Monday, December 12, 2011

I had a VERY good weekend

My weekend started out with a trip to the tree farm for the annual trek to stroll around ALL morning, then cut down the very first tree we looked at. Complete with jokes and ribbing about "that one's not shaggy enough" --- "that one's an ugly color" ---- and "that one's too skinny". This is as much a part of our Christmas as Santa Claus.

But something happened this year on the way into the farm. Driving down the dirt road - something we have done for some 35 years - I spotted this tree.

Looks like it has been damaged by weather or something ---

I just happened to know what this tree is. Why did I know this? Why is this the first time I had noticed this one? And what the crap is the siginificance of this formation?

Well the tree is a TRAIL TREE and I knew this because I had seen the formation before on the Crusty Old Guy's hunting property in Taliaferro County, Georgia. I was googling for information on something else on the property and discovered the information on the trees. The significance is that these were deliberately formed by Native Americans to mark various trails and/or significant locations of their culture. The link above will take you to a website that is mapping locations of these trees and the history of them. I just noticed this one after all these years, because I now know about the history and the project.

Cool - huh?

Molly - the College Girl - thought so. There was a photography session of course.

I also finished some things. Here is my latest word art canvas. This is not an accurate coloration - I hung it on my barn and took the picture. Then I edited it in picnik jsut for fun. It actually is a very dark brown spritzed with gold glimmer mist and has parchment paper lettering. Sized 16 x 20. I'm selling this size for $25.00

Honestly though - I really loved how this looks hanging on the barn.

More varieties of the canvases to come.

Then there was this ---- I have it pinned at pinterest.  Have had it on my tumblr archive for months too.

I also have a hellacious stash of accumulated stuff ---

So Sunday, I ran across the little butterfly pins that I had gathered up. I scooped the skeleton keys from the kitchen windowsill (isn't that where you keep your skeleton keys?) grabbed my cutters and the E6000 glue. And went to work.

It took me about 4 minutes to assemble these babies and MOST of that time involved cussing the damn tube of E6000 since the cap was securely glued shut. Then when I got it off, I still couldn't unseal the glue. I did what all rational creative geniouses do. I poked a freaking hole in the side of the tube and squeezed the glue out that way. (ok NOW you may laugh hysterically at how stupid that was - but it worked - just saying)

My little ol' versions of these pendants.

I only had three butterflies -

I am wearing this one right now --

But ---

This blue one is my favorite.

I'm thinking $12.00 for each of these.

I also did a holiday market on Saturday evening. It was great fun - not a huge monetary success but it was fun to visit with friends new and old.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season. I have had a blessing filled year and I am celebrating the season by living and loving as fully as I can.

Much love --- Teresa

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