Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What the what? (or what happened?)

it's been over a year since I posted here. 

Oh, I've been making.

And doing.

And living.

And posting about those adventures over at my more personal home

But the, oh so neglected,  MaggieGraceCreates world is calling to me with pleas to not forget her and to please come home. 

So here I am --- and I will try to be back on a much more regular basis.

let's just jump right on in. 

I have crocheted several blankets, some hats, potholders, skillet condoms.
I have made jewelry.
I have enjoyed paper crafts. 
I have been helping littles learn creative stuffs. 
I've sewn.
Done some serious mission stuff. 

I've stash busted.
I've stash added (minimally) 

And then I have worked on THIS.

Elias will be a year old in August.

This was supposed to be a baby shower gift for the little guy. 

He may get it when he turns 21 - or has his own kids.


A year peeps - I pick it up and put it down and if you divide that picture up there into 16 sections, you will see that I have almost completed ONE OF THOSE.

I have a trout - some rocks and a deer foreleg ---- 

BTW Eli did get a gift ---- Mama T crocheted him a Count Down Granny Square blanket. 

Don't get all excited and google that --- it is a simple way to label a granny square blanket that has a descending count of rows from the center out -

I did four colors --- in the following row  pattern 8-7-6-5 repeat color starts here 4-3-2-1.  This allowed me to do a complete blanket from 8 skeins of yarn. and have a bit left for the stash pile. 

Next week finds me having that project box packed for a week of sitting still at the beach and hopefully making a bit more progress. 

Maybe you guys will rejoin me here for crafty goodness. 

Life is beautiful

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Have a great afternoon.

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