Friday, January 28, 2011

Glimspes of bootcamp

This is the mentally the hardest part of my workout - that right hand turn into the driveway. I always check that little sign - it gives the temperature. I don't know why I check it, the heater display in my SUV also gives the temp.

I park - gather my stuff - lift a quick prayer for stamina and strength to do this. (Funny my performance really does suffer if I skip that step.) couple of puffs on the inhaler and make my way to our starting point.

Tonight it is beautiful 50 degrees - just about sunset. This is the view we run towards as we start laps. Pretty isn't it.
Another note - even when it is super cold, I prefer being outside for our running at least.

That's Christy on the left in white - she's our fearless leader - and she is an absolutely beautiful woman inside and out. LOVE HER. That's Renee and Chris joining her - trying to find out what punishment we are paying for tonight -- she never tells. We are on an "as we need to know basis."

But look behind them. Those are cones. Little yellow cones. I hate those cones. They usually mean some interval of stuff - stuff that makes us grunt, groan, moan, complain. You got the gist of it.
And for an hour we work - hard - on the track - on the field - on the bleachers last night.
In addition to the moaning groaning part, we also learn about the challenges our day has presented. Updates on previous members. Updates on missing peeps. Just stuff. And often we laugh. And sometimes we cry.

At the end of a workout - when this is what we see - there is stretching and a time of prayer. Honestly there is no comparison to the feeling that the phrase "Let us Pray" brings to this particular group meeting.
We lift thanks that we are healthier - we lift petitions that we know of. We love each other. We push each other. We live our lives and our faith here and in the real world.
And ALWAYS - I am glad I made that right hand turn.
now - go - do something good for your health - there will be no regret.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MaggieGrace is a little stressed....

Not all of it is negative though.

Softball Princess is a high school senior.

That comes with some serious interruptions in my nice creative quiet lifestyle.

We are touring college campuses.

Visiting coaches.

Preparing for prom.

Preparing for graduation.

Preparing for the next stage in my baby girls life.

Crochet occurs, because it is portable.

Meanwhile, College Girl is looking for internships (chemistry major - anybody got ideas) and beginning her process for selecting a grad school.

Work has given me some new and "heavy" goals and responsibilities.

So I may be a wee bit scarce in these parts for a bit.

Pictures are glimpses of our visit to Oglethorpe University from this past weekend. I am glad I snagged Softball Princess in the right corner of this last one.

Just for the record ---- All college campuses have their own individual BEAUTY. This one is amazing. They actually have a Hogwart's Day here and the architecture is perfect for that celebration.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Frustration being resolved.

2010 was a hard year. I work in the construction industry. We all know how that's going even until now. I faced the CANCER demon head on, which resulted in some financial debt increase and some long term health issues that I'm still working through. Of course, I am fully aware of the blessings that also accompanied me through all that. But, I have been frustrated.

I chose ABUNDANCE for my word of the year. I am seriously focusing on what that means to me - IN MY CURRENT SITUATION. One thought that keeps working it's way to the front of my musings - "Teresa, why are you afraid to move ahead?"

I'm going through the series of tests that I'll will be subject to every 6 months for 5 years. Fear accompanies those tests. My facebook status from a day or so ago was that I wondered if there would ever be a day again that CANCER does not cross my mind.

Well, pondering has brought me to a point (several actually) of action. I've been holding my breath, waiting for the next thing. I have fallen prey to the negative form of "what if". Okay so

What if --- I push to do one more lap around the track - well, then my stamina is increasing and I can take a long walk to see the BEAUTY of nature provided by the Master himself. I will have more energy to get through the day. And a healthy body is much more able to handle surprises like last April tossed us.

What if - I write down three random things I am grateful for every day - well, then 45 days into that exercise, I will realize that the laughter of my Softball Princess is one of the most BEAUTIFUL sounds on earth.

What if - I choose to conciously give something (an act or an item) everyday and record that with my daily gratitudes - well, then I will find myself looking for opportunities to DO GOOD - one of the points of this past Sunday's sermon.

What if - I choose to pray for my family in a more specific manner than "Lord, bless my family, care for us, and keep us today." -- well then, prayers like "Lord, let me have a quality moment with each of my children today that I see Your hand in" will lead to phrases like "thank you Mom for helping me figure that out" and "sure me and Barefoot Boy would love to eat dinner with you and Dad."

What if - I choose to write down a tangible and reasonable goal for finishing a task today - well, then the Christmas decor may just make it back into attic storage before June - that was intended to be funny, but there really have been times that that is how long it took.



As I seriously focus on these words and the above actions, I can feel frustration and fear resolving themselves to a degree where I can move on and stop holding my breath. Turns out the blue shade my face takes on when I am holding my breath kinda makes me look dead - actually it makes me feel a little dead too.

I'm looking forward again. I'm moving ahead again. It's a good feeling.

I'm expecting moments where I fall backwards on this journey, but I already know that picking myself up and dusting off are abilities that I have. I also know that if I am struggling with that - I have friends who will help me along.

Now for some random things.

I make pecan pies...

I use the recipe off the label of this syrup -- KARO DARK CORN SYRUP.
You know the sticky sweet corn syrup concoction that makes so many things taste so wunnerful.
I bought a bottle on Sunday. I has this note on the label.........

HUH??????? how can Corn Syrup be zero grams of high fructose corn syrup....
Now that's the way my mind works.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Because my weekend was full of super creative pursuits - NOT - more like groceries and Mr. Clean activities - I bring you this life commentary.


I'm just saying.

I hope you have a day where you find something to laugh about.

My life is beautiful.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Yesterday, out there in blogland - I discovered a recipe for cheesy chicken noodle soup. It's cold and icy here, school has been out all week, there is still a LOT of snow on the ground, and this morning the temperature was 9 defees F. So chicken noodle soup sounded like a wonderful idea. Well, it was okay. Needs work for my crew to love it, starting with the phrase "leave out the cheese." I'll be working on this recipe some more.

Any way --- its cold -- we have been cooped up for days - even the dog is miserable with cabin fever.

So a little redecorating is being planned.

My word for the year is ABUNDANCE. I'll be pondering on it for the year. MaryAnn and I chose BEAUTY for January and that has been a wonderful thing.

Then he said to them "Watch out! Be on guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an ABUNDANCE of possesions." Luke 12:15

So that my friends is where pondering has found me. I have stuff. Lot's and lot's of stuff. Stuff I do not needs. Stuff that is weighing me down. I have stuff that others thought would bring a smile to my face as they gifted me with it. Stuff that clutters my attic, my limited storage through out the house, my studio, my mind.

Just look......
I love my day to day mantle - have for years. Family photo, artwork I made, candles. Really pretty stuff. Sometimes I clutter surfaces with things that could be hung, because I have stuff hanging that needs to be moved.

My Christmas mantle made me very very happy this year. It wasn't over the top. There wasn't a ton of things. No formality at all. Simple and heartfelt.
I packed all that away and have had an empty mantle there for several days.
Last night College Girl came in. She had a dollar store frame, and a pastel drawing she had done. She asked me to help her frame the drawing. I made me happy, reminded me that warmth and sunshine will return. SO my early winter mantel is now done. Some would say this should be a summer mantel, but I'm loving this RIGHT NOW.
Take a look.

Yes, I am very proud to display her artwork in my house.

A few colored glass bottles - a chalk drawing of the beach - a shell.. MMMMMMM.

The tall green bottle was my mom and dads, it has been around as long as I can remember. The shell I gathered myself. The blue bottle is a tequila bottle I kept just because I love it. (think I'll hang a sand dollar on that one) and the red one was a Christmas gift from College Girl.
So I cleared an ABUNDANCE of stuff off there and gave this arrangement an ABUNDANCE of breathing room.
I'm thinking this is BEAUTIFUL to look at.
Happy Happy girl.
What cha think?
I'm planning a room redo (actually several) using the Pittsburg paints 411 series
with colors like silvery moon, veil of dusk, french grey linen, and photo grey. They are all a grey green and I am so very excited about it all coordinating through the house. a slightly off white trim (maybe a pure white -TBD)
Have a wonderful day - I am looking forward to a wonderful warmer weekend.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well hello there.....

I chose the word BEAUTY for January. I chose the word ABUNDANCE for 2011. Well we have had an ABUNDANCE of BEAUTIFUL white stuff here in the South. If you live in the good old USA you are most likely aware that the southern part of our country has been virtually shut down by a winter storm. Starting as snow, changing over freezing rain, then below freezing temps - the South retreated indoors. We do not do bad road conditions well at all.

Sorry about the crappy quality cell photos. Camera was left in the car and I didn't go to retreive it. I was really content in my snug little world.

That's the smokehouse (and the dogs rear end). I see this out my kitchen and bathroom window. I am planning some springtime work on and around this little building.

We had about 7.5 inches. I measured with a real ruler (didn't trust the man and the inaccurate way lots of men measure things -- ya know)

So there has been beer drinking - and cooking - and baking -

Oh and crochet too.

There was also lots of this by all of my household occupants.

There was even snuggling and scratching of the most spoiled one in the house. (the dog - but the man runs a close second to being spoiled.)
I am back at work today - and happy about it.
Tonight finds us without the college girl - she is heading back. I'm still attacking the organization of Christmas stuff before it goes to the attic.
Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Food - Food - Food

I discovered that I enjoy cooking. Scary.

Now I want to jump on getting my kitchen at least reorganized and redecorated. But anyway - this post is not about the kitchen.

It is about yummies.

These yummies.

sorry - late night picture under the flourescent light of the kitchen.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes.

I saw a review of a soon to be released Gooseberry Patch cookbook and this recipe was posted with the review. I am linking back to here, because I have no business posting their recipe and the website where I found it is an authorized reviewer. (she also has a gluten free version posted on the same post)

The following information is an unsolicited review of said recipe ---- OH MY GOD THESE BABIES ARE AMAZING. They are wonderful and the recipe was easy. I took these to work and the guys at the counter even say they are great.

Having said that - I have already decided that a few changes will be in order on my next batch. I will make them with crushed pineapple - just because my family prefers it over the chunks. I will also decrease the amount of butter a bit in the topping part - we also like the texture of the brown suger with crushed pineapple. Last adaptation will be a bit of cinnamon in the topping mixture. Again a family preference.

By all means - link over - try them and let me know what you think.

I'll be buying this cookbook - if I don't win one.

Also on last night's accomplishments - I cleaned (we cleaned-the Man helped) up this mess.

This mess was created with this process.

The pulling of one very dead red cedar Christmas tree carcass thru the window of the dining room. Softball Princess has video on her camera. Parts of this process were hysterical. Now to finish packing it all up and putting all the furniture back.
Now this is for Leandra. I have no idea where this recipe orginates. I was handed a handwritten note of how to make it. My first batch had way to much ginger for my taste. So I scaled it back. The mint and ginger help with soothing the digestive track.
The recipe - infused water
2 liters of plain water
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger
12 mint leaves
1 lemon sliced thin
1 medium cucumber sliced thin.
Heres my take.
I slice my lemons and cukes and drop them in the bottom of my water jug. I found one at the grocery store that had a 2 liter mark. Fill with water.

The picture below is for reference. I did the entire amoutn of ginger for the first batch - then scaled it back - That ginger knuckle below was peeled and grated for my batch last night. That is about all I need - I have no idea how much the measure is.

I also have this fun little tea ball (Leandra I have another if you want it) I tear my mint leaves and put them and the grated ginger in it then drop it in the water. This means I don't have to strain the water when I pour it to drink it. I'm not real excited about "floaty stuff" in my drinks - Unless its a lime and salt in my margarita.

Refrigerate overnight. In the morning I pour mine in three waterbottles that I use over and over. I try to drink all three throughout the day.
This is day four of drinking this - I have to say the digestive issues I have from the adrenal fatigue are better. I'm going to keep experimenting with flavors too. Maybe cut some dried cranberries in half and use those instead of the cucumbers.
Again if you try this - please let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful day - the scale is moving in the right direction.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I am simply stating the facts. There are no emotions surrounding any of these statement.

I'm still fat. Not as fat as I was.

I don't want to be.

So again I am eating MUCH better.

Drinking infused water - I'll share that recipe in a few days.It's GOOD. Not as good as a coke but .....

And continuing Bootcamp.

When some asked me why I was working so hard at bootcamp last night, I stole MaryAnn Abbotts facebook status line from a few days ago.


So there you have it.

oh and the scales headed the right direction when I stepped on them this morning.

Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Happy New Year -

2011 - so glad to meet you. We are going to have a great time together. I have a wish list of things I want to do. I have an agenda for laughing and celebrating - all year. There are huge and fabulous opportunities lying in wait in the days of this one. So let's get on with it.


I picked my word for the year -- ABUNDANCE.
1. of a great supply; more than sufficient quantity.
2. great plenty; wealth

While I hope that money will be in sufficient quantity, I really hope joy and beauty and gratitude and all those other blessings will really be abundant.

MaryAnn and I are also continuing our word focus. January is my month and I chose BEAUTY (BEAUTIFUL) and there have already been beautiful moments in the year.

One New Year's Day I was awakened - not by the alarm - but by the song of one very energetic bird singing his little heart out on my smokehouse roof. (a beautiful moment)

I also spent last night enjoying the great outdoors at bootcamp - cold night, but it felt great to run and exercise and spend time with that fabulous group of women - and pushing my body to increase my fitness is beautiful in its own way. We also recorded our measurements - on the WebMD BMI Calculator - I am obese. But I am only 30 pounds from the "safe range" for my height instead of 80. Maybe I will get into those blue pants yet.

Now - I am sharing thses photos just for the fun of it. Notice - I was not intoxicated - but I am also not a teenager comfortable with the whole self portrait thing. We went to hear Uncle Rockstar and the band he sings with for the New Years Eve party. Saw more Tits and A$$ than at a strip club. Young girls in way too small - revealing - tight - short - low cut clothes. And they were "hanging" all over the boys. One day those girls will realize how "trashy" that is instead of being "sexy".
I look drunk here ---

He really looks drunk here.

Notice these pictures were taken seconds apart. And neither of us was intoxicated at all.

Thanks to John for reserving us a table - we had a blast.

Let's see what 2011 brings us. Hope it is great for all of us.