Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I still make things (and I need to be selling some)

So - I restocked my booth with new bracelets today. 

Some really pretty ones - the basket weave handled one in the photo below is very different from most of my silverware finds.  

I've been in a strange place for some time now. 

Things are simply out of kilter and a bit overwhelming right now. 

And my go to when I am like this is to shut down - so I am fighting that urge. 

Bracelets are now $25.00 and if you are local to Athens, Georgia, you can find them at Junk in the Trunk on Olympic Drive. 

The rose floral one in the picture below is a favorite too. 

I've also added several new spoon collage and skeleton key pendants to the offerings. 

As the one below speaks - I AM BLESSED - and life is very beautiful.

I absolutely love the blues in the spoon below. 

I sell them as pendants, but they can be converted to key chains. 

Or simply motivational ornaments to hang. 

Again- available at Junk in the Trunk in Athens, Georgia. 

I have that booth - but I am quite willing to sell these and mail them. 

I am not set up for credit card purchases, but we can work out those details if need be. 
(yes MaryAnn - I need an etsy shop - and I need to work out the whole paypal thing) 

Simply leave a comment here - or at my facebook - or instagram message
or email me at 
teresahome @ juno . com 
(just take out the spaces on the email address - the spammers are killing me with junk emails) 

I'll be popping in here in the next few with some "pop up" inspiration kits to sell too. 

Have a great day. 


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