Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The tale of a long awaited FINISH -----

Once upon a time - The Man's Mama Norvan (Grandmother) made things too. 
We have some of these pretties at our home. 
They bring very special memories to our heart and mind. 

Sadly, we lost her in 1995. 
That was a long, long time ago. 
We cleaned out her home.
Years of possessions. 
Some came to live at our home.
Some with the other children and grand-children.

I ended up with several things.
Including a Payday Candy Bar Box of stuff.
(don't judge - it was a project box and I had great intentions) 

Many years.
Many re-locations of that poor box.
I went searching in my archives and located a picture of it on the shelf in the studio.


Things are changing in my world. 
Life is Beautiful and I am staking claim to some of the serenity that comes from
cleaning - purging - finishing
(overcoming hoarding is a battle - but I will leave that for my other blog
and in the midst of the battle, I lay hands on a Payday Box.

I did not have to open it.

I knew.

But because you don't - here is a quick picture of the contents. 

POLYESTER FABRIC (hideous stuff really) 
Some cut circles
Bits of Cotton
and a few finished yo-yo bits.

I have two of the creations made from this project box, so I knew what it was. 

I'm finishing things.
INTENTION - the word of the year.
And this was the perfect kind of project for clearing my mind of some things. 

Here's what I've accomplished.

I dumped it all out.
Traced one of the existing circles. 
Cut as many more as I could from the fabric in the box. 
Cut cotton balls into smaller bits.
(Gathered the remaining fabric bits in a baggie - told you - this is battle)

And made myself a plastic project box. 

Hours were spent alone.
Silent (or with music).
Moving forward. 

But also -
Threading her needle (with her thread)
The rhythm of hand stitching is meditative, relaxing.
Allowing room for mind wandering.

I made yo-yo after yo-yo
Hundreds of them.
Placing the finished one in a plastic bag.
Picking that bag up and smiling.

This little pile kept growing. 

My heart filling with memories of Mama Norvan

Wondering where each scrap came from?

How it came to be that she started making these?

Wondering how she decided which bits went together?

I was relaxed in this process.

Creating without pressure.
(you know putting a project on hold for -  say - 19 years takes a LOT of pressure off) 

And one night this week, I finished as many of these as I could make with the contents of the box.

and TA-DAH

Fun little scrap fabric wreath ornaments. 

I found my two and added them to the pile. (the far right one was made by her, as was the one between the two pink ones) 

Several of these have been spoken for.
All will most definitely stay in the family.

And - that is now one box that is no longer part of my HOARD. 
I also have plans for all those fabric bits in the plastic bag too. 
(overcoming hoarding is a battle - please do not judge) 


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