Thursday, April 05, 2012

clean up day

So - looks like I disappeared again --- sorry. We are running on a small crew at work, thanks to the economy. That has kept me busy during the weekdays. Weekends have been consumed with home improvement projects that have been hanging over my head for a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time.

I enlisted help that comes with big old toys..... just look.

Outdoor projects - the backhoe came with my favorite plumber who brought it AND a biscuit. I provided the coffee. After a quick breakfast on the porch swing, he unloaded and we jumped on the projects.

 First - an old and dilapidated chicken coop and a couple of abandoned dog pens.

Now - I love tractors - have since I was a little girl and the Crusty Old Guy allowed me to help him. That part was great, but the hard loading tugging, hauling, hammering, and everything else that goes with salvaging parts of the buildings. That was not so fun.

He dug a big hole in the back yard and we buried most of the stuff.

The corn crib was also falling and had to go.

 It is just an eyesore (the building to the right of the corn crib houses MaggieGrace world (Which needs attention soon too.)
 Oh and that's Rusty (we also call him Bucket) his favorite run is out by the corn crib.

The Man spent the morning with his friend Megan and returned with her oldest. COG let AJ drive the tractor too.

Dog pens first - then the tear down of the coop.

Removing the roof tin - yes I kept it - love the look of the rusted tin.  We found a 4 foot long black snake under the last sheet of tin we took off.

 Then the corn crib. Now this looked like it could fall at any time. So the crusty old guy simply swiped that wall out of it expecting the crash to follow.

wellllllll ----

Dammit ---- that's what he said ---- it will not fall.

So we back up and regroup and made serious progress with that big yellow destruction device.

Hauled all the debris to the back field and buried it. Covered it all back up. 

Leaving one confused dog. He wandered around for a few days looking for his barn, but he has recovered from the shock now.

 It sure does look a lot better.

I have a LOT more to accomplish, but we are headed the right direction.

After a long day of hard manual labor, we took off to my favorite Mexican place.

For a few of these ---

And lots of smiles and laughter.

Thank you Crusty Old Guy, I sure like hanging around with you.

Hope you guys have a great day.

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