Monday, June 06, 2011

Missing in action....

Sorry - I didn't mean to do that again. Maybe shortly, posting will return to normal. Just had some huge life things happen to us lately. Not anything horrible - just Softball Princess graduating from high school - as the valedictorian - and other good good things.

So MaggieGrace goodness is a little shy right now. But that will be changing.

But I did have a few things to share with the internet peeps.

Ernestine Cochran, a very dear friend of mine, gave me this yesterday at church. She is a talented porcelain artist and I have several pieces of her work. But this one is so very special. It is in recognition of my cancer survival.

It came with prayers for my continued good health.

But here is the really cool part...........

That's my house. I love my house.

And on the other side......

That's my big barn... all covered with trumpet vine. That vine is in bloom right now.

And my breast cancer and kidney cancer ribbons.

I literally squealed when she gave it to me.

I am so blessed by really special people in my life.

Now for those who read because they be family members......

Saturday we were invited to the govenors mansion for a valedictorian recognition reception. This picture is way out of order, because this is right after we blew off the speeches and bailed on the whole program. The Princess was the instigator. But there wasn't much discussion before we all decided that was an excellent idea.

Mom Dad and Princess outside the mansion.

This needlepoint firescreen was in the first editions library. It has been cut from the canvas and handstitched to the silk. Intricate and beautiful.

Graduation Night - College Girl and Softball Princess. These two are my life.

A word about the Princess Speech at graduation. She is not your typical really serious academic student. We were not privy to any of her speech preparation - so moms mouth dropped open when her first word at the podium was "wassup". That jaw drop was soon followed by the phrase "oh my God" as she proceeded to deliver a witty and majorly different valedictorians address - to many cheers and much applause from the packed house.

We will be spending the summer getting ready for the transition into being a college student.

College Girl will be spending her time in the Chemistry Dept at UGA on a summer internship and collecting salamander eggs for her senior bio chem research project.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day.

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