Monday, January 09, 2012

disappointed again........

 Last night in northeast Georgia it was foggy. The kind of fog that many would describe as pea soup.

I drove home from the grocery store in awe of how the landscape changes with that kind of fog. Not able to see many homes from the road, just a glow from the security lights.

I worried about the Softball Princess driving back to school. (she made it just fine).

There was also a big ol' moon glowing through the trees.

I took this picture through my pecan trees when I got got home and sent it to my friend with this description "horror movie foggy in georgia, big moon and skeleton trees. Beautiful night in an eerie way."

You know what I am describing - the kind of foggy night you see on the big screen like the picture below that I blantanty swiped from a google image search.

So why the post title of disappointed --- well --- it's like this. I sat and I waited and waited for what seemed like hours and

He damn well never came out of the fog......

Have a wonderful Monday --- Oh and Mr. Depp --- I'm still waiting.

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