Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nesting in the fall

First of all you need to take off and go see the ABSOLUTELY STUNNING NESTS made by Miss Vicki Boster. I have one of hers and it is beautiful. I was inspired by those and decided to try to make my own version of the nests. 

Mine turned out totally different. 
I am pleased with this, but hers are still the absolute best. 

An assortment of yarns in fall colors - my favorite yarns. I gather small skeins from all over the place. Each road trip finds me looking for a yarn shop where I may buy enough for a project or just one special skein for a memory. 

My stash of ribbon - lace - buttons - and beads------ well it is wide and deep as well. 

This gave me a chance to use some very favorite things. 

Crochet a base - add loads of yarn, ribbon, lace, other bits. 

It pulls you right on into that "head space" where this bit makes this bit sing and shout. 

So much fun.

You can't tell in the photos, but this thing is a large sized nest. 

Like serving platter sized. 

Those long long tassels of yarn give it a beautiful drape.

Lots of color and texture too. 

Strings of beads and silk leaves accent the edge. 

A place for my feathered friend to perch.

I took him out into the leaves for these pictures. 

Perched him in the Ginko Tree. 
(at the local bank) 
(I know people look at me so strangely. Crazy lady standing on a box taking a picture of a pile of yarn in a tree) 

Yes friends

Today that crazy lady was me. 

I am so very happy with this - and there will be more. 

And the even greater part

All of this was already in my stash.

Have a wonderful day. 

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