Thursday, December 08, 2011

5K ----

Good morning all ---

I've been MIA but absolutely nothing is wrong. I am just busy.

I did run a 5k with my daughter last weekend. My goal was 45 minutes and I did 44:38 so I was happy.

Her boyfriend took these for us.

Getting the music going ---- yup I am still fat

Confession - Molly won her age bracket - and I was crossing the halfway point as she crossed the finish line.

Coming up the hill to the finish -- I did pass that guy in green and those girls in white and red. Molly was seriously yelling and encouraging me to pass "some body"

Finish line - I was looking at my time -and I forgot a clip for my hair -- that was horribly aggravating. I hate having my hair in my face.

Actually this one is staged. I was really ok at the end of this 5k.

I'm so proud of who she is.
She is very encouraging to me.

Have a great day ---- Teresa

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