Friday, November 30, 2012

musical chairs????

This wedding is killing me ----

Not really ---

Nothing we have DIY'd has been hard to do. Tedious, yes. Time consuming, yes. Not difficult though. 
Thank goodness for PINTEREST. Communication between the Bride2Be has been somewhat easy. She pinned this
Source: via Molly on Pinterest

It's pretty. But it really didn't go with what we are doing in her decor. 

But I happened up on some really random wood pieces. Actually some pieces of chairs - chair backs. 

I had the Father of the Bride paint one a really pale blue grey color. 

Then I took the wording from her pin and printed it on a really pretty iridescent piece of vellum.

Spray adhesive from Elmers glue. (I think I've mentioned that this is a favorite product)  and then some of that stunning embossed paper I bought early on in this wedding project. 

This sign goes on the guest sign in table. It was the last thing for this table completion.

I sent a picture to the Bride2Be.

She wanted "bling"

So I added the mate to the ring pillow earring to the corner.

Not too much but it does add just a little "oomph" to the sign.

Here is a close up of it --- I LURVE!!!!! this paper.

The moral of the story --- think outside the box. Play some musical chairs or whatever.

Yes --- if your wedding is to be vintage and in tones that this works with - it will be available afterwards.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

flowers -----

There is not one pinterest inspired idea in this post. Imagine that. Bridesmaids need flowers. Bride2Be had no real idea what we might do. So this one was designed on the fly. Starting with stems similar to the ones above. Ours were white with tiny bits of white glitter on a few of the petals. I got them at Michaels when they were 40% off. They were a bit sparse, so I bought extra, took a few of them apart and added to the bottom of a single stem.

They were ok as they were, just a bit "blah".

So Mom went to work.

I decided they needed some blue bits.

So I mixed up several shades of cheap blue glitter in a small jar.

Made wire teardrop shaped loops.

Sprayed them with Elmer's Spray adhesive. (LOVE THIS STUFF)

Then drug the sticky loops through the glitter.

Easy -----

Then I pulled several of the loops into the white flowers --- see?

I did that randomly --- yup --- I likes this.

Then I dug in the stash and found some blue plastic rhinestones.

More random gluing - I likes this even better.

Then came the fun part. Bride2Be wanted the handle to be thicker.

Think think think. Short pieces of 1" pvc. Add batting. Add teal blue fabric. Glue a button on one end. GLue the flowers in the other. Nice handle.

Then the Bride2Be wanted lace.

Dig dig dig. Find just enough sequin embellished embroidered lace to wrap each handle. (Attached with hot glue)

Add tulle bits to fill around the bottom (and hide imperfections).

Sew on a cute little monogram letter. Repeat 5 times. And.....


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the cake saga ......

I saved this image ----

and this one --
she loved them

simple --- but stunning

We decided do do our version of the bands.

I bought ribbon ---

Traced a scroll onto it.

Vintage Rhinestone buttons, silver sequins, beads.

Watch "The Voice"

Make four of them --- I changed this picture to black and white --- just pretty to me.

Here is a better color representation.

And a wrapped around a vase mock up.

I'm liking these --- a lot.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Remember this?

The really pretty "L" monogram from way back in August.

Its been in a baggie in the wedding stuff since the beading was finished.

Well I finally got the measurements for the Scriptures that the ring pillow was going to top. Ben's Grandfathers Scriptures.

I pondered and procrastinated a bit, (some of these projects are intimidating) but I finally decided to make the ring pillow on Saturday morning.

I selected fabrics and some trims and I tried hard to think this through before I started.

These are clip style earrings ---- this is an important grouping ---

After I made the pillow and added the wide elastic lace band that will slide over the Scriptures without damaging them, we tried several embellishments.

This is the final decision below......

It's really soft and and feminine. I kinda hope this will become and heirloom.

Actually this may be a favorite project so far.

25 days and counting........

Friday, November 16, 2012

flower girl

remember these -- melty flowers and the little melty petals for the flower girl to spread.

Well we can't have an unadorned flower girl could we?

Miss Margo will be wearing white tights, white leotard, white shoesies (her word).

And this ......

An adorable tulle tutu --- another really easy to make item.

There is also a lace tiara --- made b laying a thin headband on its side and wrapping it with ribbon and adding sequins and lace.

It will tie in the back and there is a melty flower hair clip that we will clip where she thinks it should go. I attached it to a hairclip so it can be worn separately.

Then we need a carrier for those fake flower petals - so I made a lace cone. But in my "what could go wrong" thinking moments, I realized that the petals would go all the into the unreachable parts of the tip.

Shhh......this part is a secret. There is a red solo cup (thank you toby keith for lyrics that are now embedded in brains all over the nation after they just read that) slid inside the cone. All of the petals will be easily reached.

A better detail shot --- another melty flower and some dangle paper hearts

Molly wanted all of the bouquets to have monograms and we can't leave Miss Margo out. See the blinged up "M" --- cute.

Each of the attendants are also getting a heart charm ---- Since Margo will be tossing petals I decided a necklace was a better option. The heart theme is carried in this little giftie.

I'll assemble all of this on her monogrammed Hanger.

I can't wait to post pictures of this little sweetie.

Mark Flower girl's stuff off the do to list and say that it is DONE.

Monday, November 05, 2012


We had a little mishap Friday night. 

A part of THE candolier was dropped from above me and hit me in the eye. 

Enter ME with black eye. 

oh well ....

then - there was a second brass light fixture rehab.

but when I took the grody light apart the glass was even nasty...

and the stains were embedded in the glass.

so there was a regroup ----

I taped the panes off

outside to the spray area -- silver spray paint -- these will not be handled much so there won't be much
danger of the paintcoming off.

then I got brave and peeled off the tape and tried some stamp ink.

on the inside ---

silver ink with clear sparkle embossing powder on a lace detail stamp.

leaves a pretty little edge detail on the lamp.

I covered up the center because there will be surprises for the B2B that I really do not want her to see.

Hope you guys are having a better day than me.


Thursday, November 01, 2012

And so it continues.....

Yes, the area around the shed always looks like that. 

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL FALL DAY. 

We got outside and started the serious work on another wedding project. 

I have no idea where that vintage door was originally. But being the planner that I am (giggle), I knew we would need it for the wedding. Now that was a funny statement. 

Yes that is a pile of pvc pipe. Strong and lightweight and easy to work with. 

Here is the thing put together.

Complete with candolier ( No it is not finished)

At this stage the B2B did not really even like it.

She may not like it when it's finished. But we will see. I HAVE A VISION --- another funny statement. I am winging it as I go.

Knowing it would be turning cold and windy, we disassembled the thing. (its designed for this), and moved it into the work room (also known as the dining room)

I have 10.5 foot ceilings in here, so process this into scale ---- its 10 feet high and  between 6 and 7 wide and 42 inches from front to back.

I barely have room for the ladder to move around it.

I'm covering it in solid white fabric (sheets), lace, tulle, and draping beads, and some swirly stuff that i don't quite know how to describe. There will be sparkly things and melty flowers too.

I really just wanted to show you just how nuts this is, trying to do an entire wedding all by ourselves --- crazy people --- that's us.

 And, because I took these on Halloween night, I found the next picture particularly fun.

I know what the light reflection in the windows are, but those two off to the right of the window --- I'm calling those "ORBS"

Have a great evening.

No wedding work tonight --- gotta restock my booth in the antique mall across the street.