Friday, March 23, 2012


So ok - the one pictured is mine.

I make the silverware handle bracelets. I love them and have some STUNNING ones in process. I gather the silver and silverplate from all kinds of sources. In the rambling and purchasing and discovering, I often end up with some random "single" items. I have amassed a small stash of them and decided to make pendant drops from them.
I also have a confession to make. The first several of all of the creations were 100% Made by Me. Not any more. The Crusty Old Guy (TCOG) has become my helper on many things MaggieGrace. So now I guess I should say WE make these.

So TCOG cut and drilled some of these for me, I polished and added the jump rings and in this case the little green beaded pearl drop.

I'm in love with these. I just took another one over to my booth at Junk in the Trunk. (it doesn't have a bead).

Note - I am modeling this one and I love it. I took it as mine, but could be persuaded to part with it for the right money.

The little charms on the top chain are not going anywhere. The silver one was from MaryAnn and it says survivor The beads have significance to me. I never take this one off.

I decided to play a little in the freebie photo editing stuff and took the above photo and reworked it to this one.....

It shows the detail of the engraving much better.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. Me --- I am gonna try to open my doors and windows and enjoy some spring cleaning......... wish me luck.

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