Friday, February 26, 2010

UHU Review along with a tutorial

I received another UHU Sample to review. This month's sample included the glue stick and a cute little notebook, along with green paper and foamie shamrock shapes. Even a fun little lady bug.

Well - I opened it and had a brainstorm. I alter lots of notebooks, so the process was familiar to me. I wanted to try something new. I went to my stash and grabbed a foamie star shape. I was thinking about stamping and embossing the foamie.


Here is the process.

Stamp your shape and QUICKLY sprinkle with embossing powder. Meaning have everything ready to go. See mine above - stamped and sprinkled.

Hold your shape with something other than your fingers - bought lesson - melting plastic is worse than a glue gun. I used my needle nose pliers.

Here is the part where you thank me for all of my melted ones. Using your heat gun and keeping it moving - start the embossing process. As you see the powder start to melt, move the gun away and let the shape cool off. Go back and forth with the gun until all of the powder is melted.
Remember - "Patience is a virtue."

Here is my finished shamrock piece. NOTE - this is not very durable in applications where the foamie can flex. The powder wants to flake off if the shape is handled and flexed.

Another little trick I discovered - as the embossing occured the shape wanted to cup and curl toward the embossed side. When the embossing is complete, I turn the shape face down on a heat resistant surface and heat the back side - then press flat until it cools. This will help make it flat enough to glue down.

The remaining steps are for the purpose of assembling my UHU sample and reviewing the Glue Stick.

I received the full sized stick. I glued two layers of scrapbook paper to the front of my little journal. The bottom layer was an embossed paper and the edges required more glue than I intially used. Since I was using the large size of the stick, I found it a little tricky to go back and add glue to the edge. (The small UHU stick that I have in my tool box serves that purpose quite well.)

Notice that I punched holes in my top layer of paper.

The sample packet also included a strip of interesting paper. It was almost ribbon like - matte on one side and shiny on the other. I made a permanent book mark for my journal

I used UHU Twist and Glue to attach a lucky coin and shamrock to the tail of the book mark.

Flipped to the inside back cover and glued the shiny side of the paper ribbon to the inside of the journal. Fold the bookmark to hang across a page and peek out the bottom of the journal.

Add charms to the key ring attached to the spiral binding - a lucky rabbits foot and another coin. Then with a play on words based on the sample contents - I labeled my cover with the words "LADY LUCK"

My finished journal and the UHU Glues that I used.

My product review of the free glue stick that was in my sample. I love UHU glue stick. Have for a long time - I really like the big size that was in my sample - it made quick work of covering the paper for the journal front. I did find that I needed more glue on the edges of the embossed paper, but that is a user detail not a reflection on the glue. I used the glue for the paper - the shiny ribbon and the foam shamrock attaching. It holds all of those items wonderfully. I also used the same glue for some fabric embellishing on a scrapbook page. Loved it for that too. I keep the smaller sized UHU sticks in my tool kit all the time.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How old am I??????

Too damned old to party all night and then go to work the next day.

I was the taxi driver for the College Girl and Mormon Boy last night. A concert in Atlanta. Got home at 2 am and I am exhausted today. They went to the concert - I went to IKEA - then starbucks - then a pub - then back to my car and had the law called on me. I was parked under a streetlight near the band's tour buses. The kids texted me that it was almost over and I went to the car to wait for them. Apparently the band security guys thought I was a risk to the group's security - and called the law. TOOO FUNNY!!! The cops were great - they thought it was funny too.

Now that my Art Play Day is over, I am attempting to get my crap together on some other things. I bought rails at IKEA to complete a pot rack for the kitchen. I have plans to move a few pieces of furniture around in the house. I want to make some new curtains for my bedroom and bathroom - completely redo the Softball Princess room - and on and on and on. What I want to know is how so many people get so much done. It seems like many bloggers accomplish so much in their life and homes and I am spinning my wheels.

There are times when it seems that all I can do is get the dishwasher loaded and the dogs fed.

Today is not a day to be pondering this - I need sleep - but tonight will be another busy night. Soccer Game an hour and a half away.

Catch ya'll tomorrow.

(Dover image at the top)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bits and Bobs

My friend Becky was surprised at the amount of stuff in my stash. It is all fairly organized in MaggieGraceWorld. But most of it is small stuff. Also my interests are varied. Fiber. Paper. Buttons. Fabric. Beads. Stamps.

Random Ephemera - sounds better when you apply the big words to it.

4 People played in my ephemera on Saturday - yet there was very little impact on the stash. That's because the stash level is wide and deep.

My piece was an assemblage piece - taking some inspiration from Sarah Lugg's work - a little bit of Rebecca Sower - and the available materials from the studio.

This was a massive destash project and there needs to be a lot more. And last night I committed to do one toward the end of summer / early fall. (Maybe we can work outside on my front porch) We will make cards. Maybe 10 for each participant.

I'll be making announcements later in the year - and maybe some more of you close to Athens folks can come play.

Anyway - here are some elements of my piece.

First I stapled linen from the stash around my canvas. Then I started with the little bits.

On the left - A punch from a library date ticket - a button (not vintage, i cut it off a skirt before i tossed it) - an old diary key. Just visible on the right a tag punched straight from a print sample book and a fake rusty bit made from the peel off part of a wine bottle top.

On the left - a punch out from sheet music - a vintage button tied with a bit of floss. To the right a stamped and embossed piece that I sprayed with Glimmer Mist (more of that product in my future.)

Left - stamped and embossed birds and a scrap of linen selvedge - leaves punched from music and wall paper scraps.

Left - another stamped embossed and glimmer mist tag - Right - feathers and a vintage button.

Center - vintage text - a key looking thing punched from a carnival ticket - a rusted bit I picked up in the parking lot at work. Right - thread from an old sewing kit - a needle threader - some eye hooks.

Center - Floral bits from the clearance bridal section at Hancock Fabrics I tied with ravelled bits off the linen backing - the center of the library date stamp from the top picture

Left stamped and embossed circles - a brass bit glued down and part of an old earring attached.

Affirmations rolled from an old water damaged hymnal - beads from Mama Norvan's bead box.

Stamped and embossed Love - a distressed key tag - a cancelled cupid stamp - flower soft edging (more of that product in the future too) and a brad.

And finally ..........

My assembled piece. The little red strip down the side is a sliver of scrapbook paper. The entire thing was a little off centered and that added just a bit of balance. I'll be framing this to hang with the alphabet piece over my mantle.
I have a favorite little collage tag on this -- do you??????
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 22, 2010


My playdate with friends was Saturday. I stressed and stressed over getting everything ready. Turns out the stressing was for nothing. We had a fabulous time. There was lunch and goodies for snacking on. Then open access to MaggieGraceWorld. That really was a vulnerable feeling - to open my studio. It's such a personal place for me and initially it felt like I was opening up for critiques. I know that is not what happens, but sometimes it feels that way. It's almost like I think I have to explain why things are done like they are.

Enough of that - fears unfounded - it was a wonderful day.

We had a chicken and rice stew. A crockpot meal. Easy and it kept me from being sequestered in the kitchen, I was able to eat and visit with my friends.

I love these little thrifted heart plates. Actually all of the dishes were thrifted. Love that.

The table set up. Yup that chair is torn - actually they all are - that will be remedied one weekend really soon. I have the vinyl - but have not had the money to have the chairs rechromed. Now I think I will just spray paint them and cover them and call it DONE.

There were goodies to share - Thanks to VERY MARY for the thank you note cards that I used. Go ahead - visit her - then link to her shops and spend money. Cool stuff to be had.

Standing on the chair - you can see my island covering in the background - huge stash of fabric stuff under there.

Only and artsy fartsy person would pile adhesive on a plate and call it a centerpiece - right. We did decide that since I used a doily - I could proclaim to have gone "ALL OUT" on the centerpiece.

We were together all afternoon - 4 bloggers plus my friend Becky for lunch. And there are very few pictures. I did run in and out as did almost everyone - pulling from the studio and adding to what I had dragged into the house already. We all got caught up in what we were doing and in visiting with each other - that I almost forgot pictures completely.

That's Lannae. She's a jewelry designer. Go visit - spend money there too. She felt way out of her element working with paper. Here she is studying just what the crap she has gotten herself into.

This is Carrie. She was prepared with pictures of Liv's 1st birthday. So she went to work pronto and made a feature piece for Liv. Bright colors. Fun Stuff. Just wait 'til you see the outcome of her work.

I have no idea why there is no picture here of Jennifer working. Sorry honey. She was our real artist. She paints and does all kinds of mixed media work. Fun stuff. Yes please - go there - link to her shop - spend money.

Lannae decided to glue her tags to the canvas and paint them - the look was cool cool.

I made coffee for Jennifer. She stained her white and blue toile tissue paper with the coffee. Yummy - I love toile and this was aged beautifully.

Carrie finished early - boo - she had to leave us way to quickly - but work called and she works inside the 285 loop in Atlanta. Just look at cutie pie - she is adorable.

We did remember a picture of us before she left. Carrie - if I didn't tell you - I love that pendant you had on. I also adore those gorgeous red curls she sports - mmmmm.

One last picture of Miss Carrie. I really do wish she lived closer.

Here is Lannae's finished canvas. I'm telling you right here - there will be copying of that background technique on my part. That was phenominal . We did sort throught jars (multiple) for bottle caps that were not of the BudLight version. Also - I think of all the things I learned in the process - the slightly worn look of that embossing for the word was a favorite. It was a happy accident, but to me it looks like a sign that has aged over time.

And Jennifer's piece. Funny story about that book cover. She was struggling with making her's come together and we decided a book cover would be perfect. So off to the barn I went. I brought back several books and this was the ONE. A very aged cover of a dictionary from the free bin at the Habitat ReStore. Jennifer could not bring herself to destroy the book. Me - I whacked that cover right off with a utility knife - didn't hurt at all. As quick a she laid it down - that cover "sang" all the right tunes in the piece. Love this one too.

Thank you Tim for taking this picture. Jennifer - your eyes are open and my mouth is closed - how hard was that to make happen.

The basics were the same - a canvas - and some tags. Look how varied the outcome can be.

It was a wonderful day - I had a wonderful time - I want to do this again and try and clean out more stash. I'm thinking maybe an afternoon later in the year to make cards.

Thank you ladies for being in my life. For making it brighter and more fun. I love the inspiration you bring. I love the joy you all bring. I hope you all had a wonderful day. I know I did.

Love you all --- Teresa.

Yes there is no close up of mine - I forgot to take pictures of it. Tomorrow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random Babble

Have not been here in a few days. Everything is fine, just busy busy still.

I dropped by to share some - random babble from the last few days.

Softball Princess - starting to the restroom at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.
Dad: "Do you know where it is?"
SP: "The same place it is in every Cracker Barrel."
Me: "Your door will have G-I-R-L-S or L-A-D-I-E-S or WOMEN on the sign."
SP: Deadpan delivery with triangular indicating finger motion "You know I can't read I'll just look for the little dress."
WAITRESS: Hysterical Laughter.

"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my shoe."
"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my hat."
"Dammit dog - drop it - that's my lunchbox."
"Here dog - drop it - swap for a treat."
"Dammit man at my address - that's why she's grabbing things - she thinks it is a way to get a treat."

Uttered at a soccer game on Tuesday night. Actual temperature 26 degrees F. Wind whipping through the stadium. "MY CHEEKS ARE COLD _ BOTH SETS."

Yes - this is my life - these conversations and others of highly similar ones occur all the time. I am so enjoying this ride.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow days (MaggieGrace too)

What a snow day looked like to Softball Princess and Poca dog. (of course there must be texting)
Big Dog - Licorice - loved it. He pulls his blanket out of his house. Crazy fool. But look, the snow matches his grey hair.

Saturday morning found me baking homemade banana bread - don't you love my red mixing bowl. I have no idea where I got it.

There were snow angels after breakfast - yes that is me. College girls version is to my left. Folks it has been years since I made a snow angel.

Evidence that I am an angel - there are no horns in that imprint . LOL

Mom and College Girl - no make up - squinty eyes - the sun was brilliant reflecting off the snow - and it was in the twenties Saturday morning.

Poca Dog loved it. Here she is on the big run between the two buildings.

She can get in this barn from the run but she would rather play in the snow.

The neighbor's bench was really pretty.

Love notes in the snow.

My house - this is an angle I never photograph, but those curved steps are one of my favorite features.

The smokehouse was really pretty too.

A close up of those curved steps and the attached wall - that wall stretches into the front yard.

I love the contrast in this picture.

And the seat almost looks tufted.

An almost endless and everchanging pile by the kitchen door.

It was a sweet southern snow - lasted a day - enjoyable - but did not keep us cooped up in the house. I got out and played for the first time in many years. I can't describe how much better I feel physically this year. But as I returned from my crisp morning walk, I looked at the sun on the snow (God it was gorgeous) and thought about how different my life is now. I have a life that is full - beautiful - challenging some days - but how wonderful it all is.

Now for a MaggieGrace sneak peek for tomorrow.....

Did you know ?????????

That you can stamp and emboss ...........


More on that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.