Monday, July 09, 2012

Hey there Princess -- Happy Birthday

She was a total surprise -- I stood there holding that little stick looking at the indicator saying "it's pink, damn it's pink."

She got here fast and has not slowed down since --- 42 minutes of labor and she was ready to tackle the world.

Wide open and ready to go...that's my girl.

 She loves her mama.

 But, she is her daddy's little girl.

 Fearless -- she's that too.

 A serious athlete.

With great style. 

She loves her sister -- her sister loves her too.

Very little surprises me about her.

But she still amazes me every single day.

Fun loving (and she can dance) (and sing) --- and there was also this comedy thing in her graduation speech.

Not afraid of hard work - didn't miss a practice even on the day she had surgery to repair a broken hand. She was right there being a huge part of her team.

As she jumps for joy, she also makes others joyful.

This beautiful young lady, my second daughter, love of my life, and all around special and beautiful person ---- well she turns 19 at 2:42 this afternoon

Happy birthday Abby --- we love you.

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