Wednesday, April 13, 2011

About the shoes - again

Disclaimer - you can bail on this post - it is all about prom pictures - most likely interesting only to us family peeps. Saturday was a very important day at our house. A year ago - I was lying in a hospital bed trying not to bleed to death from a cancerous tumour. We celebrated that anniversary all day. It was also the Softball Princess Senior Prom. And yes - it was about the shoes again. Check these out. Custom order converse - to match the dress. Great aren't they. I took a similar picture last year and loved it. Love this one too.
College Girl went too - her boy is the same age as Softball Princess. More on her stuff next post.
Silly girl - I love her sense of humour and style.

See what I mean.
Me and she ---- shh.. MaryAnn please don't use a red pen here.

It was noted that Daddy matched her outfit.

He's kinda fond of her. When he told her she was beautiful in front of The Man and I, she was so horribly embarassed. I hope he tells her again and again how beautiful she is.

Handsome couple - he's smart and funny and really good to her.

I think this may be my favorite shot of the prom pictures of them. Caught them just chatting while we took College Girl Pictures.

Baby Girl, you are beautiful. Blake boy, you are handsome. Remember these days always.

It was our last prom. It was bittersweet. I am happy to be her mama. She has been joy in my heart since I found out we were expecting her. God, I love that girl.

Life is so beautiful.

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