Friday, December 28, 2012

post traumatic stress syndrome

I have heard that this was possible 

We got the beautiful girl married off. 

Then "POOF" is it Christmas. I did not do my normal decorating. I WAS TOO TIRED. 

But I did put up a fake Christmas "BUSH" - a tiny little pitiful thing. It was so sparse that I went to the yard and cut branches from my cedar tree and tucked them in to fill it out. Then I used the glass balls from the wedding to decorate it. 

I did change the mantle though -----

I added the mirror from the wedding guest table to the center. 

I loved this mirror the second I put it together - so easy too.

I cut the motif from the center of a decaying lace curtain panel and using Elmer's spray adhesive - simply glued it to the glass of the mirror. It will peel off if I ever want to change it. 

Added my bronze Nativity to the center. A few more wedding detail items finish it out.

Here is a more detailed look at the mirror.

Happy New Year peeps. I have already chosen my 2013 word. Details about that next week.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


A really handsome young man

Met a really pretty young lady.

They smiled a lot.
Got to know each other over time

The young man asked the young lady to walk beside him through life. 

The young lady said yes.

Then mama went to work. 
Making a sweet, pretty little party for the celebration. 

And on Saturday, December 15, 2012

We celebrated the marriage of

Molly Brianne Atkinson
 David Benjamin Larkins

Miss Alyssa Filkins from 

captured the day beautifully.

These are just the sneaks.

I'll share the details as they are available.

She was beautiful.
They were surrounded by family and friends
There was food, fun, dancing. 

The weather was beautiful.


more detail shots of all that hard work to follow. 

Monday, December 03, 2012

I once was lost ....

WAAAAAYYYYY back I posted about looking for Baby Jesus.

Well on Saturday I was looking for my Blue Votive Cups. In the top of the closet where I keep some sets of candle holders, I saw a box labeled FRAGILE. I was convinced it was the candle holders I was searching high and low for.

I climbed on the bed (high shelf) and snagged the box.

Super surprised I was I was.



Oh and later in the day - well after I quit looking - I found the blue candle holders too.

Love and Best Wishes.

Merry Christmas.