Friday, September 28, 2007

My name is Teresa and I have a problem

note - copyright free dover image - right click and print

My problem - I have a "real" job and it is in the way of the time I need to do the crafting I want to. Sure do wish that I was independently wealthy and could stay home and just create. I also have a family who needs some attention. All of this is in the way of this huge dream list of crafting.

Then there are some other little things too. Laundry. Beds. Vaccuuming. Dishes. Cooking. All of this is in the way.

I need a serious money IV. Then I could hire a maid and cook. A yardman. A carpenter and painter would be nice too.

I am a little desperate for an infusion of extra hours in the day too. Can anyone out there help with that?

Maybe - I can get a little bit done this weekend. I do have an appointment with the 17 year old on Sunday afternoon to work in the studio. Then play practice for the Christams progam.

I think the same person in charge of my checking account is also running my time management account. I seem to not have enough of either - time or money.

It is a good thing that I don't sit still well. The amazing thing about working in tiny bits of time - I can get a lot more done than if I just sit and watch events.

Right now - I would rather have my own craft space and the time to get it all organized and put away nicely - than anything in the world. (hope somebody reading this will eventually get the message of just how important this is to me)

I really want to know how all of you get it all done. Help.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Karma - good versus bad

eta - Crazy Sexy Cancer - the documentary by Kris Carr is scheduled for airing on Discovery Health on October 8th at 8pm eastern time. If you are not aware of this young woman's inspirational story, take a side trip to and/or look at the trailer at I missed the first airing but I will be watching on Monday night. Please pass this information around the blogworld.

Yesterday, one of my customers needed an item that I did not have. My previous employer did have it in stock and I relayed that information to him. Said customer does not want to go there if at all possible so he asked me to go and pick it up on a purchase order for him. This is not an uncommon request, and we try to keep our customers out of the competition's store if possible, so off I went.

As I took the exit off of our loop, I sensed the stress factor in my body increasing. When I walked in the counter sales area, I could actually feel the bad vibes in the store. This was overwhelming to me. I could not believe how I was being affected. Even more so, I cannot believe I went into that every day for 4 years.

I called LBF and mentioned the sensation. The heaviness and stress I felt. He has recently left the same place for a new job. His comment back - "I feel so much better since I got out of there."

Now I have a question for you guys - Can a place have bad karma? I firmly believe that it can. I know that some peoples homes just "feel" good. In others you can sense the discomfort. Are you sensitive to that feeling? How do you think your home feels?

I want my home to welcome all who enter and I will be honest. Right now I do not think that it does. There is a scattered mess everywhere. Some of the furniture is shabby looking (need to replace the sofa desperately). The paint colors are darker than I would like. I have put off some of the redecorating I need to do, in order to work on the studio.

The feeling I had at that store yesterday has triggered a serious drive to get some things done. Now I have blogged it and that makes me accountable for making progress on it.

Now for the fun stuff.

I came home last night and had two packages on the kitchen porch. Completely unexpected packages. Return address is Miss Scissors Paper Glue - see sidebar. Lookie here ladies. Tons of fun. Goodies. OMG - thanks Jen.

I dumped it all out - and smacked the 17 year old hands away (see picture) and started going through it. Amazing. Affirming. So much fun. Thanks again Jen.

Because of the way I dumped everything out, I did not find this until later. Look at the cute note she sent. This note goes in the inspiration book. Too much fun. I can't wait to see what comes of these goodies.

I have some of the greatest bloggie buds anywhere. Thanks again Jen.

I try to be generous with my time, talents, and material blessings. I think that generosity adds to the blessings of the universe. I am blessed beyond measure by all of you as well.

I am also a little star struck this morning. Sandra Evertson left a comment on yesterday's post. I love her work. Somerset Studio. I read the comments and looked at her name. I back linked to her blog and yes it is her. I love getting comments from all of my friends - I have MET so many wonderful people here and I hope to meet many more in the future. Thank you Sandra, for making my day.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thursday. Tonight you will find me at the softball field. Then later I will be at the dining room table - creating.

Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007



the stunning beauty of a single rose

they way two bodies feel as the dance begins

slighty self concious because others are watching

the losing all of it because there is only room in the universe

for these two and the fullness of the emotions they bring

lost completely in each other

transparent - right there for all to see

yet totally unaware that anyone is watching


she glances across the room

her eyes finding his

locked glances

recognizing the need

knowing the gathering has been enjoyed

and yet tiring of the crowd

with no words the message conveys

I am ready to be alone with us

much later

tired, resting, comfortable

realizing the most important needs

are often the smallest unspoken ones

appreciating the touch just above her waist

thankful for the way a breath feels on a shoulder

understanding that sharing even the smallest detail

is what is really is all about

his knowing how she likes her coffee

her knowing how he likes his steak

his knowing chocolate will always help

her knowing he doesn't like bleu cheese

forgiving the smallest

and the largest

protecting each other from the world

united in front of all

but willing to stand the ground if needed with each other

agreeing to disagree

two hands holding on
two hearts that beat as one
two lives intertwined

and that, my friends, is what it is all about
i didn't know until now

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have been crowned .....

I had a lovely surprise on the porch yesterday when I came home. A priority mail box from Nerissa. Back in the summer, I participated in the Crown and Tiara swap over at Holly Doodle Designs. My partner has had some health issues and was a little delayed in completing her swap to me. I am so glad she is doing better. Look at the crown that was in the package. Greens and creams and orange - all perfect colors for me. Loving this. I don't have a picture of all the lovelies she included with this but - there was a sceptor - a mini collage pack chok full of goodies - cards - bath salts - and so on. Even better, she included a soldered charm. A huge thank you to Nerissa for all the goodies.

After all that goodness, I was not ready for what my night would bring. Molly had to fill out Wendy's High School Heisman forms online. While she was doing that, we decided to tackle this...............

College propaganda. Lots and lots. She has been tucking it here and there for months. We drug it ALL into the living room and started dividing it into yes/no/maybe. Molly is an artist and I will tell you why she kept all this. (and why I agree with the idea) There is some serious collage material in these stacks. College brochures will give any advertising media a run for their money. There will be fodder for projects in this for a long time. These are well made on fabulous papers with incredible photography and graphic designs. I can see inspirations everywhere. All of the NO materials are being added to the cutting box that we all go to for various projects. (FYI - one of my favorite booklets was from the University of Chicago - the first 1/2 of the booklet was myths and legends of the Chicago area.)
I owe huge apologies to some of you who might be waiting for fun stuff from me. (like birthday gifts) I promise I will get caught back up. Life has attacked again. I also owe apologies to the CIP members - there has not been any fun mail - and I am not even gonna complete the dream list. I am so sorry.
The doll blanket did not place at the fair. Poorly displayed. It does not show well on a flat platform and my vintage bed was not allowed in the display. I will be building a new bed for the habitat auction. Oh well - you learn a tremendous amount from the judges forms. There was not a single negative comment on the construction or the design. Just that it could have been more effectively presented. Had I known that the vintage bed would not be allowed, I would have thrown together a foam core bed for the display - bought lesson. There will be more submitted materials in my future.
I do hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I remember......

Saturday would have been my Dad's 66th birthday. Sunday was the 27th anniversary of his death. This horrible picture of a photo album from my Mom's will mean nothing to anyone but those of us who knew him.

He was spontaneous. He was funny. He was generous. He was kind. Tracey and I were his girls. Not once did he ever spank me - the only discipline I needed was the phrase "I'm so dissappointed". I still weigh decisions based on that phrase.

I wish I could hear his laugh again. I wish I could hear his jokes.

It was not at all unusual for him to call my mom and say pack your bags we are going this weekend. All of the pictures above are from that kind of trip. Cherokee, NC. Charlotte, NC. A theme park run. The mountains. Indians.

We camped. We boated. We laughed. We played and he played just as hard as any of the children.

He and his buddies fished and hunted and drank. They gigged frogs. Set trot lines. Threw out fish baskets. We ate venison and frog legs and tons of catfish.

There were always people around us. I grew up knowing that he was the life of the party. We raced - dirt tracks and drag strips. Long before NASCAR was the "in" sport of the southern redneck crowd. I was on a first name basis with some of the drag racing greats - Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowny - and oh so many more.

He maintained cars for the rich in our area and the poor too. More than once he picked a buddy up who had indulged a bit too much. There was no judgement in his daily actions. His personality saw no boundaries at all.

He taught auto mechanics at the Tech School in Athens. There were no boundaries there either. Male - female - race - economics status. If you were capable of learning, he was ready and willing to teach.

I learned so much from him about how to treat people. I learned so much from him about forgiving when you are treated unfairly yourself. I remember those lessons daddy ..

I remember.......

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am so tired.......

This is the sign flashing in my world.

There are pluses to this.

I am having lots of time for checking out the ceiling for leaks, spiders, cracks, etc.

I can confirm that the clock on the headboard displays every number correctly through the night and that the little dot that indicates AM/PM works as well - it changes at midnight flawlessly.

I can verify that the man at my address snores only when he is flat of his back.

I can verify breathing still is occuring for everyone at my house.

Yup - complete lack of sleep - for weeks now. A side effect of the medication I'll be taking until my surgery. Here is the list of side effects possible.

1- sleeplessness - got it

2- hot flashes - convinced that the devil has moved hell into my body and fires up those furnaces every night about the time I think I may be able to sleep.

3- attention deficit - not sure if that's part of the medicine - but I can check this off too.

4. Weight gain - surely not that too.

5. irrational behavior - have had that for years but since its listed I can claim it ---- right?

6. irritability - that too - although everyone thinks its because I am can carry the "b" title so well.

7. headache - constant, continual, the most aggravating kind of headache. maybe that has something to do with #1, #5, #6

every side effect on the list - why do I get to be lucky on that and not the lotto number?

No trip to SCAD this weekend. Molly does not want to go if she cannot play ball. We are regrouping on colleges and will be making a true (paid for) skills video for her recruiting packages. I cannot believe I will wind up using all of my sales and marketing skills to send my child to college.

I will be embroidering and quilting at softball games all weekend.

MaryAnn -- in answer to a challenge you issued way back. I will be entering the doll blanket in the local fair this weekend. Let you know how that turns out later.

I hope each of you has a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I love these kids.....

Many of you know that I have been active in the youth and children of our church for many years. I was even the youth director for several. I pulled completely away from it back early in the spring. I have missed these kids.

I recently started working with them again in some ways. I have just ressurected the toddler Sunday School Class. 3 and 4 year olds. I also have been drafted into service for the Chirstmas Program. Last night I handled the elementary school bunch.

We discussed helping people through prayer and encouragement. We also started a banner to send to St. Louis to a man who has been paralyzed in a work accident.

Each of the kids was given a batch of cards to decorate. After the glue dries I will add lettering and string these into a banner with an encouraging message.

Nothing like paint - glitter - glue to keep some kids busy.

This has been missing from my life. I didn't even know I missed it. I love these kids.

I am tickled to share a small quote from a blog post of another lovely. I am determined to live this life less ordinary and you really need to take this side trip to see the entire journal entry from a 17 year old. If we all would absorb even a tiny bit of what this kid (actually his mom) has to share with us, everyone's life would be so much better.

a tiny bit of the journal entry....

just remember that the people around you do not make you who you are, you choose who you are around those people."
Written by Darryl Harris Aged 17 years.

So take a trip and see. INSPIRED READING

Today I have on the feel good clothes - feminine, soft, slightly bohemian - and yes there has been much teasing about my attire. I have just endured all of the "funny looking clothes" comments. As a part of the decision to live less ordinary - I will wear those things that make me feel like me. Love the way this all feels so I really don't care what anyone thinks.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A life less ordinary ...

Graffiti - This struck me as the question to ponder today?
The answer to this for me today - I am simply an ordinary woman - no super human abilities - but yes "I am a good idea" and I am unwilling to have just an ordinary life.
I have wants - deep and strong wants.
I have needs - the kind that no one understands.
I have fears - demonic and huge and heavy.
I have dreams - the kind of things that seem just out of my reach.
I have reality - those tiny little things that hinge and unhinge the universe.
In pondering this - I am finding that the power inside me has spent way too many years being controlled by others. There has been too much energy spent catering myself to what others expected. It takes too much work to hide who I really am. I have spent too long waiting for others to see the real me or waiting for them to care that she need to be nurtured.
I am 42 years old and it is high time I really ditch all of the negative voices in my head. I have ditched the majority of those negatives outside me - others who drag me down. Now I am working on the internal battle. Those who are closest to me are sometimes very hurt by this battle - they are convinced that I am walking away from them. And that may be the outcome - --
But if I am to be the best me, I have to get rid of the problems I have with hurting them.
I really want to say - I am not the same woman I used to be. I will not settle for ordinary. I will move and shake the world around me into a better place for me. If you are unwilling to walk with me - so be it - I don't expect you to. If the powerful strong me scares you - that's your demon - not mine. If you don't like who I really am, I'm sorry I have misled you this long by hiding behind what I knew you expected me to be. Hang on - this is gonna be one helluva ride.
Sorry for all that heaviness. Now for fun stuff.
I went to this morning. Search for my town (Comer, Georgia) just to see what kinds of pictures show up. Not really expecting anything. I found this. Not only do I know where it is - it mine - and it was posted by someone else. Try it - loads of fun. I tried several places - that I am familiar with - so much fun to see what others find worthy of a photograph - for whatever reason - in an area. Let me know what you find.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Falling for.......

Back in July, I posted this picture. I had run up on a huge tin of this single ply yarn. Yummy colors - fun stuff. This made me happy just to look at in this jumbled heap. But my emotional health requires me to make stuff. Add to that the complication of not sitting still well at all. Then toss in the fact that I do a lot of sitting - at lots of events, meetings, etc.

I found a pattern for a wagon wheel block. I worked out all the details and posted a tutorial on the pattern back on August 23. (Ellen made some from the tutorial) I have traveled with this cute little metal lunchbox for weeks now.

Yesterday I showed you the "almost" picture. 50 of those little gems arranged in the final layout.

When I left work and went home the evening light and the temperature were stunning. One of the most gorgeous days in a long time. Both girls were at events/practice. The front porch has a true western exposure and the light was fabulous. So out to the porch swing I go and for about an hour, this was my pose.

My hands - working and surrounded in color. (Miss Molly came home and took these.)

After that time - it is almost too dark to work comfortably. But look at it - All I like is adding the tassels.

This is pinned to the board and sprayed damp to block it. I will be adding varigated tassels. I am so excited with how this turned out. There will be a lot more stuff made with this yarn - it is fun to work with the small scale of it. There are also some soft neutrals as well.

Trim for bedding - need to see how this will wash repeatedly before I do that.
Accent pillows
Scarf trim
Bright colored garland for a tree.
Any other ideas??????

It was quiet out on the porch but I was not alone. Just look at these sweet faces......

Molly with Junior .... this is our youngest cat. We have three. This one and an orange marmalade male named Red who is the Daddy of this monster and her Mom, Almond, a splotchy mix very similar to Junior. Junior is playful and funny - aren't all kittens - Almond is snuggly and purrs continually - and Red - he is antisocial to the point that we kind of just ignore him like he ignores us.

I hope you all have a fab day.

Monday, September 17, 2007


The doll blanket is almost finished. I completed the last square on Saturday afternoon - 50 of those little gems. Here is the way it looks as of 8 am today. I love the process of arranging the squares and moving them around to get it "just right." We were playing ball close to home on Saturday so after I finished the blocks, I cruised home and grabbed a styrofoam board. I pinned a piece of quilt batting over the board and then started arranging. Everyone around me got into the process as well, moving them around. I will more than likely finish this one tonight and add it back to the doll bed box so that I can finish up some other UFO's.

The weather in the area is incredible right now. Slightly crisper. Stunning mornings and very nice afternoons. The light at this time of year is beautiful too. We continue working on the studio - I popped in there Saturday afternoon and was struck again with how nice the lighting is going to be by the door and windows.

Busy and stressful week this week.
Monday - Abby softball game. Molly volleyball practice.
Tuesday - Molly volleyball game. Abby softball game.
Wednesday - Abby softball practice. Molly volleyball practice. Me - childrens program at church.
Thurday - Molly senior night volleyball game. Abby softball game
Friday - Molly and I trip to SCAD. Abby softball tournament.
Saturday Abby softball tournament. Molly and I tour the SCAD campus.

Somewhere in there I have to hem some pants and catch up some ironing.

I do have a quote to share. I have been looking for a quote for someone special. When I found this - it was the one. Life changes are important. Every decision and event brings us a little farther along our journey. I have removed so many negative people from the list of those I hang out with. I have made choices for my mental health. I have become much more in tune with what my body and soul need. As a result, I am fully aware of the times I am "out of kilter." I am also aware of what sends me into that feeling. The last few months I have spent a lot of time in that arena and I hate being here. I know where I am off, and I have tried to address this with the persons I am struggling with, but it falls on deaf ears. Anyway, in studying and searching for words that someone dear to me needed, I found this.

Never return to ordinary. unknown

Amazing, I was looking for someone else and I found the words I needed to hear.

Have a wonderful day people.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A good haul

So June - July and August are over. I was in the thrift store neighborhood and I dropped in. Just look what 8.00 bought.

A wedding favor kit - complete. (I wonder if they bought too many or just called it off) I'll be using these in other ways of course.

A vintage style wedding book. Showcasing many dress, decor, flower and music ideas for a vintage style wedding. I think this would be either a greet reference book or something to cut up as mixed media fodder.

A German music book. Featuring the sonatas of Mozart? In really bad shape, but will be great for collage and other paper products. It's missing pages. But the music printing is lovely. I'm thinking covering a treasure cone for my sweet and sinister swap partner.

White cotton yarn - slighty dirty but hey its cotton. Thinking trim for a baby coat I am making for a friend using a pattern from the Bend the Rules Sewing book.

A huge spool of flat braid trim. White. Who knows where all this will surface???

Two adorable kitchen towels. White and pink floral trimmed. Not vintge but still has that feel.

A yard of linen blend fabric. I am a fabric whore so this is just stash fill.

Some stamp mounts - mixed media work.

not pictured - a white frosted bauble - this too will be part of the sweet and sinister swap stuff.

And lastly - my favorite - four coffee cups. I have looked at these and picked these up over and over at this store. I kept putting them back (I really don't need these) but they just kept being there. And I caved.

Anyway - lay it all out on the counter - they lovely young lady says that will be 8.24 and Off we go. Some of these items already are on their way to their new homes. Some are in a stack waiting for me to work with them.

It was a good day for thrifting. I often see such cool stuff on others blogs and I think there must be a better thrift culture in their area, then I have a day like this.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am glad it ain't yesterday no more

This is the pasture right across the road from me. I took this as I was leaving for work today. Fog - stunning and beautiful - early it was a pink fog. My grandmother used to say "red sky in the morning, sailors take warning." Maybe this means we are going to get some rain.

Last bit of whining for yesterday. Crappy day. Late for work - hit the ground running - people cussed - freight was late - Frick and Frack (the internet guys) show up to perform a 15 minute hardware upgrade - we handwrote tickets for 5 hours while they worked on it - they went to lunch and left us without computers - we spent the afternoon and early evening catching things up in the computer. Off to church (great meal) I go into the studio to hang a few pieces of insulation and find that the squirrels and cats have pulled all the seam tape off the walls and ceilings - so I redo that. At 9:30 I gave up and went to bed.

Today is much better. I feel irrational today, and I still have a headache ---- but I am better. The headache is a hormone imbalance thing. Once the doctor found the tumour last week, he took me off the medication I have taken for years to reduce my cancer recurrance risk. Seems this prevention medication can cause the type of tumour they found. The also put me norinthedrone (a different hormone) - supposed to shrink this tumour slightly. So I am just completely out of hormonal whack. All of these symptoms should slowly subside according to the medical professionals - over the next couple of months - then the surgery and I will be completely free of the artificial hormone zone. (they will leave my ovaries)

I did get a little done on the ammo box. Molly is beside herself waiting for this one to be finished, just to see if you guys think it is as cool as she does. I also have another fun storage idea for itty bitty stuff that I will share.

I am finished waiting for the man to finish the barn. There are many things I can do out there and I have jumped in and just started them. I may not be as quick or efficient as he is and it may not be "up to his standard" but by golly - it will be closer to done. I have been working on this for a year and I am ready to be done. I really would like to feel like my stuff is as important as every thing else (yes Mr Atkinson even Megan took precedence over me - total side track here) I would like to know that my dreams are supported - even shared - by significant others. But I have given up that hope. I will simply pursue them in my own way.

Because of the surgery, I have pulled out of the fall festival. I also have not purchased my ticket for the habitat dinner and auction. I will be donating an artwork to the auction - a doll bed, mattress, pillow, bedding and the wagon wheel square blanket. I am not a doll maker so I will probably put a teddy bear in the bed and call the donation - "baby bear's bed was just right." The bed will be made from recycled wood. Painted with child safe acrylic paint. Mom is covering the mattress (cut from an old chair cushion) and pillow with vintage ticking and everything else will be made with thrifted or vintage materials. I should finish the blanket this weekend.

I do hope this post finds you having a good day. Mine is so much better than yesterday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

oh sh(*

turned off the alarm - overslept - hot flashes are driving me nuts- I am not sleeping well - I have a migraine and I am late -LATE - for work -

this sure looks like a great day.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The postman knocked

edited to add this picture from Ellen's blog - with her permission of course. Thanks Ellen - glad you enjoyed these. Can't wait to see what the final result is.

REMEMBER - it has been 6 years since that horrible day when time seemd to stand still. I will be taking time to reflect and remember the heros of those days. I hope you will as well.

An Angel from an angel. A cell phone charm that is so precious. This was a surprise litle envelope from the gift fairy. Thank you so much MaryAnn for everything you do. Thank for all of the encouragement. Thank you for being my friend.

Meet Leonard. We named him last night. I really don't know why but he just looked like that name fit him. He is a giftie that I won in a drawing over at Lauren's place. She also included a wonderful pouch and buttons and some fabrics. This little softie is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much Lauren.

Also - take a side trip over to Ellen's place. She used my 8-23-07 tutorial for the Wagon Wheel blocks and made herself some. I am so excited that someone tried my very first tutorial. Her colors are fun too. I have 9-1/2 more to complete for my doll blanket. I'll be assembling it this weekend at a softball tournament. Thank goodness for Vallen's bag she sent me. I will arrange the squares on a piece of styrofoam - of course saved from the scraps of the studio project. Pin them in place and then sit and crochet them together. I can slide this piece into the bag and everything fits.

Speaking of bags - go take a look at rebecca's travel bag. I have posted about her work before and love it. She uses a vintage suitcase for her travel companion. Too cool. I do wonder however - if her kids and their friends think she is strange like mine do?

Well there is a huge travel adgenda in this post for you. I do hope you will take the side treks to see these ladies.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks again to the two ladies who gifted me. Love all of the goodies.

Monday, September 10, 2007


You all know that I have a serious "container" fetish. You also know that I have only more pictures of the granny sqaures or of MaryAnn's birthday gift - which I cannot share yet. So here is the one new project I started yesterday afternoon.

Yes - its a box. A big wooden military ammo box. Scored at an Army Surplus Store for like 5 bucks. When I bought it, several years ago, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I have now decided. For now, I am only going to show you the beginnings and tell you that Molly thinks this is the coolest repurpose project I have come up with.

First I scrubbed it inside and out. It was almost black on the outside from the grime in storage. The inside had become a home for dirt dobbers and wasps. So I sprayed it and then scrubbed it. Let it dry completely - there will be decopage involved - of course.

I have pondered this project on and off for weeks and talked to the "engineers" at work. These guys love to solve this kind of problem. I hit upon the solution as I saw the corks from my tequila bottles. Don't ask - I have no idea why I saved them - there are also a few wine corks as well. And a few tiny wooden spools to make up for the few more I needed. I will add corks as I have them - that sounds like a great reason to drink some more booze.

This is the final hint. There were drills and glue involved and wire cutters and clothes hangers. I will decopage the inside, but we have decided the outside needs to remain untouched. The military stenciling is pretty neat. I really cannot wait to show the final result of this one. But alas this will have to wait. I will start the collection of pages for the inside coating tonite. This one will be from an old dictionary.

MaryAnn - - I am sorry your birthday gift is late. Life got in the way of my project finishing. Keep looking the ol' postman will have it there soon.

Note - the shelf this is sitting on came with the house. There is a sink and this shelf built into the porch rail on the kitchen porch. We almost tore this off, then decided to see if we used it. It is the most used sink at my house. We hose off cleats and catcher's gear. Veggies too. I hook up the hose here for various things. I work here when the weather is good. I spray paint and spray glitter too. Kitty cats perch here often and sometimes we find those pitty paw prints with glitter on the cars. A well used sink and surface.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Seems the game was too hard. MaryAnn wins - not because she played - just cause she responded. You know she really can't help it. Those 30 years old brain cells are probably just tired. I really would like to know about the tattoos. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

Iron Ore - destination #1 - a deep charcoal grey - really looks like unfinished iron before the rust starts

Fountain - destination #5 - a refreshing look of the sky reflecting in a the smooth water of a lake. The inside of the fountains at most hotels are often this teal color. a soft medium teal.

Crabby Apple - Destination #2 - the deepest brown red of a crabbapple - we never saw this color as kids - we would always climb the tree and get the green ones - bite into them just for the pucker factor and then toss them. Deep and earthy and beautifully fall - this to me would be a perfect dining room color.

Pink Shadow - Destination #3 - really a soft pinky creamy beige - like weathered lace of a long ago prom dress. This color mixed with a soft green would be stunning in a studio.

Wood Violet - Destination #1 - a true purple - but not like the Barney purple - this is a livable color - would be stunning with dark mahogony furniture and black wrot iron accents.

Feverish Pink - Destination #2 - rosy pink - deep - looks like the colors generated by the sun streaming through stained glass to me.

Quilt Gold - destination #5 - think of the gold in a peacock feather - not a color you want the whole bird to be - but still a gorgeous accent to the bright blues, greens, purples, blacks, and browns of the bird. Too showy on its own - needing the other to be appropriate.

There you go. Notice - there were no Destination #4 colors on my list - Every color on #4 appears somewhere else in the lists. Travel - pack your bags - take something of yourself everywhere you go and leave it there - bring back something from everywhere you go. Mix it up - add to it. The experience is yours.

All of these colors and notes are from the Sherwin Williams "STIR" magazine. You can subscribe for yourself at

These photos were downloaded from there too. I tear these magazine apart all the time. The images and words find their way into my inspiration collages and notebooks.

A busy weekend is setting up again - Abby - softball in columbus, ga - Molly - volleyball in conyers, ga. Dad and I are headed in different directions again. Tonite - I'll being seeing my mom for a while - The older daughter -shhh don't tell dad - has a date. I'm taking Mom to dinner - then home for a quiet night of crafting.

I hope you all have a great weekend - see you Monday.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

color trends and a little game.

Thanks so much for all the support yesterday. I want to give my children every opportunity I can - it is just so very scary to think about the kind of money it is gonna take.

In my work I am privy to some of the best trend watchers in the world. The home industry has to be ahead of the curve because production retooling takes such an long time frame.

Yesterday, I received the '08 colormix information from a paint manufacturer. What I experience here - in my cyber home - is described over and over in the forecast.

I want to share a few of these quotes and inspirations with you.

Destination: Inspiration

Color is never static, but in todays supersonic, hyper-linked world, it's more fluid than ever, roaming freely across geographic borders and even defying time, thanks to the possibilites of retro.

I can look at images and inspiration all over the world before I have my breakfast.

Destination #1:Expand your Horizons supporting elements -- high gloss finishes, lace patterns, special effects - enhanced patterns and textures create additional layers of nuance.

Look at my flickr mosaic at the bottom - I see the texture - contrast - lace - rusty patina - I can see that so many are seeing the same things as they are reporting.

Destination #2: Around the World supporting elements -- a sense of individuality and self assurance to venture beyond the mainstream - the art of wood carving - luxurious textiles

Destination #3: No Place like Home supporting elements -- return to harmony, stability and practicality - atmospheric colors - whisper soft - the return of white - recycled materials - stamped sheet metals detailed images.

Destination #4: Pack Your Bags supporting elements -- escape - bleached out stone and wood - adventure - color blocking colors remind me of places I have traveled

Destination #5: A Fork in the Road supporting elements -- there is no single path - cross roads with divergent choices - less traveled paths. there are no rules - the fashion runways - woven furniture paired with upholstry - playful - simple geometric pattern - brightly colored chandeliers - smooth jazz - bebop

Now for the game - I am going to list the color names in some of these "destination" palettes. Someone in my comments to get them identified with the correct destination will receive a yard of vintage - cream colored rick rack from me. Be sure to leave you list of answers and your email address. I will look at the comments around 8:00 am on this friday and give you the right answers in tomorrow post. Hope you will play.

the color names are

iron ore


crabby apple

pink shadow

wood violet

feverish pink

quilt gold (it is a craft blog after all)

seven color names - see if you can identify as a destination 1- 5

see ya tomorrow - have fun.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My bags are packed......

I'm ready to go. So now you have the Leaving on a Jet Plane song stuck in your head for today. (personally I love the Armageddon soundtrack version)

Vallen - the queen of cool bags and other wonders - sent this bag to me for my birthday. It is phenomenal. Big enough to carry a baby quilt AND the crochet doll blanket kit. Pocket for my wallet and water and a snack or two. Thank you my lovely friend.

Here is the new bag - ready to go - double header tonight for Miss Abby. The first game will be in the late summer afternoon heat- that means those little crochet squares - I only like 15 finishing all that I need for this project. Then the second game will be into the evening - darker and with a slight hint of fall in the air - I will break out the cowboy quilt for that. After we get home, I have to iron and starch some vintage lace and get it packaged up. I also want to assemble the frame for my Sweet and Sinister swap partner's package.

Have you seen the trailer for the new Jodie Foster movie? I want to see this one. The Brave One opens soon and I want to be there.

I am busily preparing for several things at work. Several things at home. Most importantly I am preparing for the first Sunday of my new Sunday School toddler class. I will be using a simple book from my childhood as the teaching tool and then putting together activities and crafts to go with this. I will be teaching three and four year olds. I have taught this age group before and then all of a sudden we didn't have any kids in this bracket, but now we do and we will be starting this on Sunday, Sept 9th. Please remember us in your prayers.

I also have signed Molly up for the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) day of visitation. There is no way we can afford this school without some kind of divine intervention, but we are putting the plan into place in the event that happens. I absolutely cannot believe we are preparing for college. How can that tiny little thing they handed me just yesterday be getting ready for college? I am sure there will be a lot more traveling as we go through this process. I am terrified of the whole process of sending her to college. Maybe I could send her to live with MaryAnn and then she could chaperone and make sure she goes to class like she needs to. Molly is so responsible that part really doesn't worry me.

I hope this finds all of you happy and healthy. Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Repurposed again

If you read regularly, you know that I am a huge believer in use, reuse, repurpose, reinvent, recycle. I love the hunt of yard sales and thrift stores. Really love those places you go and have to dig for the treasures you find. You know where things are likely to be grungy (sometimes even gross) and need a little extra TLC before they can be used.

I have a shot glass shelf for stamps and ink - lovely pasta jars for pipe cleaners - I use a coke crate for holding my make up and other beauty potions. Lots of various repurposed things. I am using an old cabinet from the house my inlaws set up housekeeping in when they married many years ago as storage in the studio. I have others waiting in the wings for the studio as well.

We have a lot of the insulation done for the studio. The wiring is almost complete. The big cabinet is in its final resting place. I now get to learn how to reglaze old windows before they can be installed.

I have 95 percent of Miss MaryAnn's gift packaged and ready for shipment. I have 3/5 of the doll blanket squares finished. I started the quilting on the cowboy quilt. And - this one's almost miraculous - I vacuumed out my truck.

Anyway - back to the commentary on repurposed containers. These are some of my favorites. I found these vases for 1.00 each somewhere. They are flat backed and you can stack them that way to appear round. I use them side by side in the bathroom - for toothbrushes and toothpaste. I love the embossed dogwood flowers and the milk glass type of material.

What do you repurpose - reuse - recycle at your house? Do you look for those kinds of things just for that reason? Does it thrill you to find something and just "know" that it will work in another way?

Hope you all had a great weekend - and a lovely day.