Thursday, April 23, 2015

long time - no see

No excuses.

I went MIA again

But here I am with just a bit of sharing for you 

32 skeins of yarn have been used from the stash.

Three baby blankets and this full sized beauty in blue, cream, tan, and brown.

and I have started one from yarn that I purchased but is NOT going into the stash, I've started that blanket. 

I'm also working working working on THE MOST INTRICATE cross stitch project I have ever done. 

This was a gift for my friend Renee. Well she's actually the daughter of one of my best friends. But since all the girls are now young adults, I can call her my friend, can't I?

We gave Miss Renee a bridal shower on Sunday afternoon. 

I used one of my crochet nests as the food table centerpiece. 

To see the exquisite nests that inspired me - go here
Vicki makes and sells beautiful knitted nests. 
She's a wonderful person and there is an amazing array of beauty at her blog. 
Get a coffee and spend some time.

Here's the bride-to-be with her mom and soon to be Mother-in-Love 
You can guess - but I will go ahead and tell you - her Mom is the one in pink.

A quick note about the Softball Princess.

it's over.

she graduates from college with her undergrad degree in Environmental Science next weekend.

She's graduating with honors.

and more than likely moving far away to continue school. 


yes - those of you with small children are allowed to be jealous. 

I just want to know how this happened. 

She is supposed to just be a little bit bigger than THIS.


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