Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My Thanksgiving Holiday was wonderful. Low key and relaxed. Time for the huge thanksgivings I lifted for so many blessings. Reflective heartfelt thanksgivings.

MaggieGrace has been a little absent of late. Nothing wrong - just busy. So in addition to a wonderful meal - I did a little cleaning in the studio (more like a lot) I need to paint a dresser and I had to make room for working on it.

I can't wait to show you what has arrived at our little house. It's a part of something - but I am still excited to have just these parts.

The Man at my Address and I slipped off for the day on Saturday. We took off to The Brasstown Valley Spa and Resort for a juried art and craft show. Had a wonderful time. We met up with Tipper and her friend Jackie. That was fun.

I also snagged a bag of seam binding and thread at an antiques store. I'll be scanning some of that for you in the next few days.

But I did DO some creating as well.

I had these cropped pants that I had outgrown. I only wore them once when I got them. I had a little tumble, broke my foot, and ripped the pants. I really liked them but I stuffed them in the mending pile and left them. Then I got really fat. (you know that story)

Well now I am losing all that weight and I tried these on and can wear them again. I decided to MaggieGrace fix them. That above is the little hole.
This is the pretty repair. A crocheted tiny circle (about the size of a dime) stitched on.

The bigger tear ( I seriously damaged my knee on this spill)

And its pretty little repair. Now these are hanging in the closet just waiting for warmer weather. Happy girl. Took all of an hour to make these and stitch them on. Now why do we put this kind of thing off?
I'm focusing on a nice relaxing December. Since others do the Christmas program at the church, I am really enjoying my spare time.
I hope you and your are having a wonderful day. My life is full of blessings.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The guy on the left is Steve. (His son , Jay on the right.) He's the store manager where I run the showroom. While some consider us as equals on the chain of command, I call him the boss.

The boss is one of those sly - crafty - think aesop fables guys. Our store is full of fun and practical jokes all the time.

Well - we just finished a MAJOR showroom renovation and the boss and I had HOURS of working closely through the process....

Now let me mention - I HATE TO PAINT. I also have done ALL OF THE PAINTING associated with the renovation.

We have spent hours of this with me muttering about hating to paint. There is another coworker who dod not work as closely with the renovations. I have repeatedly said to the boss "I will not paint ______'s office unless I can paint it hot pink. However I will paint your office any way you choose." WELL................... early last week the boss comes to me with that crafty little smile and says "I know what I want in my office. A camoflage wall. " I rolled my eyes. To which he responded "need I remind you......."

Did I mention that I HATE TO PAINT? He handed me a picture and I researched and researched. Thus became the project known now as "3 COLOR DESERT STORM CAMO" I alos bought a hat at our local army surplus store.

I found bits and pieces of the pattern and put it all together in a sketch. Enlarged the sketch and cut a stencil out of poster board. Then the fun began.

Paint his office the same grey green that the other areas now carry. Lay off a grid pattern on the wall with chalk.

Look carefully and you will see the penciled stencil tracings. Trace it over and over with a pencil.
Then paint. And paint. And paint. (remember that HATE TO PAINT thing) Well ......

I really do not mind this kind of painting. This kind appeals to my artsy fartsy side. And I am somewhat accustomed to large scale background types of paintings.
It was quiet in the office - Saturday and Sunday afternoon and evening. I found myself relaxed, happy, painting, and praying. I prayed generally for our armed service personnel. I prayed specifically for my neices husband - Kevin Lucas. I prayed for Steve's son, Jay. I prayed for my buddy, MaryAnn's, daddy - Bruce. It was a good way to spend that time.
And ta-da........

I hate this wall - it is so freakin' redneck. But I am pleased with how it turned out. Does that make sense? It is exactly as I planned it. It completed the full cycle of the project. It makes my boss regret coming up with a challenge he thought I would not complete.
Now I am off to be very very thankful. To spend time with family and other loved ones. To rest. To clean my studio. There will be no black Friday shopping for me. Just a restful relaxing long weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving ---- enjoy.

Monday, November 15, 2010


edit - to add - the link for the snowflake instructions

Nothing like a last minute decision. When we didn't go to Memphis this past weekend, I called Lannae and offered my help with the Madison County Art Market. Her response was "bring your stuff and set up a table."

I had not finished a single thing since I pulled out of this Market earlier.

So Friday night, I GATHERED a few things that I had made up. This was not terribly difficult, because I pack them in boxes and keep them together anyway. I loaded my table and a table cloth.

Then decided to made some of the complicated looking (yet very simple actually) paper snowflakes.

As I made them on Friday night, I hung them from my dining room chandelier. This will become more important later in my post.

I made some from an old music dictionary and some from hymnal pages. After finishing several, I cut the squares to carry with me and make more on site. (this was an excellent decision)

Here is a music note one. I sold every last one of these - quickly. I literally made snowflakes at my table ALL DAY.

The dictionary page ones were not as popular, but they did well too. I will be making more of these to sell, thus I will be looking for more thrifted hymnals. If I can find some bigger sheet music, I may offer some bigger ones as well - I made 10 inch ones and 8 inch ones this time. I also made a few 6 inch ones, they are a pain to curl and glue.

I sold out of soldered charms - and almost of spoon pendants. I also sold MAJESTY - my button angel. and several composition books.

It was a good show - even though I was far from ready for it.

Now onto the part about hanging the completed ones from my light fixture.

At some point during the evening, Dad let the monster below into the house for the night.

Dang - she's a pretty dog. Spoiled rotten too.

Well - she came thru the dining room door and screeched to a halt. Tilted her head up at the snowflakes dancing in the air from the heat blower, and proceeded to bristle from nose to tail and bark.

The heat would go off and she would calm down. Back on and the movement started and she would nut up again. It was hilarious.

Ok - we are easily entertained anyway.

This week finds me back in the studio - making some comissioned pieces from the Market and generally starting the replenishing of finished goods.

Have a great Monday.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wading in......

this is one of those thinking posts. You are welcome to look at the pretty picture and go on. But I also would love for you to wade on in with me.

I have tons to be grateful for.

I have my job. For now. Like all Americans watching the economy, I am aware that could change.

I have my home. It isn't a huge showplace, but we love it and we are getting to sleep with a roof over our head.

The cars we drive are all paid for - used - high miles - paid for.

I have some debt. It has been bigger and heavier. I has been hard as hell digging out of the hellhole that stupidity and circumstances brought us into. I see progress everyday on getting out of that hole. For that I am grateful.

My girls are healthy and happy and seemingly well adjusted. While we have had our moments, I am blessed that those moments were really easy by comparison to what others deal with.

My mother and The Man's parents are with us. We have lost some we loved. We are planning holiday celebrations that include family and friends. There will be laughter. Maybe a few tears as we remember.
Here is where we dive on in.....

I am alive and well. Everything ain't perfect but I got to see the sun come up this morning.


How can I be happy? How can I have so much joy? Why did cancer not take it all out of me? How did losing Daddy, Nanny, Grandma, Grandpa, Mama Norvan, Nathan, Max and on and on - not destroy me? How does debt not swallow me whole? How is it that fear didn't paralyse me? Wouldn't it be easier not to love? Maybe easier to just sit in the chair and mope?

Because - that sign at the top represents so much.

For one - GOD LOVES ME MORE. Everyday - He gives me what I need?

Two - I LOVE ME MORE. Boy, now that is a self important statement if there ever was one. Not really. I could be that way. Selfish. All about making sure I don't get hurt. But hey - there is no fun in living that way.

I have shared laughter and heartache and fear with family and friends. I have supported them and they have supported me. And hello - I have been crazy happy and inspired in their company.

I look forward to being and sharing and supporting and praying and _____ and ______ and____, with family and friends in the future.

because three - I LOVE YOU MORE. Hiding from happiness and joy, living in fear and expecting the next disaster are just no fun.

Sure the next phone call may be bad news - but it can just as easily be great news or an opportunity to have a ton of giggles and fun.

That is who I am and who I want to continue to be. There are way too many blessings to focus on, and that my friends is exactly what Im gonna do.

The holidays are coming. I'm celebrating the fact that I get to celebrate with my loved ones. We will laugh and spread good cheer. I refuse to give too much credit to all that that almost took it away in April. Sure it was bad news - CANCER - and it was a very big deal. Very few know just how bad it was. How close I came to losing because of it. But I didn't and that alone is worth looking forward instead of looking back.

You gonna celebrate with me? Or sit in the chair and expect the next disaster.

You really do get to choose.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

inspired - resourceful - easy

You never really know where an inspiration picture will lead.

For instance....

This bedding picture is hanging out in my tumblr blog.

I have been looking at the monster pile of fabric that I have managed to hoard and clipping ideas to use some of it. It is now cold weather so I was thinking a quilt would be quite fun to do. And I loved the colors. But not yet......


I did have this hideous gold frame that I took down in the showroom renovation. It has been hanging out in the way in my studio for a few months. (I really mean in the way because I had to move it to get to anything I needed off my main shelf) I had changed it from scary ugly 80s art when I redid some things in the sotre 5 years ago. I did that random woven ribbon over silk then - but it didn't work with the new colors.

I had moved it and moved it when it got on my last nerve the other night and I decided to "dammit do something" with it.

I stripped it of ribbons. Gathered a few things. Spray paint. Spray adhesive. Iron on hem tape (purchased WRONG by yours truly) and paper.

Using the same mat board - I figured a layout with my pretty papers. Attached them with spray adhesive. Hid some wonky seams with hem tape.

Spray paint the frame.

Reassemble and ......

Hang over my desk at work.
It is pretty and functional now -

Dry erase markers - mean it is a fab memo board.
Most definitely NOT in my way anymore.
Love love love.
See - I can still make things.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm trying ..... and GATHER is the word for November

Dang it. Trying to get back to the regularly scheduled posting here. But things are simply crazed in our life right now.

Marketing at work.

Senior Athlete winding down a season. And ramping up for the next season.

College Athlete winding down a season.

Plus doctor visit after doctor visit - damn all the waiting.

The house has suffered tremendously from my illness and then all the activity away from home. On Saturday, I literally attacked the laundry mountain and it took ALL DAY.

Let's not even discuss the state of the studio. I kinda just close my eyes or turn my head when I go in there.

I pulled out of the Art Market because we were going to Memphis to see College girl run. Now it looks like we may not go. Oh well.

I did work my way through the Nester's 31 day series to a less messy nest. Interpret that as I read every post and made notes that pertained to me. Now to apply those notes in a real true life way.

Well .... I am starting to do just that.

See this armoire...... (sorry - cell phone picture)

It was FREE. God I love that word. It is in my dining room and it was full of junk. (ehemm - craft stuff) When I moved to the studio I left some CRAP in there. Then the man started his own junk (ehemm man stuff) stash there.

Sunday afternoon I pulled it all out in the dining room floor. I put the coolers in the shed. I sorted and put away the remaining man stash and craft stuff. Leaving me a box of soccer award balls and my CRICUT cutter. WHOOOO HOOOOO!.

Now I could follow one of Nester's suggestions. "Don't put things where they belong, put them where they go." See we pile coats in the kitchen - the dining room - the living room. Where ever they land as we come in the house.

So I added hangers - and I GATHERED all the coats and jackets that were lying around. Now there is a place for them in the room where we drop them.

There have been references to Mr Rogers and his OCD sweater thing. Got some smart a$$ people in my house. Bet none of you have those.

Slowly climbing my way back to the blog world. I miss you guys.

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Snuggly ...

It's cold and rainy here. The best kind of weather for soup. Blankets. And snuggling.

Oops - I see dust bunny delivery room activity under the tv cabinet.

Lucky for me that stunning pup in the picture above loves to snuggle.

Yes, she is allowed on the furniture. Sorry to those who are not critter lovers.

So this is where I spent some time last night. Before the softball princess booted me off the sofa. Just so you know - Poe Poke (Poca) got to keep her spot.
Snuggle somebody you love - this is a great time of year for that activity.
Beautiful way to spend an evening.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Well -it's over

Softball Princess team played their last game of the season on Friday night at the State Tournament. They took 4th place in the AAAA division. 4 out of 98 and we are the smallest school in the division.

Not only was it the last game of the season - it was the last high school game for 8 players and two managers - including Softball Princess.

Check out the red noses, swollen eyes, and tear stained faces of the three in this picture.

Yes - even the Man at our Address shed a few. As did many many more people in this crowd.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this. I'm simply in a strage place emotionally with it. After all she's my baby girl. Now we start the search for a college to call her next home.

So I'm jumping onto goodies.

I grabbed a ring of old keys at an antique mall between two of the games. Jewelry to come.

My favorite in the picture above - the "ram head" cutout one in the center.

Favorite in the ones above - the heart shaped cutout on the far right.
More to come in the next few days as my emotions settle down.
I have a beautiful life -- teresa