Thursday, January 03, 2013

Wedding details ------

The next few posts will be about the wedding and the details. 

First off - I would like for you to meet Molly and Ben Larkins (and Tyson) 

Yes,  he has on a tux and cuffs. Yes, he was part of the wedding. And Yes, he was really well behaved. 

This wedding was personal -- very much DIY --- and very very reasonable.

including the food, dress, cakes, and photography we spent less than 10,000.00. We had a wonderful party with about 175 people - lots of laughter - plenty of food - dancing.

We did it this way, because I had more time than money.

 For my regular readers, you know we searched all summer for rhinestone brooches and buttons to use in her bouquet.

Here is the result.

Quite stunning I think.

Yes - I will be pinning this.

Yes I will be posting the tutorial on how I made it.

For a small fee ------- (maybe medium sized) ----- I might be persuaded to make another.

Have a beautiful day.

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