Wednesday, October 26, 2011

yea - that's the good stuff

I posted on using the good stuff just a few days ago. I am diligently taking my own advice, although at times that damned HOARDER DEMON gets a new tactic going. I found myself chanting "use the good stuff" over and over last night.

I am in serious crunch mode on this art show, but I wanted to share two of my favorites from last night. I edited these in picnik and added some notes on the first one.

That copper toned metallic paper facinated me from the beginning. I really have control issues in a true scrapbooking store - you know - ones that have the individual sheet of paper in row after row of racks. This paper has a brushed finish appearance and I bought one sheet ------ used it.

Responsive reading 15 - cut from the back of a hymnal - now this is not hard for me to use because I have gathered several hymnals from thrift stores. I readily cut these.

I thrifted a stunning little bedside clock for next to nothing. Brass framed and this brushed metal face. I took it apart and knowing there would not be another one in my near future - glued that baby on. (there was an audible groan)

Then the picture. This one and the next one came from MaryAnn's etsy shop. Go on over there she finds the coolest stuff. I bought a pack of pictures from her to use in my artwork and then I have a problem using them. I do not know these people. I have no sentimental attachment to the subject. So I took a deep breath and a glue stick and, as the Crusty Old Plumber would say, "here we go."

I do hope you like these.

I do all of you are having a wonderful week.

Much love --- T

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

101 ways to make yourself nuts.

Well not really that many - but I am an expert at the process.

1. play hooky from life when you really should have been working on artshow items.

2. fight the little demon in your head saying let it go.

3. keep working on something that clearly has you befuddled about what to do next.

Having admitted to these three - let me tell you the lessons learned.

1. life really happens in the hooky moments. I took the weekend off to play. really play. it was wonderful it was beautiful. I will be doing it again. i now understand why hunters go to the woods and let me splain - it ain't all about shooting things - the solitude of that activity and the exposure to the great outdoors is VERY VERY good for the soul.

2. some people will never learn. I handed the money to buy a very important car part to someone nameless in my house. the money was piddled away on some other things. (like barbeque tickets that we couldn't use because we were out of town) Now the same person STILL needs the part for the car. I am letting it go - I already bought said car part - I AIN'T BUYING IT AGAIN.

3. I shoulda given up on that altered book and just rested - because the right answer to the "thing that makes it perfect" is now completely clear. Time wasted - 2 hours - now let it go.

Spoon ends waiting for collages and and bending.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What if I die?

I know. That's a creepy post title. And, I wish I could take credit for it. But I stole it from Mary over at the green paper blog. Mary collects and shares vintage ephemera and scans of her things. It is a beautiful blog for us paper hoarders.

There you go - I said it. I am a hoarder. I collect stuffs. If you read through MaggieGrace from the beginning, you will spot the "i really need to get rid of stash stuff and use what I have and quit collecting and and and" pattern.

Well, without the actual cost of some serious couch sessions with a qualified therapist I may never get well. Just joking. In the last 18 months there have been some major changes in my life that have made me really pay attention to things. (cancer is a fine perspective builder)

Then reading Mary's post yesterday really resonated in my soul. Go on - click over and read what I'm speaking of.

I have stuffs. Lot's of stuffs. And I KNOW my girls will not hesitate to chunk it in the dumpster if I were to die. Hopefully some of you crafty friends will show up to rescue some of it. There's a list of names and numbers if you want to sign up for a phone call "just in case."

I'm getting ready for a Market and I went and grabbed a box of "GOOD STUFF" last night. I took a really deep breath and jumped in.

The results of using the "one of a kinds" out that box were wonderful. See the oriental girl in the center - thats a bookmark. The heavy textured paper in the background - a composition book sized piece was right there in the "nice papers" stack. Some stamps I was saving - a piece of Chinese Joss Paper - a textured die cut.

And then it all sang. See!!!

Now I was off and running - On the next one I determined to use all "one piece left" of my paper stash. I love this one. Let me repeat --- I love this one.

Now for a huge thank you to my buddy Tipper. Tipper blogs over at The Blind Pig and the Acorn and she is just a super nice lady. I love it when you meet a blogger friend in a "for real" setting and they are just as nice or even nicer than you expected.

Well several weekends ago, we took a little trip to the John C. Campbell fall festival and I took some stainless flatware to Tipper's daughter. She has been making rings and since I don't use the stainless for my bracelets and pendants, I was looking for a way to use the ones I had accumulated. Yesterday the most perfect and wonderful spoon ring showed up on my doorstep.  I love it. It fits my index finger perfectly and has a wonderful reminder on it.

A "D" - Now I know there is no obvious reason for me to wear a "D" monogram, but Tipper chose it as a reminder to me. See the "D" stands for "daring" and she wants to remind me to be daring enough to go for the kind of life I want to have.

Thank you Tipper and Chitter. I love it.

I am blessed - I am loved - I am sure of both those things in my life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


 warning - lots of poor quality cell phone shots because i was simply too lazy to go get the camera.

I'm working - on a lot of things - getting ready for the art market -- coming up fast (NOVEMBER 12)

There are notebooks ---

 The one above is my favorite for right now.

 But this one is fun too.....

There have been nature walks - and this little heart is being sent to my buddy MaryAnn who is facing some medical challenges right now. OBF - I freaking love you.

The above photo (spookified at is the scuttle door that leads under my house ----

On Sunday, I discovered a leaky water heater under the house. Yay, that's some fun money to spend.

Thank goodness this guy, also known as the Crusty Old Plumber, is my friend.  He scurried under - well not exactly - he took the door off, and chiseled out the stone from the bottom of the hole (my house foundation is solid granite), then scurried under and hooked up a new water heater under there.

Public Service Announcement and Sarcastic Statement Warning - I sell plumbing. The correct terminology here is WATER HEATER, not HOT WATER HEATER. When I answer the phone at work to the question "do you sell hot water heaters?" I answer it " no, we sell cold water heaters." No reason to have a heater for hot water. (smarta$$ remark moment over.)

The Crusty Old Plumber took the time to visit with me last night too. He polished all the silverware for bracelets and collage spoon pendants while I was working on composition books. He is so good to me and I am blessed to have people in my life that make me do this.......

I'm talking the kind of laughter that often leads to a phenomenon that we even laugh about. I have two kids - other mama's or ladies of my age can probably relate to this statement.....

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my legs.

Yesterday that laughter was hard to come by, because this precious boy left us.

His name was Licorice (Ikish) and he was old old old. He came to us an abused, adult dog about ten years ago. He never lost his fear of men, but me and my girls were always loved by him. For the last several days, he had quit eating and drinking and just lay around. Crusty Old Plumber used his backhoe yesterday to bury him when he found him dead in his pen. I'm gonna miss him.

I hope your life is full of very special people. Mine is. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She wanted to include ME as a profile in courage?????

 This is a post about courage - and also about discovery.

Let's talk about courage for a moment. My girls are so fortunate to have good friends. We have been surrounded by some wonderful people and their children (most of these kids are now young adults). I have loved many many of these kids a whole bunch.

The picture below is of two of these kids. Brittany (left) and Renee (r) Ellisor. BB is College Girl's friend and NayNay is a friend of the Softball Princess.

BB graduated high school as Valedictorian and off to college she went. She was to play softball and soccer in college. But God had another plan for her - this vibrant, beautiful, smart athlete started having problems and is now wheelchair dependent. She has been diagnosed with DYSTONIA.

Let's talk about courage. She REFUSES to give in to this disease witch has robbed her of much of her mobility. She has changed her major to something her body will allow her to do. With her determination and powerful witness, BB has changed my life.


So imagine my surprise when NayNay called and wanted information about my cancer experience. Why? Because she wanted to include me in her Profiles of courage. I was so moved by this request, especially with the knowledge that her sister is so much more courageous than I am.

This message is for Renee - Sweetheart, I love you and I am so honored that you considered me for your project. The only thing I can say is that God will meet your needs at the places you lean the most on Him. You are special and your phone call made me so very happy. You are beautiful and special and loved so much. (oh - and I blatantly stole these pictures from your facebook)

For the rest of us - I can't stop thinking about the deeper meaning of that chat with NayNay. Everyday, people are watching us. Watching the way we interact with others. Watching the way we handle the good things. Watching the way we handle adversity.

Courage is not looking for confrontation. Courage is not about being all big and bad and all that. Courage is very often quiet. It is about choosing to get up and recognize the blessings of every day. Courage is about realizing that you have another opportunity to celebrate your life and the impact of the lives of others. Courage is trying to make the best of every situation. Courage just keeps trying again in spite of the situation at hand. Courage keeps reaching out in love when there is such potential to be hurt. Courage is honest in the fact that I will do my best - realizing that some days my best may not live up to other expectations. Courage just keeps trying.  Listen peeps - at some level and in some way - we can ALL have a moment worthy of a Profile in Courage.

I want to keep living courageous.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

For my Mother-in-Love

I (we) have not dropped off the face of the earth.

The girls are doing their thing and we are driving all over the world (southeast) supporting them. Rome, GA ---- Spartanburg, SC ----- etc and so on.

I took a softball through the windshield of my vehicle -- 19 years of softball involvement with the College Girl and the Softball Princess and too many to count before then with the Man -- guess my luck ran out.

And I am officially working towards getting ready for the Artist Market on November 12th.

Here's the proof that I am working.

I have these altered composition books spread on my new (recycled) rolling table that the Crusty Old Plumber modified for me. Love it. The plywood top is removable and the table can be used in multiple ways. Whoo hoo. Handy to have a man in your life with really fun tools to work with ------

I have them all covered and spread out and now I am working my way through the embellishments stash to finish them. There are thing like Lace and Melted fabric flowers.

While we are here - lets just say - Damn these things are fun and quick and easy to make ------ AND WAY FREAKING ADDICTING. Cut circle of a fabric that will melt -- hold over candle flame -- you don't even get the fabric in the flame, the wave of heat just above the flame works wonderfully. LOVE THE WAY THESE HAPPEN AND LOOK.

This one is finished. I actually did it. I cut the original picture from a vintage poise book and used it instead of scanning it. The background of the picture is a button card - sans buttons.  Time to move on from the hoarding that has been so prevalent in the last several years.

In the past I have been picking the paper and all the embellishments then created the book. This time I just grabbed the papers and covered a stack of books, now picking embellishments and such to do the surfaces. I'll just have to see which way I actually prefer. So far, I like this way, because I can often add an embellishment to the pile on a book as I run across it. This is a good thing.

Let's just say -- I'm busy, happy, and bursting at the seams with creative energy. I'm not buying nearly as much crap to fill that empty place in my soul and that feels so good. I am ever so slowly working on some home projects and my finances in order to be in better shape so very soon.

I do hope this finds all of you happy and ready for a beautiful weekend -

Much love. ---- Teresa

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Something I had never seen

Saturday's trip included a stop at an antique market. One that actually had a sign on the door asking us to "LEAVE YOU PURSE IN ONE OF OUR LOCKERS OR RETURN IT TO THE STORE."

I hate to say it, but that sign tells me immediately that I won't be spending too much money in this place. gonna have to be a really special thing for me to go back to the car for my purse. Just Saying.

Anyway - we spotted THIS.

Now I am a Ford girl through and through. My daddy had a 65 FastBack mustang. First boy I dated drove a california Special 1968 model.

My personal vehicle now is a Ford product.

(Rare political note - the fact that Ford did not take bailout money is a plus as far as I am concerned.)

Anyway - We spotted this little gem and it was WAAAYYYYY to expensive for the condition it was in.

Now I am scouring ebay for one - even if I have to restore it. Yup - I want one.

AMF Mustang Pedal Car - estimated mid - to late 1960's maunfacture date. The front logo on the ones I have found is the horse and not the name so I am not sure if that is orginal or not.

Again I say --- I WANT ONE.

I hope you guys have a great day ----

Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

 It was a glorious fall weekend. I slipped off to the mountains for the John C. Campbell Folk Festival. Had a wonderful time.

Met up with Tipper from The Blind Pig and the Acorn Blog and Dana from Old Red Barn. Enjoyed those visits so much. We will make this an annual fall tradition. Just a nice, fun day trip.

Both College Girl and Softball Princess were home on Sunday. We ate lunch and I cooked supper and the two of them and their boyfriends. College Girl and Her Boy brought their new dog over to play with Rusty.

Now that was a load of fun.

These are blurry because those two just would not cooperate with being still --- they wanted to play.

 And play ......

And play .......

Rusty slept all night, because Tyson wore him slap out.

October we should be back to some MaggieGrace goodness. Gotta a show to get ready for - so I am in hunker down mode.

Have a wonderful day.