Wednesday, November 13, 2013

preparing for a show.....

sorry - these are cell phone pictures. 

I am busily preparing for an artist market

Saturday November 16

Danielsville, Georgia

Historic Courthouse 

It has been one of my best shows in the past, and if the weather is good, should be again.

There will be a few 

Lace and button angels

A new item design for me.

I bought the wings stamp years ago

Had not stamped one thing with it ever
(please make me feel better here and pretend you do this) 

I didn't even tuck it away, it was on the shelf in full view, I just had no idea how to use it.

Then the muse came to visit. 


Made on a similar design as the button fairies. 
Stamped and embossed wings on card stock - heavy plastic - vellum - etc
Metal wire threaded with buttons/beads/stuffs
Added lace
Pretty little face
Assorted halos (lace, jewelry findings, rhinestones, big buttons)

Note - none of these buttons are super valuable - they are a mixture of glass, metal, MotherofPearl and plastic. 

I ramble through my stash (playing) and decide what fits the personality of the sweet face and wings

There are also these wonderful  - children appropriate - wood block nativity sets.

I've painted several sets and, with help, gotten them all stained. 

Nice, stunning, 20 inch wide, butcher board  with sawmill marks not included. 

Maybe, I'll see you guys on Saturday

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