Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hey there - it's me, Rusty.
Just wanted to let you know that my mama has been super busy.
She is out enjoying her Simply Simple September activities.
Me, I'm just hanging here on the run enjoying the nicer cooler temps and watching the Crusty Old Guy drive that big blue tractor around the yard.
Don't worry about my mama or me - we had lot's and lot's of snuggle time this morning when I jumped on her bed. (No one told mama, but my job is to keep her from being late to work because she hit that snooze button one time too many.)
She wants me to give you a SIMPLE ASSIGNMENT FOR TODAY --- give your pets an extra treat.
Oh and be sure to say nice things about Rusty when you see her.

Monday, September 26, 2011


 The venue was beautiful. People were all gussied up. That's me and the very emotional Father of the Bride - just before he got his first glimpse of his beautiful baby girl. I think he cried for the next four hours.

He left his hat home for the day --- and that's a pretty big thing.

This is my favorite picture of the day - of the ones I have seen so far.

A surprise father daughter dance --- She forgot to remember to tell him that was planned, but in his words "there was no way I would tell that baby girl no today." He adores her - she adores him.

 They make a striking young couple - don't ya think.

  They left in a 1930 Model A -- it belongs to a family friend. Fun stuff.

Here's a front view from earlier in the day.

 And a just for fun edit of it - Kinda looks like something from a silent movie - doesn't it.

Best wishes Chip and Aimee - I wish you SIMPLY the best of love and wishes as you start your life together.

(I will add more pictures as I find them - these few were blatantly stolen from facebook)

I hope all of you SIMPLY CELEBRATED something this weekend.

Friday, September 23, 2011


This sweet couple gets married tomorrow. While a wedding is not exactly a SIMPLE activity to pull together, the heartfelt love behind this event is.

I'll be celebrating the beginning of a fine adventure with them tomorrow.

So the weekend activity action is to SIMPLY CELEBRATE something or someone.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today would have been his 70th birthday.

Tomorrow will be the 31st anniversary of his death.

I often wonder what he would think of who I am today.

I ache to hear his laughter again.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

SIMPLY SIMPLE SEPTEMBER activity today. Tell someone that you love them and that they make a difference to you. You may not get that chance again.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


We all do it.

I think it might be for self preservation or something like that.

I know I am one of the worst about it at my house.

Look at the picture below - no not at the fact the bench needs painting - but that the screen door is propped open behind it. I don't know why - because the screen is torn out of the door anyway.

It is propped open and needs repairing. Been that way for so long I really didn't even notice it anymore.

There - I said it - actually I typed it. IT HAD BEEN THAT WAY FOR SO LONG I REALLY DIDN"T EVEN SEE IT ANY MORE. I know for a fact it has been over a year.

How many things at your house are exactly like that?

I had mentioned it to The Man and apparently it was not on his list of important things to do -- He has even said there is nothing to do at the house except watch tv and sleep - but that is a separate issue all together.

Well - I have been enjoying the cooler weather by swinging on the porch swing and now this front porch and all the work it needs is "bothering" me.

What to do?

HIRE IT OUT? (two girls in college - need I say more about disposable income for projects?)

REMIND THE MAN GENTLY THAT IT NEED DOING? (let's just say that was not gonna help and let it go at that OK?)

WHINE (nah not my strong point)

GRIPE (okay, if any of my other married ladies have real success with this tactic, please let me know when the classes you need to teach are starting)

REALLY OPEN UP THE ALL OUT B*&^% MODE (I have of recent time decided there is no bigger waste of my energy than this one)

What did I do?

I took the door down - really ladies it was easy. Then (using just the perfect tools for the job - now that's funny) I removed about 50,000 tacks and staples. Removed the molding and the hardware. Decided what brackets I needed for strength on the door.

Run to the big orange box store and buy the few items I needed. (argue with man about what I am buying) Inform same man that I am doing and paying for project and that it wasn't on his very important project list. (Spent $38.00)

Now I am in the middle of sanding - and sanding - and sanding - and sanding off the old cracking, chipping, and peeling paint.

I'll let you know in a few days just how this one turned out.

Today's SIMPLY SIMPLE TASK - find something small that bothers you or been broken for so long you don't even notice, JUST FIX IT.

I'm gonna enjoy leaving my "big door" open for the breezes to blow throw the screen door -----

Happy fall Ya'll

Friday, September 16, 2011


THERE are a lot of nice people out there who think good thoughts -- why not share them?
                                                                                              Alexandra Stoddard

Today's SIMPLE act is brought to you by my Ohio Best Friend -

I go to the mailbox - I open it - I sort through the pile of junk mail and bills - I spot the handwritten address on the envelope - I smile.......

I got a letter --- A real handwritten letter.

I get others - cards - invitations - even my local bank hand addresses my deposit slip mailer (I use the night drop). EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE WITH HANDWRITTEN ADDRESSES GETS MY ATTENTION FIRST.

I am not nearly as good at it as MaryAnn, but I try - and today I got two of them in the mail.

Go ahead, send a smile. it can be a letter - a postcard - a card -- even a clipping you think someone will be interested in. If you want a smile from me  - drop me an email to with your snail mail addy.

Another plus from this - the USPS employs real hard working American people - their jobs are in jeopardy too. More mail equals more job security. We all could use that feeling now and this is a simple way to help that for a few people.


TRY IT ....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I spotted her on Sunday morning. During the opening hymn. I was behind her and to the right, so I really couldn't see her face, but the motions of tears being wiped away were easy to see. I know her - I love her - she lost her husband - her partner - her lover - her friend. I miss him too. For what ever reason, she was struggling. So right then - right there - I put down my hymnal - I stepped out of the pew - I answered a gentle tug on my heartstrings - I walked the aisle - I wrapped her in my arms - and I just held on.  Not a single spoken word between us.

It was beautiful - it was special - it was love.

Do this for someone today ---

Tuesday, September 13, 2011



Today's Simple action - L A U G H.

I laughed a lot when I saw the following pictures. WHICH I BLATANTLY STOLE FROM FACEBOOK. The Softball Princess and her dorm roommate Cort - PRANK WARS ON.

Post it notes - - covering the Princess car.

However. they did leave a hole for her to drive by.......

This prank was followed by .........

Cort's entire side of the room being dismantled and reassembled in the hallway --------

The comments from Abby included "I did sweep under your missing bed."

Ok people --- Abby and Cortney got laughter -- I got laughter.


Monday, September 12, 2011


As part of my SIMPLE SEPTEMBER activities, i am spending time completeing projects around home. I am spending TIME with family and friends. This weekend included two road trips - some major porch swing time - remembering 9/11 - cooking dinner for a friend - and meeting some wonderful new friends.

As a part of all that road trip time - I have been working on ......

A crochet car seat sized blanket.....

 It is a wonderfully textured orange sherbert colored yarn.....

A SIMPLE granny square about 36" square.

Machine washable and dryable ----- Loving this a whole bunch.


Now for something from the road trips - I have a THING for old chimneys. Coming home yesterday I spotted this one - Gonna work on this image in PICNIK and frame it.

Are you having a great September?

 --- I am

Friday, September 09, 2011


Fall is beginning to arrive........

Have a wonderful weekend.

Remember 9/11

Thursday, September 08, 2011


This pretty little spot is just a few minutes from my work. More amazing is that you cannot hear the traffic when you get there. Feel isolated, but it is so easy to get to. I can escape there at lunch and just be outside. I actually go here often since I discovered it a few weeks ago. There are beavers building their winter home - I've seen turtles - all kinds of birds. It is quiet and I find myself much more centered when I have taken the time to just breathe.

Another part of my Simple September is getting ready for the Holiday Markets.

I blogged about a simple wood block nativity that my girls had as a child here.

I wanted to make and sell some, so I am smack dab in the middle of doing just that.

I also have found that I am quite happy while I am doing creative things.

I also have a great friend who has stepped up and is helping with so much of this. (big thank you to my Salt and Peppah)

Simple - tedious - but not difficult --- wood block nativity production site.

It is such a simple thing really ---

Now for the question -

Should I include a little story about my girls set in each box?

Or just the Bible verse References to the Christmas story ---

Simple September prompts for today --- share a favorite spot of yours.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011


 "Home is where the heart is."

"There is no place like home"

"take me home, to the place I belong"

What exactly make a house become a home?

Well - it's simple to me - living well is the answer. And at times I have not done that. Unfortunately, I have spent many years of gathering stuff (crap) trying to fill some kind of void in my life.

This is my is quite often in full disarray. But things are improving and lving well suddenly feels attainable.

My youngest just left for college - and the most amazing part of that is - - - - I don't just have empty nest syndrome because she and her big sister were suddenly gone. It is the full effect of the girls AND ALL THEIR FRIENDS being gone. See my house was open for all of them - they came and went as if they lived there. I LOVED IT. Coming home to the yard looking like a used car lot meant that I knew where my children were and what they were doing.

I look through Abby's facebook pictures and I realize that she is doing exactly what she grew up with - so - it's a basic dorm room - no worries -  great memories are not about big spaces and fancy decor. The great memories are inviting people to share your space to live, work, and play.

So there -- SIMPLY SIMPLE terms. Home is where they love you.

I think you could live well in a house such as the one below. (photo from Tipper).

No - actually I KNOW you could live well here. I grew up in a house heated with wood heat. Cold Bedrooms in the winter. No air conditioning in the summer (where you flip the pillow to the cooler side). We were loved - we welcomed friends - we lived quite well.

Think of homemade ice cream shared around that picnic table. Friends gathered to fry fish ---- or grill hot dogs.

Yes - that is living well.

But you can live well anywhere -

Take this home --- sure looks like they are doing well - I hope that is true. because in the current economy - there are many who appeared to be doing quite well - then lost all their dreams because the money simply wasn't there any more.

Were they really ever living well????

And then there is the next level -- I grabbed this picture from the southern living website. But think of reality tv shows - the Kardashians - real housewives -

Are those very wealthy people really living well?

Today - in my SIMPLY SIMPLE SEPTEMBER - I  am celebrating the fact that I really am living well. I am healthy, I welcome people into my life to share, I have a roof over my head, my children are well adjusted.

Last night I crocheted - I prayed for the person who will receive the gift I am working on. I was happy and I realized just how simple living well really can be.

Share a living well celebration with us.

Have a beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Simply Simple September #3

My assignment to you was to notice. Just notice. I did just that on Saturday. A nice long afternoon of noticing.

Dappled sunlight through the trees.

 A pine burl - the real cause for burls is unknown. But theories include freezing damage, parasites, insects or tree injury. This one is massive.

 A random heart looking at me.

 These are seeds from the blackberry lilly. I snagged them with the idea of germinating some - we will see.

Fall color is beginning to show.

Well - what did you notice?

This is really simple and inexpensive fun --- for a simply simple september.

Friday, September 02, 2011


You would think that simple would be easy.

But as we all know - anything really worth having is worth the effort it take to get it.

I live in the Southern USA - North Georgia. I can tell fall is coming, just a hint of it in the evening air. The light has started that color change that speaks to many of us - often as a whisper - "hang on, cooler weather coming. " No real fall color yet but if you pay attention you can see and feel the signs.

Yesterday afternoon included a walk. Just a few minutes from work is a hidden gem. A path, that leads to a secluded feeling pond. I took my camera (muttering something about being a blogger and that I wanted to grab a few pictures)

Somehow when I look for details that I would otherwise miss, my mind settles into a more simple frame of reference. The busyness of the day falls away with that shift in my focus.

I uploaded the pictures - you will be seeing them over the next few days.

This morning I edited this one - a close up of some Alder Tree Catkins.
Look at the detail I didn't notice until I started color shifting things in PICNIK. There is a tiny spider web in and around these.


Today's SIMPLE SEPTEMBER thing is to notice details. Just notice. And then let me know what you notice.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


I read a lot of blogs - I mean a lot of them. I also read a lot of books and magazines. A very favorite writer of mine is Dominique Browning. I have a folder of her Editior Letters from when she was editor of, no longer being published, House and Garden magazine. I have read her book,  Around the House and In the Garden: a Memoir of Heartbreak, Healing, and Home Improvement, over and over. Her writing appeals to me on many levels.

Well, several months ago, I discovered that Ms. Browning has a blog, that ties in with her new book and I immediately started following her. SLOW LOVE LIFE is a very wonderful, thought provoking blog and I cannot wait ot get my hands on the book.

Enough rambling. The post from 8/31/2011 contains the following quote and I read it again and again.

I like knowing that there is a way to be in a place that feels good without having to go anywhere, or spend anything to get there. That makes it possible for anyone to practice slow love in everyday life.
                                                                                                                  Dominique Browning

I knew then that my focus for the month of September is going to be on SIMPLICITY.






Starting with a few pictures - if you are my facebook friend you have already spotted these.

I have a wonderful friend. Flowers on my desk. Not showy, grown for profitable sales, flowers. Nope.

Wildflowers, garden flowers.

Tiny daisies - in a vase from an art event I attended. These arrived shortly after a cell phone picture text saying "I saw these and they made me think of you"

The sweet smell of summer - gardenias - snipped quickly on the way out the door by our building landlord.

Hydrangeas - in a cup painted for me by a wonderful friend.

A tiny bit of sunshine - I find myself smiling as I look at these.

 The colbalt bottle came from College Girl - She brought it to me from Spain. I was recovering from my Surprise Kidney Cancer Roadtrip when she brought this back. A beautiful way to celebrate - I don't have cancer any more. Filled with flowers that remind me that I am not alone on this journey either.

All very quickly put together - a very simple act - an action that makes me smile - See I find these on my desk unannounced. I know who puts them there. I adore him for this and for so many other reasons. It makes me feel like what I do in my day to day grown up girl job matters to him enough to try and thank me. Look around in the pictures - the chaos of my desk. Stacks and piles and notes are everywhere. But nature's beauty is simple to share.

Do it. Give yourself or someone else a moment of simple pleasure. Grab a few blooms. Or,  if there aren't blooms, some colorful fall leaves, a branch of an evergreen, some fresh herbs, long grass stems, or even some interesting weeds. Stick them in something that hols water. Enjoy them yourself or leave them for another to enjoy.

Something to enjoy for not much more that a tiny bit of effort ---

Simply Beautiful.