Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas in January

My mama and me - last night at the launch meeting of the new quilt guild at my church. The order of business last night - sort and organize 11 big trash bags of fabric, much like Christmas for those of us with fabric fetish issues. We look so much alike.

The yellow thing I am sporting is a nightgown that was in one of the bags. As the self proclaimed loud and rowdy one of the bunch, it was my uniform for the night (and may become a permanent joke) I took some goodness for my self and some to donate that we can't use for quilting.

We had a great night. My mom has had a bit of a rough spot lately, so it was nice to see her really enjoy herself. Having this thing scheduled to do together is going to be fun too.

Still got that badboy kidney stone. It continues to move in tiny increments and as long as it is moving, the dr will not touch it.

please go leave the group encouragement - suggestions - whatever. We are all pretty clueless about how to do this. I have set them up a blog - I like how blogger works and I am also the reporter for them so that is my chosen method. here's the link

have a wonderful weekend

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Like Vallen, I just had to. Really - I did. I did not buy enough yarn to finish this blanket and it had to match - so (even though I am on a stash diet) - I bought even more yarn. I did get out better than she, I only bought 7 skeins.

In the checkout line, we were discussing the need to fill the vacated stash space immediately, Using words like stash, WIP, UFO, fat quarters, and yarn descriptions like MANOS. I tossed in blog and swaps and other such words. A language all it's creative genious own. A man from way back in the line adds this gem ---

"Will somebody please tell me what you are saying, so I can really impress my wife today?"

Apparently Ellen, thought my little beer escapade was funny. Get ready peeps ---- let me show you just how I roll. Turn away from your keyboard, when you blow coffee this time. I haven't slept with this kidney stone for a week - yup - still carrying it around. I have continued to work and I am ill. Think temper tantrum two year old style ill.

On the way home yesterday, the man calls and asks me to stop at the store for dog food and such. I was snippy, but I did it. He gave me a few item list,. I went in the store with a plan just to get even. Yes - the b(*%$ in me was fully activated.

I got most everything on the list, came home, put the groceries away, ate supper, took drugs, went to bed. At some point later, he appeared at the foot of the bed, announcing in an irritated voice (you know that voice ladies) that he was going back to town. At my drug clogged "why" - he answered - to get some beer.

My response (fully rehearsed) "Damn - I knew there was one more thing on my list(pregnant pause here) - I forgot." then promptly went back to sleep.

Softball Princess nailed it this morning. She looked me square in the eye and said - you forgot his beer ON PURPOSE and I'll bet you blog about it.


Yes - I can be just that mean.

Here's the blanket I am slowly working on.

He got me back - he left multiple beer bottles around in those lovely locations that he chooses.

By the way - there were no real hurt feelings over this behavior.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


At the time it seemed like such a great idea. My boss suffers from kidney stones too. His suggestion - drink beer - lots of it. So today I have a kidney stone AND a hangover.

I did crochet some last night at the basketball game. I'll post pictures soon of what I am working on, this project just stays in the truck and I never think about it. It will be a cover up blanket for a big person someday maybe.

Today I am bringing you a favorite quick meal that my family loves. Cheese Quesadillas and green stuff. How's that for a well thought out meal description.

I have a small (call it dorm sized) George Foreman grill. Love that thing. Use it all the time. Should have bought the big one, but I was really unsure about how much we would use it.

Anyway - I digress. I buy the small flour tortillas, pepper jack cheese, and extra sharp cheddar.

slice cheese - smack between two tortillas - pop in the George Foreman - quick - painless - easy.

GREENSTUFF - my concoction - the College Freshman could almost live on this stuff.
One avacado - smashed with a fork.
lemon juice
herdez slasa verde
fresh (or dried) cilantro chopped
salt to taste (I use NoSalt)
mix up til it looks like guac.

cant really call this guacamole - but it sure is a great dip for those quesadillas.

note - this picture was blantantly stolen from some recipe site.

quesdailla - green stuff - cold beer - quick dinner ------- 10 minutes max (btw - the girls drink tea or coke)

come on over. the food is not fancy here, but the environment is oh so welcoming.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a new cross stitch pattern

I just received this pattern (some 70,000 plus stitches) and three others from MYSTIC STITCH. I'll be stitching this for local best friend. Yes he knows and has already seen the pattern, and professed my stupidity. He is a golfer - add to that he is a golf historian - loves the game - loves the tradition - loves Augusta National. When I finish this one - it will be framed and gifted for his office.

I spent one more night looking at my feet covered up in the bed. The muscle weakness and fatigue from coming off the percoset are almost as bad as the pain the percoset treats. I went to bed well before it got late - 7pm - and then the Man at my Address came to bed later. I slept great until he got there. He tossed and turned and moaned and snored. Between he and the dog and the kidney stone - there has been little sleep at my house.

I bought a new sofa. We needed it desperately. The one we had was at least 18 years old and have survived the growing up of the girls. Love the new one, but I haven't slept on it. If this sleep cycle of the man continues, one of us will be sleeping on the new sofa. soon.

This is the third round of kidney stones in 6 months, unbelievable. I have made many diet modifications to help offset the generating of them, but it hasn't helped. I have made an appointment with the urologist, to have the entire plumbing system checked, thinking maybe my hysterectomy may have caused some shifting of parts, and contributing to the problem. I just do not know. I know that I am tired of not feeling well. Maybe there is some truth to the "turning 40 and falling apart" myth.

I do feel more like myself today. Yesterday, I told LBF that I just wanted to whine. He has noted that I do not do that very well. I bitch more readily, ask the man at my address, he will confirm that. I picked the Softball Princess up from basketball practice - made sure she was pointed at some food and put me in the bed.

Tha MaggieGrace part of me needs some attention. I'll be crocheting tonight at the basketball game, then maybe some more afterwards. Thursday night is an organizational meeting for a quilt guild at our church. My Mom and I are doing this together and I am so excited about knowing we will have a regular time to spend with one another.

Hoping this finds all of you have a great day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

kidney stone

spent my weekend passed out on percocet or waiting and counting the last thirty minutes to be able to take more percocet.

i feel like death warmed over today.

ETA - if they tell you I am a junkie, they are lying to you. I do not like how the drugs make feel when I am taking them and I damn well hate how not taking them feels right now. I am tired - and my muscles hurt and I feel like I could easily be coming down with the flu. read the insert on percocet - all are the withdrawal symptoms. OMG - I am freaking miserable. There is no way in hell I would ever take drugs for recreational purposes ---- ain't happening.

Misery -

Really just want to go to bed.

Friday, January 23, 2009


One better.

My paper flowers are cute and yes I love them - but I have just been topped for cool ideas. Click that link and go "WOW" -- I did --- I am so copying this.

The picture above is from this morning. I delivered a whirlpool tub to a job and took the time to stop for this picture.

I have driven by this for years and am always amazed by the grace of this scuplture. A stone feather. It is about 20 feet tall and absolutely stunning.

How does a sculptor take such a hard and solid piece of granite and have it reflect something like this so perfectly?

Did he "see" the feather in the stone or did it reveal itself slowly?

I had a conversation with the Softball Princess last night. About cars. More specifically about what kind of car she wants. Damn how did that happen? They handed me this creature all covered with stuff and who could communicate only by crying - like yesterday - now she is picking out cars.

Have a great weekend people - no ball on Saturday - please do not call or come by - I'm gonna try to sleep in.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

simple, quick, easy

I wish my entire life was this easy. Hell don't we all.

When I posted the word tissue flowers the other day - Darla sent me a comment thinking she had missed something. No - I just didn't put a very clear photo.

I thrift patterns all the time for the cover images. So I have this pile of patterns that I will never use.

Several blogs have posted these images of various tissue flowers and since this is the good old fashioned way of making them I don't feel like I am breaking any rules here by making these.

Using what I have........ AKA Stash diet.

Pattern tissue, bread ties (you know I save them), thirfted lace.

The traditional accordian folded tissue paper. I cut these approximately 6x5. There was no measuring - only the eyeballed method.
Instead of stapling them - because the staper was in the barn and it was cold - I tied these with bread ties.
Fan them out - tie a piece of lace to the wire and you get......

I like these - a lot.

I really like a cute little box of them.

So tell me - would this make you happy if it arrived at your desk????

Have a wonderful day.

I got no ball stuff tonight - how cool is that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is Addie. The world revolves around her. Ask her - she will tell you this. The toddler daughter of some of our good friends. Addie is surrounded not only by the love of two great parents, but also a slew of built in sitters because she has two high school aged siblings.

My mom keeps her while mom and dad work and the rest of the family is at school. She calls my Mama "nonnie". And she told my mom that CC (thats me - i don't know why) made her mad. She adores the man at my address and is incapable of being mad at him - he bribes her by playing ball.

What made her mad?

Olivia's sweater.

Look at that face.....

That sweater was my first attempt at a garment ever. It looked so big - even for a toddler - so I asked Addie to try it on for me. She was game for this - right up until we tried to take it back.

Like all almost three year olds, she knows and uses the word "MINE' quite often.

Yup - we made her cry - not like in that "i'm pitiful" way. Nope - this escalated into a full blown terrible two temper tantrum.

The sweater is cute. The baby is cute. She was bribed with a tiny stuffed puppy - And "Chas play ball" by the the Man at my Address.

Would be nice if all hurt feelings could be cured by a stuffed pup and playing ball.

More on that statement later.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Companionable Silence

Last night was a quiet night. I took off to the cultural center of the universe (for those who do not know where that is - try the corner of 98 and 29 in Danielsville GA - the laundromat in redneck rural america). Caught up two washer loads of laundry - there was a need for clean underwear. Brought those home to dry and then sat down with these friends.

There were buttons, paper, glue, recycled bread ties. I finished the basic garland, adding these little black shirt buttons to it. I am back to working inside and carrying the stuff back and forth - Need better heat in the studio. It is freakin' cold here. The buttons are on a tiny plate from a child's tea set. I only have the plate, but I love it for this kind of work.

I made a few tissue flowers. There will be more of these for my table at the art show. I got out all of the stuff to make some tags. But did not get to that. I did crochet while at the laundry. I also got a few stitches in on a cross stitch thingy. (A kit from my MIL stuff)

I do not have a water source in my studio yet, so I have been using diaper wipes to clean up. they work great and the boxes are very handy for storage and transport. As I worked, I mentally packed a kit to take on the next work trip. I'll be creating the lettering for those banners on that trip.
I was quiet and concentrating. My flow was only interrupted by the dryers buzz as the clothes finished. It was a very comfy silence. The rest of my crew was watching tv - hoping for snow so that the long weeked could continue. They were disappointed this morning.

I worked late. I got a lot finished. This was taken by just the lamplight left in the room. It was a good evening.
Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

redneck or romantic?

I dated the Man at my Address a really long time. Well over half of my high school years and then until after I graduated from college. In high school, I had a friend who thought he was the most gorgeous man alive. She called him "pretty". Wonder what she would have to say now?

I graduated from high school and thought I would be getting an engagement ring for my graduation gift. The entire summer rocked on.

I started college - my degree is in Electronic Engineering Technology (Computer Application Engineering) - still no ring. As the fall of the year approached, classes in full swing, working part time, tired all the time, we went out less and less, and simply stayed home together and he watched sports and I studied. One Friday night though, we decided to go out to eat. On the way home - remember this is the rural south - we stopped at one of our favorite spots down near the river. Yes, folks there was a dirt road involved. Shhh - don't tell my mama.

That night - Mr. Romantic - LOL - decided to surprise me with a ring. Was it romantic? You decide. There were no flowers. There was no candlelight. There was no eloquent proposal on bended knee.

There was - this phrase. "Do you want your graduation gift?" Upon receiving my answer - he handed me a dirty, sweaty smelling, t-shirt from the floor behind his seat. Rolled up in that shirt was the ring shaped box. Inside was a very similar ring to the one pictured above.

That really is not the funniest part of the night. We headed home, and when I got home, I ran to the house and found my mom in the kitchen making biscuits. She made them up at night and popped them in the oven for breakfast in the mornings. As I reached my hand around from behind her to show her my ring, she simply said..........

"I didn't want a son-in-law, I wanted a new refrigerator. " Kid you not, she never missed a kneading stroke, did not even breathe, did not even think about what she was going to say.

So there you have it, the night of my official engagement in 1983 to the man at my address.

So was it romantic or just redneck funny?

Pictures are of my Mama's wooden dough bowl. It is on my dining room table right now with that yarn in it.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So my mother-in-love called.

I love this lady. She knows it. She also knows that I am the one to send unwanteds to. When she called me, I arranged a visit to her house. They live about 40 minutes from us. When we were dating, the man at my address put about 900 miles per week on his car between his work and seeing me. Looking back on that - I find it ridiculous - we talked about that last night.

Seems the softball girls have decided to include "boys" in their lives, thus making their brain cells misfire on occasion. The coaches (and some of the daddy's) are not really excited about that news flash. I reminded the Man of the stupid (he said romantic) things we did to see or talk to each other before the words "i do". (Yes - you need to read that "romantic" word with sarcasm, my engagement ring was handed to me rolled up in a dirty tshirt from the back floorboard of his car.) These girls are wading through all of that and it is a kind of rocky terrain for everyone right now.

Back to that phone call. We visited and I so enjoyed that time with them. Just before we started home, Ann emerged with this pile of stuff. Just look.

Boxes (plural) in a big way.

Never fear - there were a few duplicates in here that will be included in a giveaway really soon.

Floss - I am in heaven - this is already detangled, wrapped on cards, and labeled. A shoe box full.

An unopened cross stitch kit. There were a few of these.

More floss.

A box of pressed and neatly folded cross stitch fabric.

Storage jars (need those), magazines and gift boxes.

GrandDaddy wanted to go through it before we left. (SHH - I think he is afraid she is giving his stuff away)

My favorite thing is in the next picture. She doesn't know if this was Grandma Simpsons or Mama Norvan's - it is ours now. It fits my dining room table and I like how the dar wood shows off the beatiful lacework pattern.


Today is a good day. The Raider Softball team is on the way to be recognized at the State Capitol. While I was typing this the Doctors Office called. My biopsy results are in.

The skin lesion was a Lichen Planus. This is news and it really is good news. Apparently it is an autoimmune disorder and is not serious at all. Leave it to me to be diagnosed with something I had never heard of.

I hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day. Mine just got better.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fun stuff - lots of linky love.

The picture has not one damn thing to do with this post. I just took it and I just liked how it tuned out after I went to and played with it.

Karen is making one. Heather is too. Pam too. They all blame it on Rebecca.

I made my cross stitch scrap version years ago. It lives with the friend who knows me the best of anyone.
Looks like everyone is jumping on the "random sampler inspiration pieces" bandwagon and boy oh boy am I inspired. Loving these so much and they will fit perfectly with the STASH DIET PROGRAM. Fix a cup of whatever your favorite internet surfing beverage is and go on a little trek through the blogosphere. Fun stuff abounds. If you find any more of these types of things - leave me a link in the comments. I wanna go see too.
Teaser for tomorrow........ my mother in law called and said "I've been cleaning and I have some stuff for you.
Have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A simple procedure

The biopsy procedure was just fine. The incision is bigger than anticipated but not really a significant size. Three stitches - I was in and out of the office in about 35 minutes. It is on my right collarbone area and the skin is tight because of pulling it back together. I can only describe it as aggravating - not even uncomfortable. The worst part so far was sleeping - I sleep on that side normally and that would pull against the stitches and wake me up - so I do not feel rested. I have more aggravation to come. Because my clothes and/or bra strap hit this, I have to keep it covered. I am allergic to adhesive, so there will be a reaction to come. Over the years, I have tried every possible approach to minimizing this and so far the best has been benadryl cream, which I will be using faithfully as I change these bandages.

I'll know in a few days about the pathology.

On Sunday - I get to compare "scratches" with Will. Go here to learn the story of his boo-boo.

I spent last night not moving my arm for 8 hours (yeah right). I did not craft at all - I vegged on the sofa and watched really stupid tv programs like the best and worst dress stars at the golden globes and top 25 celebrity secrets revealed. Mindless tv. Something I rarely indulge in. (Also something that left me incredibly bored after about 20 minutes)

Tonite a meeting - tomorrow night church. On Thursday, the Softball Princess and school softball team will be headed to the State Capitol as to be recognized at that level for the academic award they received.

Maybe some MaggieGrace work will proceed quickly.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

stash busting....

ok - i love stuff. i love the hunt. love seeing it around me. i got too much. i bet some of you do too.

Raesha left a comment on a recent post suggesting a stash busting year. I am dropping it out here to see if anyone else is interested in an unofficial team effort.

I did this faithfully a couple of years ago and made a difference for my checkbook more than my stash. I will be tagging all of my posts that qualifiy for this stash bust as "stash diet". I really need to do this again, but I also need people to encourage and hold me somewhat accountable.

About the picture. I left my garland hanging right where it was all weekend. I now absolutely know that I am in love with it. I have bumped the inventory number for the art show for this type of banner to a total of 50. I will give you the full view once I finish the embellishments. Look at the the scallops though. I love my new dies from SpellBinders. What do you guys think?

I did pack up some very late Christmas goodies for a few folks. Today I have the biopsy on my right collar bone area. I hope this does not affect my crochet ability. That will seriously piss me off.

Hope this finds all of you having a very great day.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Help me please....

Before I figured out a good way to keep track, I saved a bunch of pictures to my computer. I am cleaning up the hard drive now, but I want to lock these images in by using the links on my inspired ideas blog. I have no idea how to find these. If this is your image, or if you know who's image these are, and can point me in the right direction, please leave me a comment.

If By asking for this help and posting these, I offend anyone, I am so sorry. This is a plea to make these links and I want to correct my error.

I finished the basic part of my garland last night. It is hanging across my piano right now. I just thought I was in love yesterday, now I know I am in love. When I finish the embellishments I'll repost the entire thing along with details.

I'll be adding some altered votive candle holders to the bag of tricks as well. These little display stands will be used to display some of my wares at my art show display. The paper flowers and sme pattern tissue ones as well are on the agenda for me too.

This gorgeous organizer - would make a perfect addition to my craft bag or tool box. I really want to find a hardside train case (my mama has one but won't part with hers) to alter for a travel craft kit. Just imagine something like this to keep in the backseat (or trunk of the car) filled with little kits like this for stitchery or paper work or ------

I live in an old farmhouse. I am a crafter. I could make these draft blockers. We need these draft blockers. I use rolled up beach towels. True confessions.
Just some stuff for today.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I played last night...

We are in a tenuous mode at work right now. We have builders and contractors unable to pay and we are "chasing" money. It is stressful and everyone in the office is hanging on to civility by the tiniest thread. Every one just wants to say "screw this" we are wasting our time. These people are long time customers and this is streesful for them and awkward for everyone.

When I went to the doctor yesterday, I was placed on a strict salt restrictive diet. They also changed my blood pressure meds - still making some adjustments. AND I have to have a skin lesion biopsied on Monday. All in all a very stressful day.

When I got home, the softball princess went to youth meeting at church and I sat down and just played.

Sorry about the quality of these - a direct effect of bringing the camera in from the cold car into the warm house and being in a hurry.

I tore several pages from a thrifted book, the Sizzix dies cutter, my paper trimmer and various dies. All of this qualifies as USE WHAT I HAVE.

2 inch wide strips - punched with hearts - the letters are hand inked onto paper scraps using a cheap plastic stencil from the dollar store. That is some kind of vintage cloth twill tape. I cannot wait to finish this garland and get a picture of it hanging. I think I'm in love. The little scalloped 1/2 circle is a folded circle cut from those new spellbinders dies I gave me for Christmas. It will play a fairly large role in the final assy of this.

I cut and folded this flower from the book pages too. The prootype looks a little rough, but I finally figured out how to make this look like I want it to. I probably could have found some instructions online - or even in my mags, but I was playing and part of the fun is in figuring out things for myself. I'll be using one of these on each end of that garland. There may be lace involved. There WILL be buttons involved.

Here is a very fogged up photo of those brass dies. Love these and I'll will purchase more of these in the future. I just wish they had a local outlet so I could avoid shipping charges.
It sure was fun to just play.
I also dug through a box of vintage greeting cards and found one to use with the glove. Even the Man at My Address likes the layout so far.
In addition to all that fun, I finished a 12x12 layout for a design contest.
Have a great day. I'll be reading labels for sodium content. Then eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I have a stash problem. We all know about it. I got stuff, stuff, and more stuff. I have diligently worked on moving it and organizing it and -YES - even using it. Still, I got plenty to keep me busy.

Take the item below. I have one of these. One. Why?

Because I bought a bag of lace and this was in it.

I found it over the holidays and have decided it will be used promptly in an art piece. Thus begins tray number one for the new year.

A reminder of a more gentle era. When ladies really dressed up. And isn't it pretty against the silky blue of that fabric.

Come closer.

Those are tiny little pearl beads. All hand stitched onto the glove. Yummy. This is an exquisite glove. But we already know that details are what draw me in. What will I include in this piece?

I really have no idea.

I want a word. To stitch on linen. That sums up the feelings of this. I know just the lace edged handkerchief that I'll add to this. Simple. Meaningful. Mindful. And that blue fabric stays as a background.

Help me.

Or just leave a comment to let me know you are still out there.

I miss you guys leaving comments.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Carrie do not scroll down this one....

Hey Carrie - there is a note saying where to stop.

I spent my holiday working on some things. One of those was the finished item at the bottom of the page. It goes to Carrie for little Oliva (soon we will all get to hold her). My house is a little cleaner than it was. I am headed in the right direction there.

Last night, we started assembling the stuff for the College Freshman to return to campus. She leaves this afternoon. Right after she goes and kisses that boy goodbye. I was not as well prepared mentally and emotionally for this departure, but she is so excited to go back that it helps me let her go. It also helps that we will see her tonight. The younger one is playing basketball a few miles from her and she is coming to the game - then dinner at her favorite restaurant.

The layout below is made with my new spellbinders dies. Just a note - I bought the universal adapter plate to make these work with my Sizzix cutter. The plate was too wide. But being impatient and having the appropriate tools, I just cut it to the correct size instead of having them reorder what I needed.

These dies came as multiples in each package and are a great deal.

This is the beginning of the layout and it has already changed a bit. Instead of those scalloped frames, I am just going to use four pictures of my girlios. Each of those tags is going to be lettered/stamped/stickered with words relating to them. I love the slide on tag shapes (the set has three slightly different shapes) . All those tags were cut from scrap paper. I cut the bright strips of paper to slide these on, but I have also already used these on ribbon too. I'll be buying more of these dies as money allows. SISTERS/FRIENDS was stamped using black ink. Everything except the dies was from my stash.

OKAY CARRIE --- STOP HERE................

What my new year's weekend offered. Textured crochet pieces and a yarn needle. I normally crochet my afghans together, but I wanted a smoother interior of this. I found the pattern in the latest issue of Crochet Today magazine. I have never crocheted a garment and have been wanting to try it. I had that yellow yarn in my stash. Now I could have made this in tiny baby size, but I chose not to. Itty bitty ones have lots and lots of clothes, and they really don't need a jacket. In most cases you wind up simply tucking them into a blanket. So I made this in a toddler size. Playing dress up with a toddler girl is so much fun.

Mind you - this basket weave pattern is so freaking easy to accomplish once you complete a single set. Looks complex, but it is only double crochet stiches. I have already stared a gift for local best friend using the same basket weave pattern and acrylic yarn.

I added some colors to the yellow yarn and here is one toddler sized complete cardigan. I am so thrilled with how this turned out.

The unassembled body of the sweater stops at the large purple and green panels. I added those three stripes after I got it all assembled. This really was not at all difficult to make. The spirograph looking card is one of those scalloped tags wrapped with floss. The tag is punched to say smile from some scrap paper I had in the stash.

The pattern called for the ties to be crocheted onto the front. I didn't like how they were turning out so they got frogged - very quickly. I used embroidered white on white ribbon - again from the stash. To keep this from fraying at the free ends, I brushed a tiny bit of clear nail polish on it.

I am a detail person. I love seeing the little details on items. These are not flashy, you really do not even see them in the previous two pictures, but look at the tiny little buttons I sewed on. These were in my stash too. You know -- that little extra thing that make this a MaggieGrace item.

I had the yellow yarn. I did buy the green and blue. All in all this was a very easy and affordable project.
I also stocked up on some sale yarn from Michaels over the weekend. All purchased with LBF gift in mind and already being utilized. Now to find a place for completed items to live for this year as I prepare for the art show.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, January 05, 2009

WHAT IF .....

Happy New Year everyone...

No picture today - I brought the camera but left the cable at home.

Look at those words in the title. I have used those in such a negative way in the past. What if fill in the blank here happens? Worrying over things that may or may not come to pass. Jude, over at Spirit Cloth, has an entire series of "what if" projects - used in a much more positive manner.

I'll be doing a lot of " what if" stuff this year. The first was

What if I send a query email to a magazine editor? Well the answer is --- pack up said projects and send then for professional photographers to work magic with.

That return email caused me to jump up and down and make excited phone calls and so forth.

So it begins. A year of putting MaggieGrace goodies out there for the world to see (and hopefully purchase).

Pick some positive "what if" projects yourself.

Thank you Jude for showing us a new twist on that phrase.

Have a wonderful day.