Thursday, February 27, 2014

My HOPE is found

I have often expressed my Faith here. 

I am a fallen - very human - sinner.
Saved by Grace.

This is not a post about all of that.  

It is a post about is HOPE. 

Every time I think I am at the end of my rope, HOPE is there. 

It may come in the form of a smile. 

An unexpected blessing. 

Even as a stillness of peace feeling in the core of my being. 

Every single time I need HOPE, it has been delivered. 

 Photo taken in Jones Chapel UMC cemetery Danielsville, GA

I knew when I was selected for the design team, that I would try to make an angel. 

I kind of knew what she would look like. 

But even I am surprised at her. 

Wonderfully surprised. 

She's a tribute piece for so many people. 

So many thank yous that need to be said.

Over and over. 

Photo taken in Jones Chapel UMC cemetery Danielsville, GA 

Sunday morning was glorious. 

I took her out in the sunshine.

In the church cemetery, with the idea of her picture at the foot of Jesus.

Then as I strolled through the cemetery, I saw all of the children's graves.

Made me wonder about those families. 

Made me wonder if they kept their HOPE after such a horrible loss.

Wonder what HOPE for better things means to me. 

And to others. 

A close up of one of my favorite creations ever. 

A full tutorial for her can be found at the Globecraft and Piccolo blog today. 

Life is Beautiful.

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