looks horrible on the rose bush, these are needed for strength. For every pain we endure, we get a little stronger. Memories of those struggles, helps us recognize the JOYS when we encounter them. Strength and recognition of JOY will help us sow even more beauty into the garden. People will wonder why you are so strong. You will smile and say "I recognize the JOYS in my life and know just how important it is."

There will be tears of FRUSTRATION. The man you married is an inconsiderate slob. That child that was such a joy on the day she was born, suddenly challenges every rule you make. You worked so hard on that meal and no one even said thanks. Yes, these tears are needed too. think about how clean and green things are after a summer rain. All the dust and grime washed off the plants. Things are bright and colorful again. These tears are the ones that clear the air. Afterwards you realize that the man always takes out the trash, makes sure the tires are good on your car, hauls that child to ball practice again and again. That teenager is simply learning to make her own way in life. She needs you still and yet she wants to stretch a little farther. Everyone laughed and lingered talking and sharing over dinner - after all it really wasn't about the food, but the fellowship and laughter that was shared. After these tears everyone will marvel at just how beautiful your garden is. You'll just smile and say. "keeping the grime off really lets those JOYS AND GRATITUDES shine."

There will be TEARS THAT DO NOT FALL. Those that you wipe away. Those that you are not sure about. Those you could not explain. He said something that hurt your feelings. Your child is making a bad decision, but the best thing is to let it play out. Think of these as the seeds that never sprout, maybe a bird ate them, maybe they were not fertile anyway. Let them be what they are, makes no difference in your garden anyway. People will see you and think, there is never any doubt in her life. You will smile and say "Those JOYS AND GRATITUDES sure are pretty today."

There will be be TEARS YOU HIDE. Mom crys in the shower, because punishment hurts her too. She wishes things were different, look what's happening to you. Will he ever look at you again and feel that loving tug? These are the fertilizer of this garden we create. Not seen and not heard, just working beneath the soil. These tears bring the clarity, the definition in the view. They help with balance and compostition, perspective changes too. People look and say "wish my life looked like hers". You will smile and answer them "you should see my JOYS AND GRATITUDES today, they are at their grandest display."

One more set of tears. Are you ready for this one? The TEARS OF AWE AND MAJESTY are just not seen by everyone. Tiny fingers grasp your hand. Giggles as toes wiggle in the sand. A sunset full of color, God's paintbrush in the sky. Your child chooses a mate, that you love as much as she. Tiny little accents that take your breath away. Exotic plants for this garden. The ones you want to share. When you get a glimpse of these they take your breath away. A beauty and scent unmatched, not seen everyday. Others will wonder about the smile on your face.

You'll answer

"let me show you, come right on through the gate. Have tea here in my garden. Come share this view with me. Look through the JOYS AND GRATITUDES find AWE AND MAJESTY. You really have to look for them, yours may not look like this. Cultivate your own, I'll help with starts from mine. Lean on me for guidance, call me anytime. Then I'll admire your garden, we will visit all the time. I really have no secret tips, tears just water it all the time."


Click over and leave Carrie a congrats message at her place.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


edit - MARY you won. but everyone can have a little something if darla and abby will also email address to me - I'll drop you a slightly smaller but still fun package - Miss MARYANN you will get something too - i don't need your addy.

this is a priority mail box. GingerMonkey is hostessing a stash busting giveaway. While I am not an official participant, I have put together a secret stash box for the party. Please be really greedy - in this case it is encouraged - and click over there and indulge the comment monster in you as you vie for prizes.

I can tell you a few of the items in the box.

Lace - three yards of vintage ivory
Eyelet trim vintage white - a little better than a yard.
Hymnal pages - from some damaged hymnals discarded at a church.
Fabric fat quarters - at least 10 different fabrics.
buttons, beads,

there are other goodies - I dug through the studio and had a blast putting this package together last night.

Leave a comment here - I will sort and draw a name on Friday morning (february 6th) and put this in the mail to one lucky winner.


While I was putting this box together, I had a visitor to the studio. You all know it was built in an old barn. It was horridly windy and cold here last night (with the wind chill this mornings temp was 4 degrees). I got ready to leave last night and I found an Opossum in the studio with me. I used the broom to nudge him out the door and he lumbered under the sudio.

Thanks for the insight on that picture from yesterday. It has the effect of drawing you back in to it again and again. Love that ---

come on - tell all you friends to come by here and register for goodies - then go by there too.

have a wonderful day ----


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

weaving III

weaving III
Originally uploaded by sculptress studio

this image has haunted me all night. I visited her blog and all of this work is gorgeous.

you see - you know you want to.

I love to follow links and see the inspirations that abound.

There are times that I have felt trapped by so many things. This image shows that feeling but with a grace and beauty that I didn't feel. Is my love for this piece triggered by emotion centered deep inside me, or is it a longing to simply see more beauty in details???

Hmmm. Discuss with me please.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Thankful Monday

A fun little celuoid tissue box - 50 cents at the thrift store.

Taking MaryAnn's lead, I will agree that it is completely time to just be thankful. Here's my short list.

healthy kids, a Man who does laundry, Old Navy pajama bottoms, laughter, 3 - 4 year olds, a fun place to work, friends I can really trust, my mama, my church, water, a house, dependable transportation, blogging, licorice - the pupdog, those ugly shoes that are so comfy, my postman, chocolate, olives, avacado dip, grey hair, laugh lines, sweet tea, coffee, heart pine floors, music, dancing, stash stuff, tv, creativity, abundance, fresh veggies, cyber friends, sunshine, things that were my nanny's, memories of my dad, a mother and father in-law that are just plain good folks, small town America, hard working people, quilts, crochet, fabric, dirt roads, barns, paper, kids art, candles, a backrub, a hot shower, I Love You's, time alone, time with family, time with friends, sushi, creative recycling, repurposing, ice cream, lunch with a friend, books, magazines, collages, art, craft, digital camera, old pictures, Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, giggling uncontrollably, the smell of fresh laundry, the snooze button, watching those girls become beautiful young women, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, old people in love, pot luck dinners, inside jokes, an outoor hot tub, sleeping in, a delicious nap snuggled up with a child, tiny fingers curled around mine, hugs, kisses, holding hands

wow for a short list, that became very long.

please post yours, then let me know where to find it.

have a wonderful day.