Monday, January 21, 2013

Let's just be real here.

Not sure if you guys noticed. I never really pointed it out. But it happened. And there is a very real reason it went like it did. And they say confession is quite good for the soul. 

Well here is the confession. 

Take a look at all of the wedding DIY pictures. (you do not have to do this literally) I'll will explain. 





The next statement could be --- well it was more convenient to work in the living room or the dining room or even on the front porch. (Well the front porch was my favorite place to work when the weather was nice and I will have a table set up to continue that process in the very near future)

Or I needed to be near my family --- or there is no tv in the studio and I needed to keep up with ____. 

I might could even say that having a snake in the studio scares me. 

But nope -- none of those are the reasons for working in the house. ( and I do have a snake and I am not afraid of him at all)

The real studio of MaggieGraceCreates saga and the real reason for moving all the wedding crafting into the house ............. is this

There was no damned way to work in MaggieGraceWorld. Hell I couldn't even walk in MaggieGraceWorld.

So Friday night, I pulled the small trailer over by the door and simply moved the pile of crap in the floor onto the trailer. This gave me room to walk at least. Then I started cleaning, purging, rearranging, sorting, putting away. I worked ALL day Saturday. I took a pile of stuff I will NEVER use to a fellow creative soul (and managed to not bring home stuff she was planning to purge). Two big bags of trash. I unpackaged and combined. I labeled. I stacked a shelf on top of a dresser and that gave me room to move a file cabinet against the wall and out of the floor. It was a very productive day.

I got ONE CORNER cleaned. ONE CORNER. That is all.  But here is the pictured corner after that day's work.

Ahhhhh - Much better.

I know there be three more corners to go.

But I decided to take Sunday as a full day of rest.

Sunday School, morning worship, lunch, nap, dinner, youth Talent show........ then feet up and crochet hook in hand.

Have a wonderful day ------ I'll do the fabric closet tonight.

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm kind of a grandmother....

Meet Tyson

Gordon Setter

Rescue pup

Spoiled rotten

The newly wed couple and their pup. 

He is loved by these two people puppy parents.

Loved enough

That they wanted him by their side as they vowed to be his parents and each other's best friends until death do them part.

He was well behaved. 

And oh so playful.

He cleans up nicely doesn't he (check out his tux)

Beautiful dog. 

Even sweet cuffs and cuff links

He got to play with the little peoples.

Sat sweetly during the ceremony.

Then rested while everyone else danced.

Please note -- he was not left in the crate for long. 
Once everything for the reception was running smoothly, Tyson got to go play with Rusty at Miss T's

He really is a great dog. 

He's my Grand Dog.
See I am kind of a Grandmother.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


warning this is a photo heavy post ----- wedding decor details -- very little commentary. if you have questions about how to or what we did please just leave a comment.

The entry table ---- my absolute favorite detail was the laced mirror (I cut the center medallion from a lace curtain panel and used spray adhesive to put it in the center of a vintage beveled mirror) It is now hanging over my mantle.

The typewriter was from my mama's stash -- the spray is made from melty flowers.

A vintage train case - the multicolored crochet is a dress bib made for molly as a baby - she actually has that bib on in the tiny picture.

The banner says "ADVICE"  out using the FAKE typewriter keys I made.

The old music stand from a junk store - this was part of an old organ or piano.

Hearts and blue --- lots of hearts -- the vintage suitcase held the sparklers.

Each table centerpiece was different. Those blue vases that tied it all together were from Hobby Lobby.

The "tin" base is actually painted wall paper from lowes.

My mama and I made all the assorted table runners.

Milk glass from my mama's stash. The music wrapped around the bottle is from a hymnal. It is actually AMAZING GRACE which was what I sang to Molly as a lullaby.

Vintage blue Christmas balls and old insulators. Melty flowers made their appearance everywhere.  More and More hearts too.

The tiny little crystal butter pat plates are a flea market find (more milk glass)

Every table had pictures from Molly and Ben's Childhood.  That detail was one of the most discussed of the day. 

Vintage ledgers and a lace wrapped blue bottle.

Baby Beans and the posster (imposter) - that story will come later.  (Molly thought the dolls in the jars were creepy, so I changed these after the photographer finished these shots) 

That crochet piece is on the table below was an angel halo from a childrens' Christmas program at church.

A little candle lamp (partylite) with blue ornaments inside and a vintage faucet washer box.

A light fixture globe lfilled with blue ornaments.

More milk glass and pictures (yes she had a head full of black hair.)

The bridesmaids bouquets standing in vases (this detail allowed them to be part of the decor and gave the bridesmaids a place to put them) I mixed blue glitter and epsom salt for the bottoms for just a little extra detail.

The thrifted lace lined candle lamps (I used silver Christmas ornaments here and white melty flowers)

My mama made all the quilt tops that were on the rocking chairs on the porch.

Molly hand pieced the little quilt as part of a school project on "the old way of doing things"

Her first little dress shoes. That picture is a four generation picture.

This is the "Molly doll". She even had a dress that was similar to the one the doll had on. The doll was not made to look like her - Aunt Lynda and her girls found it in a store and gifted us with the uncannily familiar looking baby.

 Her Daddy's bible - a string of vintage plastic pearl "pop beads" they were hers and I found them looking for something and decided they would be perfect used as a book mark on the altar.

The bride and groom figures are avon bottles from my mamas stash.

A twenty dollar Habitat ReStore light fixture and weeks of work made a beautiful beaded and blinged candolier.

A rustic sign made from old fence boards.

The rocker bench from my front porch.

The wrot iron fence section with wired on candleholders. (this was a snafu of the day - we never got these candles lit)

 The altar was quite simple

there will be more photo heavy posts to come ----

Much love -

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


That's Margo - our flower girl.

Our joy filled sweetheart.

My buddy.

Mr. Bobby's Favorite girl. (man she loves HER Mr Bobby)

She hit the dance floor with all these people and had a blast.

This is one of my favorite images of sweet girl -- the photographer caught that little hop perfectly don't cha think?

I've told people - if you look closely - you can see her angel wings.

Yup - here is proof she can almost fly.

Love you all ---

Note - our rockstar photographer was Alyssa Filkins ---- can not say enough good things about working with her. And this photograph has been published with her permission.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wedding details ------

The next few posts will be about the wedding and the details. 

First off - I would like for you to meet Molly and Ben Larkins (and Tyson) 

Yes,  he has on a tux and cuffs. Yes, he was part of the wedding. And Yes, he was really well behaved. 

This wedding was personal -- very much DIY --- and very very reasonable.

including the food, dress, cakes, and photography we spent less than 10,000.00. We had a wonderful party with about 175 people - lots of laughter - plenty of food - dancing.

We did it this way, because I had more time than money.

 For my regular readers, you know we searched all summer for rhinestone brooches and buttons to use in her bouquet.

Here is the result.

Quite stunning I think.

Yes - I will be pinning this.

Yes I will be posting the tutorial on how I made it.

For a small fee ------- (maybe medium sized) ----- I might be persuaded to make another.

Have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

one word 365 days

I've chosen a word for many years now. A theme word for the year. Lot's of bloggers do it and we talk about it. It has made a huge difference in my life over the years. Choosing a word causes me to focus on how to be intentional about that word and being intentional is the biggest way to manifest change in our lives.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the word.

Change is hard and the results may or may not be as we expect.

This year one word kept coming to mind ----

The word kind of DEMANDED to be my theme for the year.

My word of 2013


Yes --- do.

Seems simple enough.

Then you look up the definition

Just look at all of this information......

1: to bring to pass : carry out <do another's wishes>

: put —used chiefly in do to death
a : performexecute <do some work> <did his duty>
b : commit done
a : bring abouteffect do
 good> <do violence>
b : to give freely : pay <do honor to her memory>
: to bring to an end : finish —used in the past participle done
: to put forth : exert <did her best to win the race>
a : to wear out especially by physical exertion : exhaust done
b : to attack physically : beatalso : kill
: to bring into existence : produce <do a biography on the general>
—used as a substitute verb especially to avoid repetition do
 it somewhere else>
a : to play the role or character of
b : mimicalso : to behave like <do a Houdini and disappear>
c : to perform in or serve as producer of <do a play>
: to treat unfairly; especially : cheat <did him out of his inheritance>
: to treat or deal with in any way typically with the sense of preparation or with that of care or attention:
(1) : to put in order : clean do
ing the kitchen> (2) :wash <did the dishes after supper>
b : to prepare for use or consumption; especially : cook done
c : setarrange done
d : to apply cosmetics to do
 her face before the party>
e : decoratefurnish <did the living room in Early American><do over the kitchen>
: to be engaged in the study or practice of <do science>;especially : to work at as a vocation do
 after college>
a : to pass over (as distance) : traverse <did 20 miles yesterday>
b : to travel at a speed of <doing 55 on the turnpike>
: tour <doing 12 countries in 30 days>
a : to spend (time) in prison do
ing time in a federal penitentiary>
b : to serve out (a period of imprisonment) <did ten years for armed robbery>
: to serve the needs of : suitsuffice do
 us for bait>
: to approve especially by custom, opinion, or propriety done
 — Dorothy Sayers>
: to treat with respect to physical comforts <did themselves well>
: use 3 do
: to have sexual intercourse with
: to partake of do
intransitive verb
: actbehave <do as I say>
a : get alongfare <do well in school>
b : to carry on business or affairs : manage do
without your help>
: to take place : happen do
ing across the street>
: to come to or make an end : finish —used in the past participle
: to be active or busy do
ing — H. W. Longfellow>
: to be adequate or sufficient : serve do
: to be fitting : conform to custom or propriety do
 to be late>
—used as a substitute verb to avoid repetition do
> ; used especially in British English following a modal auxiliary or perfective have do — Bruce Chatwin>
—used in the imperative after an imperative to add emphasisdo
verbal auxiliary
a —used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in legal and parliamentary language <do hereby bequeath> and in poetry did
 crave — Shakespeare>
b —used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in declarative sentences with inverted word orderdo
 we pray — Abraham Lincoln>, in interrogative sentences <did you hear that?>, and in negative sentencesdon't know> <don't go>
—used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses expressing emphasis do
 say> <do be careful>
— do·able  adjective
— do a number on
: to defeat or confound thoroughly especially by indirect or deceptive means
— do away with
: to put an end to : abolish
: to put to death : kill
— do by
: to deal with : treat
— do for
chiefly British
: to attend to the wants and needs of : take care of
: to bring about the death or ruin of
— do it
: to have sexual intercourse
— do justice
a : to act justly
b : to treat fairly or adequately
c : to show due appreciation for
: to acquit in a way worthy of one's abilities
— do proud
: to give cause for pride or gratification did
— do the trick
: to produce a desired result
— do with
: to make good use of : benefit by do with
 a cup of coffee>
— to do
: necessary to be done all's to doagain — A. E. Housman>

Examples of DO

  1. We should do something special to celebrate your birthday.
  2. This crime was done deliberately.
  3. I have to do some chores this afternoon.
  4. Tell me what to do and I'll do it.
  5. I'm obliged to do my duty.
  6. He does his work without complaining.
  7. He did a lot for us.
  8. What have I done to you to make you so angry?
  9. What are you doing this weekend? I'm just relaxing at home.
  10. What is the stock market doing now: rising or falling?

Origin of DO

Middle English don, from Old English dōn; akin to Old High German tuon to do, Latin -dere to put, facere to make, do, Greek tithenai to place, set
First Known Use: before 12th century

Related to DO

Synonyms: befitbeseem [archaic], fit [archaic], go,servesuitfill the bill (or fit the bill)
Antonyms: blemishdefacedisfiguremarscarspoil

Wow --- certainly look as if I may have a challenging year. 

Even still ---- I am going with it ---- so hello there everyone