Thursday, October 16, 2014

it's a Luke Bryan song inspired box.

We all have things we want to keep. Especially memory things. This is a Memory Box. Ready for beach photos, maybe a ticket to the pavilion amusement park, even a few seashells. Every time I heard this song, I knew I wanted to use the imagery from it for a project. 

It started with a kraft paper recipe box. And this wonderful soft toned "beach- washed" wood scrapbook paper. 

To that I added the following items

From GlobeCraft and Piccolo 
- 3d Enamel Gel 
        Honey Mustard 
        Coral Pearl  
        Satin Honeydew
- Embossing Enamel Powders
        Micro Gold 
        Cranberry Wine
        Mermaid Tears
        Temple Stone
        Starry Sky
        Mossy Glen
        Vintage Cross Accent
        At the Beach Accents

From SweetStamps
        Java Sparkle EP
        Desert Sparkle EP
        Super Sticky Tape
        Brown Pearls

I used the Sticky Tape to adhere the paper to the box. 

The orange and green flower is glued to the top only and does not interfere with opening and closing the box at all. 

I trimmed down the "sand" below the palm trees. 

This was a really fun little memory box to complete. 

The Mossy Glen is PERFECT for those palm tree fronds. I used a tiny paintbrush and the Embossing adhesive to use the different powders in these detailed accents. 

Please. If you create a project "inspired by a song" leave me a comment so I can go take a look. 

Have a wonderful Thursday --- Teresa 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

from the stash .......

Look over here to see how I am trying (I repeat - trying) to make peace with what I have versus what I use. 

I am selling - discarding - donating - using
or trying to anyways.

 I just finished a baby blanket for a friend.
I have yarn left from that project that I intended to simply make another baby blanket. 

But then this happened. 

years ago I remember my Mama making a rectangular granny afghan. She worked on it at the campground over that summer.
It must have been the 70's because it was avocado green, and gold and brown. 
I have NO IDEA where said afghan is now. 
But I have repeatedly asked for the pattern and she had been unable to find it. 
(Here is where I insert - hoarding tendencies go way deep in my life - her stash is really wide and deep as well.)

Several weekends ago she gave me some vintage craft books and on of those books contained THE RECTANGLE GRANNY AFGHAN pattern. (I know I could have searched for it, but I really wanted this to come from her) 

Well over ______ ago (time frame left blank to protect the hoarder), I bought these mill end packages of fairly heavy yarn. White with tones of sage green. They were ON SALE at JoAnn's and I couldn't resist. I bought three bags. Got home that day and added them to the pile stash. The big bag has been sitting there since.  (Oh please please tell me I am not the only one who has been guilty of this)

Last night before bed - I simply made up my mind to clean off the top of the stack this bag was on - I gathered that yarn and that pattern and I started a RECTANGLE GRANNY BLANKET. It actually felt good to start using that yarn and the table looks so much better not all piled helter skelterish.

I honestly believe that I could craft for a year with out a purchase of materials. 

As a matter of fact - approaching the end of the year of INTENTION - I think my word for next year may just have a way to encourage being a good steward of the things I have already bought. 

Let's just see how this works. 

Much love - many prayers

Thursday, October 09, 2014


The storm had finally passed. She cautiously walked through the devastation. Looking. Searching. Picking up a small piece here. Another over there. They would celebrate the clearing. They would celebrate the surviving. A masked ball. A way of celebrating all while hiding the fear that the storms may soon come again..............

It's halloween time and when I found the plain white hard plastic masks, I knew a story would be unfolding while I made this. 


First I took my heat gun to the plastic of the mask to see if I could control the warping and shrinking of the plastic. I found that if I was very careful, I could. Yes, this would work. 

Globecraft and Piccolo Products

- Enamel Powders (linking to the main section)
     I used the following --- Copper Kettle, Gilded Rose Gold, MicroCopper, MicroGold, Starry Sky,
    Victorian Bronze, Vintage Black, Vintage Copper, Micro Black.
Enamel Powder Adhesive 
Antique Brass Cable Chain Necklace
- Flower Flourishes (at the tie locations)
- 1-2-3 key accents (i used 6 of the smallest ones)
Steampunk Windup Keys 
Steampunk Mini Gear Accents 
Vintage Gears Accents
- french oval frame accent
Glastique (used as an adhesive)

Sweet Stamps Products
Java Sparkle EP powder
- Br Pearl and Rhinestone accents

Emboss the mask with assorted Embossing Enamels. Work patiently and carefully, allowing the mask to contort as you work. Layer the powders, Overlap as well. Wearing a silicone glove (available in the kitchen section of any department store) will allow you to gently shape the mask while it is hot.  I continually held this to my face to check that it remained comfortable against my face.

Once the mask is covered as you like it, Punch two holes for the chain and three holes under the "eye" on the opposite side.

Glue your ties to the back of the mask with a heavy bodied glue.

Now emboss your elements (I snipped a piece of the French Oval Frame for the "crown") 

I had a great time with all the different powders. 

Now add these to the mask using Glastique. (here is another trick - nothing sticks to the silicone "hot pad" - I cut one of those into small pieces and use that to clip things into place while they dry. This keeps the clips from sticking to any excess glue that may seep around an embellishment.)

Using Jump rings add three of your keys directly to the mask on one side and then the chain holding three more to the other.

Have a wonderful Thursday - Teresa

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Gift Idea .....

Happy Thursday. Teresa here with a great gift idea. Mine is Christmas themed, but with the assortment of Piccolos available from Globecraft and Piccolo, you can customize this for anyone.

This began as a tall prayer candle in a glass from the Dollar Tree.

I used the following items from Globecraft and  Piccolo

The Christmas Story Piccolo Accent 
- Embossing Enamel Adhesive
- Starry Sky Embossing Powder
- Gilded Rose Gold Embossing Powder

I pulled lace, a button, and a copy of vintage sheet music from my stash.

Easy to do. Emboss the Piccolo with you chosen powders. I used the Starry Sky on everything except the star and the was done with the Gilded Rose Gold.

Adhere the sheet music to the glass using spray adhesive.

Attach the shapes to the music using a heavy bodied glue . (I use elastic ponytail holders to hold the shapes in place against the curve of the glass until it dries completely)

Tie on a fluffy lace bow. Add a button accent.

Ready to gift.

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Good morning all. Teresa here again with some quick and cute note pins for the fridge.

I have a big group of kids in my life (not all my direct relatives) and I support them in as many events as I can. Keeping it all straight can be a bit of a challenge. I was making these little clips for an event and thought why not personalize some for each of those kids - then I will have a clear visual reminder. The many shapes offered in the Piccolos and the colors of the Embossing Powders made this a fun and simple project.

Let's Shop - ( I am linking to the specific items from the photo, however the two links above go to the main sections of the site.)

- Glastique 
- Bahama Aqua Embossing Enamel
Poodle Skirt Embossing Enamel
- Enamel Powder Adhesive
Key Accents Piccolo Set 
Flower Flourishes Piccolo Set

Misc items
- wooden clothespins
- decorative paper
- round strong magnets
Ultimate glue 

Adhere a sliver of the decorative paper to the clothespin using the Glastique. (This is a wonderful paper adhesive. Available in a Matte or Gloss finish. I love using this)

Emboss one of the larger Key Accents with the Enamel Powder Adhesive and Bahama Aqua Powder. (I like how this pulled the blue tones in the paper pattern) Also emboss one of the Flourishes with the Poodle Skirt Powder.

Adhere the Accents to the clips using the Glastique.

After this dries - add your magnet to the back of the pin.

The look fun and pretty lined up across my Refrigerator.

Try these combos.
  picnic check paper with the BBQ Accents
  gothic paper with a Vintage Black Top Hat from the Gentlemen Accents 
  bright yellow paper with the palm tree from the Beach Accents
  camo paper with a deer from the On The Hunt set

Another option would be one for each day of the week.........

Each of the kids knows which one is theirs on the fridge and they add the notes to their clip. So much fun.

Quick and easy ---

Thursday, September 18, 2014

dragonfly Dreams

Good Morning everyone. Wow time flies and it's Thursday again. Teresa here to share another easy to create tag using several of the Globecraft and Piccolo products. 

Shopping list -

Enamel Powder Adhesive
Ultra Thick Clear Embossing Powder
Micro Copper Embossing Powder
Mardi Gras Embossing Powder
Dragonflies Piccolo Set
Burnt Umber 3d Gel

Other items

Manilla Tag Base
Craft Mat
Walnut Inks - I used a leaf green, gold, and red maple
       Note Sweet Stamps keeps a stock of Distress Inks in many colors.
micro gold Glitter
flower stamp

**** **** **** **** **** ****
Let's get started.

I used a tried and true stamping trick for this. I used the EMBOSSING ADHESIVE to ink my stamp directly onto my manilla tag base. Sprinkle with the CLEAR EMBOSSING POWDER and emboss.

Spritz the craft mat with the inks in a random pattern. Place the tag into the inks and pick it up. I use my fingertips but you can use a sponge for this next part. Smear the ink around into the tag background blending areas and leaving some as the original full color. The clear embossing using the clear EMBOSSING ADHESIVE leaves a "resist" area for the flower stamps. Loving this.

Let the tag fully dry.

I then added a dot to the center of each flower using the BURNT UMBER 3D GEL. I sprinkled one with the MICRO COPPER POWDER and the other with the MARDI GRAS POWDER. Let this dry over night. (I did not emboss these at all) I like seeing all the little particles with the Brown peeking through.

Take two of the DRAGONFLIES and ink them with the walnut ink -- I used the leafy green and the red maple. Let these dry completely.

Using my fingertip again (my favorite tool) I smeared the dragon flies with GLASTIQUE and lightly sprinkled with the fine glitter.

After that dried, I shook of the excess glitter and then adhered the DRAGONFLIES to the tag using the GLASTIQUE.

Ready to attach to a gift.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Good morning everyone, Teresa here with a pretty gift for a housewarming or a nursery.

The new release items are so fun and vintage in their feel. So I continued the "theme" with my color choices and background. 

Here's what I used
- Rose Accent from the Fancy Labels Set
- Embossing Powders (I am linking to the main tab - there are so many wonderful colors to choose from - you can coordinate with your background image) 
     I used Gilded Rose Gold (on the frame), Cranberry Wine and Mossy Glen (on the roses), and Royal Sterling (on the word) 

Go ahead - blow that picture up and look at the fun colors in the mixture.

The frame was embossed with two layers of the Gilded Rose Gold Embossing Powder. The first layer was fully embossed until it was almost smooth and the second was partially "heat flashed" to give the texture of older brass frames.

I embossed everything and then used the Glastique as an adhesive. The background papers were cream cardstock and a Pretty textured vellum from my paper stash.

Have a wonderful afternoon.