Monday, December 19, 2011

let's twist

So there is this property in middle Georgia. A hunt club property. Near the Ogeechee River. I love this property. You make the turn onto the dirt road and something magical happens to your stress. Like some sort of net captures it and won't let it go any further.

There is lots of exploring to do. Several weeks ago we explored into the bottoms close to the river and there are these vines --- massive -- amazing --- vines.

Yes the one that takes a dramatic hard turn to the left there is a vine.

and this "curves ahead" configuration too.

How about an "s" spiral -- headed toward the tree canopy.

We got off the 4 wheeler and traipsed through the woods into and around these massive vines and I spotted some closely spiraled twists that I wanted --- but we were not prepared to get them.

Well, the Crusty Old Guy went back hunting and he went to the woods prepared to get me those twists. Now I have these wonderful wooden shapes. (he is so freaking good to me)

I wear a size 9 womens shoe - so there is your size reference.

Now I have these - they are amazing - and I have no idea what I am going to do with them.

Any ideas?????

Have a happy Monday people.

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