Thursday, October 31, 2013


We are here --- I am excited. This project turned out to be so much more than just a fun way to use up stash materials. I learned about me and I learned some new techniques. Let's look at today's tag then I'll be posting about the November version of #stashtags.

Materials -
-cream cardstock tag base.
- simple rose watercolor print from a card top.
- pink letters
- this is the only one with a message on the back - it reads  "deep emotional words often go too long unspoken" ----  its from a mothers day card I sent my mom years ago when things were still quite stormy between us. I am so thrilled this is not the case any longer.
- the hanger is some ribbon Mom gave me from her stash (fitting I thought)

Its a reminder that healing relationships are never too far gone to keep trying - even if the only part you can manage to actually do is secretly Hope and pray.

Now for November ---

It will still be a #stashtags project over at instagram.

I am calling it Heartfelt Thankgivings - since we celebrate Thanksgiving this month.

I will still be making the tags each day. Still decorating them - simply as I like or with a theme if it fits the day. I have based my chosen themes using Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare prompts (you can find a printout for the year here.)

Some I have decided on --- for instance one of the days the prompt is three things government - I'll be looking for a US, state, or local government employee and hand them a decorated tag - thanking them for being someone I am grateful for. Maybe even a little note on the back. I'll blog the reactions here - with the rundown on the tags.

So here is the plan for me - I have my calendar marked. Tonight I will make the November 1 Tag and give it tomorrow sometime - the tags will be heartshaped and embellished. I'll decide who to "target" and in the morning I will instagram and facebook the tag and the theme - after I have given it - I will blog the tag and theme and reaction(s). and yes - in my mind some days there will me more than one tag.

You never know - maybe being nice and recognizing people as blessings can start a NICE revolution.

Please let me know if you are playing along.

Here is my list. and some ideas.

1. food - grocery store or fast food
2. clothing - store or someone who's outfit is inspiring
3.  starts with N -
4. gathered - a farmer or gardener or group of people we gather with
5. small as an acorn -
6. government - I'm thinking a post office worker or local government or local state college employee
7. from my window - maybe a different fast food person - or even my neighbor across the street
8. salty, sweet, or sipped - I do hope there is a waiter bringing me a margarita for this one.
9. harvest - farmers market person maybe
10 Bible or church - pastor - pianist - ss teacher - the lady who types the bulletin
11. Remembering - a veteran or a teacher from you childhood
12 Noon - lunch involved
13 behind a door - somewhere I am going into
14 Silent
15 golden
16. Grace
17 Laughter - not posting here, but I KNOW who gets this one
18 shared
19 Autumn
20 tradition - honor someone who has a recognized tradition with you - aka we always have donuts at the lake for Christmas - let them know how special that has been.
21 family - multiples here
22 grateful - this is a random category - just pick someone to encourage
23 Christ - some one you KNOW Christ put in you life
24 Humble
25 Ugly but beautiful - I will recognize some of my cancer caregivers or other survivors here
26 preparing - this would be an awesome day to recognize special teachers for preparing each lesson
27 held
28 community - maybe a police officer or fire fighter
29 red
30 astonishing - that person who has the "you wont believe this but ......." effect in your life.

Just ideas --- come on let's start a NICE movement. Even if you don't play along - please let me know your thoughts about this little project.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Today's word - PLAY. I made the tag last night - and I honestly didn't feel a bit like playing. I have been sick for a week. Just the crud , but I am quite miserable. Add to that a tiny bit of a pity party for me and well - the last thing I wanted to do was play.

What I did do was play a couple of rounds of solitaire with real cards - and break out the coloring book and crayons. I'm thinking every responsible adult needs crayons and a coloring book in the mental health stash - I store mine right beside the liquor bottles - just kidding.

Here's the listy
- tan cardstock tag base
- ring around the rosy image cut from an old day planner I had
- "play" snipped from an old reader snagged from the FREE box at habitat reSTORE.
- a QUEEN of clubs cutout off a random playing card (thanks to my clubmate MaryAnn for loving me even when I'm felling quite sorry for me)
- a snippet of aforementioned coloring page.
- the hanger is some old chunky cording stuff. I used to wear this stuff around my pigtails (anybody else remember the stuff?)

quite quick and easy.

Then I hunkered down with my xacto knife and trimmed the edges of the papers on these compostition books.

20 of them ready for emery board sanding around the edges and altering / embellishing.

I bought a paper pack on the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby and it had a sheet of these old fashioned images in it. (I love it when I can trim these and use them other than on the whole sheet) 

I was cutting them apart and I saw that this sweet little girl image would look good on that top compositioin book. So I grabbed the scrap box and added a couple more paper bits to it. A little glitter star finishes the top of the tree wonderfully.

A bit of trim finishes the area where the paper and the binding meet and this one is done. Love it when the muse is right there at the work table with me.

I love these compostition books and used them even undecorated as journals - here is where I blogged about my most treasured one. (I have received a few really nice leather journals and I record extra special things in them - but these are where you will find the real gritty every day things of my life. Much like the vintage daybooks or farm books that I love to find in flea markets or antiques malls. You may find a shopping list - a to do list - a recipe - or just a jotted note from a church sermon or a quote that resonated with me. Because they are not expensive, I have no problems changing ink colors or scratching through things.)

Thinking about buying one - I have several in my booth at Junk in the Trunk in Athens, GA - and I will have several available at the November 16 artist market in Danielsville,  GA.

Have a great day --- I'm off to see the doctor for my OFFICIAL review of my scans. I already got the unofficial good news.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today's word COMFORT - and since I actually make these in the evening before I post them - I'm sick and this is reference to what I am doing to comfort myself. I've got the crud.

Here's the list
-tan cardstock tag base
- a piece of coca cola flannel fabric (I'm in my flannel pj's and drinking coke with ice and a straw - first cola I             have had in months)
- a torn magazine bit -- (yes, I am reading a cheap trashy magazine of the type you  find at the grocery check
            out line - aka STAR)
- a crochet granny square - (I'm on the sofa under a blanket my mama made)
- the little teddy bear is a reference to the 80lb footwarmer on the sofa with me.
- the hanger on this one is a scrap of acrylic yarn very much the same as the blanket I am under.

We are almost done with October ---- I plan to continue the game with Heartfelt Thanksgivings in honor of the Thanksgiving season. These will be tags too - only I'll be using heart shaped ones. I've enjoyed making these so much that I'm going to make me a few more - I may keep the message private in some cases (to protect the guilty - hehe) but I will still be sharing the decorated hearts --- and I have all those left from the wedding chairs to use up anyway.

Also - it is fall show season and I am getting ready for the Holiday Artist Market on November 16 at the Danielsville Courthouse.

Here is the current state of the FLOOR in MaggieGrace world ---- covered composition books drying.

Whoo hoo.

This is a stunning red tree - seems fall is appearing in stages here. I took this on a windshield time trip today.

And we all know that Rusty is mama's dog. Never far from me if I am at home.

Well ------

That is --------

Til this one surprises us and comes home from college ---- Then he abandons his job of keeping my feet warm - to love on his missing buddy.  We were all really glad to see her. 

Have a great afternoon ---- it is a beautiful day.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Monday's word - GRATEFUL

I am oh so very GRATEFUL for my many many blessings.

Much like the leaves that fall this time of year I have blessings raining down on me. That is the reason for the leaf theme of this card. And it is in my favorite colors too.

- dark green cardstock tag base
-  orange paper leaf left over from my Martha Stewart leaf wreath (which I do believe has gone to live in Athens, GA with my married child -- Molly please confirm if this is fact)
- copper and gold ribbon leaves - fussy cut from a favorite ribbon.
- a copper flashing strip stamped with letter stamps from Harbor freight.
- copper and black ribbon makes the hanger.

All favorites of mine in colors that I love. But mostly, I love that I am blessed and that I recognize those blessings.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


Today's word - HELP

Closing in on 31 of these - I am thrilled with how these are turning out - this one hit just right too. I am sick and had to call for HELP to cover Sunday School and Nursery duty for me today.

Here is the ingredients list ---
- cream cardstock tag base
- letter "o" diecuts formed into a linked chain.
- square punch letters behind some punch through the paper frames. (I have two of these gold frames and  a
        few silver ones left - they are a pain to work with and I will be glad to see them GONE)
- a little foam leafy thing that filled that space nicely.
- the hanger makes reference to the Ecclesiates 4:12 scripture of a three fold cord and it is a three cord braid
        made from plain old garden twine

Just a few more days - then the Thanksgiving countdown starts -----

Have a great afternoon.


October 26 - Beautiful is the word.

I have a beautiful life. And October 26 is my very first re-birthday. On this date 17 years ago I had a lumpectomy of my left breast and was told after that surgery that I didn't have cancer anymore. See I found a lump - I was 31 years old - I had small children - and the doctors tried to reassure me it was nothing. But the needle aspiration showed an "aggressive growth stance" and I insisted that they "get this out of me". Three things stand out through that immediate process --- Dr. Abney prayed over me before the surgery. As I was strapped with my arms straight out by my sides, my last thought before the anesthesia put me out was "I wonder if this is what Jesus felt like. And as I was coming to in recovery Dr. Abney saying "you don't have cancer any more."

My life is full on beautiful. Today and as long as I choose to live fully, it will be.

I'm going with good karma that this word hit on this date........

Now ---- here's the list.

- blue cardstock tag base
- graphite blue-grey sparkly paper (one of my favorite papers ever)
- the laser cut butterfly is from a greeting card (I saw this and just knew it would be wonderful against the
        dark paper)
- the word BEAUTIFUL cut from a greeting card
- satiny purple ribbon makes the hanger.

Simple but wonderfully beautiful.

Have a great afternoon.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Today's word --- TOUCH.

Another of the word's that I immediately knew how I was going to put together. I've been putting the bits to choose from for this one in a little dish on my table for several days. Just fun. And there is a story here too. I have to touch yarn in the store - fabric too - and beads hanging in the store - gonna stroke my hand across them. Those things just feel good. My Molly - she is a very tactile person and has a strong opinion about the feel of surfaces. AND SHE HATES THE FEEL OF VELVET (OR ANYTHING THAT HAS THAT PLUSHY FEEL)

So here's the listy of stuff (notes about my thinking too)

- blue cardstock tag base.
- anaglypta wall paper - (love this stuff) these bits were left from wedding prep
- red velvet ribbon bit (just for Molly)
- scrap of copper roof flashing (metallic, and cool to the touch)
- tiny corner of sand paper (scratchy)
- scrap of creamy burlap with fringes left on it (rough and tickly)
- a rolled edging of beads ( I have been hanging onto this for years. When I would run across is it in the bead
        Jar I would rub it much like a worry stone. It is glass beads and has a smooth and yet nubby texture - I
        just liked it.
- the TOUCH was stamped using metal stamps from Harbor Freight Company. (you can feel them as you
        touch the copper stripe too.
- the hanger is satin cording. ( I actually despise to work with this stuff, but had a bunch left from projects
        I think it is like dust bunnies and multiplies in the jar - but is gave me a silky textured something to add
        to the tag.

Now for a few studio glimpses -

These were stacked on my table last night.
The ribbon scrap container
The bling jar
A clear thing of threads
And some seed beads bought as a clearance mix.
A button jar - don't think I even need to explain this do I?

I've used quite a bit of stuffs for the STASHTAGS out of the ribbon scrap container. This is a repurposed clear food container (fresh pineapple from the store). It stays on the table or a nearby surface all the time. As I have ribbon, cording, and lace trimmings left, I plunk them in and pack it down. I also cut the ribbon hangers from the shoulders of sweaters and such and any reusable ribbon packaging bits. Before I cut more for a project, I generally dump this out and paw through it.

The bead and bling jar (I think i first featured this jar here.) This is almost as much fun to play in as a button jar or box. Contains bits of beaded trims. Sequins, all kinds of beads, some fun threads - just stuff) I will never use this all and I keep adding to it because many button boxes wind up having random beads in them.

Then as I was putting things away last night to have a clear space to trace nativity figures on wood blocks, I saw my favorite storage purchase EVER. I bought cases of these stacking bottles/jars. They are hard plastic and have a lip on one side so they stack nicely. I use them for things like you see pictured. Love them and have been on the lookout for more for years, but not seen anything like these again. I have even spent hours on google with NO succcess.

Anyway -- there are you some studio glimpses 

Have a great weekend. Mine includes LOTS of planned studio time. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


SPARKLE ---- my eyes are today .

I had rescans as follow up on my Kidney Cancer Road trip on Tuesday. Instructions included drink 48 ounces of water between 6:15 and 6:45 AM. Do not empty your bladder before the test. Then my appointment is at 9:45 AM. ---Upon arrival and registering, I expressed the desire to lodge an official complaint about the Doctors Office location. To get there, I had to cross the train tracks AND two parking lot speed bumps. Can you say miserable? The registrar had absolutely NO sense of humor. Oh - well - I do and it has served me well at times. When I finally got to go to the bathroom, it was the most amazing relief moment.

Late yesterday, I got a text from Sissy who works at the doctors office. Scans look good.

So yesterday there was added SPARKLE in my world. Amazing the coincidence to this being the word. I was not supposed to know anything until next week.

Here's the list of goodies (and a note on those straight lines)
- white cardstock tag base.
- sparkly alphabet stickers
- double stick tape
- black, pink, orange, and blue fine glitter
- the hanger is grey and silver sparkly thread

Now for the glitter lines.

Double stick tape the first strip on the card - I did the orange. Sprinkle with extra fine glitter. I press it along the tape with my fingers. Dump it off and put the excess back in the bottle (touch your nose so you have orange glitter on it.)

Add the next tape strip - mine was the blue. Sprinkle - press - dump. This time touch your chin.

Repeat - process for as many colors and stripes as you like. The colors stay crisp since the glitter covering the tape is not sticky.

Touching your face is very important - because "oh you have a speck of glitter right there" is a great conversation starter. Not that I would know ANYTHING about that...........

I hope you are enjoying this series as much as I am ---- it has challenged me artistically and emotionally at times. I am thinking on continuing this into November. There are plenty of words left on the list. And the things I am in the studio making right now are just repeats for festivals this fall. so this gives me a creative little challenge.

Have a great day --- see you guys tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Another one that I just knew how I wanted it to look ---

Here is my facebook and instagram caption

Mine is full of gratitude and love. Passion and empathy too. My HEART is just full.

Full to overflowing is a great way to put this.

Ingredients list -

- green cardstock tag base
- hearts punched from assorted scrap papers.
- red heart is punched from a scrap of the Sasheen ribbon
- the word was cut from a recycled greeting card.
- the hanger is a piece of red satin and screened ribbon

I do hope your hearts are full.


I actually have had a few days of "I knew exactly what I want to do on this one". 

I have had these Sizzix letter die cuts for many years in a box. I cut a load of each letter one Sunday afternoon and have used them for several projects. These are cut from some gold gift wrap that I loved then and still do. One of my favorite papers ever. 

Love is all we need ------ 

Recipe --- 
- green cardstock tag base
- base rectangles of various silvery sparkly papers
- L O V E die cuts from gift wrap
- a heart punched from silver glitter ribbon
- the hanger is lace hem tape. 

And yes - the greatest of these is love.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Last one to be caught up on blogging.

October 21 - WONDER

For you parents this one will be immediately understood. 

Your toddler can talk - goodness ,  can that toddler talk. And in being able to talk and trying to learn about the world around them there are the constant questions. Mom - why is the sky blue? Mom - whatcha doing? Mom- how does that bird fly? Mom - what? Mom - where? Mom - when? Mom- why? Mom - how? THERE WERE TIMES I WANTED TO CHANGE MY NAME TO ANYTHING OTHER THAN MOM. Yes I've even threatened to do that in my loud voice.

Please note - I did NOT change my name and I never stopped answering the questions or helping us all learn the answers ------ because WONDER and discovery can lead to the ultimate word - amazement. 

So that is the idea behind this one. Again just a few elements, but I think it conveys my message. 

- tan cardstock tag base.
- a toddler boy image snipped from an old planner book of mine. 
- hatching chicks image snipped from the same planner book (because I wonder "which came first - the 
    chicken or the egg?")
- WONDER stamped in blue ink. 
- A couple of eyelets
- some elastic bracelet beading cord
- three little egg shaped stone beads
- the hanger is some blue and black textured ribbon.

So - I think I really like the humor of this one. Do you?


I am sorry that I got so far behind on posting. I have stayed on the making schedule and these were posted at my Facebook and Instagram pages on schedule. 

October 20 - PRAY

When life's storms swirl around you - pray.

This contains a lot of personally symbolic imagery. I'll try to explain in the list of stuffs. I am familiar with storms - we all are familiar with storms. Unfortunately - some of my reactions to the storms of my life had long term consequences - but with prayer and forgiving of myself and others - I find myself in a much better place today.

Here is the list.
- tan cardstock tag base.
- a picture from an old Ideals Magazine of a woman sitting on a church pew alone, head bowed in prayer.
     (my place was Day Chapel at the Botanical Gardens on the campus of UGA. I wrestled with so many
       things there. It is still a very special place to me. Funny thing is - I have never been inside the chapel. It is
       nestled in the woods on a hillside and there is a rock wall at seat height off to the side looking off that hill
       through the woods. That was my place of solitude. I found peace and acceptance of lots of things
       there. There are other places that give me that kind of feeling. My church sanctuary. Other natural
       environments. Even the woods trail where I most often run. While, I so appreciate the support of others
       The time spent alone with my thoughts and praying is very important as well.)
- Pray - my word was snipped from a scrap of hymnal page.
- beautiful cream colored sheer trim. (a gift from a friend - the satiny embroidered detail looks like swirls to
       me. I had a hard time cutting this, but it just fit what I wanted this card to say. And I am sure that Carrie
       gave me this to USE and not to hoard)
- 5 assorted buttons - the number five is special to me for lots of reasons. these buttons are from my Nanny's
       stash. I have a small baby food jar of them and yes - these I may continue to hoard or used only for
       projects that I am keeping.
- the hanger  - is a simple length of cream satin ribbon.

Some of these tags are simply constructed like this one - with only a  few elements - but each element is carefully chosen to mean something special to me. This project has given me much insight about my psyche. Some of it has been very enlightening. I am gaining understanding into so many things through this and a specific prayer verse our church is focusing on right now.

Hope you have a wonderful day.


October 19 - JOY

I actually spent Saturday manning my booth at the craft fair held by Jones Chapel UMC. It was a great day of socializing and selling wares. My sales were ok for the day - and the tags/cards that the youth sold were great performers - thinking there needs to be a continued effort to make tags for that fund raiser.

From my instagram note --- Joy to the world the angels sing.

Stashy bits
- green cardstock tag base
- ornaments cut from a vintage card (kind of a parchment type of paper)
- red and blue glitter accents
- words cut from a spool of ribbon
- the angel accent is a mini tree ornament (lets just say that was a trick to get attached and be okay with that statement.
- the hanger is a green and a silver metallic pipe cleaner twisted together.

and we all sing ------ Joy to the World -------

have a great Monday.


October 18 - SHARE

here's the text from my Instagram feed for this one. I spent several days "rippin and rompin" and it has been nice to rest a bit.

 "Bright colors, because sharing makes the world a brighter place."

I really wanted to use the bits of the Sasheen Ribbon that have been peeking at me from my scrap container and this seemed like the perfect pace for them. They have the most wonderful sheen to them and the colors are just bright and happy. 

On to the list. 

- Tan cardstock tag base (I had bunches of the tan paper)
- Green, orange, blue sasheen ribbon scraps
- tiny bit of bright yellow satin ribbon
- tiny white tag diecuts from scrap paper
- assorted color eyelets
- bright colored confetti flowers
- bright circle alphabet stickers
- the hanger is bright green ribbon (off a Patron tequila gift box) and some bright blue tulle.

It is unusual for me to work in such bright colors, but this one was just plain fun.

Happy Monday.


Sorry - I fell behind on blogging these details. I've posted these each day on my Instagram and my Facebook page. I was off gallivanting and blogging from my phone is so tedious. So there are several posts to catch these up this morning. 

October 17 - word - STRONG

Here's what I had to say about it.

 My support from my church was strong when I joined that cancer club (twice). Tribute tag for Jones chapel and with pink for breast cancer awareness and green for kidney cancer. A heart because I love you all so much 

Let's look at the details.
-tan cardstock tag base.
- a cutout from the front of my church bulletin (Our church is white brick and is way out in the country and I love this place.)
- a sliver of pink paper (for breast cancer)
- a sliver of green (for renal cell carcinoma - kidney cancer) 
- pink pen lettering using a stencil I have had for many years
- a tiny heart embellishment (I have several of these from a wedding table scatter I bought on clearance) 
- the hanger is lace (lace looks fragile but in most cases is a very strong material) and scrap of black yarn

This again was an easy one to put together for me. As I chose my words for this project, many of the tags designed themselves in my brain. I wanted to pay tribute to my church family because this was a difficult thing to go through and so many of them helped me when my faith grew weak. Thank you Jones Chapel -- I love you all.

Happy Monday. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Today's word ---- CREATE. 

Hmmmm - decisions, decisions. what to do about this one? Everything I make is a creation. I'm inspired to create by people, places, things. Ideas I want to capture. I work in multiple mediums, so there is not a single "passion" 

Then last night, I was working on cards for the youth fundraiser, and decided to simply gather some bits laying around and see if I could describe this thought. 

I have to CREATE. Even if the material options are limited, when the muse shows up, I have to find a way to express what she is telling me. While I try to always have a little bag of crafty bits with me, improvising is one of my favorite ways to work. 
this is a sample of that IMPROVISING - I had an antique shop add that I picked up that day, red cardstock, glue, and scissors were in my bag. I worked with what I had available. The whole process  is blogged here.

Anyway back to the tags - here's the listy on this one. 

-tan cardstock base
- dark green circle die cut from cardstock
- crochet rose - tutorial was found here.
- a bird punch 
- a butterfly punch
- a grungy washer that I picked up in a parking lot somewhere (I cannot help myself, I have to pick them up if I notice them)
- a seashell - some of my favorite inspirations come from Mother Nature herself.
- an ink pen 
- a felt tip marker
- the hangtag is some rayon string that I thrifted because it was green

use what you have in unique ways to make your own special artistic creations. 

Have a great day all. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Today's word - HAPPY

I wanted just a fun kind of card. And I do not normally work in these kinds of colors, so this was a bit of a stretch for me. 

But every - single - day is a gift and I am happy to be unwrapping them. 

- tan cardstock base
- assorted bright papers
- a birdhouse die cut from some where
- a HAPPY shiny bit (cut down from confetti)
- a gifty sticker
- a swirly sticker
- the hanger is some sparkly wired stuff from ????

Hope you are having a great day.

Monday, October 14, 2013


The word for today - PRAISE

My comment on the original post at instagram  "Praise God from whom all blessings flow."

And I am so very blessed.

- tan cardstock base (I knew I was covering it completely and it wouldn't show and I have lots of them in the tan)
- a bit of silver hvac duct tape
-black letter stickers
- a bit of a hymnal page.
- vellum from a card - stamped with a cross
- black eyelets (can we just say I do not like to work with vellum - I have a hard time getting it to stick - so I used the eyelets to attach it)
- a red acrylic gem to symbolize the blood shed for me.
-the hanger is grey ribbing, black ribbon and a bit of silvery stuff.

This project is fun - and now that we are well into it, I am pondering what to do about the 30 days of Thankful November.



The word for Sunday was ADVENTURE

To me travel is always and adventure.

Tag Recipe
- blue cardstock tag base.
- a bit of a plain old fold up map (something my children don't have  a clue about)
- some red mesh ribbon
- a bit of a wallpaper sample featuring a travel journal
- a sliver of a postcard
- an AIRMAIL stamp from an envelope
- assorted brads (kind of like pinning a map)
- a simulated ivory bead and some leather cording.

This one also went together quickly - some words are easier than others to put these tags together.

Have a great Monday.


October 12 - the word is CURIOUS

Sorry - I'm blogging this on Monday, but I played ALL weekend. Not really - I was in the studio and at church and with my mama - and - well, you get the picture. I did post these on the correct day on my instagram.

Now for the fun part -

-This one features my interpretation of lines from Alice in Wonderland and started with a snippet of text from the book.
- tan cardstock tag base.
- crimson velvet ribbon (the Knave of Hearts carried the king's crown on a crimson velvet cushion)
- a vintage wooden checker piece highlighted with gold Rub and Buff to accent the crown image
- a rather large and garish castle button I've been saving for a long time.
- tiny playing cards featuring the King and (a really ugly) Queen of hearts.
- hanger is simple picot edge red ribbon.

This one was quite simply just a fun tag to complete. And I used that hideous button that I had gathered from somewhere.

It also went together quickly.

Have a great week.

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's not all been tags.

I have been super busy - with my grown up girl job - church - and some serious studio time.

Lot's has been making tags. But there have been some other things.

I've a batch of angels and/or fairies going too. 

I stamped faces and made the heads. 

Went through scrap papers and punch wings matching sweet faces with wings.

On Wednesday night I gathered three little ones, and a box of buttons.

Dump out the buttons and start the process of dressing these little pretties.

It amazes me how each one quickly defines who they want to be.

Take SUNSET (above) - I started looking for blue and teal buttons - then I ran across that crochet button. I laid it aside because I liked it. Well Miss Sunset up there, she liked it too. She insisted that was absolutely what she was wearing. And since I am the mother of some strong-willed-and opinionated girls (wonder where they got that?), I knew better than to argue with her.

So shades of the sunset she will wear.

The sunset colors are a perfect accent for that tiny bit of red orange in her wings.

Again - I was looking for teals and silvers this sweet friend too. But you see that first round button up there - the glass one with the patina and worn silvering - well she was looking over in the box with me and she squealed when she spied it. THAT ONE ----- I picked it up and turned it over in my hand - the glass button sparkled in the lamplight. She said "I am not Cinderella, my whole dress will be crystal - not just my shoes"

Ok then, your name has to be Crystal, was my response.

Look at the sweet face - yes - she got her way.

Pretty teal blue sparkly wings and a full length crystal dress. (all clear faceted buttons and beads.) She will be beautiful in the window.

The last one I finished last night was this little lovely, I named her Stormy. Not like in destructive storms. She sat there quietly pondering her choices. Building and approaching slowly. When she saw that top button - I heard a little rumble then the flash of lightning as slowly the clouds formed into a wonderful quick little summer type of storm. It's an old black button - slightly dinged - it still had threads in it. I picked it up and asked her if she was sure about this. She said "look at the back". Suddenly I could see what she did. The fading, the still dark spots even those little crazing marks. We agreed - this would make the perfect dress for her. Together we kept looking for the rest of her outfit. It's a little grunge - a little grey mother of pearl classy - just a little extra texture - and then a very simple silver "shoe". I think she looks quite striking. 

It's amazing to me - a tiny sweet face image - a pair of paper wings - a little glass bubble - they take on a personality. I lay her down nearby - start running my hands through the buttons - I pick up this one - then that one - another one - holding them up to her - suddenly - she and both just KNOW - we know the one - THIS ONE - then we add to it and when it is RIGHT we both almost literally dance with the excitement. 

You will find me in the studio ---- dancing with the fairies and angels.

These three fairies, a few more, and some angels will be available at the Jones Chapel UMC craft and yard sale on October 19 - 

Have a great weekend. 


I am SO happy with this one.

I've been pondering it since I posted the list of words then suddenly it's time to make it.

Here's the list of magic ingredients for this one.
 - blue cardstock tag base
- yet another cutout from a greeting card
- a stamp that I inked carefully (it says Thank you for your kindness)
- assorted heart die cuts left over from Molly's wedding prep and tables (the little ones in the center were punched by my buddy Luke - that was a great day with him helping me)
- the hangtag is some sparkly fuzzy embellishment thread.

This went together quickly when I decided what to do.

Kindness spreads like the ripples on a pond when you toss a tiny pebble in. I used the hearts to represent those ripples. It starts small - with just me being kind - and then grows and spreads. All the colors represent the different people and expressions of kindness. I mounted the hearts so they would have to be trimmed at the edge - a way of saying - we may never know how our kind act makes a difference.

I have been unkind in the past. I am so sorry for that. And I try to intentionally be kind now. I also try to forgive unkind actions toward me.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Is it bad that I am already looking forward to a Sunday afternoon nap?

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Today's word - INSPIRE

Here's the rundown
- green cardstock tag base
- red leather scraps from my mama (she used to work in a van conversion company and gathered up the leather scraps from the seat covers)
- plastic alphabet beads
- toothpicks (I wrapped the bits around them)
- paper, ribbons, and fabric strips from the scrap pile
- fine gauge wire
-assorted beads
-the hang tag is made from leather "thread"

Nina Bagley inspires me. She blogs at Ornamental and her instagram is one of my favorites everyday. She lives in the mountains and works in stunning layers of goodness, incorporating wire and metal and leather and fabric and lace and and and. She is also very kind and sharing. (I would LOVE to go to one of her workshops someday and i would love to own one of her wrap necklace or bracelet originals) Please go over to her place and take a look at the beauty over there.

Thank you Nina for the inspirations you share.

I decided to put a collage together of the first 10 tags. I have picked a couple of favorites. (ENCOURAGE and CONTENT)  Have you?


Please share your favorites.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013


Word today: CALM

Silent Night
Holy Night
All is CALM
All is bright

- blue cardstock tag base
- silver paper scrap
-dark blue paper scrap
- dark grey paper scrap
- glittery bit from a scrap of gift wrap
- a tiny section of a greeting card depicting Bethlehem on the night of Christ's birth
- some stamped metallic tape bits for texture and for the word CALM
- stars punched from glitter ribbon
-  a bit of purple toned trim
- the hang tag is pale purple ribbon and silvery metallic threads

Obviously the stash includes greeting cards - kept by me - my Mom - and a wonderful lady named Hester Sartain.

Miss Hester was serene. She was graceful. She was a beautiful woman who took life seriously because she took God seriously. She taught both of my girl in Sunday School for many years and is one of my all time favorite people. Her passing left a whole in my heart and in the hearts of many. Our choir never sings the Church in the Wildwood song without me smiling and remembering her softly clapping or tapping along with the beat. This one is made from one of her cards she saved for me. Thank you Miss Hester --- you made a difference in my life and in so many lives.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


October 8 - Tag 8 of 31 days.

Word today ---- BLISS

-tan cardstock tag base
- gold washi tape
- some textured paper from the scrap box
- a bit of cream meshy fabric with gold accents (from A Gilded Life)
- some cream lace from the scrap container
- BLISS stamp and dark brown ink
- a gold jump ring filled with seed beads
- a tiny tag
- a brad
- a punched heart
- a brass button flattened.
- a bit of sheer ribbon
- the hang tag is gold cording and brown yarn

This one represents one of my places to find BLISS. My studio and all it holds. Bits and bobs and boxes and bins.

I would love to empty the space and rework it, but right now, I simply love to go in and work to my little hearts content.

Still having a great time doing this project.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, October 07, 2013


October 7. Tag number 7 of 31 days.

Word 7 - TRUTH

Again - this was easy to illustrate for me. I believe the word of God to be true. 

The material rundown. 

-green cardstock tag base
- an open Bible picture from a greeting card. 
- gold toned alphabet stickers
- a tiny sliver of orange paper
- some russet rick rack trim. 
- a bit of scripture embossed on vellum (cut from the same card as the pretty church picture on the tag from
     day one)
- a scrap of "leather" textured card stock (for the idea of a worn Bible cover)
- my Disciple Bible Study pin. (a serious 38 week Bible Study - I earned that pin)
- the hang tag is from a candle box and of course I saved it for just the right project.

I am enjoying the challenge of coming up with ideas to illustrate these words and then putting it all together. Is it making a dent in the stash ----- not really. But it is still fun. 

If you are playing along - please let me know. 

Have a great day. 


October 6. Tag number 6 of 31 days.

Word 6 - LAUGH

This quote always brings a smile to my face. And it reminds me of a night on my front porch staining nativity blocks. Laughter filled the air. I love laughing like that.

materials -
-white cardstock tag base.
- a cutout from an old "poise and beauty" book (thought the crossed legs and the covered face were perfect)
- I streaked the background of the tag with charcoal ink and red velvet glimmer mist.
- I used an old fashioned label maker to punch the quote
-the hanger is some scrap foldover elastic with two clear beads to simulate the "tears"

This one was a just for fun creation.

I'm having a great time with this project.

Saturday, October 05, 2013


ENCOURAGE. My grandmother taught me to crochet.

Materials List:
- tan card base
- a stamp that actually has words, but I was able to stamp off center. 
- a russet ink from Studio Calico (after I stamped it, I brushed a bit of ink all around the edges. 
- a bit of crochet that I started and never progressed on (imagine that) 
- a copper bit with the word written on it.
- a polyester yoyo from Mama Norvan (there are more of these yoyos she used them to make Christmas 
      wreath ornaments - I'm going to make each of my girls an ornament now that I've located that box)
- and a seriously happy accident in the box with the yoyos. The hanger is a piece of ribbon she saved that had faded to the perfect match for the stamp ink.

I learned how to crochet by watching my Grandmother. I would sit behind her and watch her. Then when I started to actually handle yarn and a hook, she was so encouraging. As was my mama. I am using some favorite bits and bobs on this project since I know I'll be keeping these for me. And knowing that has allowed me to use them without thinking "well I'll save this for ____" 

This is actually turning out to be a very fun and enlightening project.

Have a great day.

Friday, October 04, 2013


October 4. BOLD Tag number 4 of 31

Today's word. BOLD.  I am.  Are you?

Here's the rundown 

-White cardstock base
- Lots of assorted bright paper strips
-felt and paper flowers embellished with sequins, beads, and bling
-bright colored letter stickers
-a fishing line swivel (yes like you find in a tackle box - don't judge) 
- a brad and a blue acrylic bead
- the hanger is a bit of colorful yarn I saved from "SOMEWHERE" 

BOLD - my immediate first thought was Tracy Porter  - I love her sheer abandon with color and pattern and texture. I wanted the deliberate mix matchy feel to come through on this one. 

I think I got that part right. 

Then I realized that this tag fell on the day, I start the process for rescanning for lovely little demon cancer cells. 

Either way --- I am bold --- and I hope you are too.

Thursday, October 03, 2013


October 3. Tag number 3 of 31 days.

Word 3 - CONTENT

Here's the list -
- tan card stock tag base
- $100 Monopoly bill
- ticket stub
- embroidery floss label
- old postage stamp
- definition blurb from an old dictionary
- dark amber bead drop
- a paper spool end with a tiny bit of thread on it.
- hanger is plain old cotton string.

Content --- to be "in a state of peaceful happiness"
  ----- to be "satisfied with where you are and what you have"

Saw the word - had no idea how to illustrate it. NO IDEA AT ALL.

So, I took the easy way out. I cut the definition from the dictionary.

Read it carefully and sat with it, waiting for the muse.

She showed up and brought guests - teaching guests - Karma and the Universe. UH-OH. When those two are along, things get complicated. (And I thought this project would be fairly easy.)

I know that this is art and there are emotions tied to art. It's only craft if you're just putting stuff together.

If you want to just look at the pretty picture - that's fine. But if you want to read some of the lesson from this tag you can see it over here

Have a great evening

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


October 2. Tag number 2 of 31 days.

Word 2 -- STILL

Here's the list.
- blue card stock tag base
- winter forest scenery from a Christmas card. (apparently I hoard save lots of quite useful useless things)
- textured paper from the "little paper scraps" box. (doesn't everyone have one of those?)
- silver trim  and a bit of organza ribbon from the scrap container
- silver letter stickers
- the little "snowflakes" are from some white iridescent Christmas garland
- a snowflake charm from Fire Mountain
-  the hanger is made from punch needle thread - this time white with a bit of silver.
- glue
- glittery nail polish (I'm also an opportunistic crafter)

As soon as I saw the word STILL, I thought of the quiet that snow brings. All sound seems to be muffled by that blanket. Snow is not common in the south, but it happens enough for days spent inside with hot chocolate and maybe a snow angel or two. And snow ice cream!!! That was the memory I wanted to capture with this one.

So far so good ---- where are you on the project?

Have a great day.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


October 1. Tag number 1 of the 31 days of tags. 

I love words - I love fonts - I love paper - I love embellishing - I am learning to love stash busting.

And the stash  - well it needs busting some more.

I chose my words from the list posted here. Then I randomized the list and made a calendar. 

Last night I die cut my basic tag shapes from solid card stock - tan, white, blue, and green. 

Word one -   PEACE.

Here's the list:

Blue card stock tag base.
A "fussy cut" from a parchment vintage greeting card. 
Pale pink scrapbook stickers.
pale pink lace bit. (2inches of lace from approximately 2000 yards - i won't even miss this) 
A bit of white tulle from the scrap container
A pale pink little bead drop. (I honestly think this was the very last one of these) 
and the hanger is literally the last of a spool of punch needle thread. 

I'm quite happy with this one - and I really can't wait to mount them all for display and see what they look like when I finish them. I rarely keep any of my art, but I think I will keep these and display them in some assorted thrifted frames. Guess what - they are already in the stash too. 

Have a great day and if you are playing along - please let me know. 
              use tag #stashtags

or leave a comment here. 

I do know that my instagram friend Patricia is playing along in a photography format. find her at

Have a wonderful PEACE filled day.