Friday, February 14, 2014


So, I live in the south of the good old USA. 

Yes, that South. 

The one that completely had gridlock in Atlanta a few weeks back with all of 2" on the ground. 

And we just had a huge double whammy of a snow storm for here. 

This is unusual and I was super excited. 

Cabin fever --- nope absolutely not.

I also got out with my camera and cell phone and took a load of pictures as well. 

Like about a mile and a half worth of a long walk.

Even with all these pictures, my favorite sight is not in here. 

The red birds (cardinals) eating off my front porch was my favorite. Just beautiful, but the pictures were through the screen and while they make me smile, they just are not good enough to publish. 

My "big barn" from the back side. 

This is the most photographed barn in the county. 

All those vines are Trumpet vine and when it is full bloom,  IT IS STUNNING.

There was a time that I would have hated being out in the weather. 

Cold hands, feet,  ----- hated it. 

I really probably owe my children a big apology for that. 

But things have changed for me, living fully, INTENTIONALLY brings me out and into doing big, beautiful, new things. 

I am not who I used to be. 

Life means so much. I am so grateful. I love who I am becoming. 

It took having cancer twice to have this kind of appreciation for all kinds of experiences. 

The neighbors fenceline. 

It is beautiful here, and I smiled as I remembered Molly and Ben having their save the date pictures made here by little sister Abby. 

I am so glad those girls are close to each other. 

See those curved steps. 

I love those. 

The smokehouse out back. 

It sure would clear up this view if I took down that little cedar tree. But I happen to love little Charlie Brown trees and I cannot bring myself to cut it. 

And my RED porch swing. 

I don't know if I have shared that story. 

I had this unfinished porch swing. 

For Christmas, the man asked,  "what do you want for Christmas?'
I answered "my porch swing painted red."

For Valentines, he asked "what do you want for Valentines?"
I answered "my porch swing painted red."

For my birthday - same question
I answered "my porch swing painted red."

For our October anniversary - same question
I answered "my porch swing painted red."

For Christmas, the man asked,  "what do you want for Christmas?'
I answered "the same thing I wanted last year." 

And what seems like an eternity later, (reality about two years), I come home one day. 
And my porch swing is painted RED. 

I do love it ---- RED. 

And I have spent hours in this swing. 

and now for my favorite image from the storm. 

The wedding candolier has been sitting on the porch corner 

Waiting to be hung. 

There it was immersed in the snow and it is quite lovely. 

I spent hours making this and so many other details for Molly's wedding. 

 One of the many labors of love to give her a special wedding day. 

I hope she knows how much of myself I poured into that day. 
The wishes for more help instead of feeling so alone, and the hopes she never feels that way.

But in pouring myself out, I was able to focus on beautiful things.

The prayers lifted for her and her future. 

The tears shed as I feared over disappointing her.

The joys I felt as I knew she was moving forward with a special man. 

I do hope both of my girls see the beauty of this place as HOME. 

I do hope I get the chance to spend many more beautiful moments with them in this place. 

My Snowcation was a wonderful reflective time. 

Cabin fever --- NOPE.

Loving my cabin sized HOME - yup. 

My life is beautiful.

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