Wednesday, October 15, 2014

from the stash .......

Look over here to see how I am trying (I repeat - trying) to make peace with what I have versus what I use. 

I am selling - discarding - donating - using
or trying to anyways.

 I just finished a baby blanket for a friend.
I have yarn left from that project that I intended to simply make another baby blanket. 

But then this happened. 

years ago I remember my Mama making a rectangular granny afghan. She worked on it at the campground over that summer.
It must have been the 70's because it was avocado green, and gold and brown. 
I have NO IDEA where said afghan is now. 
But I have repeatedly asked for the pattern and she had been unable to find it. 
(Here is where I insert - hoarding tendencies go way deep in my life - her stash is really wide and deep as well.)

Several weekends ago she gave me some vintage craft books and on of those books contained THE RECTANGLE GRANNY AFGHAN pattern. (I know I could have searched for it, but I really wanted this to come from her) 

Well over ______ ago (time frame left blank to protect the hoarder), I bought these mill end packages of fairly heavy yarn. White with tones of sage green. They were ON SALE at JoAnn's and I couldn't resist. I bought three bags. Got home that day and added them to the pile stash. The big bag has been sitting there since.  (Oh please please tell me I am not the only one who has been guilty of this)

Last night before bed - I simply made up my mind to clean off the top of the stack this bag was on - I gathered that yarn and that pattern and I started a RECTANGLE GRANNY BLANKET. It actually felt good to start using that yarn and the table looks so much better not all piled helter skelterish.

I honestly believe that I could craft for a year with out a purchase of materials. 

As a matter of fact - approaching the end of the year of INTENTION - I think my word for next year may just have a way to encourage being a good steward of the things I have already bought. 

Let's just see how this works. 

Much love - many prayers

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