Wednesday, January 16, 2013


warning this is a photo heavy post ----- wedding decor details -- very little commentary. if you have questions about how to or what we did please just leave a comment.

The entry table ---- my absolute favorite detail was the laced mirror (I cut the center medallion from a lace curtain panel and used spray adhesive to put it in the center of a vintage beveled mirror) It is now hanging over my mantle.

The typewriter was from my mama's stash -- the spray is made from melty flowers.

A vintage train case - the multicolored crochet is a dress bib made for molly as a baby - she actually has that bib on in the tiny picture.

The banner says "ADVICE"  out using the FAKE typewriter keys I made.

The old music stand from a junk store - this was part of an old organ or piano.

Hearts and blue --- lots of hearts -- the vintage suitcase held the sparklers.

Each table centerpiece was different. Those blue vases that tied it all together were from Hobby Lobby.

The "tin" base is actually painted wall paper from lowes.

My mama and I made all the assorted table runners.

Milk glass from my mama's stash. The music wrapped around the bottle is from a hymnal. It is actually AMAZING GRACE which was what I sang to Molly as a lullaby.

Vintage blue Christmas balls and old insulators. Melty flowers made their appearance everywhere.  More and More hearts too.

The tiny little crystal butter pat plates are a flea market find (more milk glass)

Every table had pictures from Molly and Ben's Childhood.  That detail was one of the most discussed of the day. 

Vintage ledgers and a lace wrapped blue bottle.

Baby Beans and the posster (imposter) - that story will come later.  (Molly thought the dolls in the jars were creepy, so I changed these after the photographer finished these shots) 

That crochet piece is on the table below was an angel halo from a childrens' Christmas program at church.

A little candle lamp (partylite) with blue ornaments inside and a vintage faucet washer box.

A light fixture globe lfilled with blue ornaments.

More milk glass and pictures (yes she had a head full of black hair.)

The bridesmaids bouquets standing in vases (this detail allowed them to be part of the decor and gave the bridesmaids a place to put them) I mixed blue glitter and epsom salt for the bottoms for just a little extra detail.

The thrifted lace lined candle lamps (I used silver Christmas ornaments here and white melty flowers)

My mama made all the quilt tops that were on the rocking chairs on the porch.

Molly hand pieced the little quilt as part of a school project on "the old way of doing things"

Her first little dress shoes. That picture is a four generation picture.

This is the "Molly doll". She even had a dress that was similar to the one the doll had on. The doll was not made to look like her - Aunt Lynda and her girls found it in a store and gifted us with the uncannily familiar looking baby.

 Her Daddy's bible - a string of vintage plastic pearl "pop beads" they were hers and I found them looking for something and decided they would be perfect used as a book mark on the altar.

The bride and groom figures are avon bottles from my mamas stash.

A twenty dollar Habitat ReStore light fixture and weeks of work made a beautiful beaded and blinged candolier.

A rustic sign made from old fence boards.

The rocker bench from my front porch.

The wrot iron fence section with wired on candleholders. (this was a snafu of the day - we never got these candles lit)

 The altar was quite simple

there will be more photo heavy posts to come ----

Much love -

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