Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On my Hook ----

I am making one of these ........ you can find the pattern here. also some fabulous yarn kits for this.

the pattern is written for a stunning linen yarn and will finish at approximately 36x36 with that yarn

I fell head over heels for the contemporary feel of this big color block blanket. I stalked it for weeks before I committed to it.

those of you who know me --- know that I have changed up the yarn. I was reading all the comments at the pattern post and several people were asking about sizing it up for a bigger blanket. I chose the absolute easiest way to do that.

I'm using bigger yarn. Linen Quill is a stunning, fingering weight yarn. And it is not a terribly expensive yarn. But it does have the drawback of requiring washing in cold water and blocking in the care and cleaning of items made from it.

My intentions are a large blanket for a baby blanket. Because babies are just not tiny for very long and I much prefer my blankets to be used for a long long time (especially for special people), i tend to make mine very generous. Mommies - you will never regret pulling that blanket off the back of the sofa and snuggling you and that little one together - I PROMISE.

I also want my blankets to be easy care and well used. Toss in the car. Go to the ball game. Make a pallet on the floor. Or a tent over the dining room chairs. Add in a dog or a cat to snuggle if you like. Toss into the washer and dryer. That's my lifestyle. I love it. Less stress.

So I am making a big version from Hobby Lobby's I Love this Yarn. Acrylic worsted weight yarn. I've chosen my colors and I have started color A ---- I will not be putting photos up as I go, but Just know that this is happening and it's going to be amazing. The texture and feel of this really super soft yarn are wonderful to me. This is not a stash project, I bought the yarn for this one.

Now for the negative part of this blanket........ it is SINGLE CROCHET and it is taking what seems like FOREVER. I don't care what weight yarn you use, that many single crochet stitches are going to be a drawn out process. (It's really stunning though)

Even though it is taking a while to do this one, there will be repeats of this pattern because it really is very appealing to me.

I have next week off for vacation and I plan to work on this and a few other things while I rest and relax. I'm thinking that NOT DOING THE WHOLE TOURISTY thing will let me get some progress as well as rest accomplished.

I'll see you guys again in August.

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