Thursday, July 10, 2014

blogging without expectations.....

I haven't been here as frequently as I once was.

Life is happening at a lightning fast pace right now. More details to come.

But I wanted to share a quick little idea.

 I am at a point in my life where I am simplifying many things.

Mostly I am recognizing that I don't need to get better organized, I just need LESS STUFF.

But I want that STUFF to really make me smile when I use it. (I almost used the "make me happy" phrase but that is wrong. STUFF cannot make anyone happy)

I have come to recognize that I will shuffle through the stack of assorted bowls in my cabinet to use the same styled one for my cereal every time. Why have twelve bowls I don't use ---- well hello - get rid of them. Instant improvement. Multiply that idea by thousands and you will find where my brain is at this point in time. PURGE PURGE PURGE.

Back to the post.

I found this Vintage Brass Tissue Cover at the thrift store.

It's been sitting around here and there and I just kept moving it.

I also use the folded fabric softener dryer sheets and I just keep the little box sitting on the dryer. But you know, I want my STUFF to make me smile.

And then a flash of momentary brilliance. I word it that way, because sometimes these things don't work exactly as planned. But this one did.

Pretty Brass Tissue Box with a hinged lid. Prefolded dryer sheets. A perfect eclectic combination that I think will make me smile often. And it is a big improvement over the recycled baby wipe box.


more to come.

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