Monday, April 18, 2011

College Girls Prom Dress

Okay, she is an adult. Her boy actually is as well, but he is a senior in high school and they were going to prom together. College Girl approached me and said, "I want to make my prom dress." And she had an inspiration photo. Grey and black and a sheer overlay and check out the bodice. My response OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS HAVE YOU LOST YOUR DAMN MIND. or some other adult language version of that phrase. But being the wonderful and kind and loving mother that I am. And having an enormous amount of spare time to devote to this project ----- I said sure honey. Knowing full well that her idea of making this dress was going to involve me way more than I wanted to be involved. A pattern was purchased. Fabric. Notions. And away we go. We had a pattern for a strapless under dress. But that bodice - the really important part - well she trusted her Mama to come up with something. Mind you - that picture was the inspiration. The finished dress only kinda has that idea. But it was very very pretty. AND I FINISHED THE DAMN THING AT 2:45 PM ON SATURDAY THE DAY OF AND PICTURES WERE AT 3:15PM. There ya go. Pictures from the day. College Girl and Softball Princess. The gunmetal grey was beautiful on her.
Mom's interpretation of the bodice inspiration.

The adorable couple - All pictures were made at Watson Mill Bridge State Park.

Ben's mom made his vest and bow tie from the same fabric as the dress. Nice attention to detail.

NOTE TO ALL PARTIES READING THIS - the covered buttons on the vest, Ben did those himself.

The lace is beautiful - I have some left - it will go into the stash.

I am pleased with the outcome. A dress that she will wear once. But we worked on it together and together time is limited when a girl child enters her twenties. Really the time spent together was the best part of this project.

I am really happy I jumped in and said ---- SURE, WE CAN MAKE YOUR DRESS.

Have a beautiful day.

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