Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday -work in progress

Here it is. Doesn't look like much does it? This is the cottonhouse on our property - roughly 80- 100 years old. Tin roof, heart pine lumber, sheds on each side, and full of the man's junk.

Why am I posting THIS as my WIP Friday post? It's my new studio space to be.

Right now I work in the kitchen, living room, dining room, anywhere I can find a surface and a comfy chair. I store things ALL over the house. This is a mess and I am tired of the hassle it takes to get it out and live with it. We have an addition planned for the house - but that is long term and been shelved for now because of the cost of building materials.

So one evening we are talking about a work/storage solution for my stuff and this is the outcome. For my birthday (coming soon - Bastille Day), I get this barn emptied of his stuff. He has another bigger barn that he is taking over. I get something I really want and he gets by on the cheap. I will have to fog it several times to lose all the wasps and bees. Then the real fun starts. I have lined up a roofer to caulk and seal. That is first on the agenda. This project will take months to complete, but the plus to that is I have an abundance of blog material to bore all of you with.

The best part will be a clean house and the ability to work uninterrupted (yeah right) and a place to have all of my stuff together. I have been surfing and looking at spaces to help with ideas. I can't wait.

Other WIP at my house. I cut out several lambkins last night for a baby shower table decoration. I have some folk art stitched ornaments to sew and stuff, and I started a crochet scarf for my Indie Pal out of the coolest yarn. It's acrylic - but I still think its fun and its orange. I have sketched some ideas for my black and white swap and the next five ATC on my list.

I am officially closing the signups for the ATC project today. I will post the full list, next week.

So yes I am busy. I like things that way. I have already been told by my best friend that I don't sit still very well.

By the way, Sunday is that same best friend's birthday. As much as he would like you to believe he is 12 days older than me, you have to add 10 years to that number to get it right. Happy Birthday, Buddy.

I lead an incredibly full life. I have been blessed with so many things and I am so very grateful for that. It has been said "happiness is the journey, not the destination". Yeah buddy, I am happy on this journey, are you?

Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Magic

This was one of my favorite swap projects I have ever made. This is off to my swap partner and I do hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. A magic yarn ball.

It's full of goodies. Charms, buttons, ribbon, trims, embellishments, beads, a heart that she can finish. The bow around the ball is vintage trim, I bought a big spool of for .50 in a junk store. The little bird really doesn't match but I thought it looked cute perched there on the top.

I'm thinking about how many of my friends might get something like this for Christmas. I could do it for kids and teens with crepe paper and goodies, for my crafty friends just like this, even for the men in my life with fishing line and lures.

I do hope my swap partner likes this.

I was reading alicia's blog earlier about fabric stores being a source of comfort and inspiration. And I thought about how I am on the other side of some really major life changes and what I did to nurse myself through them. I create. I spend time alone at a place I have shared with only one other person. A hot bath and a margarita will work wonders. I do have to travel a tiny bit for work, I make those mini vacations for me.

When I am feeling a lack of creativity, I browse your blogs or spend time with the sketch books and idea books I have put together. I am so different than I was then. It's amazing to think back at so much of my life and realize how many times I compromised myself in order to please others. Once I discovered that it's better for me to be true to myself, I found that I have more to give. It was too hard pretending to be something I wasn't. So, now I have more energy to put into life and loving. It makes me more creative and productive, that makes me happier than I have ever been.

Now - in my mind - my favorite place to relax. On the dock by a lake, with a pitcher of margaritas, a basket of french bread with bruschetta and/ or spinach dip and chips, olives, etc. Listening to the sound the dock makes in the waves and absorbing all the wonder of the sun leaving the sky and night approaching. This is a scene I have replayed many times. Any one out there got a similar favorite place? Share it with us please.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finally - A Productive Night

I finally had a productive night as far as creative endeavors go. I finished addressing all of my handmade postcards for the swap-bot and nikkishell swaps. I also have sent one to my indie pal who I am sure is convinced that I have died.

The postcards are collaged of various items and I used what I had. Paper, stamps and ink, colored pencils, printable copper metallic paper, glue. The "5" one is a representation of the number 5 and if you look closely all of the elements represent the number. This was a lot of fun to look for and put together.

I packaged up all my fat quarters and got them out as well.

And the most fun of all, the 2nd treasure hunt mystery craft. I love these kind of challenges. We are given a list and we have to create something from that list. Here's a description of mine. I did buy a frame to put it in, but I bought it on clearance. Everything else is from my stash.

1 - the color pink - a background wash of watercolor pink
2 - key or coin - a key charm from a fire mountain gems bead grab bag.
3 - trinket or charm - the filigree medallion in the center of the heart
4 - courregated cardboard - the center strip painted an antique white
5 - print fabric - the rose print that the heart is cut from
6 - glitter - spray glitter all over, the fabric has a glitter on it, and I used red for accent.
7 - flower - a sticker from one of my swap partners - the color was perfect.
8 - staple or paper clip - I bent staples into a diamond shape and filled them with red glitter
for the accents
9 - ribbon - edging down the center strip
10 - a book page - from an old hymnal for the background.

I do hope my swap partner likes this. I have to say, this is a favorite piece of mine. I really would have kept this for myself and may duplicate it somewhat for cards. I have looked at my new work and compared it to the older stuff I have done. My new work is reflecting where I am in my life. It's happy, lighthearted, fun, and I am there right now. My outlook is brighter and more positive than it had been in years. I visited a blog this morning and they asked a question. I would like to ask you that same question. "What theme finds its way through your work right now?"

I am slowly digging out of the hole I was in, and I am trying hard to avoid a recurrance of "overcommittment syndrome". Why do we as crafters do that to ourselves? VBS is over and now I have a lighter load. So I feel lighter, more creative.

Please give me feedback on the mystery craft. I really like to hear what others think of my work.

I do hope you all have a beautiful day.

Monday, June 26, 2006

It Takes a Village

I am a North Georgia Fury softball mom. I am proud of that fact. We formed this travel team 3 years ago and as challenging as it has been at times, this organization is one of the most rewarding things in my life. The girls are all talented athletes, good students, friends with each other, and beautiful young ladies.

They are coached by several of the dads. They are cheered on by moms, siblings, family, and friends. They are supported by all. They are loved by all. They intimidate the competition, yet they are constantly complimented for their sportsmanship and off field behavior.

Jones Chapel UMC lets the team use the softball field. It is maintained by the dads and by Mr Buddy. Thanks to them.

I have left home with just my child and brought 4 more back. I think all of these parents have had the same experience. Thank you all for being willing to help with my child and others. Thank you for the trust you put in me by allowing me to help with your child. Thank you for watching out for mine and accepting that I will watch out for yours.

Thanks to the coaches for the leadership you are providing Abby and the others, both on and off the field. Thanks to the entire organization for the friendships we have formed. Thanks for supporting each other - encouraging each other - loving each other.

I am pleased to be part of an athletic organization who proudly presents a Christian life before these girls and the teams we encounter.

For these girls associated with Fury, it has been said it takes a village to raise a child, you girls are surrounded by the strongest, most supportive village there is.

We love you girls and want you to succeed in faith, life, love, and softball.

above photo front row - Chastin, Renee, Timia, Abby M

back row - Bralee, Abby A (my daughter), Olivia, Brooklyn, Cortney, Sarah, Alex

If you come and read this blog, please pray for these girls as they travel, compete, and grow into adults.

Have a beautiful day.

Friday, June 23, 2006

work in progress - friday

This is MAJOR work in progress. From VBS earlier this week. I am the crafts leader for our weeklong bible school and these kids are so much fun. We made treasure boxes, windsocks, picture frames, magic mirrors, and hanging banners. I love these kids.

I was the youth director for this church until just a few weeks ago. I literally worked myself out of a job. When I started working this job, there were six kids and two were mine. We had 65 total for VBS this week. So we have hired a youth minister. A young man training to be a pastor at a local college. Nice young man - who is learning so much about responsibility, about organizing, about delegating. I try to reassure him it will be okay. Things that looks like they are easy to pull off are often very complicated and he has learned that too this week.

I am so tired. The only other time I remember being this tired was when they girls were small. But seeing a kid learn and enjoy themselves is such a blessing to me. (That's me by the door in the white shirt.)

More news about this week. I have a new mattress. We have slept on a waterbed for years and on Wednesday night, get home to a ruptured mattress. What a mess. So now that is cleaned up. and we have a new one. We have ants in the house, and that required constant attention to spray and clean. I have cleaned a huge pile out for the yard sale, and now I can clean up the hall area. If I could just get Charles to clean out the cotton house so we can start on my studio space. Maybe that's what I'll ask for for my birthday - an empty space - cheap - not so easy to obtain.

Any way a hugely busy week. Productive week. And I do believe I will take Sunday for what it was intended. A day of rest.

Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


This was in the mail yesterday. Part of the fat quarter swap. Its an ikea of sweden print and I love, love, love it. Now to decide what to do with it. There was also a fantastic bag of goodies, candy, beads, and a postcard as well.

All in all a very pleasant surprise.

Then, I picked up a huge package from the post office. It was my Christmas in July swap - way early, and all packaged in 12 individually wrapped presents. I was supposed to open one a day until i finished. Well, I contacted my swap pal Susan and pretty much begged for permission to open them all. Permission granted and I did. Oh WOWOWOWOW. All kinds of Christmas goodness. I do have a favorite - She is a beautiful angel bell. Everything is perfect for me. Susan spent so much time getting this ready and I want to thank her so much for treating me during the busiest week of the summer.

I have done NO personal crafting this week. I work fulltime in sales and then we are having Vacation Bible School at church this week from 6-9 pm. So I leave work at 5, drive 30 minutes home, change clothes, drive 10 minutes to church and start crafts class for 40 kids. This goes on, in shifts, until 9, then I clean up the area and set up for the next night. Last night it was about 10:15 before I left the church. Exhaustion rules for this week.

And it gets no better for the weekend. We are having a fundraiser yard sale for Abby's softball trip to the national tournament. We need approx $12,000 to take these kids on this trip, so we are doing all we can to offset the costs for each family. Several parents are setting up on Friday night but we have to there at 6 am Saturday for this. Exhaustion still - but the plus side is that I am getting rid of a huge pile of mess in my house that I have been collecting and stacking in the hall.

My new mail and blog friend, maryann, talks in her blog about clutter. I am the clutter queen, but it is getting better. I have also learned that activities with my girls, my loved ones, and my friends are much more important than a spotless house. I will have time to get all of it clean when the girls are grown and gone. In the mean time, I am completely comfortable with the clutter and slightly behind schedule cleaning of the house. If it bothers people who are visiting, I'm sorry. If it keeps someone from visiting, I'll miss them. If my house has to be clean for you to spend time with me, that would be another thing I can do without.

As I read that last sentence, I realized how really Bitchy that sounds. I almost took it out. Then I decided that's how I feel and left it in. I have come to terms with how people are, how I am, and if people are negative or selfish or demanding or feel like they must be first and formost in the scheme of things, I don't have time for that. I am generous with my time and my resources for people who are truly needy. I am also generous with the people I choose to love and who love me. I would give you the shirt off my back willingly if you need it, just don't come to me and demand it.

Sorry to vent that here. I try really hard to use this medium as a positive message, but these are some things floating around in my head.

I do hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

Have a beautiful day.

Monday, June 19, 2006


This was inspired by a post at PAPER THOUGHTS. A work apron. It's for the Fabric Scrap Craft Swap - and it is late going in the mail.

I made it from a remnant my Mom bought at a fabric warehouse sale for me. The rick rack is vintage. There are two scissor loops on the side of a large center pocket. The small cream canvas pocket is sized for a postit note pad. Easy to make - there will be more of this type of apron. I like to keep everything together when I work so I will make one for me and maybe some others will get one too.

I hope swap buddy likes it and will accept my sincere apologies on this being so late.

Modeled by Molly who would not let me show her hair in the picture. Teenager having a bad hair day.

Have a beautiful day.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Mary Ann is my Indie Pal and we have become great mail friends. She had a bit of a dud partner so I have started sending her some things too. I love it when you get to know people and form that connection.

One day recently, I open the mailbox to a package. As I sit there in my paisley pants and open this, dear daughter laughed and said "Miss Mary Ann really knows you doesn't she". The package contained a paisley apron. Too much fun. I love it. If I cooked, I could wear it in the kitchen. MaryAnn sent recipes too. Maybe that will help me learn to cook.I will wear it though, when I am trying to convince the girls I can cook and when I am helping in the church kitchen. Thank you so much.

Then on Thursday, I come home to a package. BUT ITS NOT FOR ME. No - Mary Ann has decided the girls need spoiling too. They got their own package of goodness. They loved it all and Abby likes the tiny little clothespins the most. Not sure what she is planning for those.

The blog world and the swap world have convinced me that for the most part people are generous and kind.

Thank you all my new friends. Thank you all my friends that have been with me along. Thank you for sharing a small part of life's journey with me.

Have a beautiful day.


I received these swaps too. Sometimes you get really lucky. While I am thrilled with every swap I receive, sometimes you form a special relationship with people. Miki with Iklectik Boutique was my partner before and we have kept in touch. When the scrap craft swap came around, she had my name, and sent me this fantastic purse. The fabric on the lower left corner is almost exacly like one I have on my desk. this girl has got me figured out.

I immediately decided that I would use it as a craft kit. I like it for that because it's shallow enough that I don't have to dig for things. If you read here often, you know that I spend a lot of time at events for the girls so a portable craft is always with me. And this bag is the perfect vessel for carrying that around. The fat quarter is also a favorite. I love this fabric and we have many new little ones coming so I see this working its way into a creation for a new baby.

Thanks to all my swap buddies.

Have a beautiful day.

Swap Goodies

Mail - with goodies and no bills. That always is a wonderful thing. I have been the recipient of some wonderful swap packages. Take a look. Summer holiday. June colorific red and blue. Old Christmas cards. So much fun. I have really enjoyed swap goodness and I hope to continue getting to know all these people even better.


This is "Rusty". He has been on the windowsill at work for 2 weeks, every day - all day. He flys around and fights his reflection. I named him after several days of this. I sit facing this window as I work and I have pondered a lot this week by observing him.

As beautiful as he is, I find myself thinking about how really stupid it is to fight an imaginary foe. Also thinking about how he really is fighting himself but thinks its important to do. I have found this to be true about me too. I fight with decisions, I fight without reasons, I fight for stupid reasons, I beat my head against problems that I can't solve. And, at the end of some days, I am so exhausted from fighting and struggling that all I want to do is crawl under the covers and rest.

So - in watching "Rusty", I have learned some lessons. I will try to only fight real battles and then only the ones that will actually have an outcome of change. I will then use that extra energy to really LOVE - fully and freely. Maybe a lesson we all can use.

Have a beautiful day.


The photo really does not show this butterfly with all the beauty he has. A brilliant vivid blue offset in black. This was made in the butterfly center at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. This is a great place to take kids. You walk in amongst all these butterflies. They will land on you and around you. My girls are older so the squeals of glee didn't come from them but all the little kids were so excited. That is so much fun for me to watch.

Any one who knows me well knows that I love kids of all ages, but I really enjoy the age where they are discovering things and are not embarassed about showing their excitement about their discoveries.

Have a beautiful day.


Black/gray - this was a challenge because I wanted to get both in the picture. This is the corner on my kitchen porch. When we bought the house, Molly was a toddler and we started to mark this as we thought about it. Molly will soon be 16, we have added Abby, and many friends are represented here. There are black marks, gray pencil marks, colored markers - all kinds. When we painted - the painter was threatened if he covered this up.

Do you have a memory in your home like this? I think it's fun and my girls and their friends think it's cool.

Have a beautiful day.


There are a pair of these brown shutters hanging over my sofa. I bought them in Harrodsburg, KY years ago. We were on vacation and I found these propped in a back corner of a junk store. You know - one of those places you have to poke around and dig through. Those are the places I love to explore. Any way we were loaded to the gills with seven of us in a minivan and I bought shutters. Mind you I had no idea what I was going to do with them- I just liked them. We had to unload every one and every thing onto the street to get these shutters under the seats. I brought them home and used them to frame this group of cross stitched covered bridges representing the four seasons. I adore the distressed brown paint of the shutters against the chocolate milk covered walls in the living room.


Little Birds is hosting color week and I have been taking pictures but with the schedule I have had this week, I have been slow in posting. So there will be several entries today.

White Monday. This is one of the door knobs in our 130+ year old house. White porcelain - slightly crazed and stained. I love the door knobs. We have several of these in the house, some brown porcelain, some metal, some white. We even found one with 1870 engraved in it. It's not on a door but I kept it and the chipped glass one.

I love the way these challenges cause us to look a little closer at the things in our lives.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Remember the post about the overwhelming list. Well, I have been plugging away at it and have updated that list accordingly. All weekend, I crocheted on the baby blanket. I finished it last night, no photo yet because Nancy reads this and she wont cooperate with not looking. Last night I took advantage of a women's night at the church and finished the journal for swap, then a really cute little lamb for the red and blue swap, and the peace and harmony swap item. So since Friday, i have marked 4 off the list - gathered all of the materials for vbs crafts, managed to keep my sanity intact.

Now later today, if blogger will cooperate i will post photos of swaps received and what i have photographed of finished items.

It feels so good to have some marked off the list.

have a beautiful day.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Prayer

I adore this picture. Found at some point on Flickr. Do you remember your baby's feet. That is always one of the first things a new mommy does - count those fingers and toes.
In a previous post, I mentioned a prayer I include with stitched pieces. I had a couple of people ask me about it, so here it is. You may use this in any way you choose. Just give me credit. I refuse to copyright good wishes and that's what this is all about.

every stitch contains a prayer.
lifted up by me for you.
a prayer for health
a prayer for grace
a prayer to sustain you no matter what you face.
so everytime this gift you see.
remember you are prayed for by me.
love and prayers
teresa atkinson

I have been thinking a lot about this since i wrote the post. When i had cancer and was struggling to find my way as a survivor, people were praying for me. When i have been in need in any way and people around me knew it, they were praying for me. Why do we all ask for prayer just when there is a pressing need? Why can't we just pray for each other because we want to? Why will I not ask for prayer just as a celebration of the grace poured down on us by our Father?

Today, I am celebrating by praying for all of you. A prayer of blessings and joy for the life you have. I pray that your needs be met and that you recognize that you are beautiful and special.

Thank you for the friendships you share with me. I hope to continue getting to know you. As my artistic methods evolve it all contains a prayer for you.

Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eye Candy

This is a fabulous new blog. I found the link via vintage pleasure.

Hippyxic Absoultely gorgeous eye candy. Can't read a word of the text because it's in portugese. This felt crown is only one of many whimsical, fun, colorful, creative items in the flickr links from the blog.
This is one of the best parts of this creative community - sharing information and inspiration. Sharing the support that comes from people who understand.

I received an email from autum (creative little daisy) this morning and she said "wouldn't it be great to have a convention of bloggers?" How many of you would get together? Just visit or bring a project and work on it together. Like an artfest but without classes or maybe a blogfest with some tutorials. Maybe a regional thing - or just a few new blog friends joining each other for dinner. (with a show and tell). I know that Katie from Katiesknitknat and I will eventually hook up since my daughter plays ball in her area often. What do you think - ideas please?

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What was I thinking?

This is one of those jump around, random, entries. That because I am stressed, suffering from over committment syndrome, and have put all of my life on one calendar page. (I think that sent me right over the edge.)

The first picture (yes that's red leather - my recliner, which has an Abby shaped indention in it.) is of swap goodies I have received this week. Fat quarters, which I cut one of for Cierra's gift immediately, a fantastic scrap fabric book, and a large piece of the coffee cup fabric. I'm thinking the coffee cup is enough for an apron. We'll see. Thanks to all of my swap partners. You guys spoil me to no end.

Now about swaps. I made a list of what I had committed to. %$#%@*& (string of expletives inserted here) What was I thinking? The swaps are so much fun for me and I love sending out as much as receiving. I am also so thankful to have many new friends from these. Let's take a look at the list.

creative journal swap -done in the mail 6-13
surprise mystery craft challenge 2
summer holiday (5 partners) - done
magic yarn ball

foodie swap
fat quarters - katies knit knat
leftover christmas cards

fabric squares -Katies knit knat
handmade postcard

craft goodie bag - Katies knit knat
christmas in July
July colorific - black and white
indie pal angel - 1 done - will do 2 more by end of month

indie pal mine - 1 more done will do 2 more by end of month
fabric scrap craft

june colorific - red and blue - done mailed 6-13
peace and harmony
- mailed 6-13
lovely fat quarters - done

add - plan retreat for youth

handmade postcards - 15 - for nikkishell postcards

my ATC indulgence project

A baby afghan for nancy - finished 6-13 -
finish Abby's Christmas stocking
a baby gift for Lori
a baby gift for april

coordinate VBS crafts - planning done - june 19 through 23 every night.

lead vbs crafts

Add - table decorations and invitations for baby shower.

arrange housing and prepare to take a team of girls to mississippi for softball - this is now in process and i am waiting for the contract to come. housing is done yeah -

(*&^&&#%#) No wonder I'm nuts.

I have a pile of swaps to mail tomorrow. Some are ready but late in mail - I am so sorry. So those can be crossed off the list. This in addition to a full time job and keeping some semblance of order in my house. Add to that the planning and construction of a creative space for me.

Did I mention - I'm nuts. As quick as the swap - bot projects are completed I am going to focus on the ATC project with full attention. I am making headway and this has been the most difficult creative challenge I have ever faced.

Now for more pictures - I saw this tickler tease on maryanns website for an indie package and had no idea what fun things were on my way. This beautiful box, earrings, cards, and the most heavenly scented candle. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

I also finished the gift for her really sweet daughter (no photo yet) and will mail it today.

Last - I finished these embellished kitchen towels ( martha stewart - scored at the dollar store for 1.00 each - cool), a bracelet, and Molly did a woven bookmark for swaps. I hope those ladies enjoy all of the goodies too. (Not telling who you are)

Creating is a great stress reliever to me. Until I get under the gun, like now. I have been reading this feeling in several blogs, so apparently I am not the only one. Could it be that all of us just want to be generous to one another? I know how good it makes me feel to get a thank you for a handmade gift. I know how priviledged I feel to receive a handmade gift. I try to gift others who are creative because they appreciate it even more. They understand the effort and time it takes to make something. I try to keep up with all of the ladies on my sidebar because they understand. Understand what makes a creative soul tick. I hope you all will try to understand when you recieve a handmade gift - that many hours went into the planning and creating of that gift for you. That even as the giver is working on it - she (he) was most likely thinking of you. In my case, I often include a poem with stitched pieces that starts every stitch contains a prayer. Now I have added that prayer for all of you who come here and visit me.

Every word contains a prayer.

Have a beautiful day.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Little Peek

The first ATC have arrived at their destination (home). Got an email from Jen and now that she has them I thought I would give you a quick look. Lisa - yours are totally different. But just a teaser - your words are FLY - SOAR - GLIDE. I do hope these come out as well as I envision. I was very happy with the first ones.

Now some things I am working on. Nancy is a friend of mine. I grew up across the road from her husband. They married and moved away, but came back here a few years ago. They have two fantastic kids. Their daughter was at school with Abby and Abby and friends invited her to visit our church. Long story short - now we are all friends. During basketball season, Nancy annouced that they are expecting their third child - God, I would stroke if it were me - The other two are both middle school. Ask Nancy today how she is and her answer is "38 and pregnant, that should tell you". They are a beautiful family and I want to do something special for them - so a baby shower is in order and something handmade as well. The blanket above is of this gorgeous, soft, and hellacious yarn to work with. This is bright colored like the nursery they are doing. About 1/2 finished. Said new baby is a girl - they have a name - but she will be princess to all of us.

Any ideas for a baby shower for someone who has already done all of this? I am thinking on using the pink and bright colored crowns and maybe using princess and the pea type theme. Food - decor - games- etc.? I want the entire family to know how precious they are to me and my family.

This bright and colorful patchwork is part of a gift for a really cute little girl named Cierra. (See MaryAnn I can tease too. ) This will go in the mail - probably Monday - and is a really late birthday gift for a new blog friend's daughter. This was fun to do and totally different in color choice and style than I would normally do.

I want to say how grateful I am to all of you who read my blog. The comments I receive are very encouraging to me. I do hope you will leave some record that you were here when you visit. This started as a way to share small parts of me. As it has already started to evolve, I find myself part of a group, a community of sorts. The kind of place where you can just really be yourself without any masks. I treat this as a journal of sorts, where I can work through thoughts and ideas, about life, my roles in that life, creativity, faith, challenges and, through visiting others blogs, I see that others have had this same evolution occur. I find myself wanting to know all of you better. I find myself wanting you to know me better. To all of my newfound blog friends - thank you. To all of my friends who were drug into visiting this blog because you already knew me - thank you. I do hope you will continue to visit and let's get to know each other even better.

"There is nothing better in life than to have someone to laugh with, just because you think the same stuff is funny" Anon

This quote is dedicated to a certain person who thinks things are funny at sometime inappropriate times. We have discussed this at length and very often we really think alike on more than just the funny stuff.

Have a beautiful day.