Friday, April 25, 2014

Grateful Hope Planning and Praying

This counting of blessings - it's contagious - my friend Patti has/is reading the book --- I am re-reading it. Looking for things to focus on for the retreat. Trying to plan the details. 

Details - all the details - and this is to be a low stress event -----

For my friends. 

Me - well this s a GIFT for them. Some of the details may go unnoticed, but the prayers that are in those details --- they will be felt from now until the event and hopefully well past it. 

Which brings me to today ------

This is me. 

Let's just recap the week. I forgot to write a transaction down in the check book - the warehouse for shipping material to us at my grown up girl job left a CRITICAL item off the truck (4 hours in the car to make that right - windshield time) - Mr Dorsey has had another stroke - one of the youth from my church had a GI artery bleed and is still in the hospital after emergency surgery - a friend of mine spent Wednesday night and all day yesterday trying to find her elderly father (who left going to church, became disoriented, and was finally located miles and miles from home), another friend lost a job, and  add to this ---- I feel puny. (hope I am not getting sick).

I am quite empty ---

And yet I am blessed.

Patti posted her NOTICING on facebook last night. Simply beautiful.
I tossed a grungy sock with the bucket boy --- both of us enjoyed that play time.
Andrew's surgery was successful - he will be ok - again
AND - they found Beth's Dad safe - he wandered into a Historical Museum in a small town and the lovely people there searched until they found Beth's number (please please people - program an ICE number into your phones.)

Blessings through the HARD, EMPTY, TRYING moments.

I want this seeing of blessings to be shared with the ladies in attendance at GRATEFUL HOPE.

So yesterday - while praying over so much difficult stuff - I tried to pray over an easy craft for the Retreat. I put up a picture collage of these and asked for votes. I'm still asking. See some of these ladies are not "craft" oriented ---- but I really want them to feel like they can make something pretty as a memento of the day together. Something that when they see it, they are reminded of the JOY, GRATITUDE, and FELLOWSHIP of the day.

Note - I will put together kits for whichever one I/we decide on. The actual craft will be INSPIRED by these - not an exact duplicate.

So please vote in the comments on this ---- list your top three in order of what you might like to make if you were a part of the gathering.

1. A BEADED HEART ORNAMENT - inspired by the one pictured. I found the original link at Mayahelena on ETSY

A note prompted by Patti: This can be completed in brights or neutrals. I already have everything I need for this craft. I would form the hearts ahead of time ----and the completion would be stringing the beads and wrapping the heart to your liking.

2. FABRIC BUNTING - I found this image at The Natural Wedding Company - it linked to BHLDN - but the bunting is no longer available there. The one shown is sewn to the hanging string, but we would glue ours. Again we can do this in brights - or neutrals. I'm thinking at least 10 different fabrics for each one. 

I have everything needed for this one too - I would precut the fabric shapes  - and the completion would be the gluing together - I most likely would cut all the pieces from assorted fabrics - then randomly package the kits - but you ladies could swap at the tables ---- 

3. BEADED MOBILE YARD ART. I found this on Pinterest, but in searching Google images - I located the source - on ETSY.  The most difficult part of this will be stringing beads (I'll add buttons to the ones we would make because - well - I have them - and I like them)

I have everything for this one too - I would predrill the branches and completion would be stringing and tying these on. Again - these can be brights - pastels - neutrals.

4. HANDSTITCHED TINY CHARMS - be still my heart -- I love these. These were made by Becky Shander - actually I love ALL her stuff.  Now these are tiny - and this would definitely be a handstitching project.

But once again (imagine) I have all the stuff. to make assorted versions of these.

Matter of fact - I'll be making some of these anyway. Just because.

5. WORD BLOCK ORNAMENT - this one came with a FULL TUTORIAL and I like it. it can be expanded to say HOPE - PEACE - GRACE - LOVE - really anything.

I have "most" of this readily available. Although there may have to be a bit of adaptation to use from the stash. it might not be multi-sided and we may wind up using scrabble tiles for the letters.

6. MELTY FLOWERS -- I made over a 100 of this type of flower for Molly's wedding.  I found this picture here.   Circles of petals - fun button and bead centers. These are a little more "laborious" - but NOT difficult to make.

I would bring the precut circles - and candles - you would melt the edges (who doesn't like to play with fire) and hand stitch together to make a pin on flower. again these could be done in any color scheme and I have all the stuffs for them.

Crafts for 15 people - from the stash - well yes - I can EASILY be accomplished.

This event is in October - it is a LABOR OF LOVE for me. I have felt called to do this from the first chapter of the book. Please help me get all these details right ----

I am investing my heart into this --- God is investing His love through me ---

Please comment with your 'PINIONS even if this is not an event you can attend. I need your help.

I am working through all my details - most will not be seen here until after the event --- surprises are fun.

Life is beautiful - busy, but beautiful - stop and NOTICE the beauty.

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