Wednesday, November 26, 2008


To wake the soul by tender strokes of art,
Alexander Pope

What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth - whether it existed before or not.
John Keats

I am thankful today - and as I go into the holiday season lying immediately before us.

Saved by Grace - praising my Maker as we approach the celebration of MY Saviors birth.

The first stop on this trek is Thanksgiving Day. Then a myriad of celebrations of Christmas. A wedding is planned (my nephew will be getting married on the 6th). Loss of loved ones will leave huge voids in our hearts and minds this first season with out them. We will celebrate and we will remember. There is illness to pray over. There is the Hope of a new tomorrow.

There have been discussions in our family about eliminating the material (gifting) frenzy that Christmas has become. We are foregoing that part and really focusing on family. While I love the glitz and bling that accompanies the season of giving, and there will be gifts, our family focus will be much more celebratory and spiritual this season. I am really good with all that.

I spoke to my MIL - Ann last night. We talked about a lot of things - like what we are going to eat and such - and then started talking about MaggieGraceCreates. She is one of my supporters and I am encouraging her to start a family blog - about the pictures and the stories and the people and the love. I am so hoping she will jump in and do this. We have a copy of the notes she took during Mama Norvans last days and those notes are so special.

Ann - a blog will allow all of us to comment and enjoy the stories - we also can easily print a Blurb Book and have all of it permanently recorded somewhere. Please think about doing this. I want my girls to know and I think the rest of the crew would like it too.

Now for the beginning of my celebrations.

I snapped these early this morning - the light was not great, but it will be dark when I go home.

The deJardine family lives here. They are very creative people, supporters of the art community, an unconventional family of kids and adopted kids. Wonderful people. Some of the kids are friendly with my girls. I love this house - I love old houses. But something special happens in the fall here. All of the leaves are raked into a beautiful display - understated, to me almost elegant in it's presentation. I love to go by there and find that the display has been created.

Can you see the word? This year it is HOPE. I celebrate everytime I go by here - this simple and free display makes me (and I hope many others) smile.

Look for a beautiful season - away from the gloom and doom of the economy.

Remember - there was no room for a poor family expecting a baby they did not plan for - and that night in an unconventional place to unexpected people - that Baby was the biggest gift of forever.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

inspired ---

I haven't done a mosaic in quite a while but

inspired ---
Originally uploaded by maggiegracecreates

just look at all the goodness here. Loving all of this stuff. This one doesn't have a theme at all, random images for various reasons. Click on the word inspired below the image to take a closer look.

I adore the ruffled table skirt and there will more than likely be a ruffled cloth in my future.

There are also images resulting in research for a baby quilt for Miss Carrie's little one.

I have 3 babies coming close together. One a boy - will be getting the cowboy quilt - almost finished. One unknown as of right now - that will be a crochet blanket because I can make that one generic.

I am busy making neckwarmers/scarves need several of these for Christmas so I won't bore you. Lannae will be modeling some for us after the weekend. I have had mixed reviews on the fun lariat style neckwarmer that I love. After she tries it on, we will see what you guys think.

Have a fabulous day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

WIP, homecoming, and something to look forward to.

First let me say - I had a good weekend. I got a space heater for the studio. Hope its enough to keep me somewhat warm. On Saturday, I rested, we had a fire in the heater and I got warm and I slept almost everytime I got still. True healing rest. The College Freshman was home bringing news of the possibility of an additional scholarship next year.

I crocheted two more of the thin neckwarmer style scarves - I am 99% sure one of them went back to school with her. Since she loved it and I can't find it anywhere. I'll be making lots of these for Christmas gifties. These will also be on the list for the Art Show table next year.

I also finished the cross stitch part of a wall hanging.

Loving this color scheme. The floss is a hand dye named wildfire and I love it. This will be a patchwork wall hanging for a bloggy friend. There will be brights and buttons included.

There will be sewing machine work on several items this week.

The mix CD that the Freshman brought me. All new music to me. One of the great things about joining a new group of people is that you are exposed to things that are totally new to you. She has expanded her musical interests so much. She and I are very very close, so she made me a studio/wine drinking/ mellow music mix. I love this. She nailed the mix perfectly. I like how she labeled the cd too.
She will be home for most of this week. Coming home Tuesday night and home til Sunday night. Everyone is so excited. We will be at Grandmother's on Thursday.
Now for the something to look forward to. Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I am not normally a huge Johnny Depp fan, but there are roles he is perfect for.
Mad Hatter is one of those perfection roles. Just look.

More about the film here -- Okay ya'll chime in - don't you think this steampunk bohemian victorian look is absolutely fabulous for him? Come on - you know you like it.
Now for one of the most beautiful youtube videos ever - go over ad visit Boho and boho Boy and Cedar (the new boho baby) Look at the video from Nov 23 post. Touched my heart. Sure it will touch yours too.
I hope this finds all of you having a fabulous day.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Friday (we have a winner)

The Queen herself wins the ATC left over from the presentation. No I do not need your address sweetie. I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow. The Man at my Address actually picked you my dear - he answered the phone this morning to a cryptic "pick a number between one and five." Then - thank you - and a dial tone. Sometimes I feel sorry for him.

Yesterday was one of those wasted days. I have been in the plumbing sales industry for some 20+ years. I know how bathtubs are made - but they did feed us well - and we got a wonderful goodie bag of bath oils and such in a great sized bag. I have tons of bags from various events, so it takes a lot to impress me, but this one will be used.

I got there early. We were signed up for the afternoon session and the morning session was still being conducted. I blipped out for a quick tour around the neighborhood and found my favorite kind of flea market/junk store. Crammed chok full of all kinds of stuff. Well priced. Dig for what you want. I only had a few minutes, but I recorded the location of this one to make a day trip after the holidays.

Bracelet Supplies - are these handles beautiful or what.

Bottles - tiny bottles - one orphaned salt shaker - this will be filled with glitter. I have a question though. How do I clean these? Some have labels I want to keep so soaking them is not a good option. All of these will be filled with eye candy and soldered into ornaments ALA Sally Jean's book.

That was the bright spot in my day. When I got home, I was so wiped out by the day and having been sick this week, that I simply ate some cereal and went to bed. I did sit in bed and crochet another of those chained scarves. College Freshman will be home tomorrow. It will be nice to spend some time with her. The house is going to get some attention as well. I have a medium sized mountain of clothes to be folded and put away. (think like that laundry ball in the detergent commercial).

I'm also going to try to get some things put away in MaggieGraceWorld. I still have no heat out there and it is cold here, so I'm not sure if that will happen.

Hope this finds everyone well - all next week, I'll be focusing on the blessings in my life as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of the Office

Off to a day long training in the big city of Atlanta --- yeaaaaaa!!!!! (insert eye rolls and heavy sighs here) Be back tomorrow.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Medically induced memories....

Do what??? I know everyone of you is wondering what the crap that means. While I was in the ER, my bloodwork indicated that I had some sort of infection somewhere. They gave me a presciption for a broad spectrum antibiotic LEVIQUIN. I try so hard to be fully aware of what I am taking so I pulled this one up.

Here's the mumbo jumbo on this. (copied from

Less serious Levaquin side effects may include:
nausea, diarrhea, constipation;
feeling restless, anxious, or depressed;
headache, dizziness;
muscle pain;
sleep problems (insomnia or
vaginal itching or discharge; or
mild skin itching

Notice it indicates sleep problems and nightmares. In digging further the phrase "enhanced dreams" has surfaced. I dream a lot - I know this about me - I have even recorded dreams. Last night I dreamed my past in a "conglomerate fuck" (play on words to see if someone is still reading) mixture with my present and future.

At one time we lived next door to city hall and the firehouse in Franklin Springs, Ga. Jim's (bff growing up) dad was the chief of Police and his office was in the fire station. Jim and I spent hours just hanging out there. Last night I dreamed that my Mom bought me that building for a home and studio space and that all my current friends were helping me move in. There is no way this could happen - the building was destroyed a few years ago by a tornado. But all the details were there. The wall color - the leather covered chairs - the tiny access panel that few knew about between the city hall office and the fire station - the crystals in the top of the wall around the back of the area (set on point) - all of the fire equipment and tools. I even can bring back the smells of that place. We were cooking fish in some sort of cooker out back for all my friends from now. I awakened and then went back to sleep and the dream continued on the same path. A wonderful reminder of some memories. Way cool. I had kinda forgotten some of those memories and it was a very nice reminder of those day. Well before I figured out that life was really very complicated.

It has prompted a call to Joy - Jim's widow this morning - and I will get to talk to his girls tonight. I haven't done that in quite a while.

On to more fun stuff. Here is a close up shot of the scarf I made this weekend and one I have in progress. Lightweight and yet just a little warmth around your neck.

The bulky blue one is complete. I made it in about an hour and a half. All chains and single crochet. The multicolored one is a mohair blend that I had one skein of and this is the perfect use for it. I bought this yarn years ago just for the color - fell into lust - had to have it. It wasn't enough for anything major, but I think it will work on this scarf. The colors are gorgeous.

I'll try to get Lannae to model these and the really fun one I also completed.

Hope this finds you all having a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Love from the universe

Do you see it? The heart. This was on the deck outside when I got up Saturday morning. No staging at all by yours truly. I immediately grabbed the camera because it was raining and windy and cold and I did not want to lose this one.

It's cold here in GA today - below freezing temps last night and expected again tonite.

I went immediately to bed on Sunday afternoon and pretty much the same thing last night. I did come up with a new scarf pattern --easy to make and quick to crochet in a bulky yarn. I am also working on my interpretation of one I saw around a lady's neck several weeks ago. Maybe I'll have those for tomorrow.

About driving home on Sunday - let me advise you NOT to do that. It was stupid and dangerous to do. In my defense though, I wanted to be home and did not want to be in the hospital far away from home and alone. Also - my name is Mommy - Mommy's don't impose on others - Mommy's have to be strong - Mommy's have to go the extra effort - Mommy's have to be almost indestructable. For all of my local friends - no I did not call you - I know you would have come to my rescue - but you all have a life of your own and I just could not impose. Sorry - I'll have to do better on asking for help. Love you all.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

finished - presented - well received.

Hey everyone. My weekend sucked. I was out of town and the kidney stone from hell presented itself. So after laying in the bathroon floor and on the sofa whimpering all night Saturday night - I brought my happy little fanny to the hospital emergency room. Drugs - fluids - sleep - today I am still dehydrated but I have that little prize in a pill bottle.

I have presented the program on Artist Trading Cards and online swaps to the Athens Embroiderie Guild. I finished these up and here they are.

The presentation featured many of you my friends. They were amazed by how all these swaps work. They were amazed that I refered to you as my friends. It was a tremendous amount of fun. I was not nervous at all. (Having been the youth director, being in front of a group does not bother me.)

They each selected an ATC to take with them. MaryAnn - the altered book you sent me was a hit as well. They were equally amazed at the fact that you can mail a plastic bottle. My MOO cards were well received too.
It was funny to see all of them deciding which ATC they wanted. I planned for 11 - only 10 showed up.
This is a good thing.
Leave a comment on this post and I'll draw a name on Friday and send you the last ATC from this project.
Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jesus Loves ......

The pictures were made by Local Best Friend. He wanted to borrow my camera to take some pictures of a bronze sculpture that he has to plan lighting for. I am amazed at the story of this sculpture.

The children depicted are the owners children. He had this created to include his girls. There is a plaque that reads "Jesus Loves _____,______,____ and He loves you too" I am going to wait until the lighting is complete before I go to see this.

My thoughts......

Come to me. I'll be your Friend. I'll comfort you. I'll hold your hand.

Keep reaching. Hold onto each other. Spread beauty. Spread joy. Spread love. Spread peace. Flowers are nice too.

I'll hold you up. I'm strong enough for us all. Keep reaching for your best. I'm at the center of your being. I'm all around you, too.

God looked around and he saw that it was good. Then it was bad. I came to bridge the canyon between those two states. When you welcome Me the smile is just for you. When you share My words and My grace, the smile goes to others too.

Jesus Loves Me. This I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong. They are weak, but He is strong.

note - the last picture is a cropping from one of these. I edited it using Picnik. I do not know who the sculptor is. The installation is near Athens, GA.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'll drink to that.....

This has to be one of the funniest "pinup" girl pictures ever. I love it. Plump, red headed, and sassy - just like me.
Can someone please tell me why you would ever need sherpa lined flip-flops? They ain't cheap either - L.L. Bean $34.95. I'm thinking my toes would still be cold.

This however makes perfect sense to me. A brandy snifter full of goodness and a pile of vintage crochet lace. This is sitting in my studio and it kind of just happened. I was sorting and started dropping floss skeins into the glass because it was handy - I like how it looks and now it will be staying for a while.

I also have started a tracking blog - mostly just for me. Bare bones - no photos - just linky goodness to some ideas I don't want to lose track of. I have added my thoughts to the posts - I'm sharing with you because there really are wonderful inspired ideas out there. Heres the link to the links.

Have a great day ---

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled goodies

Mom and I toured the Art Show and several yard sales on Saturday. I visited with art and craft buddies and had a wonderful time. The traffic was slow, but it was a stunning fall day. I wish the checking account could support more purchases because the talent in our area is incredible.

Walker, William, and our friend Jeannie set up their lemonade stand. Later in the day, Burke brought the boys to my house for an afternoon of "workshop" fun.

Look closely and you see the hammer on the bench in the background. But first we did stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.

Then I found the hammers and some copper roof flashing. I brought out a bolt from a hardware box. Remember all the high tech specialty tools I use (lol). I had some temporary letter stickers left from a project and cut the copper to a managable size. Put the letter sticker on the copper and even a three year old can understand not to hammer on his letter. Place the bolt - tap with the hammer - repeat. combine with a cheap art board - some scrap book paper and you get this ............

I added a hanger from some webbed binding and the boys took them home for their rooms.

I have to say this was influenced by a board that has been in my Mom's house as long as I can remember. My Uncle made it for my mom with a sanded pine board and he repeatedly hammered into a letter stencil then stained the board with the SCOGIN name on it.

After we finished the letters, we made FIND IT jars. I had baby food jars left, but those tall skinny jars that olives and pickled onions come in work great too.

The boys and I dug through the beads - buttons - sequins - tiny bubblegum machine toys - game pieces - letters - all kind of stuff. Picking ten items for the jar was the best time filler of the afternoon. Drop it all in the jar - add a healthy coverage of colored sand and glitter (sand saved from a years ago retreat) - I put tacky glue on the threads before I put the lids back on. Hours of fun - looking for the stuff in the sand. Easy peasy - you know that how I work.
Then a few games of tag - some frisbee - tossing the ball - repeating reminders that there is a snake in the big barn - and little tv football (because Miss Teresa is old and needed to rest) - and it was time to go home. We had so much fun even though I am out of practice with little ones. I hope they come back again really soon.
Thanks so much for all the encouragement about Sunday nights post. I feel much better after a good cry and cuss fit. The problem with the truck turned out to be minor and we are back in business. (Laura - I think you are a rockstar too).
The list I am making for the Art Show next year will be edited based on what I saw Saturday. The ATC stitching continues. I do that presentation on Monday the 17th. Then I can get ready for Christmas. Then I can focus on the goal next year of getting my work into a more visible arena.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reality check - pity party attached

I'm tired.

Fed up.

Tired of remembering ALL the details. (Missed a very important RSVP involving the college freshman).

Tired of worrying about every penny. The children ask for money - HE asks for money - I am not made of money people --------

Tired of making it look so freakin' easy. Wanting to scream because I am so frustrated all the time.

Tired of the reality that the only thing important to the other occupants in my house is what to eat and what time the next ball game / practice is. There are some other details in life folks and they need to be important to some body.

Hate that feeling of fear in the back of my throat. You know the one. What else can possibly go wrong? My truck left me stranded today at the store. His truck is DOA already. The car he is driving needs to go to the shop. And I have to go out of town this weekend.

I can't take a hot bath - the well does not have enough water.

I can't drink - HE polished off all the tequila.

I can't get in the truck and drive - wouldn't want him to have to rescue me off the side of the road.

So I did it. I gave in to the fatigue of being the mommy and the responsible party in this house.

I had a feminine emotional outburst. Yep - went to the studio and sat there and cried. Called LBF and whined. Nutted up.

WANTED - someone to notice that I am so much more than this. Someone to help me carry some of this. To feel like I am not so completely alone even when there are people in my house.

NEEDED - one long hot bath - a backrub - a drink - a vacation. Not one of those things is within my reach right now.


OKAY - pity party over - I'll probably delete this anyway and we can go back to our regularly scheduled MaggieGrace goodness.

Friday, November 07, 2008


The picture is from Friday night's excursion with the Reservoir Dogs. Check out the hair flip. JW Hell - actually little brother John - has hair that any woman would almost kill for. We had a blast. The acoustics in this building were wonderful and the band put on a great show.

Now for the real reason for this here post.

I have my blog set up to email me when people leave a comment. It's handy except when the person refuses to leave their identity in any way. I also have the feedjit feed stat list on the side bar. Last week I received an email notification of a comment on an old old (circa 2006) post - the comment was left by ANONYMOUS (of course) and read like this

"that was a disappointment."

So I cruise to the post and try to figure out what the disappointing thing was. Couldn't figure it out.

Then I go to Feedjit and check out the way and means by which people come and go from MaggieGraceCreates.

Check these out - anonymous was from London and here is the search criteria they used to find me.

London, London arrived from on "MAGGIE GRACE CREATES: October 2006" by searching for maggie grace sex scenes.
13:43:40 -- 22 hours 3 mins ago

London, London arrived from on "MAGGIE GRACE CREATES" by searching for maggie grace's feet.
13:21:39 -- 22 hours 25 mins ago

Okay folks --- no wonder the poor bastard was disappointed. Just for the record - had he found what he was looking for, the comment would have more than likely been -- "that was disgusting."

I shared this with Lannae and we both spent several minutes giggling about this.

Have a great day everyone.

I dreamed I was at Corey's

Today's vintage postcard - picniked into a polaroid.

I dreamed I was visiting Corey's home. There was a huge party. Blogger buds galore. The conversation buzzed with excitement. There were all languages and accents being spoken and no one needed to interpret. It was warm and friendly. There were none of those ugly issues in the way. Peaceful - inspiring - beautiful. We shared ideas openly, not needing to hide behind the masks. These people were my friends. These people "get" who I am. It was a wonderful dream.
I woke up. Reality struck. I have to go to my real job. The kids need to be dropped off and picked up and dropped off. Somebody needs a check for this. Mom I need phone minutes. Where is my _______ ( you moms fill this blank in with any item)?
I drove to work in silence - (between phone calls) - and since I arrived I have been working and pondering. The conclusion. I love blogging. I love getting comments. I love leaving comments. The dream of Coreys home was more than likely triggered by drooling over her features in the several mags I have at home before bed. I want my home to appear as beautiful as hers does. Time to give that some serious attention.
I want each of you to know how much I appreciate you in my life. That needed to be stated as well. You all "get" who I am.
This is the month for Thanksgiving here in the good old USA. Thank you all for becoming a part of my life. You are important to me.
I hope you all will be thankful for what blogging is and does for you. I am so glad I plunged in myself.
Have a fabulous day.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


When Elizabeth was relocating and gifted me with a tremendous amount of creative goodness, this album was part of the loot. I kept it - just for the visual eye candy it contained. There are no photos, the album is full of postcards and other memorabilia.

Since ALL I am working on is those ATC, I'm gonna share some Picnik edited images from this book for all of you to use if you choose.

It is a glorious fall around here. The trees are just about to peak in their fall color. The light is stunning.

We have plans to go to the local art show this Saturday in Danielsville, GA and then I'll be spending the afternoon (maybe) with these two boys. Their mom is one of the organizers of the show and it is a little much to ask them to stay all day. I'm hoping I'll be allowed to take some pictures of my friends and their work to share with all ya'll next week.

I have committed to this show (see Lannae I am committed) for 2009. If there are any other readers in the Athens GA area who would like to get more information please go visit Lannae and leave her a comment.

I am making serious progress on those ATC. I really am excited about sharing them with you when I finish.

Have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No politics here.....

I did stay up and listen to all the elections stuff through Obama's speech last night. It was a major historical election.

More bits and bobs today - sorry it's all I really got right now.

These next two are out of order. The top one is the WIP. I keep one of these going a lot of the time. I have no idea how this will ultimately be used. Or even what it is going to look like. I know, for you OCD, need to know, people, that is disturbing to think about.

Here is the reason that I do not know what it will look like. Saving stuff is a sickness. See these two 12 in pieces of floss. I save them. Most people would throw them away. No - I keep them - and when there is a pile, I'll sit and stitch. Random patterns - til I run out. I know it is strange, but it's easy and will fill time for tv or just hanging with the girls. Since there is no real counting, I don't have to concentrate. I like the look and it works for me.

I did some of this last night. Now it will be put away until I build another little pile of floss.

Speaking of floss. In cleaning and moving to the studio, I have been just piling the floss skeins on the coffee table. Also during the tv viewing last night, I spooled them and put them in the big tool box that I got for Valentines day many years ago (mine is dark grey). I love this box.

I have them in numerical order starting with the 100's and all the way up through the 3700 series.

Pretty little colors all in a row.

Now a few details of fall around my house this morning.

Isn't this orange pretty?

The beauty berries have been much nicer in previous years. The drought has really affected them.

A climbing vine that many are terrified to be close to. The chartreuse color is great though.

My favorite - a sweet gum ball and multicolor foliage - just outside the studio door.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Another random "bits and bobs" post. Random things that are important enough to dicuss at my house.

Sweet tea is one of the top criteria for choosing a restaurant.

The man at my address takes the little bottles of shampoo from hotels - because he likes the shampoo. I like really nice shampoo - he likes the cheap stuff.

We buy 4 different kinds of deodorant at our house - the girls wear Old Spice Red Zone - yes they like man deodorant.

Everybody uses different soap at our house too.

The biggest thing that bothered me when Molly moved away was her empty spot in the toothbrush holder.

Now that Molly is not there we eat a lot more seafood. If she is home we eat more Mexican.

I tend to eat olives straight out of the jar with a fork.

No one at my house is afraid of the dark. Yet we sleep with the hall light on - because the man at my address gets up at all hours of the night.

Abby was 11 years old before I spent a night completely alone in my house. There are pluses to that activity. I think I could adjust to that lifestyle.

I chomp on ice. The kind of ice is important. Zaxby's has ice nuggets (see photo below) in their restaurants - its my favorite.

How about you --- random nothings please.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Random bits

I have most of the boxes in the studio labeled with general terms. Floral embellishements - metal embellishments - scrap paper - buttons - jewelry findings - etc. Even with these categories there are those random things floating around so I have one box that is labeled "BITS AND BOBS" -- that is what this post is - a bits and bobs post.

The college freshman is a little better today. Some rest and comfort food (in her case white rice with butter) coupled with a dose of Nyquil seemed to start the process back to feeling better. I caught up the laundry and washed a few dishes, restocked the junk food stashes and just hung out yesterday. I called her this morning and she implied that she was better. She will be home tonight in order to vote in the morning before heading back to class around noon on Tuesday.

I am working on the ATC steadily. I stocked that red box with all the items from the inspiration pile. The idea was to use only items stocked in the box to complete the project. On Saturday - I hit the creative slump wall - I really wanted to adhere to my plan but others around me were encouraging me to go back and find something else for one corner of this one. I persevered and just kept fiddling with the stuff in the box. Here is what I came up with.

A little arched window looking opening - rayon floss and a silk ribbon rose. that I actually formed myself. I am very happy to have worked through the block. I have decided each ATC will have three of those little crochet flowers and that they will all be different and that I will only use items from the original packing of the box to complete them. By different - they could even just be the same pattern in different colorways. I do love the challenges created by limitations.

A random sunset shot - the color that night was the illustration of the phrase - "That Georgia sun was blood red and going down" Absolutely beautiful. The photo does this no justice at all.

Now that Trick or Treat season is over - sorry it is not a favorite holiday at my house - I can start getting little bits of Christmas going in the house.

My girl, JenB, sent this tiny box as on of the 12 days of Christmas packages last year. I put it out last night on the little drying rack in the living room. I adore the tiny simplicity of this.

Makes me happy just to look at it.
Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy - have a wonderful day.
PS - thanks for the well wishes for Molly.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

She's sick

Last week the college freshman called me everyday. Now I know why. She is sick. Just the crud as we say at our house. Still she is miserable. She has been on the road since Thursday for a tournament and now she is back in her dorm room home away from home. 

Mom's here with groceries and chocolate and the ability to cook rice and do laundry while the sick one rests. 

Dad is dealing with the softball princess and her first "boy" to spend an afternoon at our house. Lets' just say DAD AIN'T READY FOR THIS. 

See you guys tomorrow.