Monday, July 11, 2011

A long post that really says nothing.....

Ok peeps - sorry. MaggieGrace has some big big life things going on. So i have been a little scattered.
Here is a post of a bunch of random notes that add up to nothingness - but mostly to let you guys know I didn't die.
I will be 46 on Thursday ------
I am now the proud parent of two adults - the softball princess turned 18 on Saturday. We are busily doing the crap that we have to to get her into college and dorm life. Busy scrambling.

I have however finished a baby blanket - a gorgeously soft one in the creamy yellow color.
Plain old double crochet stitched with a tiny variation.
Front and back post double crochet rows add a bit of a fake cable effect.
A very simple single and double crochet edge treatment finished this one off. I finished it Saturday Morning and started one in a luscious oange sherbert and white variation.

I lost my halo - but then discovered it is easily replaced - and danged cheap too. Not sure if the stray apostrophe is valuable or not.

I am sucha display geek - simple white cotton knit with grey knit words. Very effective display in a New York window.

New York work trip included time for sight seeing (and beer drinking).
I was asked to stop taking these pictures - Anthro of course.
I am letting my hair grow out - I love it longer.
But then I wear it up all the time. Go figure.

I've spend some time babysitting for these monkeys.
And I am acting like a teenager - feather extensions and some really easy laughter add to that entire midlife act like a teen image. ( I love the extensions)
There has been a road trip with the entire crew (yup I've gained a couple of boys to hang out with these girls)
Flip flops and painted toenails - serious summer attire.
A visit to Ground Zero convince me that America heals - just like we all should.
Oh and the Princess got a new back glass - not sure what happened but it resulted in a 1am phone call to my cell.
So there you have random pictures that add up to an excuse for why I am not around. I will say that something has happened in my life that has resulted in getting my "give a damn" repaired. I am slowly slowly working on finishing some things that should have been done a long time ago.
I'll sign a "do better" card about keeping this updated.
Have a beautiful day.

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