Monday, May 02, 2011


Good Monday morning.

Right now - I find myself wondering if Bin Laden might be looking for his virgins.

Anyway - this is not a political blog. It is my world. It is my place of happiness and joy and beauty and creativity and all that stuff.

And it is time for a word challenge update. MaryAnn chose the word for April, and she chose the word SMILE. It was a good time for a really fun word. I smiled every day this month. My world is full of amazing surprises right now. Those make me smile. My baby girl is winding down her Senior school year. That makes me smile as she moves on to the next phases of her life. And we recently got the great news - Softball Princess was named the Valedictorian of her class and that really makes me smile.

And we are busy at work. For the first time in a long time, we have seen promise in the construction industry. That is reason to smile.

I have chosen the word for May - and that word is PRAISE. So go ahead play along with us and PRAISE in your own way this month. I promise this one will be fun.

Now for a couple more pictures of "the dress" we designed and made -

For Carrie - a super nice detail shot of the bodice. What cha think? Oh and check out that smile. I'm kinda partial to it, but I think she is beautiful.

I stole this one off her facebook. It really shows the beautiful way the grey underskirt shows through the lace. Love this picture.

I'll be back in a few with some MaggieGrace reality. Things have happened in my life that have given me some energy and enthusiasm for finishing some projects. There is a tiny bit of extra time as the soccer season has ended. Life is good - no actually - life is GREAT.

Hope all this finds you guys having a fabulous day.

I know I am.

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