Monday, July 18, 2011

Notes on the best birthday in a long time......

I turned 46 on Thursday - It was a wonderful event. There was no big party. Really,  no elaborate gifting. But there has been some major attitude changes in my life.

Basically - MY "GIVE A DAMN" is no longer broken.

My birthday included lunches with great friends.

It included breakfast with great friends.

There was one "liquid" dinner.  

I received a very symbolic gift from my Ohio Bestie Friend.

I took the time to relax and really celebrate this year. It was good for me.

Saturday was absolutely the best. I found myself with a day to spend on me, since the man and the princess were playing ball in Atlanta and had stayed the night with his sister.  I rambled around with a wonderful friend. Poked into old homeplaces, old cemeteries, and antiques stores. Played on dirt roads. Had fabulous conversation. It was one of my best days in a long time.

MaggieGrace actually worked in the studio on Sunday. She spent the morning Sunday watching the SoftBall Princess play ball and crocheting. It was a great weekend.

I also cleared out a piano. I kinda gained the piano in a roundabout way. It was old - broken - needed thousands of dollars in repairs - and my Nanny arranged for me to be the fine owner of this thing. Well - I lived with it until yesterday evening. And now it no longer takes up space in my house. WhooHoo!!!

Now for a few fun images from saturday.
I took this in one of the cemeteries. This is the image right off my camera. I do not know why I wanted this kind of "off" perspective.

Then, I started "playing" in the editor. I will be printing this to hang in my office.

Then - using the sepia setting on my camera - I took this one too. Again, this is the image - right off the camera.

More editing. I built an eerie - haunted appearing fire in the fireplace. Cool - huh.

I do hope, every one had a great weekend.

I did.

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