Friday, December 28, 2012

post traumatic stress syndrome

I have heard that this was possible 

We got the beautiful girl married off. 

Then "POOF" is it Christmas. I did not do my normal decorating. I WAS TOO TIRED. 

But I did put up a fake Christmas "BUSH" - a tiny little pitiful thing. It was so sparse that I went to the yard and cut branches from my cedar tree and tucked them in to fill it out. Then I used the glass balls from the wedding to decorate it. 

I did change the mantle though -----

I added the mirror from the wedding guest table to the center. 

I loved this mirror the second I put it together - so easy too.

I cut the motif from the center of a decaying lace curtain panel and using Elmer's spray adhesive - simply glued it to the glass of the mirror. It will peel off if I ever want to change it. 

Added my bronze Nativity to the center. A few more wedding detail items finish it out.

Here is a more detailed look at the mirror.

Happy New Year peeps. I have already chosen my 2013 word. Details about that next week.

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