Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 30 -- the end of the month

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This picture is me - the back says December 1966. I have the snowsuit still - both my girls wore it.

(Oh and the wedding posted about yesterday occurred 103 years ago. 1906)

It has been a good month for me. I finished a lot of stock for the Art show.

Anyone want to keep playing in October? I need a few supplies I have a running list - things like adhesives and brads.

October will be jewelry month for me in the studio - I'll be doing a set of paper tags each day and at least one jewelry piece. To start with I need to polish and bend some spoon bowls to collage. I'll probably do the jewelry in batches of 10.

As we approach the end of softball season, I get to spend a lot of crochet time. Last night had me working on a red scarf piece that I should finish tonight. I'll start another if I do. Softball Princess has two games today.

I am trying to decide if I should post something here - I have been so open about things and something happened in my weight loss journey yesterday that I am thinking could really sidetrack me, but it is so personal and so scary that I am struggling. I may be back later today if I can put this into words. edit - I am adding this. I have thought about it all day and decided that if one person is helped by this knowledge then I should go for it. Also - I got a few comments and a ton of private emails encouraging me.

I have been open in past posts that when my dad was killed I had food issues. Specifically - I became anorexic. It was a direct result of the stress and lack of ability to deal with the situation. I obviously replaced those tendencies with over-eating, another fear and lack of control response. In recent years, I have slayed many internal demons, but never really dealt with the stresses/responses that trigger my food issues. MIND YOU - MY ANOREXIA WAS NOT ABOUT FOOD. It was about control, food was just my tool of choice. Finding myself slowed by an injury and realizing that it would slow down my weight loss, last night found me almost deciding to just not eat. In the irrational parts of my brain, I saw food as the tool of control.

I am 40+ years old and rationally I can take full control of all my decisions. But that little irrational controlling demon voice was so freakin' loud. Yelling to the weaker parts of me about being fat and being weak and how I will never really be fully healthy mentally and physically and I had a hard time silencing it. It scared me to see how easily all those bad behaviors (aka - not eating) could easily return to my way of life, if I am not paying attention. I did recognize what was happening but it freaked me out. Parts of me wanted to give in. Parts of me wanted to give up. Parts of me wanted to run away.

Lucky for me, my family is rather accustomed to the crazy lady who lives there talking to herself. So out loud I simply asked myself what we were having to eat. I did not ask if we wanted to eat. I did not ask if we should eat. Those were not the important questions in this scenario. But in that act of conciously over ruling the inner critic food demon, I began to finally, after all these many years, take charge of my mental health about food issues.

Why share this? Watch the Biggest Loser - all of those people have emotional issues tied to their weight. Look at teenage girls - too many suffer from anorexia and/or bulemia (sp?) over self esteem or other mental issues. Listen for your demons, identify them as what they really are, make a concious decision to slay them instead of running or hiding from them. It is not easy - its been almost 30 years for me. But each time you take control, you will be much better for it and you will be a step closer to regaining full control over your decisions.

Sorry to use this fairly public forum for this, but if one teenage girl can gain even a bit of control over any addiction or food issue, It will be worth baring this part of my soul.

Have a great day. My life is beautiful and I claim and celebrate that beauty.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost over ---

Sidelined - kinda. Rolled my foot and have a strain in the soft tissue around my ankle. 5 -7 days of walking instead of running. Not serious just inconvenient. Not even painful when I walk as long as I wear my brace - but if I try to go without it or run, then I can tell it's injured. And it was stupid, I was not paying attention and stepped on something. Oh well ----

I hope you can read this - it is the wedding announcement for the Man at my Address great grandparents.
We didn't have access to a scanner on Saturday, so I took these shots with my camera. Look at the description of the luncheon above. Now look at the picture below - this is a picture of that luncheon.
Love those tall tall vases. There is a detail that most will not notice in this picture. This fancy luncheon served on the best china at a very well appointed table, features sandwiches with the crust still on the bread. The custom of trimming the crust occured after this date. Cool huh.

MaggieGrace stumbled on Using What I Have today. I was at Hobby Lobby and they have Spellbinders dies. I had a gift certificate from my birthday and a 40% off coupon, so the die did not officially cost me anything. Oh well.

See ya'll tomorrow. I have a beautiful life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Days 25,26,27

I got pictures completely non related to MaggieGrace work. It continues, but there was so much more beauty to my life this weekend. So this is a beautiful life celebration post.

A dog crate is a beautiful thing. Poca ate the corner off my red leather recliner one day last week, so a crate became a priority. We found a used one to buy for a great price. Brought it home and put her in it - she took to the idea effortlessly. We call it her "room" and treat her when she cooperates with the process. Other people have told us this was the way to go, but I am still amazed.

We also visited with my inlaws on Saturday. Veggie soup -- yummy -- try adding a small jalapeno pepper to your personal soup recipe, just enough spice to warm it up nicely.

We talked to Grandmother and Granddaddy about a family history project that Softball Princess is working on for school. Just wait - we got a cool post later in the week about a wedding reception.

Have you ever gone and cut muscadines - the smell of ripe and fermenting overripe grapes is heady. Granddaddy is a man of fairly few words. We went to the grapevines and cut some. He showed me how to cut bunches and presort the over ripe ones before adding them to my bucket. Ask him about his garden and orchards and he is full of information.

He certainly looks many years younger than he is. I was happy and enjoying the time with him (in the drizzle) cutting these berries. We cut two gallons that I brought home, washed and dried. I don't make jelly, we just bring home jars made by Grandmother from their house.

Look at these loaded vines. Certainly looks like fall here.

Golden - sweet - yummy. We will eat these for days. Just grabbing a few off the counter.

Okay - subject change here.

When I decided to build MaggieGraceWorld, one of my definites on the wish list was that it feel welcoming to anyone who wanted to come and spend time there. Softball Princess is working on that family history project and also had to make a poster for the MCHS Softball Senior Night. She invited her friend Cortney to come over and work on the poster. They spent the entire afternoon in the studio working.

Look... two beautiful girls.
MaggieGraceWorld has become everything I hoped it would. They were happy and comfy there. The music was a little (okay - a lot) different than I would have chosen, the topics being discussed a generation apart. But this little section of my world is just about perfect. I left and went to the grocery store; on the way I thought about how my home and studio has expanded to fit my family and their friends. The same way our hearts expand to fit those same people.

My house is not fancy, nor is my studio. Neither is huge. But it doesn't matter. My heart and home and life have the ability to stretch and grow and welcome those we love. I am so glad to have every one of these "real world" people in my life, just as I am so glad to have my friends here.

No matter what, I recognize and I praise God for the fact that I DO HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. I am so so blessed.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Days 23 & 24 - working away

I've been working away - there's just nothing new to show you guys. More inventory building.

These pictures are for Lannae. I have to provide some images and an artist bio for her. I don't think "tequila drinker" falls into that description, but I plan on doing some of that this weekend.

I made the halfway mark for weight loss - I have lost 30 pounds. Yesterday - there was giggling and singing and dancing and other celebratory things occuring behind the shower curtain in my morning routine. Softball Princess even knocked on the door to check and see if I had lost my mind completely. I sent my friends Melissa and Margaret text messages that read

"there was nonsexual giggling in my shower this morning LOL" - go ahead laugh, it was a funny email.

I am struggling with this bio thing - how do you say I make things using crap I collect from everywhere and that the materials kind of define what I am making. The items are affordable and, for the most part, useful.

Pictured above is a favorite pendant charm - a vintage button and some beads.

A group shot of some gathered items.

I made this to sell, but then I put it on the mantel - I am struggling with selling this. I brought it in this morning for pictures so it is on my desk. Several customers have complimented it, that is incredibly affirming to me. I may have to assemble a few more similar pieces.

Here are a couple of the collaged spoon pendants. I wear the one on the right all the time. The first week of October will begin jewelry month and I'll be making several more of these.

Tonite - local football - homecoming. Tomorrow - TWO concession stand duties. Sunday - just for me.

I'll be working on MaggieGrace goodies squeezed in between all that and the tequila drinking.

I'm thinking that I will continue the USE WHAT I HAVE focus through the end of the year. I do need some adhesives that I'll be headed to Hobby Lobby for as quick as this month is over.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DAY 22 - a failed experiment

Pictured above - inspired by Vallen, I tried my hand at a lace necklace. There will not be any of these at the Artist Market. I am not at all happy with it. The crochet trim will be used in another way after being taken back apart. I will continue working on this idea, just not right now.

Oh well - so I wasted a night. It happens.

I also committed to do one piece for the Penumbra Show. Gotta decide what that's gonna be. And kinda committed to a square for the Phoenix Rising Collaborative Art Quilt with proceeds going to the Georgia Theatre rebuild. (Thank you College Girl for getting me involved with Sam's Mom)

Have any of you all participated in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Event at the GA Theatre in Athens?

I'm sore today and a migraine is hammering me again. I sure do wish we could get to some more normal fall weather around here.

Have a great day. Live a beautiful life.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Okay Lace Fans - Day 21

Go here to see what the Queen has done with lace.

Now I don't collect laces as a rule, but I crochet some of my own. I hope my friend doesn't mind if I copy this idea. So last night I stamped and embossed a few tags. Then sat down and worked out the details of the water bottle carriers (thanks for the input) and then made a lace swatch just to try the necklace idea for myself. I definitely honored my committment to 15 minutes

No pictures of any of that. But you are welcome to right click the postcard image at the top. I scanned it to use for my labels.

The glass insulators arrived at my desk yesterday too. Mr. Flea Market brought them in for me. I already have one this color and I adore this dark teal blue glass. Not really sure where these will find a home at my house, but I can promise it will be where the sun shines on them.

Have a great day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 18, 19, 20

It is amazing how much I can get done when I challenge myself. The south has been soaked in - we have had 11.5 inches of rain at my house since last Tuesday. It was a college football weekend too. I got a good bit done in the studio. Even more important - I got some housework done. Poca - monster dog - it a bit nutty from being cooped up inside - actually all of us are.

Anyway - these are out of order, but I am not fighting blogger today - Just going with it.

I often carry handfuls of crap into a ballgame. My chair - my craft bag - my purse - a bottle of water - etc. I don't like to put a bottle in my purse or craft bag because of the condensation getting every thing damp. I saw a picture somewhere and clipped it. In the picture, a wonderful little water bottle carrier was sitting on the table. I added the picture to one of my notebooks -

Saturday night dring the Gerogia ballgame - I grabbed a big ball of crochet cotton and proceeded to figure out my own version of a bottle carrier. Crochet - frog - crochet. I finished it last night watching Dirty Dancing. It fits various sized bottles just fine - the one pictured is my normal one. The shoulder strap means handsfree and the cotton absorbs the condensation nicely. I can also hang this from the back of my chair or the hook in the barn. Now to decide if there might be a market for these at all. FEEDBACK HERE PLEASE !!!!!!!!! I may make 5 or 6 and just see.

For my studio time Saturday, I grabbed neutral card stock and simply punched tags. These will be embellished and bundled as gift tags.
These are the last of the journals -- a priate ship inspired one. I particularly like the compass in the hammered copper ring. The little mounting screws are bronzed brads, the copper is a piece of roof flashing that I cut and hammered for texture. After I glued it all down, I filled in the circle of the compass with sepia 3d glass effect. It makes it look like the compass is mounted behind glass. Love that leather look paper and the map too.

I found some bright card blanks in some thing and made a few assorted cards.

This journal is what I made for the College Girl. Simple - not over embellished. This is definitely the look I readily make.

Another journal -inspired by the car bingo game piece. The word is colored with pens on a scrapbook paper that came in a color-your-own kit.

This one has a story. It started out being something completely different, but I screwed up and messed the background paper up, thus forcing me to regroup. When I went digging in the stash, I found the postcard and went from there. The shell was a trick to adhere - thank you E6000. In all honesty, I like this a lot better than the original idea anyway.

Lannae is posting "press blurbs" on the Artist Market blog. I think mine needs to include the phrase One of a kind wares defined by the materials available. Recycled, repurposed, mixed media designs.

I can guarantee that I don't do assembly line crafts at all. I get too freakin" bored.

Boot camp tonight - then time in the studio - I think it will be a night for cheese quesadillas and salsa for dinner. (Yes they fall within my weight watchers points).

Have a wonderful day -- and remember - you have a beautiful life too.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 17

No softball last night or tonight because of the rain. I spent more time in the studio. The journals will be finished tonight. I'll have a total of 25 standard composition book size to sell. Each is one of a kind and dictated by what I had on hand.

This one reminds me of a certain irreverent (at times ) but oh so lovely friend of mine.

A close up of the text elaborating on situations that require courtesy. The first one is funny but the second one really cracks me up.

I think I have posted this before - the "scales" are individual punched circles.

I love the linked hearts here. Easy to do by splitting the open hearts and interlinking them as I glued them down.

The vintage look paper here required the vintage image. I found an old Christmas card that was perfect. Love the little overalls. I have a Christmas picture of College Girl in a similar outfit from here toddler years.

This one features a postcard from Natasha Burns.

I also have a pack of small notebooks that got some embellishment loving too.

The wording on the dream journal is done with a micron pen and stencil.

I crocheted the little doiley on this one.

A key charm and an antiqued plain ol' office supply tag. I used stamp pads in walnut and ant gold and simply rubbed the white of the tag with an inked finger.

I have three more journals to finish. One of those three will be for the College Girl. A special request. I'll be back in the studio tonite. Finishing those and cleaning up for the next project.

Have a great weekend.

I have a beautiful life.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 16 -

This post brought to you by the migraine from hell. I did work in the studio for a long time last night - but no pictures. I forgot to take them - I also forgot to put the coffee pot back under the basket this morning at work. Yup brewed a whole pot just for the floor - poured the water in and walked off. Seems the Relpax makes me stupid - no more of that - glad I only have the samples and that I have no money invested.

I'll bring pictures of the new journals tomorrow.

Now for today -

Fred Lyda comes by our office all the time. He "hangs out" with us. Retired and spends a significant amount of time and money at junk outlets, auctions, and flea markets.

He brought a box of silverware several weeks back that I bought from him for like nothing. I am now sorting through it.

I only have one of these silverplate forks - pretty handle detail. I have it in the console of my SUV - I am in a quandry about what to do with it. I pick it up and ponder while I am driving or waiting at lights etc.

See my favorite detail is not the one above.

Here's my favorite ............

See it - the little word there.....

I magnified it for you ...
Engraved on the back of the handle is the word "precious". I'm pondering the idea of making this the focal point of a jewelry piece. Or maybe let it be a hidden message on a bracelet. "I don't know" - she says and puts it back to ponder some more.

LBF laughed yesterday when I told him how I was agonizing over this tiny detail and how it has me completely stuck on this one. He's pissed about me making him laugh too - he fell trout fishing and cracked/bruised several ribs. I tried to explain myself but - oh well. Only another artist will understand.

Oh and the Man at my Address - doesn't understand at all either. He came into the studio last nightand stayed all of about 3 minutes before he expressed boredom and bailed back to watch mindless TV. At least he didn't laugh.

See you guys tomorrow --- hopefully with some intelligent function in my brain.

I have a beautiful life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 15

MaggieGraceWorld has a mascot. Just look at that face - pretty little mutt. She comes and goes and then when she's tired, she lays on the rug nearby my feet with assorted toys and stuff she drags off the shelf. I like having her close by. She got a bath last night - does not like that process at all, but she does like to be brushed. So I sat on the steps of the kitchen porch and brushed her really well after she dried. I am also the one she comes to for lap snuggling.

I still have not finished the sides of this doorway and this is not the most attractive view of the storage above, but I liked how the pages look hanging for the glue to dry. I glued fragile papers to card stock last night. All of these are to be integrated into other concoctions after the paste dries. That is a piece of an old door hung sideways above the door. Tacks and string make up the drying line.
I also finished another journal last night. A scrapbook paper that looks likes vintage gift wrap - even the creases and discoloration are printed on it. How cute are these little angels. Again my style is restrained - I added little rhinestone "blings" to a few of the stars. The metal word was in a goodie package from someone. Black velvet ribbon and a length of flat back pearl trim finish this one. I found a few more compostion books in the stash and covered them for embellishing as well last night.

I am one pound from my halfway goal - really watching all my food and exercise carefully - so I have been doing a lot of cooking.

Last night's dinner is easy and fairly quick - baked tilapia pockets, rice, and salad. My crew loves it and I can come home get it into the oven and onto their plates in less than an hour. I never cooked fish - okay I never really cooked - until recently. But since I have started cooking - I love it and it has been easy to incorporate my eating needs into really healthy and delicious meals for everyone. New favorites include - the fish pockets and Barefoot Contessa's oven roasted tomatoes on a salad. As I find recipes, I will be sharing them.

I have a beautiful life - and a teen driver. Pray hard and watch carefully for the little blue "wind- up" car with a really pretty redheaded driver.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 14 - time for an increase in prayer

Day 14 has been eventful and productive. Let me start by explaining the title of this post. The Softball Princess is now a fully legal under 21 driver. Got those license this morning and drove herself to school in the rain. Scary - the first time out by herself and it is raining. Thus my prayer time and staying up late worrying time just took a dramatic increase in intensity.

She also got her high school class ring last night at the ring ceremony. I am a bad parent - got no pictures of that.

Mommy update over.

These are the two journals that gave me the most grief. I wanted to use the wooden letters and then it was a struggle to find stuff in my stash to really work with the paper I covered the letters in. The little monkey face is a cheap plastic game like you would get in a bubble gum machine. It has little spots to drop the little balls into. The monkey is glued to a library pocket, so the owner can put notes into it (I'm making one for me with this feature - for my grocery lists, etc.) Once I got on track, I really like how these came out. Thinking teacher gifts here.

The journal on the left also gave me a little problem. Attaching the snowflakes to the tag. They are charms and had the little place for a jump ring that looked funny. After much pondering, I simply cut the little loops off and glued these in place. Problem solved.

The last two that are now complete. Damn I hate it when you finish something to sell and then fall in love. The baby picture is a scan of an "adopted relative" photo I thrifted. I made the little crochet flowers. The watch faces on the second one are vellum scrapbook embellishments. I have a question - is there a trick to working with vellum? I spent a long time cussing because it wanted to roll up on the edges. I used a vintage post card back - just because it was a great graphic. The calipers are a Rebecca Sower designed sticker that came from somewhere.

Now before I go, I want you to go see what the world's coolest grandmother did for her Sugarwings grandbaby. I met Karla at the En Le Jardin art workshop and she is such a sweet person. Talented - yes. Funny - yes. Loves that baby - no doubt in my mind. While you are over there look at the archives for the fairy trail she made for the same baby girl. I will definitely keep this little paper towel trick up my sleeve for future reference.

I have a beautiful life. Yes the stress of teen drivers just increased, but it is still a beautiful life. Y'all have a fabulous day.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Days 12 and 13

Lots of crochet - it's portable and mindless. Sitting at the ball tournament I managed to finish three long skinny scarves. The one pictured below a hand dyed wool that I bought on clearance. This is a color departure for me. But I like it.

There was also a solid black one and the muted softer toned one in the picture below.

Remember this picture from April 2008. A volleyball dad snoozing in the bleachers. This is Chris - his family owns a bank in this area. A great guy. Obviously not the best chaperone - LOL.

This is my friend Margaret - Boot Camp friend. You can see what she is doing - this was late saturday afternoon. Ready for the funny part - Margaret works for Chris (pictured above). I may start a collection of snoozing in the bleacher shots. But I do know that I am emailing both these pictures to her. Looks like being a good chaperone is not on the bank job description.

One last weekend picture. We went undefeated through the tournament - beating 5 schools - 3 are powerhouse schools. We beat Greenbriar (a mental win that boosted us right on through) and the number one ranked school in the state (Lowndes -Valdosta). We have a hugely full week of ball this week and another tournament next weekend.

Softball Princess perched to listen to coaches' closing remarks. Take a look at that left leg. One very nasty contusion - it looked early Saturday morning like she might not be able to play - but she did. Her shoulder is banged up too - so coach took her out of the batting order and she played defense only - most of the day.

Got home LATE Sat night and then was kinda lazy Sunday. I did solve my tech problems on those three journals - pictures to come tomorrow.

I have a beautiful life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

day 10 and 11

we are in columbus, ga playing in a ball tourney. I have the crochet hooks and yarn with me.

Softball Princess is a little banged up. A collision at first base left a huge (like softball sized) bruise on her right shin. being tall and skinny means it is really obvious. we play today (saturday) at 10, 12, and 4. then headed home.

be back to normal on monday.

i have a wonderful (but action packed) life.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 9 - and a winner

This image is not mine - it is from ETSY - was researching pricing and found myself here. I like the graphics on this one and I have several old newspapers that have already been cut, so there will be some with this feel. Input on pricing please - I am thinking around 5.00 -7.00 for the journals - only the front covers are altered. Many of the ones on Etsy are front and back and start at 13 -25 dollars. Please feedback on this.....I need to sell this stuff, to pay for my habits.

I did get to the barn last night, but I am still struggling with the same journals. I made progress but am not ready for pictures. I wound up with a migraine and gave up and went to bed. My day yesterday was filled with stupid little accidents - all mine and all my fault. We are trying to gain some control over pup and I have had to swat her with a rolled up paper. In doing that yesterday morning, I managed to cut the knuckle on my middle finger of my right hand (one of those aggravating places because it bends). I then proceded to slam the utility room door on the same knuckle - leaving it swollen and bruised (insert appropriate cussing here). Then last night, AFTER giving the Man at my Address a hard time about his driving (we do not ride well together), His buddy agreed with me and I proceeded to drive home from Athens. No accident but I did miss a turn - much ribbing to take from that one. After a day filled with such stupid little incidents, I was almost scared to get sharp objects out in the barn. I did my 15 minutes and came in the house.

Softball Princess leaves today for Columbus, GA. We go down in the morning for the weekend. My list for today includes ironing dragonfly transfers onto some of those dish towels so that I have a travel project for the weekend.

Boot Camp and weight loss update - going again tonight - and I have lost 28 pounds of my 60 pound goal. I have lost a generous pants size - whoo hoo shopping in the back of the closet time. I feel so much better.

Now for the real news -- The winner of the cookbook. I took the names (only two) and put them on a coin and flipped it - literally. Congrats to Lannae. I put the book in the car - thinking I'll see her in the nex few days. But Darla - I also have a small unadvertised surprise for you as well. (please email me you address privately).

I have a beautiful life. - Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Day 8 and a cookbook giveaway

Good morning. Especially good morning to my friend Jen. I had coffee and conversation with my west coast bestie this morning. Me at my desk, she in her apartment - thank you facebook instant messaging. It was wonderful. She is packing up her apartment for a move to a wonderful new city and life - I am so excited for her. I really wish I could go help her pack.

Boot camp last night. Now that softball is underway, I am losing workout time and I don't push myself as hard when I am not in that class. No weight gain, but I haven't lost any. I get two days in this week --- YES!!! I feel so much better now that exercise is a part of my routine.

Came home, made a quick cheese quesadilla with salsa verde for dinner and headed to the studio. Poca comes and goes between the house and MaggieGraceWorld. Its nice to have a studio mascot - but there is a bunch of stuff she can get into so I have to watch her closely.

I finished this journal. The center is a note card front - the background is a reference to the fruit of the spirit.

That was the only one I finished. I stalled on two others. Artist block. I was just not happy with how they were going. I pre-assembled and left them lying on the counter to look at with fresh eyes tonight. I also started another, and I like the layout, but I have a technical attachment issue to work out. Again, I left that one on the counter.

I did put away another mixed box of CRAP. Got several more of these to sort through.

I also found several books that are simply taking up space in my house. Time to give something away. The cookbook below is up for grabs. You can go here to learn more about it. I have the paperback version. Leave comments today 9-9-09. I will come into my office in the morning and randomly choose one lucky person.

I also added a new blog to my sidebar - I have it listed as Jennifer S. Jennifer is the mom of the Morman Boy who is a huge part of College Girl's life. As traumatic as the early spring was for my family, we did add some really nice people to our list of friends. Molly and Sam say that their moms are basically the "same person". Jennifer is brand new to blogland and I would love for some of you guys would drop over and say hello to her. Her post today is about a project that I wish I could have been a part of, but just couldn't work out.

Oh and go see MaryAnn. She has a piece published in a Stampington magazine. I am so excited for her.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day. I have a beautiful life and I want you to have one too.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DAYS 5 - 6 - 7

And a puppy shot - Poca "helps" load the dishwasher. I don't allow her anywhere near when we unload. We are having a terrible time with biting, chewing, all that puppy stuff. She constantly gets a whack with the newspaper and hears the words "bad dog" - and just so you know we are equally aquainted with "good dog". I had forgotten just how demanding getting to a well trained puppy really is. Please don't look too closely at that damaged floor - the kitchen in the 130 year old farmhouse is going to be our last big expense and we just are not ready to go there.

Now for the USE WHAT I HAVE weekend accomplishments. I finished these up - yes they are drying on a really ornate silver plate tray. I needed a large flat suface and that was the first one I found. Anybody else guilty of that?

After I cut out all those oval birds I was left with this detritus.

Still very pretty scraps don't you think. Well being the true scrap saver, I could not just dump these.

So I dug in the stash and found these springy bright solid cardstocks, a Martha Stewart lace edge punch, and came up with these larger gift enclosures. Liking the look of these a lot and I like the size these finished. They are not fold overs, just flats with room for a short message on them.

Well all that trimming left me with this little pile of scraps again. Still very pretty. Again the scrap saver in me couldn't dump them.

This time I pulled neutral card stock - being a paper whore, I have plenty of card stock - and my sizzix tag die and made these small gift tags.
So from 20 misprinted images I got 60 various sized gift tags. I think this qualifies for turning lemons into lemonade.

I have been gathering up composition books at various locations with the intention of making those covered journals. Again this month's USE WHAT I HAVE focus is a good thing for me. It has forced me to really buckle down and get some things made. I pulled a dozen of those compostion books out and some scrap book papers (remember I got a huge variety of papers to pick from) I went through the stacks and just pulled some I liked. I trimmed them and using YES! Paste covered the fronts.

That was Sunday afternoon. I let them dry overnite and then yesterday I started digging in the stash for embellishments. That stash digging is so much fun. I mixed and mached and finished 3 journals.

Two Christmas ones. The Santa was an embossed sticker. The Christmas tree one is (guilty of saving what people might say is trash again) a recycled Christmas card that was a perfect color coordinator.

My favorite one so far is this one. A postcard (I save way too much crap). I added the little rhinstone "blings" to the card and punched a few birds.

I learned a lot about me with the projects.

I really hate to toss anything I deem to be "pretty"

I have a problem USING things I buy to use. Not sure what that is about. I found myself thinking "if I use it then I won't have to use in the future." Weird.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot force myself to do lots of layers and really over the top "froufrou" items. I am drawn to well placed and more simple designs. I hope customers at this Artists Market are drawn to this look as well.


I have a beautiful life -

You all have a fabulous day.