Monday, December 19, 2011

let's twist

So there is this property in middle Georgia. A hunt club property. Near the Ogeechee River. I love this property. You make the turn onto the dirt road and something magical happens to your stress. Like some sort of net captures it and won't let it go any further.

There is lots of exploring to do. Several weeks ago we explored into the bottoms close to the river and there are these vines --- massive -- amazing --- vines.

Yes the one that takes a dramatic hard turn to the left there is a vine.

and this "curves ahead" configuration too.

How about an "s" spiral -- headed toward the tree canopy.

We got off the 4 wheeler and traipsed through the woods into and around these massive vines and I spotted some closely spiraled twists that I wanted --- but we were not prepared to get them.

Well, the Crusty Old Guy went back hunting and he went to the woods prepared to get me those twists. Now I have these wonderful wooden shapes. (he is so freaking good to me)

I wear a size 9 womens shoe - so there is your size reference.

Now I have these - they are amazing - and I have no idea what I am going to do with them.

Any ideas?????

Have a happy Monday people.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas

Been a busy little crafting bee at my house.

This one is my latest canvas ---- it's an 8x10 sized one.

I finished it last night and also completed these ---

They are pendant drops - made from Miss Deborah's Grandmother's silverware. She did not have the complete set and wanted to gift the daughters and granddaughters with a remembrance item. I chopped them off and mounted them with really secure double jump rings. I am really happy with how these turned out.

Hope your Christmas preparations are proceeding nicely.

Much Love -- Teresa

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

pinterest -- yes people I am addicited

Yesterday I pinned this image

I've been making snowflakes -- like the ones on my blog header -- for weeks. I have these little 3-3/4 x 1/2 strips of hymnal pages stacking up because I have serious hoarder issues and cannot possibly toss these small scraps.

So last night I created a pile of these.

A headpin - two beads - ten paper strips.

All from the magical mystery stash -------

I think they are cute --- how about you guys?

Monday, December 12, 2011

I had a VERY good weekend

My weekend started out with a trip to the tree farm for the annual trek to stroll around ALL morning, then cut down the very first tree we looked at. Complete with jokes and ribbing about "that one's not shaggy enough" --- "that one's an ugly color" ---- and "that one's too skinny". This is as much a part of our Christmas as Santa Claus.

But something happened this year on the way into the farm. Driving down the dirt road - something we have done for some 35 years - I spotted this tree.

Looks like it has been damaged by weather or something ---

I just happened to know what this tree is. Why did I know this? Why is this the first time I had noticed this one? And what the crap is the siginificance of this formation?

Well the tree is a TRAIL TREE and I knew this because I had seen the formation before on the Crusty Old Guy's hunting property in Taliaferro County, Georgia. I was googling for information on something else on the property and discovered the information on the trees. The significance is that these were deliberately formed by Native Americans to mark various trails and/or significant locations of their culture. The link above will take you to a website that is mapping locations of these trees and the history of them. I just noticed this one after all these years, because I now know about the history and the project.

Cool - huh?

Molly - the College Girl - thought so. There was a photography session of course.

I also finished some things. Here is my latest word art canvas. This is not an accurate coloration - I hung it on my barn and took the picture. Then I edited it in picnik jsut for fun. It actually is a very dark brown spritzed with gold glimmer mist and has parchment paper lettering. Sized 16 x 20. I'm selling this size for $25.00

Honestly though - I really loved how this looks hanging on the barn.

More varieties of the canvases to come.

Then there was this ---- I have it pinned at pinterest.  Have had it on my tumblr archive for months too.

I also have a hellacious stash of accumulated stuff ---

So Sunday, I ran across the little butterfly pins that I had gathered up. I scooped the skeleton keys from the kitchen windowsill (isn't that where you keep your skeleton keys?) grabbed my cutters and the E6000 glue. And went to work.

It took me about 4 minutes to assemble these babies and MOST of that time involved cussing the damn tube of E6000 since the cap was securely glued shut. Then when I got it off, I still couldn't unseal the glue. I did what all rational creative geniouses do. I poked a freaking hole in the side of the tube and squeezed the glue out that way. (ok NOW you may laugh hysterically at how stupid that was - but it worked - just saying)

My little ol' versions of these pendants.

I only had three butterflies -

I am wearing this one right now --

But ---

This blue one is my favorite.

I'm thinking $12.00 for each of these.

I also did a holiday market on Saturday evening. It was great fun - not a huge monetary success but it was fun to visit with friends new and old.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season. I have had a blessing filled year and I am celebrating the season by living and loving as fully as I can.

Much love --- Teresa

Friday, December 09, 2011

A DAY OFF.....

The picture is for my buddy - MaryAnn. She will appreciate the humor in there.

I took the day off Wednesday. The only thing I HAD to do was a doctor visit.

I turned off my alarm. I slept in. I really want to know why the bed is so much more comfy and snuggy feeling after the alarm goes off. I got up. I glued. I went to doc visit. I went to eat some lunch.

I took a LOOONNNGGG snuggled in afternoon nap. I SNORED.

I had Mexican with one of my most favorite people in the world.

It was a good - good day.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

5K ----

Good morning all ---

I've been MIA but absolutely nothing is wrong. I am just busy.

I did run a 5k with my daughter last weekend. My goal was 45 minutes and I did 44:38 so I was happy.

Her boyfriend took these for us.

Getting the music going ---- yup I am still fat

Confession - Molly won her age bracket - and I was crossing the halfway point as she crossed the finish line.

Coming up the hill to the finish -- I did pass that guy in green and those girls in white and red. Molly was seriously yelling and encouraging me to pass "some body"

Finish line - I was looking at my time -and I forgot a clip for my hair -- that was horribly aggravating. I hate having my hair in my face.

Actually this one is staged. I was really ok at the end of this 5k.

I'm so proud of who she is.
She is very encouraging to me.

Have a great day ---- Teresa

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We are there ----

I took off from my grown up girl job yesterday and zipped across the street to Junk in the Trunk and set my cute little space up. A quick and simple background of book pages (ya'll know I love 'em), kraft paper and some rusty tin.

Got it all together --- what do you think?

Spoon bracelets and pendants.

I added a padded background of flour sack material to the drawer -- I love how the little shelf looks.

here is an overall view of the area - the boxes you see under the table are extra nativity set I left at the owners request.

Now for my favorite thing. The snowflakes really "pop" against the tin background. I think I gasped audibly when I hung them up.  I'll make more of these over the weekend because I sure hope they sell well out of the booth.

Have a great Thanksgiving. I am blessed.

love, t

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Junk in the Trunk

I am taking pictures of rusted metal. Actually this is just the view into the very back of my vehicle today.

This is the view out my rear view mirror --- book page backdrops for my booth piled on top of a crapload of other stuff.

But i am so hoping the hanging of this works out like I want it to. An old drawer I've been hoarding for years. No more.

I am setting up my booth today at

Junk in the Trunk
Olympic Drive
Athens, Ga.

More pictures tomorrow ---

Friday, November 18, 2011

hey ya'll - it's the weekend

I've got a full schedule myself. Tonight there will be frosting made and some seriously good baked sweet potatoes for dinner.

I'll also be pondering exactly how to do all of the background stuffs for this.... 

My booth space at Junk in the Trunk. The new Antiques/craft mall on Olympic Drive in Athens, GA. I committed to a 4x6 space. I have some rusty tin and plenty of craft paper and book pages and I am thinking that will be used on these walls.

Stay tuned, I'll be updating on that new venture here, regularly.

I'm off to Chateau Elan -- EARLY in the the morning for a fundraiser 5K. See the elevation in this picture - Seems the last 3/4 mile of this run is up this LOOONNNGGG hill. But just look at the view we will have as runners.

Then I'm off to get ready for this concoction to be dinner --- Low Country Boil with a group of friends.

 There will even be a drive on what is know as the "dirt road to heaven."

Saturday night's dinner gonna end with some of this - Fresh apple cake. I simply cannot wait.

Sunday will include church nursery - then a nap - then actual work on the booth display materials.

Yup --- full full weekend.

Hope yours is wonderful too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Show time.

Friday night found me doing final prep for the Holiday Artist Market.

It was a really long long day and evening.

A minor little twist on Friday evening gave me a wonderful helper.

Luke came to hang out with me -

We made signs. He helped place things on my mock up display.

 He even came back on Saturday and helped and hung out with me ALL day. We had so much fun.

Mind you it was 29 degrees F when we were setting up on Saturday morning. But he didn't complain.
Later in the day - several of my Sunday School kids showed up and they all played in the crepe myrtle tree. I know several kids who slept really well on Saturday night.

My spoon pendant display was made from the lid off an ammo box. Now - I had great help adding those tacks across the top. Gave Luke the hammer and he hammered while I held the tack with some pliers (finger protection). I am a firm believer in enabling kids. Yes, often it would be SO MUCH QUICKER and maybe even SO MUCH EASIER to DO IT MYSELF, however allowing a child to take ownership of part of a project is way too important to geve into the other feelings. I try really hard to never use the phrases "that is the wrong way to do it" or "you didn't do it right". If there is danger in the way something is being done, simply show them the "better" way.

Kids need to be involved. Kids need to learn to do things and they can't if the adults in their lives constantly get in the way. Kids also need to climb trees and run laps and swing on a rope and roll around in the dirt. They need to make messes and clean them up and they need to learn responsibilty for how to accomplish things, from planning, to processing, to completion. As adults we are to make all that learning fun.

Now having Luke to help was so much fun for me. He was eager to help, he listened and followed directions as we did things. I got to play. He got to help. and I got to see the expressions on his face as he learned and accomplished things.


I'm hoping I get to spend a lot more time with that kid.

Now more show pictures - I had a 10 x 10 space, but I only used part of it. Here is my display.

The painted nativity scenes were the popular ones.

I still like the stained ones too, but in the future the painted ones will be the production ones.

My friend Marilyn posted a picture of hers. I love the quilt hanging in the background.

I had a very good show. Now to decide how to complete my new booth display at the antiques/handcraft mall across the street from the store.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Where I was.......

I haven't posted a BootCamp update in forever.

I have let some unhealthy eating habits slide back into my life since my surgery last spring. Partially because of one of the lifestyle rules -  No artificial sweeteners. But I am still exercising regularly and I have not gained any of my weight back. Haven't lost any more - but still.

I am much more able to run distances now. My 5K time is still much like the plodding of a tortoise, but hey, I am out there and i just keep doing it. I say - I am doing better than that person sitting in front of the tv.

The time change has made it difficult to get the long runs in. We use a cross country trail at a local private school. I have purchased a lightweight LED light wand. Last night I tested it. Carrying the light like a relay baton was very effective and will allow me the ability to continue my running.

I use my smartphone as my running playlist.  Pandora is my choice for variety - last night I set it to the Drivin' and Cryin' station and left out. As I emerged from the woods and started across the first field, I noticed the moon - oh how stunning - so I planned a stop on top of the dam at the lake. I snapped that picture with my phone.

It was a beautiful run. Crisp fall air. Clear sky. Full moon reflecting off the water. Breathing just right. Mentally let the junk of life go and just put one foot in front of the other. I have discovered that I really do like to run.

I am not sure when it happened because this is how it used to be.

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for the fact that great medical care was available. I am grateful that I didn't die from an internal hemmorage. I am grateful for the tiniest things. I am grateful.

I am grateful that I have now decicded that I do like to run.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

lots of snow.....

I hang them from the light fixture --- my work light at the table got dimmer and dimmer. These are all for sale.

I am pretty well complete on making things --- tonight I do displays, tagging, and packing.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

let it snow ....

Go here for more info including a link to the tutorial I used.

The prep for my art show continues. I'll be ready just in time. Isn't that always the way it works.

Here's the latest of the items......

It all starts with the visits to the thrift and junk stores. I poke around and poke around and buy up things that I plan to work with.

I love paper - old paper ephemera - books - stuff.

I also love the internet - and all of the inspiration and instruction available there.

I learned how to make these in a tutorial I found online. I have LOTS of old paper. So here we go.

These pictures are of the huge batch of these I (we - I had help) just finished.

First - I suckered the help into cutting an entire Baptist Hymnal into 4.5 inch squares.

Then fold all of those in half to make triangles.

Repeat - Repeat - Repeat ---- until you are simply sick of it - then finish the last of them. (note the baby wipes are what I keep handy for wiping glue stick off my fingers.

Then you cut and twirl. Cut and twirl. Cut and twirl.

Again repeat repeat repeat. Think you are all done. Fine ONE more stack of those danged triangles. Say UGLY words. Repeat repeat some more.

Those nice little folded triangles fluff up and become ------ this.

Big piles of this. Like boxes and baskets full.

Then - if you get really really lucky - some one will help you glue and glue and glue all those little twirls into snowflakes and pile them on top of the spoiled dog's big old crate - and the desk and the sofa. You get the picture.

 At the end of all this repeating - and smoke breaking - and coffee and Coke drinking - and laughter (never forget the laughter) - you will see several of these.....

So - if you are in the Danielsville, Ga area on Saturday, please stop by the old courthouse on the square. I'll send you home with one of these for a mere $7.00.

Have a wonderful afternoon.